Chapter 110 Besieged

Yan Fei had not deliberately concealed the fact he could manipulate metal in the air from base. If he was accused of hiding, he would respond that he had been working with the metal team. On base, every time he met a person that wanted to start trouble, he could directly manipulate metal against them.

He was not afraid if the news reaching the military for one simple reason. Since the apocalypse, which caused all sorts of events, there was a variety of unreliable rumors on base.

For example, the more common fire users – someone would tell someone else about these ability users that could shoot fireballs at targets. However the message would somehow become – a fire dragon would appear and turn the target into ashes.

At the end, there would be someone swearing that they had seen a fire user in the street and everything they touched turned into ashes, every step they took burned a hole in the ground.

Because the base was full of exaggerated rumors, Yan Fei did not care if someone found out the truth. Moreover, even if a military person saw it for themselves, there was an explanation – just another way to manipulate metal, like fire and water balls – those appeared out of nowhere?

It was just that the metal users did not have to hang of it – otherwise, wouldn’t metal users be too limited?

Luo Xun looked at the wall and Captain Guo. “This can’t go on, Yan Fei alone cannot check out so many places.”

The zombie mice had attacked parts of the city walls but the sky was so dark, the bottom of the walls were covered in shadows, along with the fact that the mice were scurrying under the human zombies feet, who could pick them out?

“The other three are coming…”

Yan Fei retorted before Captain Guo was finished. “Even if all four of us arrived, at most we could only take care of a wall, the scope of the outer wall is too large. Five meters is very deep for a foundation, but there has been enough time for the mice to dig in.”

“That…” Captain Guo’s brow wrinkled, he was not the only person in charge of the wall. The higher ups had asked them to responsible for this aspect of defense and security, he could only try.

“How many water and lightning users are there?” Luo Xun suddenly asked.

“You mean the method that was mentioned earlier?” Captain Guo sighed after Luo Xun nodded. “There is no way to calculate the amount of electricity needed without spreading elsewhere…”

There were a lot of weapons and ammunition for attacking on the wall, if uncontrolled electricity spread through the wall, the things…the losses would be enormous.”

Luo Xun looked on helplessly. “Something broken can be repaired again, but if the zombies make it inside…” He did not have to continue, all the people immediately understood his meaning. Some of other soldiers stationed on the wall looked to the captain.

The pressure made Captain Guo grind his teeth and take out the phone in his pocket.

The results came quickly, in fact the highers ups had a meeting overnight and decided even without Captain Guo. As Luo Xun had said, something broken could be fixed, but if the zombies made it into the city, the danger would be immense!

There were not many lightning ability users on base, but that was not the issue because – they still had electricity!

Solar power, all kinds of oil and gas produced from waste could be used to generate electricity. All kinds of energy were managed by the base for use after the apocalypse. It was usually stored in spare batteries for special use.

Although the base was short on water, there was no shortage of river power. At this time, there was no need to summon water users, military logistics officers could get the job done.

The heavy downpour from the water users splashed out from the city walls. Other people were responsible for protecting support – those blocking the attacks of the human and mice zombie army.

After the surge of waves, the wall was suddenly quiet.

If zombies had human intelligence, they would have felt something was wrong, but they were not human anymore and thus had lost their human mind. So – the zombies continued to attack tirelessly.

And then *Crackle*Zap*

Someone once said that children who played with electricity would get burned to a crisp. So, the zombies besieging the city after the apocalypse would be physical proof of the statement.

Under the city walls, both human and mice zombies were basically electrocuted to death after being covered with water. Other than a few zombies that had lightning resistance, the others were all downed. Even those still standing, their bodies were charred, smoke was coming from their heads. Their hair permanently turned into rolls while smoke lazily drifted upwards.

The people on the wall who were not afraid of the lightning users looked down then pinched their noses. “There’s too much smoke! How foul!”

The smell of charcoal roasted zombie was horrible – who let zombie bodies be mostly rotten? The officer in charge of the wall immediately commanded the wind users to disperse the smell. At the same time, some ice users could also be put in place.

No doubt about it, just lightning users was not enough. One could not forget that those with the same element would be resistant. The charge would be slowly dispersed and what about the drilling zombie mice?

The earth users were too far away so damage was limited, the same for the water users. The current situation also greatly reduced their power. They could only get the ice users to freeze water and shoot.

The ice users climbed the wall while pinching their noses to block the disgusting smell. They started to freeze water under their control to try and block the rat holes. The rest of the men climbed upwards and continued to mow down the approaching zombies.

The logistics division started to count the weapons that been brought down along with some things left on the wall. THey cleared the losses and prepared for the next day’s battle.

At this time, the sky gradually lit up. The darkness made way for light as the sun slowly rose.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei had also ascended the wall along with the other metal users. They were ready to check and repair the city walls.

Suddenly a soldier at the gate pointed into the distance and shouted, “There are no more zombies at the back!!”

The zombie surge had steadily flowed from the city but people were pleasantly surprised to find that there were no more zombie shadows around!

Not only that, there was only a circle of undead near the base. The remainder were aimlessly wandering around. As long as these zombies were wiped out, the base would be completely safe!

People cried great tears of joy while jumping around and exchanging hugs.

Luo Xun was also slightly surprised at the sight, his heart had some doubts – the siege during his last life…had it been so short? He remembered how many times a zombie siege had lasted at least a week? He especially remembered the larger sieges, the longest one lasted an incredible three months!

But there was no way to raise any doubts, even harder to spit out. The fact that the zombies had been repulsed was great news.

With hope in sight, the crowd on the wall was in high spirits, ready for killing.

Suddenly, a scream sounded from nearby. The sight of a falling, screaming body calmed everyone down. Cold sweat soaked everyone’s backs – they had forgotten that there were still zombies. Now was not the time to be celebrating, what were they waiting for? It was time to kill zombies!

It was extremely difficult to take no damage during a battle, even if it was a strong person, facing the enemy in physical combat would inevitably mean getting injuries. So the city siege that lasted three days, there were many people injured by the long range attacks of the zombies.

Even the team of five had not gotten unscathed. One day Wang Duo had to be helped back from the elevator because he had twisted his foot on the wall.

Zhang Yi’s face was dark for several days because of this matter. Although Wang Duo’s expression seemed very bitter but once Zhang Yi came out his face held all kinds of remorse. As long as Zhang Yi appeared, warm feelings bubbled up inside him.

After the attack, the base was still blockaded while military personnel drove forklifts and armored vehicles to clear out the dead bodies.

All the bodies were piled together and burned. Smoke poured from the east side for two days, sometimes the wind blew the unpleasant smell into base.

All the people inside had to stay in base for two days for collective rest. Luo Xun and company got three days off – three days without work. This vacation was for all the people who worked for the military.

The two were well aware that getting the holiday now, meant that their regular holiday at the end of the month would be cancelled. But with their current strength, even if they got the vacation, they might not have the strength to hunt zombies. Even worse, the siege brought all the zombies to the base. If they went out, there would be no gains unless they went far away.

So this three-day leave would really be a holiday. There was no work that had to be done.

Of course, there were many places in the home that needed two people…No the entire Otaku squad would be busy together.

Because of the weather, Luo Xun worried that the rain outside would pollute the plants at home or the solar panels on the walls. So Yan Fei concentrated on the railings so that they acted like metal shutters and wipers.

Luo Xun with Xu Mei’s group and the four students (Wang Duo had twisted his foot) along with Zhang Yi took care of the crops at home.

For example – harvesting mushrooms and squeezing juice. Some of the neglected crops needed tending and some new mutant plants had been found.

Most of the time crop mutation would occur during the germination period. Because Luo Xun’s home had the mushroom spores that reduced mutation rate, the number of transformed crops was surprisingly small.

Crops occasionally mutated while growing, often due to being watered or fertilized with earth containing the zombie virus. This situation was also stopped because there was mushroom wood in the area. Even so, everyone carefully checked and found some plants had become different than before.

The two women found a few stalks of rice had become an emerald green – unlike regular rice, these rice plants were exceptionally beautiful with color resembling jewelry.

Luo Xun was as excited as they were – these were some of the benign rice variants!

The yield of the mutant grain might not be larger than a normal crop and other mutated crops, but it tasted better than the original.

Luo Xun with the help of others carefully transplanted the crops. Placing them in a special area for tending and observation.

Then they carefully looked for any other crops that had mutated.

The team of people plunged into the room and carefully checked each stalk, each leaf to see if there had been any changes.

Luo Xun’s movements were faster, after all he had grown these things for a long time and was more experienced, the others were not as fast. After he and Xu Mei had checked all the crops on the two floors, they entered next door to find Li Tie and company had also checked their plants.

The group of students exchanged words from time to time,

“Hey, hey! What about you? You think this leaf is darker than usual?”

“I think this has more grains than any other!”

“I think this flower has slightly changed color?”

The corner of Luo Xun’s mouth twitched. He was sorry to say, there were no problems with the crops, these children were overthinking things.

“I finished my side, how are you doing?” Yan Fei leisurely walked in to find the strange sight. “You find any mutated crops?” Otherwise what were they doing?

“No, everything’s done outside?” Luo Xun quickly walked to the balcony and looked outside.

After Yan Fei had increased his power due to the city siege, he had no issues with fine tuning the original metal structure.

The shutters were evenly lined and the metal sheets could be controlled with a small twist. Luo Xun had planned before the renovation, all the master switches were placed inside 1501 but each room had its own switch to control the windows. With this, if there was an incident while Xu Mei and Song Lingling were home, they could close all the windows with the touch of single button.

Of course, this system still needed improvements, but it was enough for now.

Li Tie and the others did not want to give up, even if Luo Xun said there were not any mutated plants, they slowly checked each plant.

Today was the second day of holiday, they had dealt with all the mushroom juice, frozen in the freezer until they needed to use it. After checking, everyone could go home and rest.

The two men went back to their room. Luo Xun took off his coat and stood directly in front of the fan. The weather in late August, Luo Xun could imagine how hot the house would be especially during the afternoon. If there weren’t so many plants in his house and there was no air conditioning, Luo Xun was afraid the balcony would become a sauna.

For the sake of safety and in order to save electricity, along with the fact he had no air conditioning during his last life, Luo Xun had not installed the machine in his home. He did not intend to waste resources during the apocalypse.

After all, although that thing was very convenient, once it started running, the machine would definitely beep and drip downwards. This would obviously let others know that this house was rich, who else could afford air conditioning?

Fortunately, although he did not have air conditioning, he brought back five spare fans. There was also the type that was used in the freezers just in case.

Yan Fei walked up behind him and grabbed Luo Xun’s waist. The air was too hit and the two hot hands caused him to jump away. “The heat is killing me!”

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow. The two had not had a good time since the weather had been too hot, plus the recent zombie siege had robbed them of sleep. Now they had free rest time it would be a waste to not take advantage of it…

“Too hot?”

Luo Xun nodded while looking at Yan Fei with some vigilance. But he ignored the urge to take off some clothes – Xu Mei and the others were outside, how could he take off his shirt?

Yan Fei suddenly laughed, at this time he seemed even more confusing than Zhang Yi. “Let’s take a bath to cool down.” While speaking he pulled Luo Xun towards the washroom.

Luo Xun did not react at first, but after he passed the doorway, he realized – that guy had impure intentions!

Unfortunately, he had never overpowered Yan Fei in either strength or skill. So the team captain once again washed twice, such a waste of water!

There was picture that had been sent back by satellite.

There were few people sitting in the room but each was a powerful figure – of course ordinary survivors would not know. They were all forces of the military, as well as some of the more powerful ability users on base.

At this time the group stared diligently at the photos. One person pointed and said, “Clearly, those zombies left the southwest base and then went straight to I-city base, after two days…”

The room was silent. The city walls had been mostly under the protection of ability users during the first two days. The shocking pictures depicting a dense mass of crazy zombies left a very deep impression.

“They can…work together? Why would a large body of zombies leave out base and head towards I-city base? Can someone…Is there something that can control their actions?!” One person raised a possibility that people had doubts but dared not believe.

“…Remember the planes, land tanks and airports we lost?”

There was more silence in the room.

“Perhaps there is something that can control them.” A person whispered to the crowd. “Is there a base with better defense that can persist for a long time?”

“The W-city base to the south has a good defense and it’s said they have more metal users than our base, are you saying…”

The man shook his head. “I just thought there might be a connection…Something that can control zombies and has a certain level of intelligence maybe? Found that some bases could not be beaten so they temporarily leave to attack other places instead…”

Two more coffees until the next bonus chapter.


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