How a Series Began

I stared at the outline, what had possessed me to write this? Mettaton was the only celebrity in the Underground and he played all the roles in every movie/show. He’d never accept being part of the supporting cast. So where did this idea come from?! (the internet, enough said)

I handed Lucas the papers, his only reaction was a raised eyebrow.

How would this even work out? Toriel was still in the ruins and Asgore was busy with his kingly duties. Chara was not alive though they might be a ghost? “There is no way this is getting the green light, ever.”

Luke shrugged. “I’m going to show this to Sans and Papyrus, the latter would be ecstatic to learn he has a role in a drama with his idol Mettaton. Not sure what Sans would think.”

“He’d probably be too lazy to do this sort of thing. I know I would be horrible at this. Besides, who would even want to watch this sort of show anyway?”

I should not have tempted fate. I would later learn that Error visited the Undertale universe where the jump took place, intent on destroying it but was bribed with a copy of the unfinished script.

How did I know this? Well somehow, Error managed to open a portal to my housing complex. He took a hostage and threatened to kill them if I did not agree to continue writing.

“Okay, okay you do know that this was a spur of the moment thing right? You’re better off asking a professional for this.”

Then I put my foot in my mouth (metaphorically anyway). “At least it’s just the script…”

Alas Error was not swayed and he got a terrifying gleam in his eyes at that.

In the end, we made (read: coerced) an agreement where I would continue the script with a relatively lax schedule but when possible it would be produced. How was that going to even work? There was no equipment or space?

I assumed Error would somehow deal with those issues (he would likely steal the stuff and temporarily kidnap the required people from Undertale).

If I am going to end up in a soap opera, I should get myself a perk that improves my acting as soon as possible. On the bright side, this should be entertaining to Benefactor, there would be something other than the Jumper Show to be aired on the television in the complex.

Better set aside some space for an acting set and buy more popcorn. My other companions could be used as extras to save time. I hope no one else manages to break into the place with ridiculous demands…who am I kidding, Benefactor would probably do it for the laughs.

So somehow, a script for a trailer was put together which should buy me enough time to plan out a timeline and parse out some episode ideas. Just need to remember, when in doubt, add more dramatic soap opera cliches. It cannot be a soap opera without melodrama!


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