Chapter 60 Blood

After Li Tie and the others walked in Yan Fei looked around and asked. “You did not meet Zhang Yi on the road?” The five people had come back at night, similar to Zhang Yi. They would occasionally meet on the way back but today seemed to have not crossed paths.

“I heard there was another wave of soldiers coming back from outside and many were injured, maybe he had to work overtime.” Wang Duo raised his hand and flaunted his gossip knowledge.

“I will not seal, wait until he comes back.” Yan Fei did not so for safety but also to consume less energy before bedtime. Each night before going to sleep, Yan Fei would make sure everyone was inside before using his abilities to completely seal the door to death.

With stiff and sour fingers and wrist from work, Zhang Yi’s face was slightly black. His luck was really not good, tomorrow was the start of his vacation but he met so many wounded at the end of today. All the sewing during operations had almost broken his wrist.

His physical and mental strength had grown after developing an ability but even he was unable to support so many days of intensive surgery. There had been more than one surgeon at the hospital who had overworked themselves to illness. He was the only one who had no time to leave.

Of course, it had nothing to do with his reluctance to stay alone in an empty room. That kind of repressed, oppressed feeling, unable to move around…he would rather die on the operating table.

Slowly headed towards the neighborhood, there were a lot of cars parked on both sides of the street. Was it because the wall outside the base had been established? But the people in the inner base, even if they had no place to live, were unwilling to live in area’s empty houses.

Hearing “outside” area, what was “outside”? It meant it was not safe, at least not as safe as inside the base.

Just like patriotic feelings from people before the apocalypse. Those who live in a country have more face than those who came later. Those who live in the provincial capital have more face than those who live in the countryside. People in big cities have more face than people in small cities and people in municipalities have more face than those in big cities…

This inexplicable vanity also followed people into the end of the world. Being able to enter the base was a sense of pride, being shown up by outsiders was like a slap to the face, a feeling of humiliation. Of course, the so-called security problem was also a reason to choose certain homes.

It was already midnight but there were plenty of people on the street. Some people lived directly in makeshift shacks while others rushed back to their homes like Zhang Yi was. Some people, no idea where they found some wine, were drunk and crying on the street, venting fears and stress.

Zhang Yi slowly moved forward just as a group of happy people turned into the junction. One of them laughed. “Boss Wang found a way, unexpectedly got everyone into the inner city!”

“Oh, this was nothing.” Boss Wang humbly bragged.

A shorter man next to Boss Wang laughed. “You see what kind of person Boss Wang is? Look around! The inner city is so crowded, getting a place counts as a lot!”

The crowd laughed and sounded words of praise. Boss Wang tried to be modest but could not conceal the pride on his face. Although they none of them had powers, they had come to the southwest base and into the inner city by virtue of their experience in the outside world.

This group that came to the southwest base under their own power could certainly be used as a team, pull up a strong troop!

The heart was in a proud place, he bowed his head and then chewed out another of the men.

From within the crowd, Zhang Yi stood still, the words were clearly heard in his ears. When those people passed him, a stunning smile bloomed on an enchanting face hidden in the shadows.

How did he come across these people? He had listened and looked but all it took was a few touted words to giddy up.

Zhang Yi slowly turned around, with light and silent footsteps, a faint wind drifted to his side. His hair was slightly longer since he had never cut it. Because he could manipulate the wind, he would not get cold even if he did not wear a hat at night. At this time, Zhang Yi’s hair was blowing in the wind, but his steps did not make a sound. He was like a spirit of the night.

Step by step, forming a peculiar rhythm.

The group turned into an intersection, ready to enter the newly repaired neighborhood nearby. It was very quiet, no private building, illegal construction or vehicles. One person subconsciously looked back since he had seemed to have seen another person around.

“Hey?” The man’s figure…Why did it seem familiar?

“What’s up?” The people around him turned back, the others stopped as well.

“Zhang, Zhang Yi?! He was not dead?!”

“How could he have not died? He clearly…” How could he have not died when he was so deeply wounded and surrounded by so many zombies?!

Zhang Yi was very conspicuous not hiding at all, his mouth curved into a heart stopping smile. The wind blew causing his hair to wantonly drift.

No one thought the wind around him was strange, they were surprised that this horror was somehow back from the dead. Everyone had begun to fear him before they had gotten rid of Zhang Yi – a man with such a voluptuous appearance, who should be clinging to the strong like a delicate silk flower could use only a scalpel and kill zombies without fear. Even with other forces, he would not hesitate to cut the other’s aorta or trachea, there was not the slightest glint of mercy.

Even scarier, this beautiful man laughed every time he killed…unbridled laughter with a face of blood in a tragic scene!

Such a terrible person, even before the apocalypse their boss had wanted to get rid of him because of some emotional trauma, naturally he should be the first eliminated. However Zhang Yi was cautious and never gave anyone the chance to set him up, until Boss Wang himself cut his arms and threw him into the group of zombies…

The smile of Zhang Yi’s face grew, seeing this group tremble in disbelief at his appearance, anger, remorse and killing intent surged through his heart. Though he was mostly angry, his smile sharpened.

“…We have more people, we must not let him run this time!” Seeing that no one was around, Boss Wang was decisive – he was the one who had killed Zhang Yi.

Although he did not know who he escaped and was not dead, Zhang Yi was only one person. He must cut the Gordian knot and kill him tonight! Since Zhang Yi dared to come alone, he must bear the consequences of appearing before them again!

Before they could act, a gust of wind surrounded Zhang Yi in a range of 10 meters. Boss Wang and the others shrouded in the wind, were horrified to find Zhang Yi was in the eye of the storm.

“Wind, wind…”

“Ability?! He’s an ability user?!”

Before they recovered from the shock, Zhang Yi had raised his hands and opened his arms. Faint laughter mingled in the fluttering wind. “Death, death for all…”

The wind condensed into a incomparably sharp wind blade. With a roll, it murderously pounced on the opposite group, screams rang out. The nearby residents were awakened by the screams and scrambled to the window to see hurricane like wind blocking the entrance! Screams were coming from inside!

Could clearly hear the sound, but no one could see the situation in the storm!

After about 10 minutes the cries in the wind gradually stopped, then the storm suddenly disappeared.

“Ha…ha…” A few voices rang out. Seeing the state of the ground people stared wide eyed in panic. Some involuntarily covered their mouths – red, red! All bright red!

The entrance of the community lied several unclear person like objects covered in blood red. The ground, the wall, the stairs, the sidewalk were all thoroughly stained by the crimson liquid!

Only one person was still standing, but it was too dark. There was no moon in the sky, no street lights so no one could see that person’s appearance. Could not even see the style of the person’s clothes.

They could only see the person standing still for a while before sneering and slowly walking down the street in the other direction.

No one dared to go out and stop the man. No one dared go out and see the horrible carnage. All who saw the scene, the bloody bodies, were shivering in their homes. Afraid to make a sound in the atmosphere of fear.

*Knock*Knock* There were sounds at the iron gate.

Luo Xun opened his door at the same time as Wang Duo rubbed his eyes and yawned. “Is Zhang Yi back? Was there an injured group today? I heard that a rescued group was wounded and that you must have extra…”

Wang Duo had not finished when his collar suddenly tightened. Zhang Yi, without waiting for his reaction dragged him into room 1602.

After a moment of silence, the door of 1602 was closed tightly.

“…He…Zhang Yi grabbed Wang Duo to do what?” Han Li rubbed his eyes as he witnessed his friend dragged into Zhang Yi’s apartment.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei had blank faces.

“Could it be he had something he wanted to ask Wang Duo?” It was known that Wang Duo loved to gossip and collect information.

Li Tie yawned. “I reckon he’ll be back in a moment. Let’s go back to bed” He still wanted to have a good night’s sleep.

Yan Fei went past to thoroughly seal the iron gate. Suddenly heard faint voices coming from 1602.

“Zhang, Zhang Yi don’t…”

“Pants, no…”

“Zhang Yi! I am still a virgin…”


“No, no…”

All the people were stunned and shocked standing near 1602 door. Listened to Wang Duo call out but then there was no movement…

“That…we…do we go in and save him?” He Qiankun carefully pointed at the door.

The crowd looked at each other with complicated expressions.

“That…well, Zhang Yi has an ability…” Han Li cautioned – even if they wanted to save him they could not face off against Zhang Yi the power user!

Li Tie eyed the nearby Yan Fei, who turned the door as if seeing nothing.

Wu Xin suddenly coughed twice with a depressed sound. “Remember that night? It was Luo Xun and Yan Fei…*cough* that night those two were nosebleed worthy? I live with him, he dreamed about it in the morning…I woke up to hear him saying Zhang Yi’s name!” He was sold out by his roommate without hesitation.

Someone nodded and said. “So it was a case of one offers the other accepts. Then we should go and leave them be.”

Yan Fei locked the door, turned to his home and left some words. “Be careful being caught and eaten by zombies if you hinder lovers rolling in the sheets.” Luo Xun with a slightly sluggish face, went straight back home and closed the door.

“Leave, leave…”

“Looks like we’ll have to congratulate someone tomorrow.~”

“Yes, right. During his three university years, he took the initiative to contact so many young women but never managed to bring one back. Did not think that after the apocalypse he would come across a peach blossom!”

“Alas, it’s a pity. Zhang Yi is so handsome, how was it that Wang Duo was snatched?” He was obviously the most nosy and wretched of us…

Luo Xun wondered aloud on the second floor. “He is not usually like this? Why did he suddenly grab Wang Duo today?”

Yan Fei did not pay attention to what was happening next door. Zhang Yi had a very strong smell of blood but since he was not planning on killing Wang Duo, he did not have to worry about next door.

He went directly to the cupboard to grab something. “Could be stimulated.” Which is why he found a person to vent?

From what Yan Fei observed from the situation, he seriously suspected that Zhang Yi was not clear on who he pulled. Guessed that whoever was standing at the door, even He Qiankun would have been directly dragged back into the room.

Luo Xun made an “Oh” sound in sudden comprehension. It was also because the base was too calm so he could not ignore the pressure in his heart. The end of the world was good for business related to pleasures of the flesh. Were not people’s lives too stressful and they needed a way to vent?

Whether it was going outside with a team, the base desperately struggling to make rations for the people, everyone had little hope for the future. Live day by day and have a good time, otherwise work hard to save those points and crystal cores in order to hang out tomorrow? If these things were by divided by people, even if death was inevitable, people would be dying everywhere?

There was something wrong with Zhang Yi, perhaps it was too much stress during his work day. Or maybe something happened outside, did he get attacked? There could be many reasons, but Luo Xun had not way of getting to the bottom of this.

“Well? What are looking for?” Luo Xun asked as Yan Fei was taking out small bottles from the cupboard.

“Tools.” Yan Fei ambled over and pulled Luo Xun all the way onto the bed.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Xun was confused seeing Yan Fei’s leisurely smiling. His heart pounded and his eyes drifted towards the bottle on the bedside table – olive oil! It was the oil that was used that night!

Luo Xun’s mouth twitched twice, Yan Fei had been considerate and did not mention that Luo Xun’s waist had been slightly hurt. If it took two days for him to recover, would tomorrow not be spent resting again…

Feeling the gentle kiss on his lips, Luo Xun’s heart stumbled upon a thought – he had bottomed last time, should Yan Fei not bottom this time? But the aftermath of a first time was not light, the two had things to do tomorrow. Should I let him again?

Part of Luo Xun’s heart refused to admit when he was under last time it had felt good. Luo Xun languidly closed his eyes, circled his arms around Yan Fei’s neck and took the initiative to strip his clothes. Was this not normal life with a husband? There was nothing to be ashamed of! There would be many days like this! It was not too late to eat again.

The holiday started leisurely, Li Tie and his friends slept until 10 o’clock before crawling out of bed. They washed in a daze, and wondered while still muddle headed. “Hey? Where’s Wang Duo?”

Wu Xin froze for a while then pointed to the outside door. “Was he not dragged away next door by Zhang Yi?”

The room was silent, the people remembered after a second then their hearts roared – was it because he was the most handsome amongst them? What was the big deal?! Why was he the first to experience that!

Ignoring the matter of gender, the room of guys were very jealous and envious of Wang Duo. Not to mention, Zhang Yi had a bewitching appearance more beautiful than many women!

He Qiankun whispered a question. “You guys, Luo Xun and Yan Fei…*cough*, who tops?”

Li Tie glanced strangely at him. “Luo Xun was the bottom? He could not get out of bed that day.”

“But….Yan Fei’s appearance…it’s on par with Zhang Yi.”

“Wait a minute, the cry last night…was Wang Duo the bottom?”

Several people looked at each other, the original sour jealousy turned into schadenfreude – did all beautiful people have a very aggressive side? Then again, being with a big beauty was very envious but if one was pressed down by that kind of beauty…ha ha ha…could not stop laughing at all.

Zhang Yi was not like Yan Fei. In peacetime, Yan Fei had let people think that he would not be pressured to bottom. While Zhang Yi, this delicate, bewitching beauty, if this kind of person topped…haha haha…One would just laugh.

Zhang Yi’s brow wrinkled, the room smelled strange so he unconsciously pulled the quilt over his head. Using his sensitive hearing, there seemed to be someone in the living room!

He fiercely stood up and with no intent to cover up, he rushed past the bedroom door.

A familiar man, his back to Zhang Yi, was brushing his living room walls with paint.

Seeing that it was not a thief. Zhang Yi crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

Wang Duo was startled, dumped latex paint on his face since the roller brush was not steady. He turned around to see the naked Zhang Yi leaning against the door frame. Wang Duo’s face instantly flushed as he looked away. “That…that…help you…paint the wall…the walls are dry…”

“How did you get in?” Zhang Yi felt his head pounding and rubbed his forehead. Wang Duo’s face was shocked and eyes looked at him with hurt.

When Zhang Yi thought for a bit, he remembered that his spirit had been extremely unstable after returning last night. Indeed had pulled a person to spend the night…so it was him?

Wang Duo tightly grasped the roller brush and whispered. “That…last night…Zhang Yi, you don’t remember…?” Even though he had been on top, it was a little hard for him to accept that he barely handled last nights burning enthusiasm.

Zhang Yi had a headache and rubbed his temple again. He took a deep breath. “Remembered, why are you brushing my wall this early in the morning?”

“We had to paint out walls for two days…there were four more people over there. I thought to come and help you…” Wang Duo’s voice got smaller and smaller. His heart felt increasingly disturbed seeing the usually smiling man coldly looking at him with no waves.

Zhang Yi looked at him for a while before turning to his bedroom. “Do not brush, you go back. I’ll brush it myself later.” Once done, he shut the bedroom door.

*Flop* the brush landed on the ground. Wang Duo stared at the closed door, his heart sour and stinging.

He had a lot of girlfriends while he was in university, but never had a long relationship. To tell the truth, he hardly knew how to lead the women’s little hands.

His appearance was also considered good, so he would often get contacted by so called female friends. Out of vanity and other reasons he would naturally not refuse and felt that these girls were really good. But because he was chatty, like gossip, loved to take unfair advantage and so on…those girls found that his personality differed too much from his appearance. Would quickly break up once they understood his nature…

This had been clear to him, but because at that time he did not want to play hardball with his heart, breaking up was not a big matter.

But this time it was different. It was really different…

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