Chapter 160 Birth

Luo Xun, Yan Fei and Zhang Yi along with the rest of the team were busy for most of the day. Everyone left the planting room and went straight home to wash of the sweat.

Li Tie and the others were busy for a while but had not found anything after Luo Xun had finished work. They could get all sorts of files into folders haphazardly but not that they wanted to find specific things, it was inconvenient. In order to no longer not have the answer to questions, the five decided on how to identify and classify the data. This way, their workload increased and it would take three to five days for results.

The couple went home and straight to the bathroom. They took a quick shower, which turned into an encounter that everyone could see coming – was it not a blatant invitation? Yan Fei would not look a gift horse in the mouth.

After the bath, Luo Xun flopped onto the sofa to regain his strength. The dog was running around the quail cages on the balcony while drooling. Seeing Luo Xun come out, she excitedly scrabbled over and jumped onto Luo Xun’s stomach.

Yan Fei was in the back drying the bathroom floor. When he came out with a satisfied atmosphere.

He walked over to the sofa and kissed Luo Xun, who squinted while holding the dog. Luo Xun smacked his lips and said, “I don’t have the energy to cook dinner.”

The two had fertilized their fields in the afternoon and then the event in the bathroom, it was a miracle Luo Xun had any strength left at all.

“I’m going to make some congee?” Yan Fei suggested to Luo Xun.

“…Okay, there are still some leftover hot pot ingredients…you can cook the rice with those and make congee.” The leftovers from the new year had been distributed to everyone.

Luo Xun had not eaten those yesterday so it could be used to fill their stomachs today.

“I’ll go it.” Before Yan Fei could start, one of their mobile phones rang.

The two shared helpless looks while Yan Fei went to grab the phone. It was his ringtone, so he should be the one to grab the phone.

When Yan Fei looked at the phone screen, he found that it was the third time the number had called him. He looked up to see Luo Xun getting a massage from the dog on his back.

“Unknown phone number but it’s the third call.”

Luo Xun raised a surprised eyebrow. “Pick up?”

Yan Fei was silent and thought his phone was broken…it was the same unknown number over and over again.

The pair exchanged glances and then Yan Fei picked up the phone.

Half an hour later, the tired Luo Xun followed Yan Fei along the dark and empty street.

The base streets after the apocalypse…since there were still zombie mice hidden no one dared to loiter around after dark. Unless they had something urgent, like the couple were now.

“It was so nice at home, it’s so cold now.” Yan Fei had a dark expression and wrapped a scarf around Luo Xun. It was still cold right now.

Luo Xun did not mind. “I’m with you right now. Who knows what is going on and how long it will take before you come back.”

Yan Fei was silent and he hugged Luo Xun’s shoulder and continued forwards.

Luo Xun patted his arm, telling him not to worry. “It is useless to be anxious or angry for things like this…”

The pair walked towards inner base and reached an area not cleared out. They went to the third floor but could hear a commotion from inside the building.

The door was opened by a haggard, 40-year old man. He was surprised at seeing the two people and looked around uncertainly. “You are…?”

“I am Yan Fei.” His voice was cold with barely concealed irritation.

The other party had a stiff expression while glancing jealously before saying, “Oh, come in. It’s a little messy…”

A little messy? It was clearly a new neighborhood but the area had not been cleaned. There was snow and garbage everywhere, the rooms were filled with all kinds of debris, supplies and furniture.

While looking around, the two men heard hysterical screaming in the master bedroom. “I can’t live anymore…I’m going to die! It’s all your fault that I am so miserable!”

Another voice was layered with quiet anger. “Mrs. Liu! The current environment does not allow for a c-section, please save your strength for the baby! Your life is also in danger right now!”

“Bastard! Quack! What use are you without equipment!…Ouch! The pain, I should have left you for my lover long ago!”

The three men in the living room were silent, while Luo Xun blinked at Yan Fei. “Her temper is going strong, she should not be in life-threatening danger.”

Yan Fei looked at him – was that supposed to be comforting? But listening to her yelling, it did not seem like there was any danger.

Anyways, it was all pre-birth. He turned and looked at the man whose expression changed from time to time. The couple also remembered this man, the one who originally accompanied Yan Fei’s mother while wearing a military uniform. He seemed to have been pushed down by the pressure of the apocalypse.

“You just said on the phone that she was giving birth early, what is going on now?”

The man’s expression twisted again, he ground his teeth before taking a breath. “I went out today for scavenging, when I cam back she was lying next to the door with blood around…”

“On the neighbor’s doorstep? What happened?” Yan Fei frowned, if someone else ended up on his doorstep…

“The neighbors said she took advantage of empty homes to break in a steal things. I found her just as she was pushed out.” The man blandly revealed with matter.

Yan Fei pinched the bridge of his nose. “What did she have to say for herself?” He could only ask the man since he did not know the truth.

The man had visible empathy in his eyes. “Ever since the zombie birds, she has been pushing out to looking for supplies everyday…This is our new home, it was not so ragged before. The building next door was left for new survivors but a number of houses are empty with nice rooms. She must have seen people bringing stuff inside…” It was very likely that she had tried to break in and steal from someone.

As for Liu Xiangyu? She was currently prematurely giving birth, what were her chances?

“When I came back…” The man continued hesitantly, “I called your father a few times and he ended up giving your number. The doctors and nurses here specially left contact details with your mother, so I just called them.”

Yan Gexin was currently experiencing difficulties, who had the time to deal with Liu Xiangyu? If she had started giving birth, it would have been little trouble to deal with him. When he heard Liu Xiangyu was in a dangerous situation, he handed Yan Fei’s number over – after she was his biological mother, even if there were no familial feelings, there was a chance that two lives could be lost today.

Yan Fei had nothing to say. If he had really inherited Mrs. Liu’s personality, it would not be surprising for someone to die today.

But Yan Fei and Luo Xun were grown men, even if they came, what could they do? Liu Xiangyu was struggling to birth a baby, even if Yan Fei wanted to see, he would wait until she was done.

The birth of the child took the entire night. It was an accidental, premature birth but the mother seemed to be saving her strength for the critical moment. She was already unable to shout anymore.

The man who lived with Liu Xiangyu paced around the house with a dark expression, only to angrily ask, “How did she birth you?!”

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow and sneered, “How long have you known her? Do you think she was the one to choose to give birth?”

The man choked, he almost forgot that the man in front of him was not much younger. He was her son, not a peer, how could he possible know the details of his birth in the first place?

The group was embarrassed until they heard the doctor, “Push, push harder…Don’t stop here or the mother and son will have an accident…It’s coming out!”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Jeez Yan Fei’s mom has a terrible personality, I feel bad for the baby. I wonder if Yan Fei is going to offer to adopt his younger bro?

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Actually that would solve LX’s wish to have a child to raise. Quite frankly, the couple would make better parents than that horrible mother.

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  3. Well,since she wants comfort,they could offer her one in exchange for the baby. Doubt she will be able to raise one baby now in the apocalypse even before the world gone chaotic, she didn’t raise her son personally.

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    1. I understand you 😩, I was reading other novel and all comments of the chapters of the novels was spoilers , 😠I swear that I dropped the novel for that 😡. It’s a basic courtesy to put the word spoiler before but they did not 😫😤🤬
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  4. Ummm. If this happened in the old time line as well… could the baby be the kid Luo Xun wanted to adopt before his scape send him to the past?
    I hope so. The tragedies the kid has to go trough still linger and left a bad aftertaste.
    thanks for the chapter.
    never miss one.

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