Chapter 112 Father and Son

“No, absolutely not!” Liu Xianyu bolted upright with cold sweat on her forehead.

Although Yan Gexin’s family was not as powerful as hers before the apocalypse, but because her parents had been killed by zombies at the start of the end. Now she had no way of comparing to Yan Gexin!

She had been able to tightly cling onto their married relationship. If he found out about the pregnancy and used it as an excuse for divorce, she would have to move out of the barracks! Nowhere was as safe as the barracks, that could not happen!!

Zhang Yi placed the last piece of adhesive tape, his smile was wider than usual. Today he had heard some juicy gossip. How would Yan Fei react upon hearing that his mother was pregnant with a half brother or sister?

Zhang Yi’s movement seemed to wake up Liu Xiangyu. She quickly grabbed his arm. “Doctor Zhang, I want to abort the child, can you help me?”

Zhang Yi raised an eyebrow, he said laughingly, “Ms. Liu, I am a surgeon, not a gynecologist.” Although surgery would apply in this context – but didn’t this lady only believe in experts? He was not a gynecological genius.

Liu Xiangyu’s face fell, her face was very gloomy. She got up and spoke to the other man. “Immediately help me find expert obstetricians and gynecologists. Remember, don’t let Yan Gexin know! If he learns, you will have no fruit to eat!”

The man sneered, picked up the case and turned to leave.

Liu Xiangyu turned around and reluctantly smiled at Zhang Yi, “Sorry about letting you see that, I will go first.”

“Walk slowly.” Zhang Yi waved his pen.

The gossip this time was very good, anyway he knew the chief of gynecology and could inquire about the situation. He could give more details about Yan Fei’s future half sibling…ah, just tell him. It was nice to add some fun to his life.

After the first day of official work after the zombie siege, Luo Xun came back home with lots of important news. For example, now that Yan Fei had a level three crystal core, he could level up. The military was going to reward everyone with an awards ceremony. Finally – Zhang Yi told Yan Fei about his not-yet-born half sibling, his mother wanting to abort…

“How old is your…mother?” Luo Xun was more concerned about this. Yan Fei was turning 27 years old…his mother…*cough* had aged well?

“Fifty…two? Three? Four?” Yan Fei frowned in thought but shook his head. “I did not see her for years, the secretary was responsible for buying gifts and sending them to her place, so I don’t know.”

“….” Luo Xun silently looked at him before swallowing. “Um…she’s pregnant…”

His mother is pregnant but not with his father’s child. Plus, the parents were not divorced yet…How would Yan Fei feel about this sort of thing?

Yan Fei had no feelings towards that whatsoever. “They were originally lovers. But my father’s lovers were hidden well, even a professional detective might not be able to find them. Her temper has always been like that: careless and so on. I was five years old when I saw her and a lover together.”

So, Luo Xun had been worried for nothing? Luo Xun sighed in relief, Yan Fei was fine.

Yan Fei suddenly laughed with a meaningful expression. “But this is a convenient time.”

“Huh? What’s convenient?” Luo Xun was puzzled.

Yan Fei rubbed his lover’s hair. “Nothing, I’m going to level up, would you like to come along?”

The transition from level one to two was smooth, no one had heard of anyone failing to level up. The other metal users on the team had succeeded while on the wall. Yan Fei wanted Luo Xun’s help to see if there were any differences during their upgrades.

Luo Xun would pry if Yan Fei did not want to say anything. He smiled and nodded, he had not watched last time, of course he would come along!

The two people went to the second floor bedroom. Yan Fei placed the big bag of crystal cores on the bedside table. They also brought a plastic tarp to pour the used crystal nuclei on top.

The crystal cores emitted a brilliant light, glittering and translucent. Other than a few level one nuclei, the rest were all level two or three!

Looked like the base was very generous this time! Not only they gave everyone such a reward, which unexpectedly included level three crystal nuclei!

The metal nuclei was a silvery-gray. Level two and three had the same color but the depth was completely different. The difference could be seen when placed side by side. The level two nucleus looked like fluttering ash while the level three was much brighter with a more intense metallic appearance.

There were not only metal human zombie nuclei, but also some metal zombie mice – the small size made them easily recognizable.

Yan Fei gripped a level three nucleus in his hand and looked at Luo Xun. The latter nodded and Yan Fei leaned against the bed while closing his eyes.

When the nucleus was completely absorbed, he emitted metallic light. It started at his head and swept down through his body. It looked like the light was doing laps through his body.

Luo Xun clenched his fists, staring nervously but unwilling to avert his eyes. He asked Yan Fei after he opened his eyes. “How did it go?”

Yan Fei felt a slow warmth from his ability. He looked up and smiled. “Upgrade success.”

Luo Xun sighed in deep relief and had a big smile on his face. “Your upgrade looked the same as those who upgraded during the day. There doesn’t seem to any difference – at least from what I can tell.”

“It’s the same? That is convenient.” Yan Fei said lightly.

He had made up his mind to upgrade at home in the future, in front of Luo Xun. But it was inevitable that he would have to upgrade in front of others. It was one less trouble knowing that his upgrades looked the same as the others.

Just a week after the zombie siege and people’s lives on base were back on track. Those going outside to complete missions and those trying to find a job on base.

The preparations for the base military award ceremony would also begin. All those with outstanding performance in battle would receive military recognition and prizes. Even regular people would receive certain rewards so long as they participated in the defense.

While the average person’s reward was issued from the various material exchange windows, the top performers would wait until the ceremony.

That day, the couple got a day off so they could sleep in. They had to report to base for one o’clock in the afternoon and the party was in the evening. Who said their credit that day was ‘outstanding’? The base leaders had wanted to see them before that.

They wore their usual work uniform and mixed with the others after Captain Guo came to the barracks. The award ceremony would be held tonight at the small square in front of the leader’s offices.

The team of people did not enter the building but stood in front waiting for the leaders while being watched by onlookers. About five minutes later, several base leaders came out.

“Eh? Isn’t this the famous ‘Grinding Disc’ team?”

“Haha, it is! They’re very famous on base!”

Including Captain Guo, all the metal wall team members felt their faces twitch. They had certainly heard other people say the nickname, but being called that by the public was a different matter! Although their previous name was not very good, it was better than ‘grinding disc’! They were afraid that they could no longer rid themselves of the word ‘donkey’…

Several leaders laughed and spoke to each member of the new ‘Grinding Disc’ team. When they reached Yan Fei, one patted his shoulder in surprise. “This lad is very spirited!”

“Yes, who knew!”

“Is this related to his metal ability?”

“So young…”

Yan Fei’s facial features could only be handsome when he was not smiling, people would change their mind if he laughed. Unlike Zhang Yi, it did not matter if he was smiling or serious.

With Yan Fei in front, Luo Xun was average and easily forgotten.

While passing through the gate and past the office building, they could could see people starting to watch them.

When the leaders finished ahead of time, Captain Guo came to take them away but several people came out of the building.

“Yan Fei?!”

Hearing the name, the team stopped and turned to see a fifty-something year old man who looked somewhat familiar.

Luo Xun’s heart stuttered and he carefully scrutinized the man’s facial features. The nose and face were very similar to Yan Fei….it seemed to be the man they had seen at the canteen. He turned to Yan Fei while thinking.

Yan Fei’s expression was unchanged, as if someone suddenly calling his name was as normal as the sun rising.

But when he saw the man, he turned to Captain Guo. “I’ll go.” He departed while giving a reassuring look to Luo Xun.

Luo Xun knew from his heart that Yan Fei could handle this.

“Yan Fei…is that really you?!” Yu Gexin was not surprised at seeing his son, he was not uncaring like Liu Xiangyu.

She would only mention their son in quarrels, “You haven’t found our son and you want to talk about XXX” was a disgusting tactic. Although he was not that invested, he still took the time to check the list of personnel to find Yan Fei’s information, but there was nothing.

He sighed while looking at his son’s expressionless face. “Come with me.” He turned around brought him into his office.

The office building was not small at all, but the number of higher ups working here was equally numerous. Could someone with no backing have a room here? Having a small office was already good – look at the eastern base leaders. Other than a few with their own armed men, the rest were all crowded into rooms.

Sitting at his desk, Yan Gexin saw that Yan Fei had sit in the opposite chair without pause. The casual attitude made him sigh in relief. “Why didn’t you come find me on base? I had people looking for you.”

Yan Fei raised a mocking eyebrow. “Looking for you? I was here a long time before you arrived.”

Yan Gexin froze, he did not know about the team causing uproar throughout base but he did understand this – his son did not come to find him, would rather join another team instead of relying on his own…

Thinking about it, just know he had seen Yan Fei from a window being greeted by some military people. It was not difficult to judge that the team had helped defend the city. They would receive recognition tonight at the podium, otherwise why would the team be greeted?

Taking into account his son’s placement, the leader’s attitudes…Ability user!

After figuring this out, Yan Gexin breathed out the depressing pressure on his chest since the apocalypse started. He was a civilian during the apocalypse and did not become an ability user. If he found no other way, he would get completely steamrolled.

“How have you been lately? Is life on base okay?”

Yan Fei rolled his eyes. He was not anxious as he tapped his knee. “Very good.”

Yan Gexin thought his son was being brave so he pulled out some things from  a drawer and placed them on the table. “There are meal tickets for the canteen on the highest level. Is the place you’re living at safe? If you are crowded with others, I can get you a single room.”

If this had been before the zombie siege, he might have been interested but now…Yan Fei held little desire to eat at the dining halls.

On one hand, the canteens now had less meat, on the other hand, the various vegetable dishes did not taste good. Especially when he could pick the cream of the crop from home, why would he settle for less?

According to Captain Li, the vegetables he and Luo Xun sent were being hoarded by a few leaders, the other people could not even nibble on the leaves.

As for a place to live? He had been a part of army house construction, he knew just how big those houses were. What would the finished house look like?

All the while, Yan Fei smiled at his father. “If you have something to say, spit it out.”

Yan Gexin had always known it was difficult to speak with his son, especially since he did not respect those older than him. If he was an ability user…he would not be able to control him now! But…

The two people were silent for a long time before Yan Gexin started to speak. “The situation on base is not very good. There’s no way to continue the pattern from before the apocalypse. Only the military and strong ability users have the largest influence.” He looked at Yan Fei. “You are already 27 years old, should consider getting married.”

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow and lightly smiled. “Oh? Who are you selling me to?”

Yan Gexin took a deep breath and pushed down his temper. “Don’t say something so ugly as selling! The third legion’s family has a daughter, 21 years old. With your appearance, it should not be difficult to pursue her.”

Although the girl seemed to have a crush on a doctor but that person’s appearance should not be able to match up to his son.

Yan Fei laughed aloud, disdain evident in his eyes. “Really sorry but I now like men.”

*Crack* The last rational thought in Yan Gexin’s mind broke. The lethality of that sentence was too great, whatever Yan Fei had said previously paled in comparison.

“You…you were too spoiled growing up!” Yan Gexin angrily slammed the table and stomped around the room. “Whatever you want, we gave you. What other children had, you had even better! What other children did not have, you did! You even had the same toys and food as foreign children! We cultivated you so much, and this is how you repay us?!”

Yan Fei kept his smiling expression while completely ignoring the man’s words. Indeed, he grew up with everything, more than other children, but what was the cost? He barely lived with his parents. There was only him alone at home. His parents had their own jobs and they lived in their true homes. They were only a dollhouse family, each year they brought out props to stage a show.

What about the toys, things he liked and snacks? How would they usually prepare a birthday present? – Find a secretary, it was a trick he had learned from his parents.

Yan Gexin continued to grumble under his breath as he suppressed all the grievances since the start of the apocalypse. He had to restore his calm – he was asking his son for help, if he really was an ability user, then father and son could never fall out!

After mulling it over, he regained his composure and slowly said, “I know, there’s been some things…I know that there are bad things on base, the ratio of male to female is too low. Maybe you had no chance to meet with girls after the apocalypse, Dad can introduce you…” He was not willing to look Yan Fei in the eye. “If you want…once you have children and stabilize the family, whoever you like and so on, Dad will no longer interfere.”

Yan Fei coldly laughed with narrowed eyes. “Sorry to say but I will not let another child be like me, being pressured with godly expectations.”

Yan Gexin’s face changed. Yan Fei stood up without letting him speak, he had a malicious smile. “There’s something you should know, my mother – your wife is pregnant and asking around for an abortion, which gynecologist has good surgery skills.” He brushed his clothes and turned to leave. “There are quite a few people curious about the matter, rest assured I am not ashamed. If someone asks, I will gladly tell them all the details.”

Yan Gexin was life a fish out of water, his mouth moved but no sound came out. Liu Xiangyu, how could he have agreed to marry her?! How much trouble had she caused since they were married? Before the apocalypse he had a father-in-law who could help clean up messed, but now it was only his problem!!

He hatefully hammered the table, Yan Gexin had lost any and all composure. Suddenly, the door opened and Yan Fei returned and picked up the roll of meal tickets without looking at Yan Gexin. There were quite a few – enough for half a month.

“You…” Yan Gexin’s voice was hoarse.

Yan Fei pocketed the meal tickets and said, “There’s no fresh meat at home, I have to feed my spouse.” Why should be leave empty handed after being scolded for half a day?


He remembered that just now Yan Fei had not only admitted he liked men, but also threatened him with Liu Xiangyu’s situation. Using this sort of thing to threaten him, was saying to not meddle in Yan Fei’s affairs?!

His son knew more about Liu Xiangyu. If he was pushed too fast, he would simply go to other people!

Yan Gexin took deep breaths and a long time to calm down. He had found Yan Fei today. He had thought that his family had ended after the apocalypse, but who knew…

“Liu, Xiang, Yu!” Was it not enough she hurt herself? How many times had he needed to clean up trouble during the apocalypse because of her? This time, he could not endure!!

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  1. Thank you for double chapters! I almost think that unborn baby maybe will be adopsi be luo Xun. A husband, a wife, a child and a dog. Perfect!

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    1. I was thinking this while reading and then saw this comment! The child Luo Xun bought was relatively young, and in ten years the unborn child should be around 9, so the ages match…
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  3. My headcanon is that in the last life because no one outed her to Yan Fei’s dad, Yan Fei’s mum was able to quietly have the baby and give him away somewhere. And some years later, Luo Xun almost bought him in a market and then died saving him from a stray fireball.


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