Chapter 95 Afterwards

After five or six minutes, Yan Fei walked over with a sigh of relief. “Almost done. Captain, are there no crystal nuclei? We don’t have enough strength to restore the gate.”

Right after, several logistic department soldiers carrying gasoline climbed up while panting. They saw that the door was not an accident since it had not rotted or broken. They ran up with the gasoline and did not have time to ask any questions.

“The petrol has arrived, need…hold on! What’s the situation!”

The towering metal walls were 10 meters, not a small number. Then the flat, metal board twisted and then dropped to the ground like a used towel!

“What about crystal nuclei? Did the logistics division send crystal nuclei? Metal users need supplies!” Captain Guo did not have time to answer their questions and hurriedly shouted.

“In the back.” The person responsible for delivering the petrol quickly replied. They were afraid that the walls would not hold so the priority went to transporting the petrol ahead first.

The commander in charge of defense immediately sent someone to pick up the supplies.

The four metal users were grateful, grabbed a handful and began to absorb. Once their energy was replenished, they put their hands back on the wall. The people on the wall were once again treated to the scalp numbing sight of the crumpled metal board slowly untwisting.

It was shaken a few times to get rid of debris stuck on the inside…zombie rat bodies and crushed car parts.

Cheering filled the whole wall. Luo Xun whispered to Captain Guo. “Not all the zombie mice were at this gate, it is best to let other people check elsewhere, lest danger later.”

Captain Guo schooled his expression and went to inform the commander of this matter. The feat made the people on the wall boil with excitement but Yan Fei ignored the others, did not celebrate. He and Luo Xun waited at the side and left the wall after quietly confirming there was nothing else to do.

They returned to the waiting area to grab their car. Captain Guo had given them a note, no need for blood tests or waiting a few hours this time.

Li Tie and the others were not here at this time, they had taken the car with the metal materials as well. The men drove back and saw the car accident they had heard about on the wall.

Although there was no one around, there were a still a few overturned cars that had been pulled to the side of the road. It appeared that the military would need new road regulations or else this situation would occur again. Since it concerned the safety of the base, the people would have to pay attention.

Back in their neighborhood, they parked next to Li Tie. Yan Fei commanded the metal to float as they climbed the stairs. When they opened the metal door on the 15th floor, they were welcomed by Xu Mei and the rest of the team.

Yan Fei put away the metal materials and had deliberately took a few extra crystal nuclei from Captain Guo. Having unlimited crystal nuclei sent to the front was rare, if he did not take advantage what kind of person would he be?

Luo Xun smiled at the group. “Came out to catch your breath?”

Xu Mei also laughed. “Come sit down with us and rest before going home again.”

The sky had turned completely black when Xu Mei let the couple inside. The room only had a small lamp on a table. There were rows of metal shelves on the balcony. Although the room seemed to be a bit crowded, it could still accommodate 11 people.

Yu Xinran was already sleepy, she leaned against Xu Mei’s chest and rubbed her eyes.

Song Lingling quietly said, “Should we let little Ran go to sleep first?”

Xu Mei nodded and returned to the bedroom, she came out alone afterwards. During that time, the people were seated in the metal chairs that they had brought back.

Luo Xun explained the situation at the gate with a sigh. “It was zombie mice, we did not go out too early. The zombies are very fast and cautious, fortunately we did not encounter any while out.”

All the people paled. “God, how could even rats become zombies? How are we going to get into the city if all the animals become zombies?”

They had seen zombie cats and dogs outside but because the team reacted quickly and there were powerhouses on call, the situation was resolved before animal could attack. But mice who moved quickly, it was hard to aim at with their small bodies. If encountered outside…one could not imagine the result…

Xu Mei suddenly said. “Maybe there were some outside, I remember I thought I heard squeaking in the middle of the night, but since there was a fire trap outside, did not notice it…” She turned to Yan Fei. “Thanks for constructing thicker walls…”

The few times Yan Fei had gone out, he had built a high wall as a protective measure. He subconsciously made them at least a meter thick, lest Zhang Yi cut threw it with his wind. Yan Fei would naturally remove the walls when they left. The inside of the bank building was inconspicuous but he did not control the foundation. Let Zhang Yi blow Yu Xinran’s sand trapped with water to cover up instead.

Now that they thought about it…

The people felt slightly disturbed and looked at each other with uncomfortable expressions.

Luo Xun decided to add some comforting words. “Even if there are zombie rats outside, there should not be too many. As long as we find out in advance, there is no problem since we have very good protective measures.” He smiled winningly at Yan Fei.

Yan Fei also smiled with raised eyebrows and a self-confident expression.

The other people were relieved, He Qiankun nodded filled with trust. “Right! We have Yan Fei who can wrap the zombie mice in metal, don’t think those mice have sharp teeth!”

His words were met with laughter. Indeed, if Yan Fei had time he could make a protective layer of metal. There would be no problems as long as he did not meet zombies with high level metal abilities or encountered thunder zombies.

In fact, Luo Xun initially had Yan Fei build a wall in the bank to prevent attacks from earth zombies. Level two earth zombies were not capable of drilling in dirt but there was the possibility of escaping the attack through other methods.

After saying that, the team discussed future plans – mainly how to renovate several rooms, cultivation priority of plants and so on. Then the men went back upstairs to the 16th to sleep.

The next morning, the five students were forced to drag their tired, aching bodies to the workplace. Since their work had been on the right track, now they had to sit in front of the computer everyday to input and edit. It did not consume physical strength otherwise the students would not be able to survive.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei got up late. After lazing in bed until 10 o’clock they got up to make breakfast. When the two went to prepare to pick up things from downstairs, they encountered Zhang Yi yawning and rubbing his eyes as he opened the door.

Seeing several bright hickeys, Luo Xun could not help but say, “Such stamina.”

Two days outside on a mission, Wang Duo incredibly still had enough strength to roll in the sheets!

Zhang Yi felt that shame was owed, his peach blossom eyes smiled as he patted Luo Xun’s shoulder. “Envious? Who knew that  you would have such a mouth, should not be.”

The last part made Yan Fei narrow his eyes and flash with slight coldness. Luo Xun felt the hair on the back of his neck rise up.

An awkward cough came from the stairs, Xu Mei pretended to have heard nothing while covering Yu Xinran’s innocent ears. When they were noticed, she smiled to Luo Xun, “Little Ran came to play with the puppy”

Zhang Yi was paired with Wang Duo, she had not seen wrong. Finding ways to bend the rest of the men became more convenient!

“Come on, she’s inside.” Luo Xun smiled and opened the door to 1603.

Luo Xun had left Puppy in this room earlier – mainly because the little girl played happily with the puppy. Yu Xinran could take care of the puppy while the couple were out at work.

The couple usually did not let people into their home, but since everyone had officially become a team and they needed to teach the others farming techniques…1603 door was no longer locked in order for everyone to more easily care for the vegetables.

Yu Xinan ran in with a burst of cheer, Puppy was very sensible, she did not out into the corridor even if the door was open. She shook her tail and waited for little Ran to get on and they ran into a room, the little girl was laughing.

The group hurried downstairs to open Yan Fei’s sealed car and began carrying things upstairs. They had brought back a lot of things this time – the fridges they brought back last time was clearly not enough for their use. This time they brought back two freezers and a fridge along with a large amount of wood and metal materials.

The elevators were not available at the moment so they just took the smaller pieces back upstairs – like petrol and pieces of wood.

Yan Fei manipulated a large pile of floating metal, slowly carried various things behind the group as they made their way back upstairs.

The neighborhood today was obviously more lively than usual. The situation at the gate yesterday was quickly resolved but people on base still panicked in the crisis. Some people who usually went out for work stayed at home. There were also rumors spreading around base – for example, zombie animals had attacked the base, some said that there was a new, more terrifying type of zombie outside.

Luo Xun and company ignored those things, when they got back upstairs, they started to renovate the rooms with metal. Yan Fei had four rooms to overhaul, including the three women’s room. After some discussion they decided to give Xu Mei’s room priority to be thoroughly renovated, the rest could be done gradually.

While Yan Fei renovated, Luo Xun with Zhang Yi and others began to deal with the pieces of wood. He taught them which pieces of wood were better, how to attach mushroom spore along with the humidity and temperature for optimal growth.

Several people tinkered for a day, Li Tie and his friends came back in the evening and helped bring more wood. The fridge and freezer were finally moved upstairs.

When things were busy at home, it made people overlook many things around them. The next day, Luo Xun held his sour waist (the cause? You can guess~) while driving to the barracks. They saw Captain Guo with a smile as he patted a bag with crystal cores.

He just remembered that the base gate accident was only yesterday, he had felt that several days had already passed.

“This was specially awarded to us by the higher ups for eliminating the zombie rats.” Captain Guo suddenly whispered to them, “Do you know how many zombie rats you killed the day before?”

Not to mention others, even Yan Fei did not figure out how many mice. They were not big, like a person stomping on ants, who knew how many were killed during the attack?

Captain Guo smirked and moved his eyebrows. “More than 600! Who knows how that many mice were in that car, so many more came after!” Then he sighed with some fear. “In addition the ones you killed at the gate, a lot of mice ran to other parts of the wall to make holes, luckily we discovered it early…The men sent to check the zombie mice had petrol and fire powers but it was not as fast as our team!”

He then had a proud look and had important words. “Your abilities have been confirmed to be useful for base protection and defense. So it was decided yesterday that you should serve on the front lines during critical situations to eliminate zombies that cause huge crises on base, in addition to the usual responsibility of base construction. We must prepare for this matter.”

Captain Guo turned to the rest of the group. “Our team is one, so others will need to step up. These are supplies given from base, not entirely for our wall. Also give a chance to enhance your abilities, plus other tasks will give you more crystal nuclei…”

This represented the importance attached to them by their superiors but it also meant they were likely to encounter more problems later.

After that, Captain Guo assigned the crystal nuclei to the power users. For encouragement, the bosses in addition to crystal nuclei, each person also got extra canteen meal quantities and other items – everybody was more excited about these compared to crystal nuclei.

Captain Guo walked towards the city wall with the team. Halfway, he deliberately called Yan Fei to walk with him and whispered, “I did not mention your work yesterday, but this is not to pressure you to take credit, but worried…Your abilities are significantly stronger than the three but the more power means a higher possibility of being assigned a more dangerous task. So I temporarily hid the matter, said to the boss that it was the four of you together that collapsed the wall and smashed the zombie rats.”

Although there were other soldiers who had seen, since Yan Fei was on their team, they were clear on how to act.

Yan Fei gave an understanding smile. “Its for the best, I understand your reasoning.”

In fact, not long ago when they joined the team Luo Xun said to Captain Guo – they were willing to participate in base construction, also willing to work as a member of base to pay their obligations but did not want anything to disturb the couple’s relatively quiet life. Guo also understood the two people’s desire when he made the decision yesterday.

After all, yesterday he had seen that Yan Fei had been able to destroy the zombies and guided the other metal users the entire time. Yan Fei always had energy in reserve.

It was an attitude of self-preservation and a sign he was unwilling to mix too deeply with the base. Captain Guo could understood but hoped that he could get greater cooperation from Yan Fei. He had no ambition, as long as he maintained his stable life, did not worry about being used as cannon fodder and did not fear losing his footing.

Because his intentions coincided with those of Yan Fei, the two were told to conceal Yan Fei’s power in the report and the bosses. Who let their team be compiled into logistics? He did not want to take his soldiers out to die.

Luo Xun followed the team back to the barracks, the peripheral walls had been completely built and now they were rebuilding all the interior buildings. Yes, all the former dormitory, office buildings, canteens and so on were to be rebuilt and integrated into the wall.

After that, Captain Guo took everyone to where they had worked before the holiday and said quietly, “Boss’s orders, need to finish the barracks perimeter wall in one month, good job with underground construction projects. Early next month we’ll repair the wall between the inner and outer walls.”

The accident had made the people of the barracks very nervous, the base had not expected the zombie mice to try and drill into the base, although it did not succeed. So the higher up’s meeting yesterday was rowdy. It had been suggested that the metal users return to the outer wall and thicken the walls again. It was proposed that the barracks be thoroughly wrapped in a metal shell from the outside. There was also a proposal to dig a wider moat outside the base allowing them to check problems before allowing people inside…

After a whole day of quarrels, they decided to let Yan Fei and the other metal users continue to repair the barracks. The wall there was not deep enough and needed to be completely wrapped with metal. It would be cup shaped and extend in all directions from the base. In addition, the trenches outside the city would be widened and become real moats with added water.

The moat naturally had nothing to do with Luo Xun’s team, the only thing they needed to deal with was the pile of metal outside the barracks.

The two people were busy for the entire day, the metal users in addition to the reward got more crystal nuclei to replenish themselves. Did not know if their captain had argued, or the higher ups had deliberately given them over.

Drove back home, shipped another batch of metal upstairs. The couple started today’s tasks.

In the 16th floor corridor, wooden sounds echoed. Xu Mei and Song Lingling moved the good wood through the door of 1602, the completed wood went to Luo Xun’s hands.

On the 15th floor, Yan Fei was using the metal to renovate the rooms – the floors had been paved, now he had to install the floors, walls and other things. As for more detailed planting racks and other things, it need Luo Xun to arrange those planting specific things to do after.

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