Triple Release

Its the end of April (*throws confetti*) and I am done with all of my final exams!

Therefore, in addition to today’s usual release, have one to celebrate the end of exams and another since May is just around the corner.

The releases have reached chapter 60 (which is about 20%)! I hope I am able to finish this project (even if it takes a while and my MTL is still improving…At least these have better flow than the translated raws?) (ーー;)

(Honestly its mostly because I finished a bunch of chapters in advance for April while procrastinating for studying…)

Either way, enjoy the extra releases ヾ(^∇^)

P.S. Is it better if I put these kinds of messages in separate posts or at the top of chapter releases?


3 thoughts on “Triple Release

  1. Congrats on finishing the exams! I suggest you put the messages on top of the chapter to give the readers a heads up before reading that way, you can leave small messages every chapter if you have something to say 😀 Thanks for the mass release! REALLY. THANKS.!


  2. You are awesome. Better to put at top of chapter. I sometimes miss these posts. Congratulations on finshing your exams. I look forward to these translations weekly. You do a great job. Much better than machine translate.


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