Chapter 149 Hands Fast Hands Slow

In the distance, the Otaku Squad looked towards the noise. In the dark night and pale moonlight, small black spots emerged from the zombie army and flew into the air.

Their numbers were far from the mass of zombie birds that flew into base two days ago but adding sudden air strikes during the zombie siege was just cheating!

“My God! How can we fight?!” The zombie bird vanguard flew over the wall and shot rounds of fire.

Many were too slow to defend or had no abilities. Many were wounded from the flames and some were even knocked over.

The Otaku Squad was there with Yan Fei so everyone had a metal shield in hand. They lifted them up to block the round of fire attacks.

After the attack, the fire enemies circled back  while the second group of zombie birds arrived – water abilities!

Water abilities may not seem that great but in cold winter, the temperature was below zero so the water would immediately turned into ice. This added insult to injury to the team guarding the wall.

People wanted to complain even more that zombies were cheaters, they seemed to have developed brains and learned new strategies. A batch of ice birds followed after the water birds.

The water dripping on the crowd had not been disposed of when the ice birds flew by. They did not do anything except freeze the water on the ground solid!

Slippery ice beneath their feet, the defenders had to find a way to kill the dense army of zombies outside the walls and deal with the zombie birds above their heads…it was impossible to live.

“Xu Mei, first melt the nearest patches of ice. Song Lingling work with Xu Mei to transfer the melted water off the wall.” After this round of air strikes, Luo Xun immediately threw out orders to counterattack.

In fact, after the second round of zombie birds Song Lingling had started to deal with the water but did not expect that it would become ice right after.

“Let’s continue, first kill the nearby zombies and when the birds fly over again, try to hit them with fire.” Luo Xun had nothing to do and the birds flew too high for yan Fei to use his metal powers.

But the zombies were not deterred by the people on the wall. The zombie air raids came more and more frequently, round after round. Fire zombies went after the ice zombies, they did not only blow up the ice but also parts of the wall! The sharp shards caused a lot of damage to the defenders, it was very painful to get hit by those things!

It was not long before the ground was filled with potholes and the ice increased in height.

As the crowd was doing their best to stand against the zombies, the soldiers transporting arms returned with more deliveries. Boxes of munitions, medicine and other things were shipped. They wanted to finish as soon possible before running out of supplies.

This meant that the military wanted to use heavy firepower to suppress the zombie army under the wall. It was best to set fire and kill a large group in order to intimidate them from coming again.

Luo Xun was more familiar with these things than others. He quickly grabbed some to use and had Yan Fei immediately cover the bullets with metal, in case they got wet or exploded from the zombie birds. Otherwise they would die instead of the birds.

The military had warned people before that the supplies must not be hit by fire, but there would always be idiots who did not listen. So during the next air raid, there was an explosion near by.

There was no time to take care of the situation as Luo Xun and the others were using the firearms. The physically stronger were in front while the weaker in the back.

As for the zombies just below the wall, they were going to shoot them with either guns or bombs. However the had to be careful to not just blow up the wall underneath them.

The group was so busy that the sky gradually shifted towards dawn. Although it was still dark, it was close to six o’clock, but everyone on the wall did not notice. Who had the time to notice that sort of thing?

The ground became more damaged and the pits were soon filled with zombies. New ones walked by and fell inside but more would step on their companions and continue towards the wall. It was not until the next shift of teams arrived that Luo Xun realized they had reached the end of their time.

They handed over the weapons and supplies to the new arrivals and Luo Xun’s team dragged their tired bodies back home with their things.

There was a total of three teams in charge of the same location, exchanging every 8 hours or so. Who knew if their luck was good or bad, the night shift did not have the two other teams but it was slightly shorter in comparison.

The team walked towards home, wary of stray attacks from zombie birds – such as abilities or casually picked up stones.

When it came to rocks the birds would stay away from the wall, like when they first arrived to the base.

No one had the strength to talk, everyone wanted to hurry home, get a good rest and eat a nice meal.

But on the way, they came across two of three zombies that had hidden somewhere and suddenly jumped them! By the time they finally returned home, they were exhausted. But then they met several people who had moved to steal from neighbors and some people had also been attacked by zombies. There was picking and choosing for relatively safe rooms.

So by the time they crawled back home, they found that their building had the most refugees. That was because when Luo Xun went to clear the place, they also strengthened the bulding and Yan Fei added metal railings to the windows.

People thought such a house was safer than their broken home! Luo Xun and the others had no way of catching the people at this time!

Luo Xun sadly found that the previously empty 14th floor was now filled with people. He had been brainstorming on the way from the wall, if no one lived on the 14th floor they could use the space for planting, that way the team would not be without food.

They continued upstairs with a sigh of relief. There was a large sandy hole between the 14th and 15th floors so Luo Xun knew that Yu Xinran had taken action. Last night, Zhang Yi must have beaten them back but since there were no messages, Luo xun figured there were no problems. Even so he was a little worried, he quickly opened the door but was relieved to see Yu Xinran sleeping beside the dog.

Zhang Yi and Han Li were staying in Xu Mei’s room, they explained the situation after the team returned. The group rushed back to their respective homes and quickly ate something before going to bed. Although there were three wall shifts, no one could guarantee that there would be no emergencies.

In case something happened and everyone needed to go back to defending, they needed a break otherwise they would collapse.

Sure enough, they had only slept until noon when the phone suddenly rang. Luo Xun and Yan Fei were woken up and rummaged around to find the phone.

Yan Fei was the one to find the phone, he raised an eyebrow while answering. “It’s Captain Guo.”

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