Chapter 150 Metal Team Reorganization

“Is this Yan Fei?” It was Captain Guo’s voice, someone familiar who had not contacted for some time.

He was calling at this time…Luo Xun and Yan Fei exchanged looks and roughly guessed the purpose of his call.

“Yes, Captain Guo what can I do for you?” Yan Fei responded while waiting for the response.

Sure enough, Captain Guo called for wall defense. Yan Fei could sort of hear some sounds, Captain Guo was not at the edge of the wall.

When he called Yan Fei, he knew that they had been responsible for the midnight shift and had not rested well yet, so he explained, “The higher ups asked me to contact previous metal users…a large hole has been dug by the zombies on the east wall. The others are stepping up to mend and kill the zombies but the metal walls have been damaged so it is necessary for the metal abilities to fix quickly.”

Yan Fei and Luo Xun were shocked, it had not been long. How did such a large hole appear?! “The wall is broken?!”

Captain Guo’s voice sank. “Yes, I heard that there some zombie mice have entered base so the wall building team had to hurry up. I could only contact you, can you come right away? Gather at the barracks south gate, there will be a car to pick you up.”

The two people were helpless and could only go down. If the military had only wanted them to help defend, they would not go since their team had already worked. But the broken wall was actually an accident!

Once the wall was broken, no one on base could run! Even if they did not like, it was impossible to dodge. The two men quickly got up, grabbed some simple food and water and relayed the information to Li Tie and the others. Then they hurried towards the barracks.

The snow and ice at the entrance was trampled so it was much easier to reach their destination. Luo Xun was still bitter, winter without a car was horrible.

By the time they arrived, they saw armored vehicles constantly entering and exiting the barracks. They could not find Captain Guo for the moment and could only call, who appeared in the nick of time.

“Here!” It turned out the car Captain Guo had mentioned was actually a tank…

Luo Xun was speechless, he had never been in such high end goods in his life, he felt small. But there was no time and the three climbed in and saw the Li from the old team was also inside.

After seeing the men, Li was very happy and rushed over with a smile. However other than Li, his partner and Captain Guo, they did not know any of the soldiers.

Captain Guo nodded to them and sat down with a frown. Luo Xun glanced around the car and saw a man with his arms crossed and feet tapping. The man was wearing military coat but his rank seemed to be higher than Captain’s Guo.

The atmosphere was very bad, people felt the pressure. Li was originally talkative but was now silent with his partner. Luo Xun wisely did not ask any questions. The man across the car impatiently asked Captain Guo, “When will the other person be here? Did you even call them?”

Captain Guo lazily winked. “The road is difficult to walk on, people cannot fly over obstacles.”

“What’s with your attitude?! You know that you are still being punished! If I had not needed your contacts this time, I would have sent you on a mission…”

Captain Guo was too lazy to even open his eyes through the scolding when his mobile phone rang.

It was Sun Shaoyang, like Luo Xun, he did not know which car to approach at the gate. But since he had a military background, he only needed to know the car model number.

Sun Shaoyang did not wear the military uniform but it looked good and doubled as protection. The other officer’s face fell and with a cold humph turned his head in the other direction.

Captain Guo pulled the latest addition over. “All right men, let’s go.”

The door was closed and the vehicle drove towards the east wall. Along the way there were a lot of cars that were rushing in the same direction. After all the east gate was the only one breached so all the military must go to the rescue.

Their cars were moving in a slightly different direction. By the time they arrived at the east wall, they were a lot of military vehicles with earth users.

“Get out of the car and follow me up the wall. Watch your feet, zombie mice have entered.” Captain Guo grabbed a weapon and shouted.

The other man with a higher rank had an ugly expression but continued forwards.

The group climbed up the wall only to see a bunch of earth users – a large hole about half a meter high was in the wall. Zombies were constantly streaming through the wall with gunfire and artillery.

“Go hurry up! Give priority to sealing the walls. There may be metal and earth zombies below.” Captain Guo commanded.

The three metal users calmly followed. The fellow officer failed to keep up and made up the tail with a few close soldiers.

Luo Xun was distracted and looked back to see the man panting and doubled over. He then looked at Sun Shaoyang and knew now was not the time for conversation.

The group quickly arrived at the scene, Yan Fei and company immediately activated their abilities. The scattered metal was summoned over, it was clear that there was a deep pit under the hole. Apparently dug by the same zombie rats who made the hole.

The metal quickly condensed outside the wall and mended the hole. Although time had passed, the three quickly got back into the rhythm of cooperation and began to help each other. It was not long before the big potholes were covered and the base was separated from the zombies.

“A zombie with metal ability, although I don’t know if it’s a zombie or a mouse.” Yan Fei felt that something was competing with him for control over the metals and made a quick judgement.

“Where is it?” Captain Guo immediately brought out a grenade.


*Bang* Where Yan Fei pointed, Captain Guo did not hesitate to drop the grenade.

“You, you are breaking orders! The walls are here! Can you afford damaging the walls?!” The officer scolded after finally catching up.

The members of the previous metal team did not react and turned to Yan Fei and the captain. “What do we do next?”

Captain Guo touched his chin and looked at the wall then the zombies. “Let’s circle around the wall…you guys still have strength right?”

Someone laughed. “How could we not?”

Everyone knew what Captain Guo meant. He was going to let the team recreate the grinder and let it roll around the wall to deal the zombie rats.

Luo Xun quickly reminded. “Before you need to deal with the snow and ice or some of the zombie mice would survive. You also need to check the wall to confirm that the metal rats are dead. It’s best to have cooperation of earth users.”

As he spoke, Captain Guo nodded while the officer was in a panic. “What are you doing? That’s against orders!”

When the went to the edge of the wall there no zombie birds. Luo Xun estimated that they were tired and temporarily retreated to rest. Who knew when they would come back and sneak in.

Captain Guo nodded and opened his phone to contact someone.

On the other hand, the officer’s face was completely crimson. He stared disgruntled at Captain Guo took a few breaths and went downstairs. He returned to the tank and also pulled out his mobile phone.

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 150 Metal Team Reorganization

  1. Why are you doing politics play when people life in danger??

    Captain Guo listen to Luo Xun because he knew Luo Xun capabilities..

    The one that always hide in base (because of high ranking) don’t have to speak if you don’t know/experince real life..

    Thanks for the chapter

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    1. Sometimes? Look at the current situation in France. Just recently I heard some of an interview with one of the yellow vest(?) movement people, some politician and some other lady on the news, the yellow vest guy was speaking about the way they’re living and all the politician could talk about was statistics and numbers like that’s all people lives amount to. All they care about is how things look on paper and how well their own lives are, and the considerably tiny amount of politicians who may actually care most likely will never have any power to change anything anyway

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      1. Totally agree, worst thing is that Police is very repressive with pacific manifestation. Political people decided to increase wages of police officers, just to be sure that they will continue to repress the populace instead of joining people. Politics just see their own advantages, always. As a matter of fact, they voted laws so that nobody can reveal if a big company does illegal things, another one so the most rich people don’t have to pay big taxes, and lots of others like this. On the contrary, simple people have to pay new taxes as the state is in financial trouble due to all the taxes that richest people and big companies don’t have to pay now…. So yeah, political power only saw their own and friend’s advantages.

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      2. There’ll always some good in something so bad as well something bad from good things.. People tend to overlook the good cause the bad drowned them, we have to see from every angle possible. Politics is toxic but without them there’ll be no progress, development, evolution, or new idea.

        The bad politic works like somekind of filter… When it crumbles so is most ofthe bad things..

        You’ll see what i mean as this story progress… What the otaku squad will gain from the corrupt hierarchy..

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    1. there still some chance he would survive, even it’s fake relationship but he’s still a lover of man in power’s daughter

      well, I hope he would survive cuz he’s one of few character that act for public’s gain not his self-interest

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  2. An asshole just sprouted. Quickly shove him down from the wall.
    He seems like the douche who will hog all the credits when Yan Fei and Captain Guo succeeds in defending the wall. A turd within a uniform. Flush him down, please. 😈
    Thanks for the chapter. Though, it gave me a figurative aneurysm.

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  3. I feel like military was doing absurd things since many chapters ago, especially trigger internal conflict and make trouble to talent people

    somehow situation go in worse way than MC’s previous route, is it because they advance things too quick?


  4. Okay this motherfucker needs to get mauled by zombies ASAP. There is a situation and you are worried about others? Wtf did you come here for then?


  5. With the politic power, is the world gonna be in peace? Hmph! What a bullshit! Say that again when they are in the position defending the apocalypse!!

    What’s wrong with their brains!?? They can still say “no that’s out of orders!!” “You can’t!! That’s against the orders!!! ”

    Ohhh I really want to crush them with a hammer and shut them up or maybe I can feed their corpses to the zombie birds to lessening the stupid high fucker officials!!!???

    What’s politics if they just exist with many orders in the apocalypse and to brings the mankind down with upper high official orders!??? Aakkhh

    They don’t have any experience on the battlefield, why should they keeps other with so much orders?? People who never fights doesn’t have the rights to order people who already know how to handle the zombie siege!!


  6. Please get an editor. For some reason, the grammar has gotten worse.

    Anyway, it was a good chapter. Thanks for the update. XD


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