Chapter 163 Child

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The big bed in the master bedroom, like the others had not been removed. Luo Xun entered and carefully looked around before finding a package in the wardrobe clutter. The package was not big, nor did it use any fabric they had seen yesterday. A thin pile of light skirts had been rummaged from somewhere and wrapped around a thin body. If one did not look carefully, it might have been overlooked as a mess of clothing.

Luo Xun’s hand started shaking as anger burned in his chest – if the two of them had not heard anything, how would the child hidden in the wardrobe survive?!

Yan Fei also came to the door and was stunned by the scene. Although the other man guessed that the child would be found by them, he hid him in the wardrobe…

Luo Xun bent down and carefully hugged the child. Wrapped in cloth with no warming effect, the child from yesterday was already turning purple in some places.

“…These might be from pinching.” The child did not even struggle, his eyes and mouth moved slightly with a tiny sound.

Luo Xun put him on the bed and reached into his backpack for the pieces of cotton he had prepared last night. He looked up to Yan Fei and they exchanged looks.

“Is it ready?”

“Is rice porridge okay? Do you want us to make some soup?” Song Lingling suggested.

Xu Mei frowned, “Should we try both?”

“The two of you have not had children before, be careful not to feed him to death.” Zhang Yi crossed his arms and looked disdainfully at the two women that seemed to have no common sense.

Xu Mei and Song Lingling angrily stared at Zhang Yi and responded in unison. “We certainly have not had children, but neither have you?!”

Zhang Yi raised an eyebrow and smirked. “I will never give birth but I worked in a hospital.”

The pair speechlessly turned around and continued their tasks.

“Came back, came back! They’re downstairs!” Li Tie suddenly shouted from the balcony.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei sprinted up the 15 flights of stairs. Xu Mei and the others saw Yan Fei carrying a cloth wrapped box – should be the ashes. There was something in Luo Xun’s arms – it was the baby.

The two people did not look happy. Luo Xun went in and grabbed the warm rice soup made by Xu Mei. “Give medicine to a dead horse.” (Keep trying everything in a desperate situation).

The baby’s struggling and weeping was weaker than before. It was cold outside and a newborn, plus he did not know what had happened in that empty room. Who knew if the child could still be saved?

At least have some rice soup, but the baby seemed to have no strength left. Luo Xun could only press some food past the baby’s lips, he seemed to be sleeping. Luo Xun was relieved to feel a faint pulse.

“What the hell is going on?” The group asked quietly since the child should be asleep.

Luo Xun looked towards the window and helplessly explained. “The baby’s father moved. We went to see the baby and for Yan Fei to collect the ashes…Everything in the house was gone except for large furniture…”

Everyone stared at each other and stayed quiet for a while.

After a bit He Qiankun rubbed his head. “Yesterday I thought he was reliable…” How could such a thing happen?

Zhang Yi unwrapped the quilt and looked at the patches of purple scattered before frowning. “Seemed like he suffocated but regained his breath, we’ll wait and see.”

Right after the group looked at the child with terrified eyes, as if he was a piece of paper that would get blown away in a slight breeze.

Yan Fei and Luo Xun went back to home to put the urn away before coming back. As soon as he entered he heard the words but had no particular change in expression. It was clear that the child had been born in bad conditions. First premature and now abandoned by his biological father…who knew if he could grow up.

But…Yan Fei’s heart was moved at seeing Luo Xun holding the child. He originally thought that he would try his best to save the child but then would find and return the baby to his biological father. Luo Xun did not say anything but was plainly concerned about the child’s treatment.

Although he said that he was not ready to adopt or raise a child, perhaps Luo Xun himself was not clear. He carefully and gently held the child. The couple would not have children, the next generation would depend on Yu Xinran and the two ladies, Xu Mei and Song Lingling. Since Luo Xun really liked the child, if he survived, Yan Fei would not mind having another mouth – so long as the child was quiet and obedient.

In thought, he went behind Zhang Yi and patted him on he shoulder. “We’ll take care of the baby for now, when his condition is better, take him to the hospital to check for any problems.”

The weather outside was too cold and their home was far from the hospital. The child just came out of the wind, if he went out again, who knew what would happen?

Zhang Yi only shrugged as Yan Fei mentioned the hospital. “I will go with you in two days.”

In fact, the people in this team could be regarded in the category of ‘good’. Although in order to survive and protect themselves they dared not have too many exchanges with outsiders and were unwilling to show their cards. But once with companions, everyone was soft, even Zhang Yi.

The baby was worryingly easy to care for. He ate little and was quiet even when crying. He was usually very quiet, except when hungry or needing a diaper change, there was no other movement.

But such a child was not super easy to handle, although he did not make trouble if one was careless it was likely that the diaper would be completely soaked.

Luckily, Luo Xun was a very careful man. Coupled with Yu Xinran and Puppy hovering around with their heads together staring at the sleeping baby. If he even moved slightly, the child and dog would excitedly go and find an adult. It seemed more interesting to them than playing with toys.

So, it was not bad for the baby to stay home for two days while being cared for by the main couple. Although he still ate very little, the two’s sleep was affected as they would check on the baby during the night.

It was just that since the baby was only drinking a little rice soup, they were very worried and had headaches about nutritional problems. As for going to the hospital, since there were no pressing problems, Zhang Yi suggested waiting for a week. The baby’s situation would be more stable and the weather would be warmer.

The child’s situation was stable but there were no news about his biological father. Yan Fei was not going to give back the child but he wanted to determine the man’s situation to avoid future trouble. Although he likely left the baby for dead in the cupboard.

But that person’s mobile phone had been turned off, there was no way to contact him. The base census was not done well so it would be impossible to find the other party right now.

Early in the morning, Luo Xun changed the baby’s diaper, fed a little rice soup and then put the child onto a metal structure covered with comfortable cushions – a stroller. He took the kid down to the living room and started on breakfast before caring for his crops. Suddenly, Luo Xun’s door was slammed open.

“What’s the matter? What’s going on?” Yan Fei went to the door with Luo Xun following to see Li Tie’s excited face.

“I found it! Found it!”

“What did you find?”

“Solar panel data! Outside the base!” Li Tie excitedly pulled Yan Fei towards their home and Luo Xun quickly pushed the stroller to keep up.

Li Tie continued speaking with excitement. “Not only data about solar panels, He Qiankun also found something that we can use too!”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Luo Xun is definitely the caring sort, and Zhan Fei already shifting into Daddy mode. I can see Puppy turning into Nana the nursery dog from Peter Pan. I noticed they haven’t named the baby yet, though…

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  2. “Since Luo Xun really liked the child, if he survived, Yan Fei would not mind having another mouth – so long as the child was quiet and obedient.”
    Yan Fei, do you have any awarenes? That is not just a baby, that half brother of yours!
    Thank you for the chapter!

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  3. It’s seems this baby have instinct awareness??

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  4. Okay. I don’t mind the baby anymore.

    I don’t hate it, they can take care of it.
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