*Note: Imagine the following as dramatically as possible, with soap opera appropriate sound effects. music and camera techniques.

A panoramic view of a generic urban city with the caption “Ebott City, 2XXX”

The scene starts in an apartment, Clara and Sin face each other standing in the living room.

Clara: (crestfallen) Sin, how could you…

Sin: [reaches forward] clara…

Clara: No, [turns away] why would you lie to me? I thought we were close…[fighting back tears]

Sin: (regretful) i just wanted to protect you.

The two stare at each other in silence before embracing.

Clara: (soft) I know, I would have done the same and told you after. But Sin, you have to take of yourself-

Interrupted as the door slams open. Lucas walks in and sees the two hugging.

Lucas: (outrage) [points at Sin] What are you doing!

The two jump away from each, hands raised.

Clara: (surprise) Lucas, what are you doing here? Don’t you have work today?

Lucas: [hand wave] Something came up. Anyway what’s going on here? [glares at Sin] Did he do something?

Clara: [scratches her cheek] Not really…

Interrupted again as Lucas steps forward and grabs Sin by the front of his shirt. Sin raises his hands slowly. A tense stare off ensues until Clara pushes them apart.

Clara: (exasperated) It’s fine. He won’t do it again. [turns to Sin with a smile] Right~?

Sin: (cold sweat) …yep.

Lucas: [scoffs then realizes he had been derailed] This is not what I came here for. Sin, Papi’s awake at the hospital.”

Sin’s jaw drops and he rushes out the door without a word. A few seconds later Fresco walks in.

Clara: Fresco, what are you doing here? Does Torielle know you’re here? [looks at Lucas in confusion]

Lucas: They were in the room when Papi woke up. Clara, there’s something you need to know…

Clara: (apprehensive) What?

Lucas: [long pause] He has amnesia. I don’t know how Sin will take it.

Clara: [brings a hand to her mouth] Papi’s his world. He’s estranged with the rest of his family.

Lucas nods in sympathy. Clara then turns to Fresco (who is wearing their usual poncho and mustache) and smiles with narrowed eyes. Fresco waves hello.

Clara: (serious) Lucas, I think you should go after Sin, he will need support at the hospital.

Lucas raises an eyebrow but exits the apartment in pursuit of Sin. After a few seconds of silence, Clara purses her lips.

Clara: (angry but cautious) What are you planning now…Charita?

Fresco’s eyes change to red and their mustache changes shape. Chara giggles and puts their hands behind their back.

Charita: [pouting] Aww, I thought I had you two fooled.

Clara glares at the child, hands fisted at her side. Charita twirls with a gleeful expression.

Charita: I just wanted two family members to have a tearful reunion, is that so wrong? How did you know I was not Fresco?

Clara: Fresco would never leave Torielle at a time like this. I just know you have some ulterior motive.

The camera shifts over to a nearby table with a newspaper. The headline says “Businessman Asgoro Dead in Tragic Car Accident Leaving Widow and Adopted Child”. The picture shows a damaged car at the edge of a cliff.

Charita: [sneers] Mother deserves better, even Fresco sort of agrees. His body is missing but there will still be a funeral soon. [skips to the door] Bye, better get home before Torielle worries.

The child leaves at the door, leaving Clara alone in her apartment. She closes the door with a calm expression, her trembling fingers the only sign of her inner distress.

Clara: [sighs] Nothing to do but see how this pans out.

Cuts to a bunch of short snippets in maybe chronological order.

Torielle and Sin meeting at Asgoro’s funeral (it’s raining). Clara is on the side (since she worked at his company) with Lucas. Fresco holds an umbrella above their mother to block the rain.

Sin in the hospital and tearing up when he sees his brother had awoken from his coma. He is crushed but puts on a smile when Papi does not remember him. He vows to care for his brother even if his memories never return.

Torielle and Sin having lunch at a nice cafe. Talking with each other as a fire elemental waiter serves the food and drinks. Fresco (with Charita in astral form) watch the event unfold while in disguise (sunglasses, trench coat and fedora).

Clara visiting Torielle and Fresco at their home to deal with Asgoro’s will and funeral arrangements. When Toriel goes to the kitchen for refreshments, Charita grins mockingly. Clara frowns in response but takes no other action.

Lucas walks down the hospital hallway when his phone rings. He looks at the ID, it’s his girlfriend Violeta. He is told that she might be pregnant and stumbles into his office.

Papi (with sombrero and poncho?) bumps into a handsome robot while working at a mall and offers him a churro sample. The two look at each other.

Transition to purple screen with “Jumper-Novela” stylized as the title. The subtitle is “Premieres this Saturday at 7 pm”


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