Chapter 161 Life and Death

The cries of the premature baby were so faint while the nurse hummed. As for the mother…Luo Xun and Yan Fei came into the room to see Liu Xiangyu in a semi-coma.

That bossy aunt with dyed hair now had this pale appearance, even Luo Xun felt some melancholy at the sight.

Yan Fei did not say or do anything. In her half conscious state, Liu Xiangyu did not realize her son was there while she looked at the baby sleeping next to her. Luo Xun suddenly smelt something while listening to the conversation outside, after all people had to eat.

“Why is the smell of blood so heavy?”

“Blood?” Yan Fei paused for a moment, “Women always bleed a bit while giving birth?”

“Not that….wait a minute!” Luo Xun stepped forward and removed the quilt covering Liu Xiangyu’s body. Red blood seeped from her thin pajamas and almost died the mattress scarlet!

“Doctor, doctor! The patient is losing blood!” Luo Xun shouted, causing a commotion outside.

“Where are you going?!” Liu Xiangyu’s boyfriend yelled out.

Was there a need to ask? They were probably aware of the mother bleeding out after giving birth, but since it was just a chance, they did not tell them at first!

This time the doctor had two nurses to help, could the three regular people stop it? Hearing Luo Xun’s voice, they knew the situation was not good and wanted to run away. Who would have expected that among the couple there was an ability user? All the metal in the room came alive and the escape plan was foiled.

“It’s out of our hands…the patient gave birth early because of a fall, and the equipment here is limited…”

“Limited conditions are the reason why you turned around to run?” Yan Fei was actually angry, the woman lying in bed was his biological mother, even if he hated and tried to sever their relationship that did not mean he wanted to watch her die like this! If not for Luo Xun’s quick thinking…

The doctor could not do anything, said they should quickly send her to the hospital for treatment.

Could be postpartum hemorrhage…failed to stop or replenish blood in time. Before they could transfer, Liu Xiangyu lost consciousness and her heartbeat stopped.

An unexpected premature birth left an extremely thin baby that could die at any moment.

The next morning was filled with dazzling sunlight but the atmosphere in the room only got colder.

Xu Mei and the others came early in the morning, after all a family member of their teammate died. They sent the pair crystal cores, points and asked if there was any need for help.

The same morning, Yan Gexin took the initiative to call and inquire about the situation. He was silent after hearing that Liu Xiangyu had died before unexpectedly saying, “Where is the address? I’ll visit in a minute.”

Yan Fei was slightly surprised as he relayed the address before hanging up the phone.

After the apocalypse funerals were short or completely ignored. As long as the bodies were sent for cremation along with a container for the ashes. The item would then be buried to the west of base where the tombs were located.

There were no tombstones, burning paper or funeral procession. Since the cemetery was outside base, many people were completely afraid to leave and could only hand over the ashes for the military to deal with. They could only go out at a certain time and place the urns in a large pit before covering with soil. There were other things to think about and the costs were not low.

Things were more simplistic after the end, people would wear mourning clothes, carry the person for cremation and then find a chance for the ashes to be buried out of base.

Yan Gexin arrived two hours later, just in time to receive the ashes. Yan Fei glanced at the place where the car was parked, it and the assistant was one he had seen before so he raised an eyebrow with surprise.

Yan Gexin silently looked at the humble box and pulled Yan Fei aside to talk on the balcony.

Luo Xun hugged Yan Fei’s newly born little brother – yes it was a boy. Because there was no milk, his biological father had to cook some rice soup to barely fill the child’s stomach. Xu Mei was also interested in the child. Although she and Song Lingling were raising Yu Xinran, this was a newborn, they were afraid to even touch the fragile baby.

Even his biological father was afraid to hold, after all he was premature and so small. On the balcony, the father and son were in a deadlock.

Yan Fei had a sarcastic smile on his face, “So you came here today just to get me into the barracks?”

Yan Gexin was not as spry as he used to be, his appearance had aged 10 years. It had nothing to do with the death of his ex-wife…the changes in life were too fast.

Yan Gexin was tired and he did not have the leadership and momentum from before. “Little Yan, Dad had no choice but to come to you…there is a big problem in the army, those with abilities and power and stepping all over the civilian staff! You are an ability user, only you can help your father!”

Yan Fei crossed his arms, unmoved. “I clearly told you my answer before.”

“It’s not the same as it was then!” Yan Gexin sounded exhausted and hysterical. “The barracks are now a group of barbarians! What do we look like when they step on us? Father needs to catch up with them or in a few days…how old is your father? You have the heart to watch me get kicked out…where would I work, sweeping the streets?” He looked gloomily around the room. “Your mother has passed away…your father has a few years left to live. Somehow…even if you help a little, don’t let Dad get displaced in his later years…”

Yan Fei lightly smirked, “They’re going to kick you out of the barracks?”

Embarrassment flashed across Yan Gexin’s face. “They are going to take my position…assign it somewhere else…to live in a group room with others.”

Yan Fei looked at Yan Gexin’s awkward expression and then asked, “If I go, what would I do?”

Yan Gexin’s eyes lit up. “You do not know how important your powers are in the army! I heard that there were only one or two people left in the metal team, if you join, could be a captain! You are young and powerful, in less than 3 years you will surely climb up the ladder in the army…the power of the army is much higher. With some effort, you will definitely get results.”

Yan Fei’s eyes now contained a trace of disappointment. Today with the death of his ex-wife and Yan Fei’s mother, he was still here for these purposes. Even if the two of them had half-hearted feelings. But now there was not even the basic respect of the dead…Yan Fei could see the point in the man.

He turned around and coldly spit out, “Registry work is pretty good, are we not all serving the people?” Sweeping the street? Their team had just done this sort of mission.

Yan Gexin was left stunned, alone on the balcony.

“Let’s go back first.” Yan Fei felt melancholy as he saw the small baby in Luo Xun’s arms. Just born into this grim reality…

After all, the child was Liu Xiangyu and her lover’s. No matter how worried Luo Xun was, sympathy did not allow for taking children. How old was this baby? The weather would freeze him to death if he stepped foot outside.

They spoke with Liu Xiangyu’s current boyfriend, saying that they would visit tomorrow and discuss when to bury Liu Xiangyu’s ashes. It was not long before Yan Gexin left with a dark expression – he only came to speak with Yan Fei and he no longer had a relationship with his deceased ex-wife. Not to mention the man who put a green hat on him!

That time the person actually dared to coerce him over Liu Xiangyu’s situation. If not for the fact that he had some residual feelings for her, he would have left that woman and the bastard in her belly! As for the man? Haha….

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 161 Life and Death

  1. Looks like Luo Xun and Yan Fei will have another challenging adventure of raising a baby in apocalypse. Things were getting monotonous with just killing zombies and harvesting crops.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. I kind of don’t want them to raise that child.
      That child was a bastard, and wasn’t meant to exist, and with the whole complicated affair with the child’s birth and life. It’s just messed up.

      The child was born from a man sleeping with a married woman. A woman who was so selfish and obnoxious she only cared for herself. Never her husband or her own actual son, the child was born due to her indulgence and lack of caution.
      Plus, if they did raise the baby, what would the cuckold father be doing?
      It’s his fault.
      He needs to take responsibility. Why sleep with a married woman? Why not wear a fucking condom?

      Luo Xun and Yan Fei would be great with a child. Yes, we all know they want one.
      But not like this, not like that. Not with this random abrupt appearance.
      It is not wholesome or happy.

      I don’t want them to take responsibility for this child.
      And yes, the child isn’t at fault. But, you can’t just raise such a child without having such feelings.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I understand what you are saying. Even though the baby is a bastard its not its fault to be born. Whtever the origin of the baby the fact is it is alive now. They could ofcourse choose to abandon it now as it is the apocalypse and your own life is more important in such dangerous times. But looking at Luo Xun’s personality its hard to imagine he will abandon the baby.

        The adoption agencies and orphanges in real world are full of such unfortunate babies. One can wish for a baby with pristine background made with love etc etc but reality always smacks one in the face. How you raise the baby is more important than how it was conceived …in my opinion. Would it have been better if they had stumbled across the same baby in a dumpster?

        Im sure in the apocalpse world abrupt and tragic appearance of abandoned/ orphanned babies is more common than adopting a baby in a more conventional way. It would have saved all this heartache and headache if the mother would have access to abortion though.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. To be honest, it would have felt so much better if they did find the baby abandoned in a dumpster. And they raised it, and then when it grew up they find out the babies backstory. It would’ve felt much better.

        But that’s not the case, now when they raise it. They know it came from a mother who didn’t want it and tried really hard to abort it, and from a cuckold father who tried to sleep his way up in society.

        It’s hard to look past the background when it’s all known. And the father couldn’t handle shit because of his stupid life and just abandoned it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yo, the author says several times that both Yan Fei’s mom AND dad had extramarital affairs AND they basically had tacit agreement about it.

        Please stop putting the blame on only the woman.

        Please stop calling the YF’s dad “cuckold”, if anything they both cuckolded each other and were fine with it.

        The only reason they got a divorce was because that violated their previous “extramarital affairs” agreement. Which was nobody gets pregnant. Just because the dad hid his affairs better doesn’t mean he is a better person.

        Seriously also look into the fact that condoms are not even close to being 100% effective.
        Seriously also keep in mind that the mom was living with her lover, NOT WITH YF’s DAD. There’s nothing wrong with the mom’s lover raising their kid.

        Please stop putting blame an innocent kid for their parentage. The whole concept of “bastard” in the first place is outdated and utterly medieval.

        Liked by 5 people

      4. I’m not blaming the kid for anything. I’m just blaming the situation.
        The MC and ML were doing good and developing their relationship. It’s barely been like 3 years or maybe even a year. It hasn’t been that long.
        And suddenly, they are thrusted into the roles of parenthood due to situations that do not entirely pertain to them.
        And I’m hating that they are forced to just accept, “the kids here. I can’t abandon it.” Since they are too nice to even abandon it.
        I was just over here reading the novel and enjoying life and maybe further down the future when they are older they’ll decide to adopt when they are both ready and they’ll have fun and make sure they are comfortable to it.
        I’m just hating the whole thing. The MC and ML are too nice to abandon so that only leaves them to have to raise the child.
        It’s pretty much forcing them to raise the child. And I didn’t expect for them to get a kid like this.
        It’s just too rushed and sudden and makes me sad for them. SINCE IT HAPPENED ALL SO FAST.
        And I can’t blame them can I?
        I understand the mother was a skank and the lover was a whore, but still I’m not blaming the kid. I’m just saying how the kid was born is fucking dumb like gods. Forcing my babies to have a kid all of a sudden is not cool.
        And these two are only in their twenties. THEY HAD A LOT MORE TIME BEFORE IT CAME FOR THEM TO RAISING A FAMILY.
        And now they are forced with this burden. Sigh.
        CHILDREN ARE A BURDEN IN THE APOCALYPSE. At least Xinran was grown and understood things and could help out. So it’s all right.
        A baby is different.
        A baby is hard.
        A baby is complicated.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Cant girls in the team like breastfeed the baby? I heard with contants rubbing and massage, breast milk will come out

    (olden day people always use this technique coz sometime new mother cant properly breastfed newborn baby)

    Or do you need a proper mother / people that had gave birth only?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That what I thought.. since my aunt used breastfed babies b4 (back in the days b4 1990).. and my mom’s friend also used hormone injection to breastfed her adopted baby few years back

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Muchas gracias por la actualización, jajajajja creo que todos sabemos que yan fei y luo xun van a cuidar de ese bebe


  4. I have been wondering since we found out she was pregnant if the kid MC wanted to adopt after 10 years in the apocalypse was actually her baby (and ML little brother)!

    May actually find out soonish. Or y’know a few years in story later.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. This Yan Gexin thing is such a scum. No matter what this Liu woman is the one who gave birth to his child. Express not even a tiny bit of remorse or respect towards the death of his former wife.. Come to the funeral with ulterior motives, seeking refuge to his son that he almost forgot and maybe won’t even ‘treasured’ if Yan Fei didn’t develop any ability….


    Liked by 3 people

  6. Thank you for the translation!

    I think there’s some weird plot holes or logic pits here? The author mentions that women are so scarce they’re totally precious or whatever and the population is dwindling because there aren’t enough females… but then we have this very hypocritical situation that one of the only pregnant people on base is:
    1) not allowed to get an abortion because “kids are too precious”
    2) not given enough nutrients or care so she gave birth prematurely
    3) allowed to die randomly by lack of care from the doctor/nurses
    4) nobody cares about the kid’s life or death anyway (next chp)

    Yeah nobody likes the mom, she’s a thief and loud and spoiled etc… but it boggles my mind how they wouldn’t let her get an abortion (and her reasoning was pretty solid, it’s the APOCALYPSE) yet basically drive her/her baby to death anyway.

    Like… uh… what was the point of the government stepping in to prevent her from getting an abortion then COMPLETELY fail to follow up to make sure the baby actually survives??


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