Chapter 151 Complement the Wall Team

Bonus Chapter thanks to: Zeyna, Writ Fren and Wilson o(^▽^)o

When he saw the men walking away, he took all the soldiers and made it clear was not prepared to show any support. Luo Xun frowned and whispered, “Will Captain Guo be in any trouble?”

Li wryly smiled and Sun Shaoyang sneered, “No trouble? After you left, Captain Guo was locked up. He was previously sent to sweep the streets and was responsible for almost all of the outside cleanup. If it wasn’t for the zombie siege and needing to contact metal users, who would think of Captain Guo?”

Luo Xun’s eyes widened in size. “Locked up? Sent out for base cleanup?” The soldiers sent out for that job were only one thing – cannon fodder, other than those with heavy weapons.

Zombie clean up was basically the military’s job since the beginning but after a few years ordinary citizens would be called in too. Although they were given some weapons, food and water…these people were basically cannon fodder, no one could guarantee their safety!

Even now, although more experience soldiers were sent out, but they were mostly regular people without abilities. Such a team often suffered heavy losses…

“Right? I think the higher ups just want to end his life.” Li’s voice was cold with a stiff expression as he clung to his partner’s arm.

“Just because of what happened last time?” Luo Xun’s brow wrinkled. “Because the last time we went to the wall during a blizzard and one person died? They wanted to nail the captain’s head to the wall?”

Sun Shaoyang spoke again. “Yes. But that’s not all, it’s all an excuse. Captain Guo did not want to say which higher up to follow, so they took away the metal team as a warning and then think about tossing him to death..”

Yan Fei suddenly turned to Sun Shaoyang and asked. “What about you? Are you off the team?”

Sun Shaoyang’s clothes were obviously not military uniform, it was easy to see at a glance. Remembering the look on his face when he saw the officer on the bis, Yan fei guessed that the other was not part of the team.

Sun Shaoyang laughed and pointed to the tank that everyone had rode. “I had a big fight with that young master. You don’t know since he became captain, he checked with other captains for how many nuclei and how long they last. He decreased the number of nuclei and the work hours were increased to six o’clock in the evening. Relying only on sleep to rest…*Tch* we aren’t people to them! I only learned when I got into a fight and got fired and joined a squad – he pocketed the metal nuclei and secretly sold them!”

Luo Xun and Yan Fei suddenly understood why the logistics department suddenly had so many more metal nuclei. It was because they were being ghosted! The military gave basic priority to the members of various ability squads and the wealthy would sell them to logistics. Non military or military with the wrong nuclei could redeem afterwards.

In the past because Captain Guo was able to cheat…*cough* because of his connections, other than the small number that must be given to logistics, the rest would be given to the team. But after the change of leadership, the new captain withheld as many nuclei as possible to secretly sell…

Luo Xun laughed, “He did not think about who he could sell the metal cores to if all the metal ability users left the team?”

Li’s partner helplessly shrugged his shoulders. “Even if we did not leave the team, there were not enough cores. We privately buy crystal cores so he can always get the benefits.”

Captain Guo had not come back for a while. Luo Xun and the others stood in a place that did not affect the defense personnel while chatting. Sun Shaoyang joined a power squad and now lives in New Town. He was a new addition but because of his ability he was pursued by many people but in truth…if the army situation was not so bad, he actually wanted to return to his previous life.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei were fine, after all they just returned to their previous living lifestyle. Li had it slightly worse, being withheld crystal cores, from time to time he needed to vent.

Of course, he was the only metal user on the team and his partner Zhang Quan was actually the angry one. When the new captain arrived, he wanted to get rid of all the original members except for the metal users. However because of Sun Shaoyang’s and Li’s opposition it failed to start immediately.

However the metal team was missing people, the new captain filled these vacancies first with his confidants. It was supposedly to protect the metal users, but the truth…everyone could guess the details.

Before long, the new arrivals began to fight with the original members. Sun Shaoyang’s partner quarreled and without saying the new captain fired him. Sun Shaoyang evidently quarreled after and was dismissed from the army. In rage, he simply took the opportunity to leave with his partner.

After a lack resistance, the captain immediately dismissed all the ordinary people in the original metal team. But Li and his partner had a deep relationship and there was a precedent with Sun Shaoyang. The captain knew that his situation was precarious because he was the captain of the metal, if the last one left…what would he have to show?

That was why he had to leave Li’s partner along. But the rest of the team was a confidant of the new captain and there was only one metal user. Who did not want to have control? So all kinds of trouble was to be expected.

Speaking of which, Li clung to Zhang Quan’s arm. “They are going to far, I am afraid that…” In fear that shady things would happen, he did not even dare let him to to the washroom alone.

Zhang Quan helplessly smiled and patted him comfortingly on the shoulder. “In fact, if not for my words, your days in the team would be quite good.”

“Without you?! We’ve been together for how many years? We enlisted together, I will not stay in the team without you!”

The two people stood on the wall holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes. Luo Xun could only bow towards the emotional image. In fact, keeping the ability user safe was somewhat ambiguous.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei had entered the team as a pair. The former had also worried about the latter’s safety in the team.

Sun Shaoyang also argued with the new captain because his partner was fired. They now lived together in a team assigned home and formally established their relationship.

As for the death of the former team two metal user, the team was also directly dismissed by the new captain.

*Cough, cough* They turned to find that Captain Guo was back. “Pick a better time for this, watch out for zombie mice while we cover you.”

The two men flushed and lowered their heads, they could not meet anyone’s eyes for a while.

Captain Guo then turned to Luo Xun. “I called, in a moment there will be a team of earth users to come cooperate with us.” He had a provoking smile. “Okay with our actions.”

Sure enough there was a team of people coming to find Luo Xun who was resting at the wall edge – five earth users and three fire ones. Luo Xun and the captains had a discussion and the two teams began to cooperate.

The metal team was responsible for checking the walls to determine their condition and repair. The earth users divided and checked the walls beneath the ground and repair anything damaged by the zombie birds. The remaining three people were responsible for cleaning up the snow and ice beneath the walls.

While the fire ability users were busy melting the snow, the water users also arrived and were responsible for moving the melted water outside.

It took three hours for the group to mend the whole and repair the damaged walls. Of course the earth users were slower since there were many walls damaged by the zombie birds this morning.

After this three metal users made a metal wheel and started their rolling operation! The grinder team had appeared again and the rumbling echoed through the base!

The exhausted defense teams cried tears of joy at the scene. The news that there was a big hole in the wall had spread through the various channels – the desperate people were almost mad with worry. But the grinder team showed that the outer wall was under control. They could once again organize an effective counterattack against the enemy!

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 151 Complement the Wall Team

  1. Overthrow the government! With the end of humanity soon approaching, this people wanna play politic.. smh

    Humans always been greedy and this prove it

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  2. I don’t always understand these more complicated explanations of politics and relationships and powers – not sure if it’s lost in translation, author error, or cultural dissonance (or a combination of all three).

    For example, why exactly is Guo in trouble? He said it was officially due to the dead metal user, but really something involving higher ups, but at that point I couldn’t figure out the rest. But previously he led the team that performed so well, so why isn’t that protecting him?

    Also, mice in the walls – why can’t the earth users tamp down the earthen wall and crush them? And why does the wheel have to be metal? Why can’t they trade off elements for the wheel? Fire wheel, rock/solidified earth wheel, etc?

    I am so excited about how often this has been updated though!!!


    1. Guo is in trouble because his team is too competent. All the factions want him on their side, but he’s not picking anybody. So instead of letting him grow into another power or get snatched by a political rival, they’d rather eliminate him. Even if it means losing a competent team, because they’re only thinking of how to stay in power, not how to help people. It’s pretty typical in politics unfortunately.

      I’m honestly not sure how all these young masters and political powers managed to survive. They are exactly the type that would die first in a survival situation before rescue. And I’m still confused why the army prioritised rescuing them when they have zero value. There seems to be a ridiculous amount of them in this story.

      For the grinder team, metal is the best choice really. Fire needs to be shaped continuously – you’d need more concentration for that and the users probably don’t have enough stamina. Plus fire goes out easily too so they’d have to continuously supply energy to maintain the same heat and size for lethality.

      Earth could work. But it’s kinda crumbly and to make into the same kind of grinder ball it’d need to be denser or it would fall apart, i think. So it could work, considering how many earth users exist, but maybe they don’t have high enough level or teamwork? Maybe.

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