Chapter 109 Grinding Disc

The other people and officers huddled together in discussion. “What did he just say?”

“What squad? I don’t think I heard right.”

“Sounded like ‘man’? Or ‘south’?”

“South Hater? Does he have a grudge against southern people?”

“Is it ‘In South’? Maybe he’s from the south? Or came from the south?”

No one could understand and analyze the true meaning of “Otaku Squad” and Zhang Yi was not interested in other’s opinions. Not long after, Song Lingling, little Ran and the fire users climbed the wall.

Fire ability users formed a large group, the total number of people on base was not small. Zhang Yi gave a glance and lifted his chin towards Xu Mei. “I’ll do a demonstration, after you team up and go.”

The fire users were had not retreated yet looked at each other. They wondered who the man was talking to.

Xu Mei understood what he meant. She let go of Yu Xinran’s hand – *Fwoosh* A large fireball appeared on the wall.

Zhang Yi also raised his hand, the storm rushed through the fire. The overwhelming firepower swept towards the mass of zombies!

Everyone sucked a cold breath. With a closer look, all the zombies in the vicinity had been hit and were burning!

Turns out wind powers could be used like this!

The commander also saw the scene. His expression was surprised, but then he quickly barked orders. “Let the wind and fire users team up! Spread out over the wall! Logistics division quickly bring crystal nuclei!”

Although a large number of nuclei would be consumed, but who had the time to worry about that during wartime? If they did not beat the zombies, there was only death waiting for them! Things in storage would be useless if they were not alive in the end.

Zhang Yi was in charge of the city gate, the other people also dispersed across the wall. Zhang Yi and Xu Mei’s attack seemed very simple and easy, but if was deceptively difficult.

Not to mention, despite the fire users being level two, most of the people tried to create larger, more powerful fireballs against zombies. Few people would think of battling with many small fireballs. Even if people wanted to use a group attack, they could shoot off a few fireballs, however the number was nowhere near Xu Mei’s level.

The wind users were even more miserable. This technique required very precise wind control. Too big would extinguish the fire, too small and the wind would have no effect. Also had to control the direction…in short this technique required a lot of skill to show off their power.

At this time, there was sudden rumbling. The people subconsciously looked with frightened eyes – a huge metal wheel was rolling between the moat and the wall.

Zhang Yi looked with raised eyebrows. Yu Xinran pulled his sleeve while smiling. “It’s Uncle Yan’s big iron ball!”

Yan Fei was the one who was controlling the metal wheels, but it was not just him. The zombies had almost filled the moat all the way last night – and they were not dead!

In this case, the new wave of zombies could step on their fallen comrades and climb ashore!

It might have been unintentional or deliberate, but some zombies had reached under the walls. Luo Xun noticed a metal zombie was mixed in the mass of zombies. They were removing blocks of metal from the wall.

Yan Fei was told, he made a big chunk of metal and smashed down – even if the zombie had a metal body, it would not survive being hit by the mass of metal.

After that he called on the other metal users to make a huge metal wheel – only because the area in front of the wall was too narrow to roll a metal ball. A smaller metal ball might not be enough to crush a level two zombie.

The group under the instructions of Yan Fei used the ‘wheel’ formed of metal to crush the zombies. The technique was very effective, because the metal wheel was near the wall, it was easier to pull off and saved energy. Yan Fei was able maintain the attack.

Captain Guo contacted his superiors while the metal users crushed zombies. He waited until the group were back at their positions before saying. “Boss said to use the big wheel and walk around the outer fence! I’ve been told that zombies have climbed ashore.”

One asked in confusion, “But what about the area here?” He pointed underfoot.

“Don’t worry! People are coming! Come on! Let’s fight guerrilla warfare!”

Zhang Yi and Xu Mei had strange expressions as they watched the team of metal users juggle the large wheel. Yan Fei had to follow along as well since the metal users had to touch the metal to manipulate the wheel.

Little Ran was pleased to see them and jumped up. “Uncle is coming! The big iron ball is coming!”

“That’s an iron wheel, not an iron ball.” Xu Mei took the opportunity to teach the girl correct information.

Luo Xun strolled forward with a back filled with crystal nuclei and other things. His expression was slightly distorted while looking at the iron wheel almost as tall as the wall.

As it rolled along, someone asked Luo Xun. “Do you want to circle around the wall?”

Yan Fei was unable to speak at the moment, so Luo Xun shrugged helplessly. “Orders from above, let them come around. Doing a lap to deal with the zombies that have climbed past the moat.”

Zhang Yi appeared with a malicious smile and shiny teeth. “Do you know what your husband looks like right now?”

Luo Xun took a step back. “What are you trying to say?”

“A transport donkey.” Zhang Yi raised a provoking eyebrow with a smile as bright as the sun.

Luo Xun was not polite, he lifted his gun and shot without aiming. Zhang Yi did not dodge as the bullet flew past his ear.

No other way, Zhang Yi’s mouth was too vulgar. Usually Luo Xun only used his crossbow to scare him instead of a gun. As for Yan Fei, he would occasionally throw a row of metal nails. Anyway the two would react, other people could only grind their teeth in anger at Zhang Yi’s words.

*Plop* Some random person in the crowd fell to the ground in fear. He was stunned that Luo Xun had pulled a gun as the metal wheel rolled by. Zhang Yi was still laughing, as if Luo Xun had not aimed a gun at him.

The officer who followed Zhang Yi around wiped cold sweat from his forehead after Yan Fei’s group left. He asked, “Was that person…your friend?”

Xu Mei smiled and did not speak. She pulled Yu Xinran along to prepare for the next attack on the wall.

Zhang Yi’s smile had not faded, donkey was too apt a description. The base would absolutely not let go of such an easy to use recruit, definitely continue using! So Yan Fei’s reputation would surely spread throughout base…he felt really happy thinking about it.

The Queen who was in a great mood, magnanimously explained. “That was our captain and his lover.” He shrugged, as for who was the captain and who was the lover, these little details did not matter.

The rumbling sound echoed through the base. Four non-ability users of the team were hovering around the metal users, giving water, crystal nuclei and other things. The remainder were responsible for informing people ahead that they were coming through.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei had temporarily put on military uniforms to avoid trouble while working. Few people would recognize them at first glance, everyone else would see a military power user specialized in killing zombies. Yes, there was a big solid wheel that was crushing zombies that crossed the moat.

When Luo Xun and company returned to their original position, sure enough – the starting point was already crawling with zombies again.

“Rest here for 20 minutes, then start another lap.” Captain Guo tried to cheer on the team. He was worried since there seemed to be no end to the zombie army rushing from the city.

Luo Xun drank some water and spoke to Captain Guo. “Captain, there’s a way to kill the zombies close to the wall”

“Oh, what way?!” Captain Guo inquired with shining eyes.

Luo Xun pointed at the city walls. “The outermost layer of the wall is metal, which is conductive…”

“You’re saying to bring out the lightning users?!” Captain Guo reacted immediately.

“Not all of them, are there a lot of water users in the base? The zombies that climbed through the moat have water over them. You can let the water users increase the range and then let lightning users conduct electricity through the metal walls. But other people cannot be too close to the fence and I do not know the safe distance…”

Captain Guo patted Luo Xun’s arm and went to make another phone call.

The vice-captain rested while glancing over at the captain. He looked at his watch and pointed at his wrist, indicating that time was almost up.

Captain Guo waved, so the vice-captain walked over to Yan Fei. “Almost time, one more round!”

It took a lot of time to walk a lap. The first lap had already taken half the morning. If they did not finish the next lap before noon, the food would have already been delivered and they would have to eat a cold lunch.

The rumbling started again, the huge metal began to crush the ground.

When they returned to Zhang Yi and Xu Mei’s position. The originally empty moat on the other side had become a pit of zombies.

Luo Xun whistled, he turned to the smiling Yu Xinran. He stooped to pinch her face. “You did that?”

Yu Xinran shook her head and pointed to Zhang Yi. “Uncle Zhang told me to! It’s none of my business!”

Zhang Yi took a crystal nucleus, he waved at Luo Xun. “Hurry up, your husband is going to run away with someone else.”

This time Luo Xun did not shoot at him, just gave him a supercilious look. “We just saw your lover, he was flirting with a girl on the wall. Be careful or else he will run off with someone one day.”

Zhang Yi smiled with narrowed eyes. “Not afraid. Leaving would be just in time for a change. His technique is not polished, I have been thinking of swapping anyways.”

The two’s dialogue was too vulgar, Xu Mei covered Yu Xinran’s ears as she looked on in curiosity. The officer to the side was frozen in both mind and body – he had learned a secret?

The legendary wind power, knife wielding doctor was gay? His team captain was also gay? Had he join for that reason? Wait, but what about this woman and little girl? A team of lilies and bent men?

When people on the wall who were shooting zombies heard the sound of the metal wheels, they got out of the way ahead of time – seeing the wheel the first time was already enough.

The war continued into the evening. Luo Xun and company had worked for a full 12 hours before retreating. They dragged their exhausted bodies home.

They all had no strength today. Said their greetings then went home to rest.

In the middle of the night, the base alarm sounded.

“What’s going on?” Luo Xun rubbed his eyes.

Yan Fei sat up and grabbed the phone charging on the bedside table. “I don’t know…there’s a call from Guo.” He picked up the phone.

Luo Xun propped a hand while inclining on the bed. Yan Fei pinched the bridge of his nose while replying. His nose wrinkled due to suddenly being awoken by the alarm.

Luo Xun saw his uncomfortable appearance and sat up to massage his lover’s temple. Yan Fei’s expression slowly softened as he hung up the phone.

“Zombie mice have appeared along with a number of ability zombies have besieged the city. There seems to be trouble on the wall. Captain Guo called us.”

Luo Xun glanced at the cellphone screen, he yawned. “Only four o’clock…let’s go.”

Now was not the time to complain about lack of sleep. Not to mention they were afraid that something would happen as soon as they came back to eat something. At least they had gotten some rest.

The two people dressed and exited. The door to 1602 also opened, a neatly dressed Zhang Yi walked out along with a tired Wang Duo.

“They called you too?” He asked while looking behind Zhang Yi.

Zhang Yi turned to face Wang Duo, “Go back to sleep!”

Wang Duo had a face of grievance, “But…”

“I’ll be going with both of them and Xu Mei.” He gave Wang Duo another look.

Li Tie and the others also opened the door due to hearing the alarm and movement in the corridor. Zhang Yi grabbed Wang Duo and pushed him towards the four. “Watch him. You have to work the wall tomorrow morning, he’ll be in the way.”

Wang Duo was listless after being told he would get in the way. He was worried about Zhang Yi’s safety and wanted to go with him but he would get distracted…Fortunately Luo Xun and Yan Fei were also going to the city wall, otherwise he would go even if it killed him!!

Xu Mei’s group of three also woke up because of the alarm and came to see the situation in the corridor. Seeing the three getting ready to leave, the women also suited up for action.

Yu Xinran would follow Zhang Yi today. Xu Mei would be busy on the wall, turning earth into sand took a lot of energy she Xu Mei decided to let her have a good night’s rest. Although there were other fire users along with Zhang Yi, there would not be enough synchronization. It would better for her to be on the scene.

Someone hurried to the gate, did not have to climb the walls to hear the noise of power users battling against zombies.

Climbed up the wall, a sudden wind caused them to squint. At the same time noisy shouting started. “Careful, careful! Here it comes again!”

Again? What was going on?

People quickly looked outwards and saw a mass of lightweight zombie mice flying straight over the wall!

Sounds rang out as the wind users formed a wind wall, followed by fire attacks to block the flying zombie mouse bomb.

“This…is a zombie rat cannon?!” Xu Mei turned to Luo Xun with wide eyes. She thought back to the last zombie mouse attack and felt fortunate there were only zombie mice. Unlike now – there were mixed troops!

Captain Guo stepped forward seeing Luo Xun had arrived. “Just now someone found some zombie mice swam past the moat and made holes. There were quite a few metal zombie mice, so there are holes, who knows how deep they went…” It was necessary for Yan Fei the most powerful metal user to check the holes and kill the zombies if able.

Zhang Yi and Xu Mei were also pulled away, the officer in charge for the day pointed at the situation outside the wall. “There seems to be a lot of wind zombies that use the mice as ammunition. There a few in position and sooner of later…”

While talking, the wind once again picked up from outside! A bunch of mice were sent up again.

Zhang Yi smirked while lifting his arms, a much larger and thicker wall of wind appeared in front of him.

On the other side with Luo Xun and Yan Fei, a few people came to check the situation and were a distance away from the defenses, they had no way to react!

Suddenly a metal wall twisted up, the iron plate mercilessly blocked the flying rats. *Ping* the projectiles were instantly blocked by the iron plate. The impact would definitely snap necks or even directly damage the brains.

The metal twisted in midair to deal with the waves of rats before melting back into the wall, as if nothing had happened.

Captain Guo was dazed, if he had not seen wrong. Yan Fei had not touched metal when the iron plate had appeared.

He could manipulate metal in the air?

Captain Guo took this thought and locked it away. In this age, who would not have an ace up their sleeves. So Captain Guo pursed his lips, but said nothing and silently stood to the side and waited for Yan Fei to restore the walls.

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  3. Fun series in so many ways! Hats off to the awesome translator! Was a little surprised find this under the “yaoi”~ The lack of explicit (R-18) content should mean it’s shounen-ai. Wonder if there’ll be a steamy extra 😮


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