Chapter 58 Trophy

The little puppy did not notice that her owner’s back had been trampled with her paw. Her tail straight, hind legs tightened and she started barking in the direction of the door.

Luo Xun held his poor waist, stood up grabbing the sofa handrails. He conveniently picked up his crossbow and mace from the shoe cabinet near the door.

Both the doors of 1604 and 1603 had been transformed, but the peephole monitoring screen was installed inside 1604, after all it was where they usually stayed.

After transformation could see further ahead, just to the entrance of the big iron gate. Luo Xun saw the person behind door, he could clearly tell – the people coming were definitely not Li Tie and the others, Zhang Yi or Yan Fei.

Quietly twisted open the door and came to the new iron gate, someone raised a hand and melted the barrier that Yan Fei had made before leaving.

Outside, people seemed to be studying the structure of the metal gate. Hearing the sound of metal splintering, Luo Xun gently opened the door and listened carefully through the gap.

“…No, I’ve seen no one on the 14 or 15 floors.”

“The lock is so tight, there must be something good on this floor!”

“Not true?”

“But I heard a few days ago that there seems to be an ability user on this floor…last time, a few people almost…”

“Afraid of what? There are no people on this floor these days…Get over here and cut this iron chain off!”

Yan Fei specially hung an iron chain on the gate to deliberately confuse people. Even if they returned to the door, the real one did not use the chains.

Luo Xun smirked, eyes flashed coldly lowered his hand, no need to use his mace. He grabbed a few crossbow arrows from his waist, slowly stalked towards the staircase along the elevator side.

Because the outside angle was not very good, they did not see Luo Xun approaching. So those people were still tinkering with the iron chains, trying to cut them and search the floor. What were the good things worth protecting on this floor?


“Ow!” The hand that was trying to tear down the iron chain was pierced by an arrow.

The group of people trying to break in stared wide eyed, stunned to find a casually dressed, pale, quiet teenager slowly walking towards the iron gate holding a crossbow. His mouth had a faint sneer, his eyes filled with murderous intent towards the interlopers!

Killing intent! Really murderous feeling!

These people came back to themselves, had they been wrong? The four households on this floor had recently gone to work every day. Maybe there were people in the house during the afternoon, but no one in the morning?!

Luo Xun saw that these frozen thieves had forgotten they had been caught red handed, raised his eyebrows and lifted the crossbow in his hands. *Thwang*

The crossbow arrow went through the fence gaps and hit the front man’s elbow!

“If you dare come again, I’ll shoot your neck. Get lost!” Luo Xun’s voice was flat and monotone. He did not know but at this time his eyes flashed with the same touch of madness as Zhang Yi.

In fact, in some ways, people who have seen blood and killed with their own hands were similar. However since Luo Xun had rebirthed before the end of the world he had not tapped back into this apocalyptic spirit. He seemed no different to his peers and got along with Li Tie and company during peacetime, but he felt nothing at puncturing the thieves wandering hands.

Do not just think hands and feet, if they had been able to really break into their homes, Luo Xun would not hesitate to pierce their necks with arrows.

The people screamed, stumbled and ran while forgetting to take all the tools they had brought with them.

Luo Xun looked at the wire, wrench, pliers and other things scattered outside the door. His heart glimmered with excitement – reverse robbery? Right, take these back to replenish their own collection! When Zhang Yi caught thieves last time did he harvest anything?

While thinking, he stooped to collect the fallen things when he felt pain from his waist. Luo Xun’s face instantly turned green. “Damned Yan Fei…” He had forgotten he was still “wounded”!

After a morning of working, Yan Fei was numb and exhausted. There was no big difference, other than today’s higher number nuclei compared to yesterday. They come back with a lot momentum, the speed of the three metal users rose again. Faster and more efficient than the wall built yesterday, it also consumed more.

However like yesterday, Yan Fei filled his coffers with some leftover nuclei – of course he took the afternoon off with leaving some spares. The captain wanted them to try and improve their level.

He put the rest of the nuclei in his pocket while the other workers climbed into the car. Sat in the rear back to the barracks gate. Yan Fei took out two lunch boxes to fill – his and Luo Xun’s.

Although takeout needed to look at each person’s identity card, but the same person could return for seconds ort get a half portion from a different window. One could use a teammate’s identity card to bring back food for them. This time Yan Fei took a two-person double portion, so the two lunch boxes were full.

With those two filled lunch boxes, it was a little odd – it seemed more than the usual dinner plate received by others? Looks like they should emulate Li Tie and the others, get takeout each time instead. Then again, it was because each time they also brought back food for Zhang Yi.

Thinking of his “injured” lover at home, Yan Fei put the two heavy lunch boxes into plastic bags before filling his backpack. He was heading towards the canteen doors when he stopped his footsteps and raised his eyebrows.

The fifth canteen was closer to the barrack gates, it seemed there were a lot of people going in and out. There were a few people standing and arguing not far from the canteen entrance.

Yan Fei pulled on his mask and placed the wool hat always in his pocket on his head. After doing this Yan Fei put his hands in his pockets and walked to the gate.

A middle aged man and woman with flaxen dyed hair were loudly arguing.

Yan Fei slowed slightly as he passed the two of them, the quarrel passed into his ears.

“…Let me go to an outer wall house? For what? Yan Gexin, what are you without my family? Trying to kick me out of the wall to kill me? You have no conscience!”

The middle aged man frowned. “ Liu Xiangyu, there’s a shortage of inner wall housing. You did not want any of the rooms in the new buildings. In accordance with your request I found a house with great difficulty on the outside wall. Looking for someone to pack up…”

“Just forget about it then! The outer wall is not covered well now. God knows if in a few days zombies will swarm! You want to hurt me again? I’m telling, don’t think you’re such a big deal now, my dad’s old friend is one of the powerful people in the southwest region.”

The man took a deep breath and dampened his anger. “Then tell me, where do you want to live?”

“Didn’t they give a dorm room next to the barracks? Although a bit small, I am not unable to endure.” The woman raised her chin and tilted her eyes towards him.

“No! I have work and live in the barracks every day!”

“I do not care about that, I am still your wife in the eyes of the law. What’s wrong with you letting me live in your house?”

Yan Fei’s smiled deepened, eyes suffused with cold, the same as before…exactly the same.

With both hands in his pockets, carrying a large backpack with Luo Xun’s lunch, Yan Fei leisurely strolled towards the gate.

Yan Gexin put a hand to his head, he had a headache from quarreling with his noisy wife, Liu Xiangyu. “Fine, I know. I’ll help you find a room near the barracks, okay?”

Liu Xiangyu proudly raised her head, she could never get enough of the feeling of getting what she wanted, even after the apocalypse. Living together with her nominal husband, even if not really, living in his house was enough. Otherwise she would never allow him to live in!

Finished with this thing, Yan Gexin inadvertently looked up at the barrack gates, a small number of brands hung on a car to be sold. A young man carrying a big backpack was going out, the back seemed a bit familiar…

Liu Xiangyu followed his line of sight to the door, also saw the young man but did not have the slightest sense of familiarity and added. “Hurry and find a good room for me. Those women crowded together as so annoying.” After that, she turned and walked to the cafeteria.

Yan Gexin also dropped that seemed familiar thought, huffed through his nose and with a black face marched in another direction.

-Look, these were Yan Fei’s parents, did know their son from a side view, did not recognize his back.

Yan Fei stood in the doorway, his mouth hidden by the mask had a faint sneer. With the usual frequency of meetings, not to mention his figure, his present clothes and then put on a mask, they might be able to recognize him even if he was standing in front of them.

As the car passed through downtown, the numbers of vendors on both sides increased. He parked the car in a space then climbed the stairs to 16th floor. Saw a screwdriver in the stairway and picked it up in surprise. He looked upstairs – there was no one.

Went to the gate to check…Blood?!

Yan Fei immediately used his ability to open the door and ran to his apartment. Opened the door and saw Luo Xun standing with some difficulty from the sofa. Yan Fei ran a few steps forward, clutching Luo Xun’s arms he checked up and down. “Are you okay?!”

Luo Xun froze, suddenly thought of last night…*cough* He had some nerve to grab his hand. “Nothing…”

Yan Fei was relieved. “I saw blood on the corridor door.”

Understanding why he was tense, Luo Xun smiled. “After you left in the morning, a few thieves showed up. I shot them with my crossbow and chased them away.”

Yan Fei asked what had happened that morning – his lover had hurt people, acted very ruthlessly – epiphany, Yan Fei put his backpack down to close the corridor door. He had completely forgotten to close the door while worrying about Luo Xun.

Fixed the gate then returned home to see Luo Xun with a proud face pointing to a big bag on the floor. “Booty, have a saw, screwdriver, pliers…What they wanted to use these to break open the door and forgot them when they ran away. I used a pole to fish them in!” Luo Xun continued with some complaints. “Next time I am home alone you do not need to put the outside door. With me and Puppy housekeeping, there is no need to fear a thief. You do not know how tiring it was to pick up those things past the iron gate!”

How could it be easy for him? Only the upper half of the iron gate was a lattice, the bottom was a solid piece of metal. The metal lattice was also small, the wounded Luo Xun had struggled with a pole to pick up the bag but then found the item was too big! Could not get in! He could only take out the tools inside one at a time, finally ending with the bag…He had not accomplished much this morning, after scaring away the thieves, he went to make a pile!

Not to mention that there were a lot of things from the thieves on the staircase. Luo Xun had to use two metre long poles to lift them up! It was difficult and tiring.

Yan Fei smiled with upturned eyes, Luo Xun involuntarily stared straight at the sight, attracted but forgot to continue complaining.

Yan Fei embraced Luo Xun and put his chin on the other’s head. “Okay, next time you rest, I will leave the outside door as normal. You can conveniently play with thieves and loot things.”

He did not add that the next time Luo Xun was at home…who said he would be alone? When would the Luo Xun without an ability go outside without him? Well, this sort of thing should not occur.

Unaware that his words could have been misunderstood with unhealthy meanings, Yan Fei moved Luo Xun to the sofa to be given a gentle waist massage.

Luo Xun took out the bag in which Yan Fei brought back lunch and looked with surprise. “So full? Two portions?”

Yan Fei smiled while rubbing Luo Xun’s waist. “I also thought that when people were given more for takeout. I heard today that with our card we can go to third, fourth and fifth, these three canteens. One day we will go to the other two dining areas to eat, should be better than the fifth canteen.”

The captain pointed out the fifth canteen because that was the closest one. Luo Xun and Yan Fei’s card could go up to the third canteen to take food, the same as Li Tie and company.

The more highly skilled, better paid staff could eat in any canteen below second. The first cafeteria was only open to the top. This was a secret and only known by a few people, the majority of unclear of higher places to eat with identity cards. This was for the canteen to save costs using silence and ignorance.

“Good, I should be able to tomorrow to help finish the wall!” Luo Xun was looking forward to this very much, after he did not mind walking further in order to eat better. “Can also use our own lunch box for takeout!”

“Okay.” Yan Fei whispered next to Luo Xun’s ear. The low voice and warm breath reminded Luo Xun of last night…

Although he felt a tad embarrassed today, he had to admit that Yan Fei had been very thoughtful and gentle last night. Their first time had been more beautiful than Luo Xun had imagined…

Luo Xun slightly raised his head and pecked Yan Fei’s chin, blushed then turned to his meal again.

The meal was still warm, Yan Fei must have rushed home, also had the blessing of travelling by car. Otherwise on such a cold day, the food would have become cool.

Luo Xun guessed Yan Fei would come home to boil some millet porridge, not as good as rice but today he…*cough* inflamed chrysanthemum, he could only eat less food, drink some porridge and recuperate.

Luo Xun had rested for an entire day, fortunately nothing at home required his attention other than the gang of thieves that morning pulled his waist. Going to wash in the evening could have some issues but the next morning he felt almost fully recovered.

The first day Yan Fei had brought back a large amount of food, the two of them did not need to cook that night. They ate their fill from the hot meal from noon.

Early in the morning, Luo Xun said his waist had no big problems while standing by the bed. Although there was some tenderness, there would not be any awkward problems outside. Yan Fei could not convince Luo Xun, since there really was no problem with his body, he had to agree for both of them going to the wall together.

Luckily, Luo Xun’s performance yesterday morning showed that even if his chrysanthemum was sore, he still had the ability to shoot a crossbow arrow through a knee! Plus there was no great danger in going out of town.

Outside the door, Luo Xun found Zhang Yi staring at him with floating peach blossom eyes. Luo Xun’s face instantly went from white to red, from red to green. This guy might the one who caused him and Yan Fei to break the final deadlock together but it was really hard to thank him due to his methods!

Luo Xun’s mouth twitched twice then he walked around towards Li Tie and the others.

Did not expect Li Tie and company to have cautious faces. Wanted to talk but also afraid to speak too loud, an expression like they go flying if they were careless. It was just a fever? Why were they reacting so much?

Han Li asked carefully first. “Luo Xun, still feverish?”

Luo Xun shook his head and smiled at them. “Gone yesterday.” He had come out last night when Li Tie and others came back. So they did not know his situation had improved.

The five people were relieved. Wang Duo with a tangled face swept a glance at Luo Xun’s lower body, he coughed and whispered. “Does it…hurt?”

Luo Xun froze, only to notice the guy’s eyes had…cast a look at his lower body?

At that moment Luo Xun’s hairs rose – Yan Fei would not idly say this kind of thing. There was only one person who would have gossiped about his chrysanthemum!

He turned and looked back at Zhang Yi who was smiling and laughing like a flower. Luo Xun suppressed a red face, took a few steps and grabbed his collar. The fear towards the demon had been thrown into the Milky way. “What did you tell them?!”

Zhang Yi paid little attention to his grabbed collar and smiled with half lidded peach blossom eyes. He patted and hugged Luo Xun’s shoulder. “Do be shy little one, I am very experienced. Eat lightly these next few days, after a week you’re clear to live a normal husband life.”

So it had been him who gossiped!?

Luo Xun brought up a fist. Li Tie and the others were frightened and hurriedly pulled and advised against that. Hopefully they would get through to Luo Xun.

“Luo Xun, don’t be angry. Zhang Yi did for your benefit!”

“Luo Xun, he spoke a bit acerbically but we all support you and Yan Fei!”

“Yes, you are perfect for each other. We are also happy for you!”

“But now we can’t buy celebratory sweets…”

“Right, should we wait two days to give Luo Xun a wedding?”

“Yes, yes! Let’s go back and see if there are delicious things left, I remember Luo Xun’s stewed meat from last time.”


Five people soon advised Luo Xun to not find trouble for Zhang Yi. Yan Fei had a black face after locking the door and rescued Luo Xun from the siege.

Luo Xun pointed at Zhang Yi, his hand slightly trembled. “You, what did you tell them?!”

How did five straight men so quickly accept him and Yan Fei…Ah, not right! This guy must have shown his relationship in the wrong light!

Zhang Yi waved his hands. “I just told them that in numerous same-sex relationships, that for love they were abandoned by family and misunderstood by friends. A story of social exclusion.”

Once done speaking, Li Tie and the others nodded and loudly expressed their solidarity. “Right Luo Xun! The world outside has become like this, the original social order no longer exists. You can freely be together and we support you!”

Wu Xin held Luo Xun’s hand with red eyes. “Luo Xun, we did not sleep last night and discussed the love between two men and the love between a man and a woman – how true friends would give their blessings either way! Don’t worry! Even if the whole of society becomes your enemy, we will still support you!”

In the end, what exactly did Zhang Yi say to them?

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