Chapter 92 New Forces

Luo Xun heard Song Lingling words and smiled at her. “This will help you, more power use will also speed up nuclei consumption and you’ll be able to level up sooner.” He continued on, “Soil is not too difficult, we can find some clean soil at the back of base.”

The most important thing now was solar panels, batteries and lamps…plus heavy curtains to block the light from the outside. During the apocalypse, safety first, along with the prevention mentality. If others broke in through doors or windows, everyone would have cried.

Li Tie took out paper and pen and wrote down what Luo Xun said. “We can directly buy some things from base and others we need to wait until our next outing. Luo Xun do not worry, we don’t have to worry about completing everything now.”

Yes, it was not urgent since the first year was considered preparation period. Next year, their room would planted and would show their true value.

Xu Mei laughed. “Digging in the base is more convenient, since they are now promoting crop growing! There are people digging and going home, we can find some things.”

Right, if they waited until the large scale planting failed, people digging around a lot would be a red flag and suspicious.

Luo Xun nodded and started to explain. “Everyone should know about the mushrooms by now, it’s internal information, the base knows but they do not want the news to spread. The mushrooms are too dangerous for everyone to know about, so we can only cultivate in secret. Of course, Yan Fei and I already have a solution, we hid them in the shelves of 1603. If there are outsiders, we would temporarily conceal them. We just need to harvest the mushrooms at the appointed time.”

After the explanation, everyone nodded in understanding. Luo Xun looked at the two women and continued speaking. “It would be best if you two could care for crops at home. Each harvest will net a share for you, as well as ensuring your food sources…”

Xu Mei smiled at her group. “At the end of the month same time going out to collect crystal nuclei?”

“We’re leaving the same as the previous two times.” Luo Xun confirmed.

Xu Mei laughed, “That’s fine.” Then helplessly added. “We usually work with a lot of teams outside the base, but to tell the truth, no team is as efficient as this one.” She jokingly said to Luo Xun, “Even more never met a team captain that could so calmly grasp the situation while commanding and organizing properly. Going out with you guys once a month gets us more than with the sum of those other teams.”

Beside her, Song Lingling also nodded multiple times. Even if Xu Mei was strong and they did their own part, they were not formal members of the team so they would get the leftover spoils after the cronies.

Luo Xun smiled in relief. “I will slowly teach you how to care for the specific needs of plants at home. Only the start and harvest periods are very busy…”

Zhang Yi suddenly interjected. “On base there is work that can be taken home for processing. If you have time and want to earn more points, I can help ask tomorrow.”

He was too lazy to meddle in stranger’s affairs. He did not take action until the two women were fully accepted into the team. The cooperation two days ago gave him a good impression, if confirmed, the team would have more work this month.

Xu Mei’s lit up as she nodded. “Doing more things is good!”

Although under Luo Xun’s farming guidance, they would certainly have a good harvest. They did not want to rest on their laurels, having income through their own work was better.

Like Luo Xun, Li Tie and the other students had formal work on base. They had free space at home to plant and get crystal nuclei. The women did not ask Zhang Yi how profitable the work was – every little bit would help!

Luo Xun also explained that everyone needed to prepare things while the couple would only be responsible for the key parts. He clapped his hands, “We need to wait a bit. Zhang Yi needs to get the three rooms downstairs under out name. Yan Fei would carry out the next step of strengthening the walls.

Even if they could grow rice or wheat this year, they could only be harvested once, so not much would be expected. But the vegetables could be exchanged for a number of crystal nuclei. Tomorrow he would plan the steps before assigning specific work!

“Good!” The crowd cheered and their eyes lit up with excitement towards the future.

Luo Xun felt his previous fatigue swept away as he returned home, with the three rooms, he could do more planning and preparation…Wait, they could not make full use of the corridor area! If the two floors were under their ownership, the corridor was the same!

Yan Fei smiled and pulled Luo Xun down to calm himself. “Tomorrow’s things can be planned today, but don’t let them affect today’s rest. Do you want to be lectured by Captain Guo at the edge of the fence tomorrow?”

Luo Xun laughed, sat up and asked a question. “The captain…what’s that about? How did you all come to that conclusion? Why didn’t I know?”

Yan Fei asked rhetorically, “If you are not the captain, who is the right person?”

“You!” Luo Xun blurted out.

He had always considered the captains of post-apocalypse teams to be the strongest person – that indeed applied to most teams.

Yan Fei laughed and shook his head. “If only considering power, although my ability rose to level two first, Zhang Yi is quite strong too. If we had to choose, even if you think I am more appropriate, Wang Duo and the others might not agree.”

In fact between the Zhang Yi and Yan Fei, he was afraid no one would have picked Zhang Yi. Who knew Luo Xun’s response…sounded off?

Luo Xun frowned. “Then I am not suitable, I’m just a normal person.”

No ability was equivalent to having the short end of the stick during the apocalypse. Perhaps at first there were no problems to be seen but when the ability users on base become more powerful, the military would turn a blind eye on their actions. Ordinary people on the base would be reduced to third class citizens.

Yan Fei smiled and shook his head. “First, you can prepare land, create a variety of things. Although Li Tie and the others have done some things with their materials but the vast majority of things were produced by you. You did not realize?”

Seeing Luo Xun shake his head, he continued. “Another important point that you likely did not notice is the commands and positioning. Perhaps Zhang Yi and I have strong abilities with high combat capacity, stronger in some aspects during the apocalypse. But no one has your judgement and command against zombies. This is more important that having a strong ability along in the end of the world.”

Having a power did not mean having the ability to direct a group to hunt zombies. But Luo Xun was an ordinary person, his understanding, positioning and commanding of the ability users was great. This undoubtedly cemented his position as leader of the team.

Luo Xun opened his mouth, perhaps because he had not been valued in his past life, had never seen a real team fighting zombies, and he never had a chance to fight, much less think of his talent. Only after being reborn, encountering Yan Fei and the others, becoming neighbors, his skill had unexpectedly been discovered.

He lowered his eyes and whispered, “But the zombies will become stronger later on. I might be able to command at the moment, but in the future…”

Luo Xun was worried that the small group would become similar to other teams, feeling that regular people were troublesome. Find a way to change leaders and cause the group to destabilize.

Yan Fei laughed and pinched his cheek. “What’s the worry? Don’t forget, your lover is the strongest fighter on the team.”

Right, even if that future was possible, he would have someone beside him.

Yan Fei had management experience before the apocalypse. It might have been more appropriate for him to manage the team, but after the end of the world he wanted to relax. He subconsciously put himself on the sidelines, even when out collecting crystal nuclei. As a result, he unexpectedly dug out his lover’s special talent.

Yan Fei reflected that he could manage a company for profit before the apocalypse but might not be able to command in the fight against the undead. But Luo Xun was different, he seemed to have a gift, it naturally showed and he got recognition.

The wall work the next day was carried out very smoothly. The two went back home with a batch of metal materials that were floated up to the 16th floor…No, this time Luo Xun left the materials on the 15th floor for a while.

Xu Mei and company heard movement and accompanied Luo Xun in checking out the three empty rooms in order to determine a good floor plan.

The rooms inside the three homes were the same size and layout as the ones above, so it was very easy to design.

Because these rooms were only being used for planting crops, they did not intend to decorate the area. Only had to take into account water and moisture proofing, uneven walls, fear that crop waste would affect the walls and so on. Therefore they decided the cover the rooms in metal.

Although the metal would rust, Yan Fei could replace it. Clean up would be very simple and convenient. The only issue was…”I did not bring enough metal…” Luo Xun sighed in sadness at the empty room.

Thinking of the huge metal ball rolling in the street, the women’s mouths twitched, but did not utter a reply.

The two large metal balls were melded into the car, only half a ball was brought in, the rest at the  bank. At the time they thought it was enough for everyone to use, who knew…

Of course, since Luo Xun decided to take the trees and freezers, they had to make a lot of space. But now that that they thought about it, should have brought all the materials back anyway.

Xu Mei quickly changed the topic. “We went out to find soil this morning, did not get much back. Most of it is downstairs, we’ll bring it up when the elevator can be used.”

Song Lingling added with a smile. “Apart from soil, we also dug out a large chunk of roots! Can you see if it can be used for mushrooms?”

“Okay, we’ll go down at five o’clock.” Luo Xun heard their words and nodded. The more things the better and he would have less problems.

He must thank the base for promoting planting, when the two women went out to dig, they met a lot of people. Not everyone could rent space in order to grow vegetables, some like Xu Mei dug soil to bring home and try to grow crops. Naturally would not arouse any attention – it was mostly elderly, women and children out digging for vegetables.

After checking the house and returning home to watch the crops, Luo Xun and Yan Fei sat on the couch to figure things out. The puppy squeezed her body into the middle – these days her owners were always out of the house and never came to play with her.

Luo Xun patted the puppy’s head who was not essentially an adult with some helplessness. “The three rooms, home heating…forgot to count Xu Mei’s home, should be done together. As for the shelves on the outside walls…”

He had reached half of his past life’s dream, “live at the top with the best lighting, cover the walls in solar panels”. There would be many solar panels, but the problem was after it was full? The electricity was enough to supply their home planting, but cannot take out to sell.

Of course electricity could make one rich, but harvesting food and variety of vegetables could do the same.

Yan Fei smiled and advised, “Some of these things we can collect slowly over time. The rest – such as solar panels, we’ll consolidate out points and buy more panels. These energies will be used by all, so they will not have a problem.”

“That’s right, now we need to wait for Zhang Yi to come back and see if he handled the issue of room ownership…”

Luo Xun was somewhat uncertain. Zhang Yi might not be able to seize the three houses even if they have not been given out. After the apocalypse, some teams got bases, while others were refused. It all depended on whose fist was bigger.

In the past, Luo Xun had been worried about the landlord coming back for the house, but that was because he was a regular person. Now that Yan Fei was around, along with a small team, he no longer worried about this matter.

If the landlord did appear one day, Luo Xun would kindly give them another rented house along with some points to settle the matter, then forget about them. But if he was a single normal person, he would be in trouble if went to coordinate with the military.

In some ways, Zhang Yi was actually a strong teammate. In particular, he might not agree to do many things, but once he starts, its basically guaranteed to be completed.

Zhang Yi came back home with good news for everyone. “The house is already under the Otaku squad.” He stared suspiciously at Li Tie, who had named the team thinking he had no taste.

Wu Xin choked on a mouthful of porridge, Li Tie’s eyes were filled with worship. “Zhang Yi, how did you manage to do this?”

Zhang Yi was almost sprayed with rice. “Some houses can be placed under team name. I am too lazy to check the specific name, simply wrote down the team name.”

He turned to Luo Xun. “But have to pay points every month, our homes also need the same amount. To be dealt with by the captain.”

Luo Xun nodded. “Rest assured, this is not a problem.”

House rent was not low, but not high either. Even only his and Yan Fei’s points were enough to cover the amount. Once the crops in the houses were harvested, only needed a fraction to settle the rent.

Once the team’s base was established, some things needed to be adjusted. For example, every time the team went out to obtain crystal nuclei and bonus points, they should set aside some to pay for the rent.

Yesterday, when everyone came back, they handed in the points and crystals. However since they did not have a clear system when they divided before, Luo Xun put forward a system.

Luckily he had a lover who could be a cop. Yan Fei took advantage of the issue and established a clearer distribution of benefits. No one raised any objections and readily accepted, Luo Xun was secretly relieved.

He was not afraid to manage things, he feared people below would cause trouble, especially since they were friends. Fortunately he met honest and caring people, so he no worries for the moment.

Since the three empty homes downstairs had been assigned to their team, it was natural to start planning and using them properly. Luo Xun spent a night designing all the 15th floor roooms – including the women’s home.

Other than 1502, the rest of the homes were fully utilized. Upstairs, the men had set aside a part to use while the rest needed adequate design and planning.

In fact, it would be more efficient if the three women moved into 1602 with Zhang Yi so the three empty rooms could be used without issue. But everyone was an adult and needed their own space. Luo Xun was neither inhuman nor overbearing – they were three women after all. And Zhang Yi’s temper…even Luo Xun would not want to live with him!

To fully utilize the 15th and 16th floors, more metal and soil was necessary. Also needed to add mushrooms in order to absorb the poisonous substances in the air to improve the plant’s overall condition.

But there was no way to deal with so many problems at the moment, so they could only take their time.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei continued their daily routine – first hang all the solar panels on the wall. With Yan Fei’s metal powers, the job was simple and without difficulty.

In addition, in the other two homes, a planting rack was put in open space. Only the main bedrooms were locked so that Xu Mei, Luo Xun and the others could arrange watering shifts.

Yan Fei of course was not inhuman, he left some open space for Zhang Yi to cut metal sandbags. Also set aside some space for Li Tie and the other students.

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