Chapter 91 Captain

At 12:30 the Otaku squad smoothly reached the base gate. The car drove to the door and saw a few buses parked in the spaces – their teeth were a little itchy. If not for this group of people suddenly passing though, would they not have gotten the harvest? And how did it take until now for them to reach base?

Half a month ago Zhang Yi brought back news, the base had found a relatively simple test for infected. They did not have to waste a few hours of their time every time they returned to check clothes and wait.

There was a new type of instrument that would test a little bit of blood. Because there was some fear that people who had just been infected would not react, they waited half an hour before blood tests. However, it was a lot quicker than before.

“Maybe because it’s their first time in base.” Yan Fei heard Luo Xun casually mutter.

There were other steps with registration the first time in a base, so a longer delay was understandable.

Luo Xun and the others yawned while waiting for half an hour. After everyone’s blood had been tested and confirmed to have no infection, they drove back home in their cars.

“In fact, this blood test is not safe. Who knows if the blood test equipment has not been contaminated? What if someone got an infection?” Luo Xun was disgusted that he had to wound himself after the apocalypse.

He knew that the base would be able to test for the zombie virus without using blood, but it seemed it would take a while.

Anyway, Luo Xun remembered when he arrived at this base in his past life, there was no such blood test equipment. When was the new equipment developed? Luo Xun had no idea.

Yan Fei smoothly drove the car and said with a smile. “A lot of people are unwilling to wound themselves, would rather wait three or four hours in the waiting area. In fact if we don’t rush back next time we can wait there for a while instead.”

“Ah, it’s getting late…” Luo Xun yawned and struggled to keep his eyes open.

After around 20 minutes the team returned to their neighborhood. Parked the car, carried some things for tomorrow upstairs with the rest left in the car. Yan Fei would completely seal the vehicles and tomorrow they would come and pick up the rest.

As for the regular meeting after each outing – rescheduled to tomorrow night.

After they climbed to the 16th floor, no one had strength to speak. All returned to their respective rooms and slept in their beds. The next day, they were not completely recovered but had to go to work.

Luo Xun was lucky, after a few days of vacation he and Yan Fei were not the only ones feeling sluggish. Other soldiers were in the same boat, the two felt completely relaxed.

Captain Guo pointed at some things to be carried with a yawn. “Give you a few days of rest and this is the result? Holidays will be cancelled next time!”

Everyone quickly raised their spirits, they had to finish today’s work. The threat of losing everyone’s vacation lit a fire in the team’s hearts.

The deputy interceded with a flattering smile. “Wasn’t this the first holiday? It’s normal for everyone to be excited.”

Captain Guo glared at him. “It’s not their first vacation. Who would look like you guys? Get to work!”

“Yes, yes, everybody work hard!” Vice captain climbed and shouted at the crowd.

“Yes sir!” Those moving things quickly answered and the four metal users also sped up work in fear that today’s efficiency would not compare to last month and people would look for trouble.

There was tension to finish today’s task on time, to maintain the efficiency of the past. The couple also felt sore – all from yesterday’s outing. Could not be blamed, who let them fight two days worth of zombies? You know, carrying around a crossbow like Luo Xun was very hard, not to mention Yan Fei had to constantly use his powers?

To be honest, if his ability had not risen to level two, they might not have been successful yesterday. The last wave of zombies had seemed endless, not like the first day with a break after each round.

“Next time, we’ll try another way.” Luo Xun stretched his sore arms.

“Change what?” Yan Fei asked in confusion.

Luo Xun smiled at him. “Didn’t you throw the blood in a metal box every time? Wasn’t it hard to control? We can set up a metal pillar at the edge of a trap and but the blood bag inside. Open the bag to attract zombies then seal the pillar so there won’t be as many zombies following after!”

This seemed like a good method, they would see it in action later. Yan Fei was very satisfied with his lover’s skill at dealing with zombies. He raised his hand to rub the other’s head.

Luo Xun caught a glimpse of a man in the street, who did not utter a word.

The two men drove back home, stored the car and brought up stuff to tinker with to the 16th floor. Zhang Yi who had been resting at thome rang the doorbell but the pair fell into bed asleep.

At five o’clock the two people went downstairs – it was time to move things!

Their team got four freezers the night before – one for each. A whole tree needed to be split and placed in a room to grow crops. In addition there was a lot of metal.

Yan Fei could bring up anything metal, it would take a few days grabbing pieces. But the other things had to wait for elevator runs.

The four cars were parked downstairs and looked a lot stronger than before. Prior to making the traps, Yan Fei had two large metal balls, except for the material left in the trap, the rest of the metal was molded around the cars like stickers and brought back to base.

Opened the car door, load up a piece of wood on the car and lock the car.

The two pulled the trolley back to the elevator. One trip after another, when Li Tie and the others had come back with food, Luo Xun had not finished ferrying his things.

Li Tie and the others ran over to help the busy couple. “What’s left?”

Seeing that there a few people, Luo Xun referred to the car. “Two sets of freezers for Zhang Yi and Xu Mei’s homes.”

Xu Mei and company were not home at this time, the pair went to buy dinner with Yu Xinran.

“We’ll take it!” The five quickly raised their sleeves, ready to work.

Li Tie whispered to Luo Xun at the back. “Is there not enough wood from the tree yesterday to use?”

Luo Xun also whispered back. “Definitely not enough, we’ll discuss in the meeting after dinner.”

It was best to arrange a meeting after each outing, but they were too tired last night, had no energy. Now they had some strength to spare.

Brought the last two freezers upstairs, one on the 15th floor and the other for the 16th floor.

The elevator door opened, Wang Duo rushed past with a distressed “I’ll get it!” upon seeing Zhang Yi moving some wood. This was his lover, how could he make him to work?

Zhang Yi glanced back at him, did not utter a reply but put down the wood. In fact, he was only responsible for bringing the wood into 1603. Luo Xun still needed to process the wood in order to cultivate mushrooms.

“I’m going to see Xu Mei and the others, are they back? Ask them to come up for dinner.” Han Li said to the group once the items were set aside.

“Go.” Li Tie waved, the guy was optimistic. He diligently ran downstairs, did not see that the two women were somewhat distant?

Luo Xun and Yan Fei went back home to eat dinner. It seemed that Xu Mei’s group had not come up. They came after dinner for the meeting, Li Tie and friends had a meal in the barracks. Wang Duo ate instant noodles since he gave Zhang Yi the better food – needed to personally bring food even if the two had differing cards for separate canteens. Wanted to bring food for Zhang Yi even it was more difficult.

After eating and drinking enough, everyone came to Li Tie’s room in order to have a meeting about their previous outing.

At the meeting, Luo Xun took the lead. “There is not enough wood, but don’t worry about the market, there are people on base willing to sell and cut wood.”

Although people could exchange for coal and charcoal, these things were expensive and thus not accessible to everyone. Many people planted trees outside base after burning the furniture in their homes. They would bring some back each time after a mission.

“There’s a method to get some even if we don’t leave base.” Simply buying large chunks of wood was of no concern, after all everyone needed firewood and nobody would be able to control pollution.

When Luo Xun brought a tree back yesterday, it did not cause an inspection or draw the attention of the soldiers.

Li TIe and friends nodded and looked at the couple. “Luo Xun, the thing we talked about yesterday, want to discuss with you.”

Luo Xun was puzzled. “What thing?”

“It’s about growing vegetables.” The student’s faces reddened. “You know, although we want to plant things but we have so little time and space. Although we can use the open space with Zhang Yi, we are afraid we can not take care of it…”

He Qiankun continued. “We talked, if convenient, could you harvest our balcony as well? We’ll give you half the harvest and crystal cores!”

Wang Duo also added. “Our home, you’re welcome to the space!”

Luo Xun and Yan Fei shared surprised looks. This was…help them grow vegetables? This was probably because they saw the appearance of 1603. After Luo Xun’s growing room was too large and professional, how could a regular person compare to it? What’s more, he had so many seedlings that all grew properly.

“But I’m afraid I would not be able to take care it myself.” Luo Xun was embarrassed, he was able to come over. It was not much trouble except for the beginning and harvest time. But growing your own vegetables was one thing while giving others the same was another.

“We…might be able to help.” Song Lingling suddenly raised her hand, Xu Mei agreed and also nodded at Luo Xun.

There was a lot of empty space with only three of them living. What would they do with the empty rooms when they were happy with their current situation?

Even if they could learn the technology with Luo Xun’s advice, it would not guarantee home grown vegetables. Points and crystal nuclei were not things that could fill one’s belly!

Zhang Yi sneered and pointed at Luo Xun. “What trouble would it be? Anyways the two of you usually come back early, the two women have nothing to do on base and the five idiots come back at five. Your house has enough space to grow enough food for two? Doesn’t the 15th floor have three vacant rooms? Add all the open space together for you to plant, wouldn’t there be enough for us to eat and take the extra to sell?”

Luo Xun froze and looked at him, the three empty rooms on the 15th floor…he was tempted to hear the proposal. “But what about the harvests at home?”

Zhang Yi smiled and tilted his eyes. “Can’t it be divided? The five and I have a regular job with the least effort overall, can take at least one shift. Xu Mei and the others find their own way for food. It would be enough to follow you as long as three people’s worth of rations is guaranteed? The rest is up to you, sell the harvest for points and nuclei then distributing the spoils according to people’s needs? I say, you are the captain, the distribution is your business, please be more self-aware okay? Why do we need to take about these sorts of things every time?”

“Team…captain?” Luo Xun said with a dazed expression as he turned to Yan Fei.

Yan Fei smiled at him and turned to the other. “What do you guys think?”

He actually had the same idea, if these people agreed to have Luo Xun in charge, it would be best way to deal with this. As Zhang Yi said, if Luo Xun only grew crops in his own home, it might not be enough for their rations. It would be better to merge with the 15th floor. Although there might be some food issues, they could grow some fast growing vegetables to exchange for points to buy food instead!

“No problem!” Li Tie and company immediately nodded with excited faces.

Xu Mei and Song Lingling also had no objections. As for Yu Xinran? Well she did not understand and did not need to be asked for advice.

“That…I have a question.” Luo Xun suddenly asked. He swallowed some saliva and spoke to Zhang Yi. “You just said…who’s the captain?”

Zhang Yi’s eyebrow rose and he turned to Yan Fei. “Your lover gone silly?”

To the side, the two women were wondering about Luo Xun’s problem but upon hearing Zhang Yi’s words, they looked happily at each. The pressure on their hearts was gone! They cheered up on the spot – they dared not directly ask Li Tie and the students lest it was a landmine. But under observation, it seemed that the two people were really a couple.

Hearing Zhang Yi was the final nail in proving their conjecture…

The two women were excited, Yan Fei helplessly shrugged his shoulders. “He’s been tired these past two days.”

Zhang  Yi laughed meaningfully. “You cannot toss him around these two nights or else he might injure himself and your lover will be gone.”

The two people’s dialogue became more and more strange, Luo Xun reached out to interrupt.

He grabbed Yan Fei’s shirt and whispered. “Who did he say was the captain?”

Shouldn’t it be Yan Fei? Why didn’t anyone respond? Yan Fei should be the default, right?

Yan Fei understood the question but did not understand Luo Xun’s meaning. He joked, “Who other than you?”

“Ah?!” Luo Xun was stunned and stared for a long time. Luo Xun asked in one breath. “When? Who decided that? Why didn’t I hear about it?”

The students were startled, they managed to cover their mouths before laughing. Even Xu Mei looked at him in amazement – it was not obvious?

Yan Fei glanced at the crowd and patted Luo Xun’s shoulder. “You were responsible for the plans and guidance, a teacher to everyone. You dealt with strategic positions, locations and attack commands. Other than you, I don’t think anyone else fits the position of leader for the Otaku squad.”

Li Tie and the others nodded frantically at his words.

The fact was everyone had already known, no one felt it important to raise the matter at the moment. Zhang Yi brought a hand to his temple, he looked like he was trying to fight a migraine.

Xu Mei also smiled while speaking. “We joined later on, but from the beginning of our cooperation, you were the captain…”

Who knew that Luo Xun was not self aware? Song Lingling also nodded with a smile. Yu Xinran was unsure what was going on but she nodded together with Song Lingling.

Luo Xun felt his face flush, he did not know it would turn out like this. In his last life he had wanted to leave base and find supplies with a team, but how would ability users every consider ordinary people? How did he suddenly become a captain after his rebirth?

Although he was only the captain of ten people…yes 10, with him the team had 11 members.

Yan Fei interrupted his thoughts. “How do we deal with the three homes downstairs? Shouldn’t it still be under military purview?” He looked at Zhang Yi, since he had the idea, he must have a solution as well.

If it would be difficult to get a hold of, it would be a problem.

Zhang Yi’s lips raised in a flirtatious smile, his peach blossom eyes turned into crescents. “Leave this matter to me, it will be tomorrow.” The man was a doctor in a hospital, the solution would come to him.

Yan Fei slightly nodded his head and turned to the others. “How to arrange downstairs?”

Luo Xun paused, and threw aside the tangle of team leadership. If they had to do more work, they had better do a good job.

Thinking about it, Luo Xun frowned. “All three rooms can be used to grow grain, both rice and wheat have limit. The extra space can be separated by a metal shelf where a variety of vegetables and fruits would add to their income. But there a few things we need to find – soil, if there is not enough many things will be affected. Another thing is clean water…”

Song Lingling raised her hand with an excited face. “I can directly extract pollution from water to make it clean! Faster than making water with my power!”

Water from ability users did not come from nowhere, like fire and other ability types, needed to relevant element to be used.

So in the vicinity of a water source, the power of a water user was very impressive.

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