Chapter 111 Level Three Crystal Core

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“Zombies picking a good target to attack…how is that possible?!”

“How could they leave the food in front of them? Don’t forget how many survivors we have in this base? For monsters who only know how to eat, how could they control their instincts…”

“And not all the zombies are gone! Remember all the zombies we killed a few days ago? We only just burned all those bodies?!”

“You have already said the zombies only know how to eat people. In this case they found survivors around the fence, ready to defend so they could not leave. Even if the zombies were called they could not leave and were torn to pieces. So I think there really is something that can control their actions, don’t forget their strategic actions when they attacked the walls! As for the ones left behind which we wiped out…it would not be surprising since there are always soldiers in an army unwilling to obey orders.”

The room was silent again. Several pictures scattered on the table – a corner of the city runs was covered in dense black dots. People on the road would see something like an ant nest in motion. There was a tightly guarded spot in the center but it made up only a small portion.

On the last day of the three-day vacation, Luo Xun was in bed with an electric fan for the entire day. No other way, someone seemed a bit hungry, so under the clutches of the wolf, Luo Xun was bedridden for recovery.

After the holiday was over, Luo Xun and Yan Fei brought most of the assorted vegetables to the barracks canteen to sell. After renovation, a few canteens were in the same three storey building – different floors supplied different groups.

Luo Xun still handed the produce over to Captain Lee – who had risen in rank. From being only in charge of a single canteen to unified management of the merged dining halls.

Some of the workers were responsible for handling and weighing the fresh vegetables. Captain Lee lit half a cigarette before sighing. “Two days ago we had to pick up some vegetables but most of them were mutated, at least they had a little flavor? By the way, have you seen the crops in the produce building?”

Luo Xun shook his head, he had seen it during his past life, but did not have the chance to go sightseeing this time.

“They found several varieties of vegetables that grow particularly fast and in large quantities. After testing, they found no harmful substances to the human body. So those have been used to supply the canteen.” Captain Lee’s mouth twisted into a grimace, “The taste…is similar to what we planted on the wall edges.”

When he finished, he patted Yan Fei’s arm. Seeing that the captain was going towards Luo Xun, Yan Fei stepped forward.

“Your crops can’t be lost now that there are fewer and fewer regular vegetables.”

Luo Xun laughed, “Vegetables that aren’t mutated, aren’t those the ones planted into the building and watered by ability users? How could there be mutations?”

Captain Lee responded, “I heard that it’s because there was a discovery of certain species that grew faster and they had not identified the cause. So they grew a large number in an area for an experiment. Those things don’t taste very good, but the output is great.”

Although the situation was different from his last life, the results were the same. After all there were so many people in the base and outside was not safe. In order to support the entire base population, they could only grow crops that had large yields, otherwise people would go hungry.

Otherwise, why else would the prices of normal and benign variant plants keep rising later into the apocalypse?

The couple took the crystal cores and once again rushed to the gathering place. By the time that the two got there, the captain and other members had already arrived.

Seeing the pair arrive, Captain Guo made a gesture for them to stand with the rest of the team. “For today we have to shift tasks, first deal with the outer fence, the other construction project has been suspended.” While speaking he brought out a drawing. “Remember what you said before about a row of metal thorns? Barbed wire to block zombies from climbing up the fence…The zombie siege had some wind ability animals who flew up, a row of metal barbs would have been useful. The other is – we have to deepen the fence foundation. It’s important but everyone has to be careful not to hit any water or sewage pipelines. We’ll busy ourselves and deal with problems as they appear.”

The row of steel thorns had been raised before, but the previous walls were too thin to be able to support the weight. The matter was also temporarily put aside because the barracks project did not have material. After encountering the zombie siege, the base encountered a problem and would of course take steps to implement a solution.

In addition to work orders, Captain Guo also brought a few large bags of crystal nuclei and laughed. “These are rewards for everyone. The team’s effort in defending the city was not small! I got metal cores for everyone!” Everyone in the team was rewarded, not just the ability users.

In consideration that using points for such large scale distribution would cause depreciation, along with the fact that the harvest was huge from the zombie siege, they decided that regardless of ability or military position, all rewards would be in crystal cores. Crystal nuclei would not depreciate…plus the base had so many ability users, people would find ways to exchange with each other. Even if there was some decreased value, the problem was not large.

Everyone grabbed their portion from the bag with beaming faces. Yan Fei had reached into the bag when he froze and then looked at the crystal in his palm.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Xun saw his expression and quickly asked.

“Level three crystal core.”

“Right! Level three.” Captain Guo had a bright smile on his face. “When they were clearing the battlefield, they found some level three nuclei. I brought all the metal crystals over. Anyways, the higher ups wanted to praise and reward you. Since few other people can use these, not giving them would be a waste!”

The other three ability users quickly opened their bags – sure enough! They had some as well!

Yan Fei knew that his ability had already reached a limit, a similar feeling when he was leveling up from one to two. His capacity had plateaued, nothing helped him go further. He had been thinking of how to find a level three crystal nucleus but did not expect he would get one from helping defend the city!

Yan Fei closed the bag, unlike the others who wanted to take advantage of work to use the nucleus, he decided to return home before upgrading. After all, his abilities were somewhat different, in case the upgrade results were not the same, being at home would not be conspicuous.

To finish the meeting, Captain Guo added more news. “The higher ups would like reward all those who participated in defending the city. A celebration will be held in a few days. Not only will all the soldiers take part, also some of the best ability users will be invited.” He gave a meaningful glance to Yan Fei and Luo Xun. “The base leaders will issue a medal of public service.”

The soldiers were flushed with excitement at the news while Luo Xun looked at Yan Fei with some worry.

Yan Fei looked quite calm, as if he had nothing to worry about, so Luo Xun could only calmly follow along.

They climbed into the car with their rewards. The bags with the crystal cores were put into the backpack and zipped shut.

Captain Guo took advantage of the time to sneak to the couple and winked. “I am afraid you cannot hide this time, the leaders want to see you.”

Who let the metal ability user be so eye-catching two days ago? Such a large iron wheel circling round and round the base fence, anyone would see.

What had the higher ups said? The four metal users on the team had performed very well and they should be rewarded. What had they said to Captain Guo? One of the ability users was foreign aid? He did not want to receive the prize or commendation? That was not giving them face!

Yan Fei shook his head with a smile. “Nothing, we will attend.” Then he asked, “Will other prominent ability users also be called?”

“That’s right.” Captain Guo felt relieved when Yan Fei did not refuse.

“Will the wind user and fire user who were in front of the main entrance be called?”

“You mean the…tall…one who was on the front door?” Captain Guo could not think of another adjective to Zhang Yi, other than beautiful.

Beauty was beauty, but the person was a man. Could say ‘pretty’ but it was too similar to ‘beautiful’. Handsome? That would be a lie. Yan Fei could also be described as handsome – his mole added some charm. But for Zhang Yi…they were not in the same category.

“She-male.” Luo Xun did not mince words – who let the guy keep his fire?

*Cough* “Enchantress sounds better, but anyways.” Captain Guo coughed, either words seemed quite apt – they guy looked better than some women. “Yes, I remember seeing you talk to him? You two know each other?”

Yan Fei nodded. “We are neighbors. During vacation we go out to fight zombies and scavenge supplies. He’s going to be there for the ceremony?”

Captain Guo had a strange feeling – indeed birds of a feather flock together. He quickly nodded. “We have to find him as well. His victories…are piling up.”

Yan Fei’s face was sincere. “That’s fine.”

Was there a connection between Yan Fei and Zhang Yi? Were he and that demon…in a relationship? Captain Guo involuntarily looked at Luo Xun with sympathy. He felt that Luo Xun was wearing a green hat.

In fact, Luo Xun also wanted to ask why Zhang Yi attending the celebration was a good thing? What was going on in Yan Fei’s head? Unfortunately now was not the time to ask questions.

The group had reached the outer wall and received worshipful gazes – the story of the big iron wheel had spread throughout the base. Along with the legendary man who could make a powerful firestorm, suspected of being a double ability user, the two were the most powerful ability users on base.

Of course, there was a big misunderstanding in the rumors. For example, they thought only one person had made the large metal wheels, but there was actually four. As for the dual ability user on the wall, Xu Mei and Yu Xinran were indifferent. Xu Mei really did not care, while little Ran…did not understand.

Anyway, due to the relative rarity of metal based abilities, there were few in the entire base, so some people had never seen nor heard of them. If not for the zombie siege, many ability teams would not have known such an element even existed on base.

Not only were base survivors interested, so were the army soldiers. When Luo Xun and company got off the bus, they found many soldiers sneaking glances or staring at them.

These eyes made people feel uncomfortable so they clambered up and worked in cooperation with the crane while ignoring the looks boring into their backs.

At the end of the battle, the number of wounded on base had increased significantly. Zhang Yi as a “battlefront doctor” not only escaped the busiest days but also got a few days off, no one would not envy him. But there was no other way, who let this guy not seem human?

While he was not at work, his legend spread throughout the hospital. He was so incredibly skilled that he was capable of standing on the front lines battling zombies, his strength was equal to an entire team…Even if people were not totally convinced, they would not find trouble since they valued their lives.

Zhang Yi reported for his first day of work in a relaxed manner, although one could notice that his eyes had changed. But people dared not hope their troubles would be reduced. Even with his calmer expression, few people were able to look directly at him.

This feeling seemed good, it could save him a lot of trouble.

With this relaxed mindset he was ready to start the day. But he had not entered the office when a voice said, “Why hasn’t Doctor Zhang come yet? How can I feel safe without Doctor Zhang checking my injury?!”

Zhang Yi clapped his hand, he had heard this voice before. But how could a middle aged woman’s voice be familiar? He shrugged and then opened the door.

Opening the door and seeing the chestnut haired woman with a slightly familiar face, Zhang Yi raised an eyebrow and quietly laughed. It turned out to be the mother of his next door neighbor.

“Oh, Dr. Zhang, you are here!” Liu Xiangyu suddenly smiled and then frowned at her hands. “I accidentally cut myself at home. Did not see you when I came to get tetanus shot. I though this wound had a strange color so I wanted to come see you…”

Zhang Yi’s mouth twitched as he looked at the wound that had completely scabbed over on the woman’s finger. This sort of thing would usually be handled by a nurse, but it had been pushed onto him.

“The wound has healed and there is no sign of infection.” Zhang Yi put down the clipboard and went to sit at his desk.

“That day a junior doctor checked, I think that person’s medical skills are not reliable. I feel something strange in my finger. Can you take another look? It’s a little swollen, is it infected? Will…”

From the first time Zhang Yi met this woman he thought she was crazy. Dealing with patients as a doctor was a grind and thus he felt zero affection towards the women working with him. Of course, having female acquaintances was better than none . After all, he was normal enough to have some friends.

But after a while, seeing this woman treat the other elderly experts in the hospital the same until he came around – this woman only cared about herself. She was a very paranoid patient, always feeling that any small wrong feeling would develop into something that would threaten her life.

He also did not know if she had been like this even before the apocalypse. Or was she that scared of the zombie virus? Looking at her hands, who knew what she would think of next?

Touching his chin, Zhang Yi squinted with a peach blossom smile. The nurse on the side felt conflicted – she knew the doctor was gay but could not move her eyes…Such a beautiful man in this place and she could do nothing more than look?

Liu Xiangyu also thought Zhang Yi was quite enchanting but she was more worried about her injury. She lifted her finger and refused to budge.

Zhang Yi smiled while suggesting, “Want me to reopen the wound and look again? Re-sterilize?”

Liu Xiangyu hesitantly nodded. “Okay, can you stitch it closed, otherwise I am afraid it won’t heal well.”

Zhang Yi smiled and nodded again. “Two stitches? No problem.”

He bit down on his lip to stop laughing – such a small wound would not need stitches, but she wanted two? Whatever, it was not him wasting money.

Zhang Yi, who was completely without medical ethics did as the woman requested. Someone knocked at the door while the wound was being healed. The nurse quickly got up to open the door. The past thirty years old man with a tough face, who was with the lady, came in and handed over a case.

Liu Xiangyu frowned while not looking at her wound. “Can’t you see I am in surgery?! What’s the matter?”

The man was obviously angry and left the case on the bed with a dark face. “See for yourself.”

“You have a mouth, spit it out!”

“Two months pregnant.” The man said dryly.

Eyebrows rose as the last stitch was quietly sewn.

“Who? You got someone pregnant?” Liu Xiangyu did not notice as Zhang Yi dressed her wound.

“What are you talking about? Didn’t you have a routine check yesterday?” The man’s expression contorted as he sneered.

Liu Xiangyu stiffened and she could not help but tremble. “How is that possible? Didn’t you always use protection? No, it can’t be born! How old am I? It’s the apocalypse with horrible conditions. What if there’s massive bleeding…wait a minute, the medical facilities are not trustworthy enough for an abortion!” She unconsciously bit her fingernails, her brows knitted together.

The man sneered. “First don’t think about birth or abortion, if Secretary Yan knows he will definitely divorce you!”

He had wanted to get rid of this woman for a long time, but he was with her before the apocalypse. If she kicked him away, where would he find a new patron? The base was feudal but he had no way forward!

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