Chapter 108 Zombie Siege

Zombie bodies became rigid after death, even if they evolved into level two zombies. Although the movements became more flexible than before, they could not imitate human walking – those who moved quickly looked more like beasts and easily recognizable.

A signal was sent to the opposite watchtower, which immediately connected to the telephone for the news. The soldiers continued to carefully monitor the figure, they saw the details. “Altogether five, faltering movement, ratty clothes, nothing else. Unable to tell if someone is injured or it’s rigor mortis after death. They are wearing hats on their heads, cannot see facial features…Wait a minute! One of them is waving!”

The people up top froze, exchanged a few glances and also looked out.

Although there was some distance, they could see that some of the people approaching were actually waving their arms.

“People? Wounded survivors?” The person in charge frowned and spoke. “Continue observing.” They could not ignore survivors, especially at a time like this.

“Captain…something’s wrong. The man waved but did not stop in the middle…”

“Are they afraid of getting attacked?” People who went out for missions would wave and loudly call to let others know they were humans to avoid getting attacked by the military.

After all, driving back was okay – zombies could not drive. If the car broke down and they had to come back on foot, people walking on a road and zombies looked similar from afar.

“Snipers ready!” The boss got up and frowned at the approaching figures. The other side received the signal and the snipers got into position, aiming at the unknown figures.

Everyone at this moment sent a prayer to the powers above while carefully observing the approaching figures.

The figures staggered to the side, still waving. But the movement unblocked the view from the clothes and hats.

The person in charge slowly raised a hand, ready to signal, there was something wrong! Although they waved, no one had looked up at the station. There was still a distance from the gate and the soldiers could not see the figures. If they were trying to look harmless, why didn’t anyone look up?

His hand was in the air, when someone holding the telescope shouted, “Their hands are green-gray, there are traces of rot!”

“Shoot!” The boss loudly ordered – even if it ended up accidental injury, he would bear the consequences. If there were really zombies, they could not be allowed to reach the gate.

“???” One figure looked blankly as their companion was gunned down. The shots rained down even harder.

Definitely not human! No one would act so casually after the death of a companion! Unless there was something wrong with their head! Even so, it would be impossible to have no reaction at all!

The courier immediately went to report to base. People inside were also nervous after hearing gunfire. Those in waiting areas also asked to speed up the process.

The person in charge was about to send someone to scout when the watcher shouted again. “Captain! There’s a situation! There are a lot of zombies coming!!”

The group looked up and were stunned to see a lot of zombies heading towards the city! A ton were speed zombies!

The alarm suddenly rang – zombie siege.

“What’s that sound?!” Li Tie had just laid in bed when he clambered up.

Wu Xin was flustered after carelessly rolled to the ground. Han Li had almost dropped his cell phone.

Wang Duo and Zhang Yi in the next room were in bed watching a film. The frequency of lovey-dovey time had been reduced too much. Someone felt he was being ignored by his Queen, so he clung and refused to let go. When the alarm outside rang, any spirit had instantly withered.

Downstairs, Xu Mei and Song Lingling were teaching Yu Xinran some new words. She turned in surprise at the noise and looked up the dark sky through the window.

1604, Yan Fei held back Puppy and extended her nails. Luo Xun was responsible for filing – not cutting was an issue, suddenly there was damage everywhere. The cushion on the sofa had been ripped!

Luo Xun also grumbled at the puppy. “Are you secretly a cat? Why are you scratching things?”

The little puppy did not know what a “cat”, only knew that Luo Xun’s movements were making her uncomfortable. The puppy was forced to act like a ballerina, tip toeing on her hind legs held in place by Yan Fei.

When the alarm sounded, the puppy took advantage of the couple’s distraction and shot out like lightning. She fled to a cupboard in the next room and climbed inside.

The two people exchanged glances, Luo Xun sighed up and went to where Puppy had hidden. Yan Fei picked up the phone on the side table.

“It should be the zombie siege.” Luo Xun bent over to pull out the hiding puppy. “I won’t cut your nails, come out, don’t hide.”

There was no information on the phone, the base had not sent out a message. Yan Fei glanced at the screen then looked at Luo Xun.

“See if there are any news. We took a break earlier today, I am afraid that tomorrow morning, we’ll have to go outside the walls.”

Do not know if they will hunt zombies, but he would probably have to help out with the metal walls. There were soldiers with guns on the walls so they should not need non-personnel for the moment. But who knew what would happen as the zombie siege continued.

Luo Xun finally grabbed the puppy’s legs and pulled her outside. “Fine, wait until later…why are there slippers down there?”

A gray, worn out slipper was dragged out with the dog. The style and pattern…Luo Xun silently looked at Yan Fei.

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow, he casually brought out a metal stick and stuck it into the cupboard.

One, two, three…and a lump of dog hair.

“I finally know where my missing slippers had gone.” Yan Fei ground his teeth while glaring at Puppy.

The dog rushed back to her cage, she had no way of fighting the two at once.

Luo Xun was also distressed – these could not be recycled after the apocalypse! Look at how many were destroyed? All hidden away!

Luo Xun had prepared a lot of life supplies just in case at home. Who knew so many slippers would be consumed in less than a year! It was always only one missing!

The culprit eventually managed to avoid cutting her nails but her head drooped – her collection was confiscated! This was such a sad story.

The two people went to sleep before receiving a message to mobilize with the military. The message was simple – stay at home and stay out of trouble! Tomorrow, the base would unite, everyone would take turns on defence. They must do their part to maintain base security!

What was more important was that teams who did not contribute would be forcibly dissolved! While doing missions, teams found sabotaging others would also be not be considered an official squad.

Not many teams could sleep after the news. Luo Xun’s team slept just fine.

Others may not know but Luo Xun was clear, the base was safer than his last life. The base had not been able to find the situation in time. It was a mess after the base was sieged by outside zombies and internal virus outbreaks.

But this time? The base had been aware of irregularities and had early response measures. Even if there were zombies surrounding the base, there were also a number of defensive structures that could withstand some force. Enough military response to help repel the attack.

Early the next morning, Luo Xun and Yan Fei received news from Captain Guo – wanted them to be stationed at the city wall!

Last night, the military was part of the first response. People sent to the wall were basically military people, in addition to some of the larger teams. Those teams had basic military background and must obey commands.

Today, after confirming that the zombies outside were unlikely to retreat in a short time, the military began organizing the survivors on the base.

The pair rushed to Captain Guo’s meeting place. They climbed into the car and arrived at the designated location.

Captain Guo used the ride to address the team. “Listen to boss’s arrangements, each get a weapon and shoot as far as possible.”
The people nodded while a metal user raised his hand. “Do we use our powers to fight the zombies?”

Captain Guo glanced at the four metal users in the team. “The situation outside is not clear, we need to wait and see. Hold off for the moment, based on orders from higher up.” There were quite a few zombies outside, or all the base survivors would not be involved.

They hurried to the designated place and climbed the wall. Luo Xun stole a glance, his heart sighed while speechless.

Under the walls, the first layer of fortifications was gone, two surveillance watch towers somewhat hear the base were no longer standing. The people inside should have all returned to base through the suspension bridges.

At this time, a dense pack of zombies surrounded the moat. They pounced into the river and tried to desperately tried to crawl over.

It was evident that zombies were not fond of water, they gradually lost their ability to move when submerged too long. The limbs would gradually expand and break apart. Zombies in the water had no fear of defeat on land, but if they climbed out, the numbers were not reduced due to the water.

Therefore the role of the moat was similar to the pit traps Luo Xun and Yan Fei had created. Also because the river could not damage zombies, bodies eventually filled the river.

However, there was a path between the river and the wall, although the row of zombie bodies was difficult to cross. If there were too many zombies in the river, they would be able to get over the wall.

At this time, people on the wall were shooting zombies who had crossed the river and were trying to climb up.

Yan Fei observed the terrain, but was clear after seeing the dense amount of zombies. This terrain was not suitable for the large iron plate attack or for rolling metal around. Fortunately the zombies were still a distance away from city walls so the people could safely use a wide range of killer abilities.

They received their own weapons. When it came to the point they were in charge of defending, they raised their guns and started shooting.

Luo Xun did not use his own crossbow, he used the given gu and shot downwards. His heart secretly sighed – military was really well-equipped, how else would he get access to such a good weapon?

When military weapons were in short supply, survivors needed to find their own way. Even if they could get weapons, they would be saved. He and other survivors would prefer to use their own homemade crossbows to kill zombies. They could bring back more things to exchange on base.

Luo Xun’s goal was to stop the zombies crawling outside the river and trying to cross over other zombie bodies.

Wave after wave of ferocious zombies, waving their rotten arms trying to enter the base. They would have surrounded the base after just one night! Like a black tide, zombies stirred from the streets and approached en masse.

Luo Xun and company had encountered a similar situation when they went out for a mission, though on a smaller scale. Compared to the wall of zombie mice last month, the situation was more dire then that day.

The other members of the metal team were not hunting zombies but before long everyone was helping to kill the zombies. At least hoping that the shooting was helping.

One shot at a time, a few zombies would shoot some fireballs. The ability users in the army did not use their abilities, after all, there was sufficient ammunition. While they were fighting the zombie sea that seemed to have no end, a section of the overflowing moat was frozen!

The people subconsciously followed the direction of the ice, only to find that the wall had a bunch of ability users.

The soldiers who had kept watch over night were swapped out. Various power squads in the city had taken over handling the walls.

The ones who had just frozen a section of the moat, were a group of ice ability users.

The men in charge had divided the ability users according to element for unified combat. Ordinary people, like soldiers used weapons to shoot down zombies below.

Another section of the city wall was where Li Tie and friends were stationed. They were under crazy fire because there were no ability users and it was purely civilian personnel. So they were responsible for a smaller area.

Several people holding weapons, suddenly heard someone shout loudly. A gun fell down, a few people jerked down in fright before looking at the person who screamed. They looked in amazement and then at the ground beneath – nothing remotely dangerous was aimed at them?

Li Tie and the others were wondering while the man’s companion angrily patted him. “What’s wrong with you? How could you throw the gun away?”

The man stared back, still holding his right arm. “This gun is bad! As soon as I shot it, I couldn’t hold anything because of recoil! What kind of weapons did they send? Nothing like the axe I used before!”

“Do you want to try?” The man looked in confusion at his gun. He tried to shoot, the force forced him backwards, but at least the weapon was still in his hand.

Li Tie covered his mouth, his shoulders shook. His companions patted his shoulders – did not know about recoil, insisted that the gun was broken…Even if he had never used a real gun before, shouldn’t it be obvious?

Li Tie and friends did not knew because they followed the team outside base several times. Although they used a crossbow to shoot zombies, it was still a ranged weapon. They were experienced compared to those who had never held a gun.

In addition, they worked with the army, naturally understood how to use some of the weapons. So they were able to quickly start using these kinds of weapons withs recoil.

<hr/ >

Zhang Yi crossed his arms and stood indifferently on the wall while looking a the group of zombies. He said coldly to the military officer beside him. “Are there enough users and crystals?”

The officer bowed his head and nodded. “No problem.”

The people were surprised to see this beautiful man standing on the wall saying such arrogant words, was he here to patrol or not?

There were only wind users in the area. Although they had risen to level two, it was not enough to kill a large number of zombies. They could only use their wind bullets to knockback targets to buy other people time. Thus, their position was just above the wall.

Now that Zhang Yi was here, it proved that he was also a wind ability user. But such an arrogant wind user, really made people uncomfortable…even the other wind users were uncomfortable with his appearance.

Ignoring all the looks, Zhang Yi grabbed a crystal nucleus, a demonic smile bloomed on his lips, his peach blossom eyes also narrowed.

Suddenly, everyone felt a difference in the air around them. A huge wind storm, visible to the naked eye formed above the walls and attracted a lot of attention.

That ball of wind grew larger and larger, faster and faster. Zhang Yi targeted the dense group of zombies directly in front of the gate and the bridge road.

The wind rushed forward and hit all the zombies that were in range! The wind roared! When the attack exploded, all the affected zombies were blown apart!

The crows stared blankly at the scene, then slowly turned to Zhang Yi. The man looked annoyed at the place he had bombed. He brought a hand to his chin as he absorbed a crystal.

Zhang Yi turned to the soldier beside him. “So slow, call the fire ability users over. By the way, we also called little Ran from my team.”

The officer turned with a stiff neck and said, “Your…team?” What kind of team would a man like Zhang Yi join? Was it filled with monsters like him?!

Zhang Yi glanced back, his tone was more unpleasant. “Otaku squad.”

Fine, the name was not striking, but it was the team name, who dared say anything?

The officer nodded silently as he picked a phone to call.

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