Introducing Creative Mode

“We’re changing things up!”

I looked up from the latest set of papers. “Umm…how?”

“I’m implementing a new mode since you’ve been spending too much time crunching numbers.”

“That’s half the job.”

“Anyway I got this alternative mode call ‘Creative Mode’ from Jump-chan. It will be something new for me! And it sounds like fun to watch.”

I was handed a glossy pamphlet, while reading my brows rose. “Really…wow, was I that boring? I thought you were rather entertained from the last jump.”

The Benefactor scratched their head. “Sort of…? I have watched some other jumpers before so…”

“Well I won’t pass up the chance to have infinite CP, sign me up.”

Let’s check the rules: infinite CP for me and my companions but a cap of 1000 CP on a single item. There is no chain failure, death just ends the jump and forfeits purchases. Able to stay longer to postpone the exit. Return is usable except for End-jump scenarios. Gauntlets follow the same rules and the jumper is now committed to ascension.

“As an added thing I will be randomly choosing the jumps. But you can pick once every five. Do make each jump interesting in some way.”

I nodded. “Okay, sort of balances out and you’ll get more entertainment watching me fumble through a bunch of universes I don’t recognize in the slightest.”

I did get a boost to my base body (which only really matters in Gauntlets) which was nice. While I was checking the last details in the pamphlet, The Benefactor waved then disappeared to wherever they usually went.

“Well, since I can pick anything I want…this is going to be useful…better get started.” I resisted the urge to rub my hands together and cackle like a maniac.

Next Jump – Atelier Arland

Previous – Ranma 1/2


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