Chapter 40 Bathing

Although Yan Fei had been to many places and taken many things, since his mental movements were fast, the day appeared to pass by quickly. But arriving on base this morning, waiting in the open space, on the contrary felt like time passed too slowly.

The people on base for the first time were not together with those from base with tasks. Far away from base people were stepping up to build more walls. Luo Xun and company wanted to inquire about yesterday on the road.

Did a team come to the base with a large number of zombies? There had been a lot of zombies behind them, and even if they could safely run to base, people needed to be dispatched immediately to deal with the creatures.

Unfortunately there were now waiting with uninformed people, the base required them to stay in a painted grid without moving so there was no way to ask for information. The people in the waiting area were uninjured original base members, wounded personnel were in another courtyard.

The largest courtyard was recently built a few days ago as a place for outsiders to sit and wait. Only the military had not picked up anyone yet.

The army men acted earlier than Luo Xun but they faced a far more difficult situation compared to Luo Xun’s team. They needed to search but the population was spread across a lot of areas. Luo Xun and company had stayed in the outskirts of A-city – how would those who were from more remote areas make it?

A few people took advantage while waiting to discuss amongst themselves how to renovate the house when they got back, since the things were jointly collected. The materials divided into two for the respective houses, the rest would divided into seven parts, one each.

Of course the metal sheets, blocks and other things were Yan Fei’s, useless for the other party members. Li Tie and the others originally wanted to give more – Yan Fei was an ability user and they had never heard of metal powers!

His strength was high, this time they also relied on his ability for everyone to safely retreat, plus the metal and similar materials did not count for much.

But Yan Fei refused, he did not need to be stingy, not because he was living with Luo Xun but his life did not have a lot of pressure. Seeing as Yan Fei had a strong ability while Li Tie and the others were ordinary people, perhaps there would be fewer opportunities for their skills on base but it was different for him.

He could earn more than them by helping the military repair the walls. Even if he did not want to expose his ability to the public as Luo Xun said, he could use metal at home to do arms sales. He could even use his power to transform metal into all kinds of daily life items as needed.

The cooperation between the seven people was harmonious. Li Tie took the chance to humbly ask Luo Xun about renovating problems. They had the ability to do a good job but Luo Xun had a greater degree of familiarity with the stuff at the mall.

Luo Xun was not an expert but he at least knew how to paste tiles? How would the floor be paved? How to paint the walls? If Li Tie asked now, he would be able to get started sooner.

When the Otaku team got back to the car and set out towards home, everyone’s hearts were filled with intense excitement. There was an effort to ignore their physical fatigue. Wanted to go back to sleep but also wanted to go back and renovate right away.

However it would take more than one day to finish everything. Ah! Ah, ah, ah so tangled!

By the time they reached the ground floor, the group was incredibly indignant to discover a frightening fact – the elevator was not in operation and they lived on the 16th floor!

The car was loaded down with a variety of large and heavy home materials! God, did they have to carry all these things to the 16th floor after an exhausting full day?

“What time do the elevator doors open?” He Qiankun turned to Li Tie in fear.

Wang Duo referred to a piece of paper posted in the corridor notice column and crushed the impulse to laugh. “Once in morning and afternoon, now is 3:30 pm. Waiting for the afternoon…it will take 1.5 hours.”

Because energy on base was still plentiful, the elevator ran for an hour longer than in Luo Xun’s memory for a daily total of six hours.

“Not too long, first we unload all the things in the corridor and move in the elevator when it arrives.” Luo Xun glanced at the the time table and nodded decisively.

Yes, they took a lot of time to move things from the car. Piece by piece and pile by pile.

At first since most of the residents in the vicinity were out at work, no one saw the group’s movements. After a little while they were quietly surrounded by a lot of onlookers.

The floor tiles were okay, people’s interest was not big but when they saw the cotton cloth in the car, some people could not sit still. First someone came to ask if these things were for sale or trade.

After getting a negative answer, quietly left not knowing what to do. After a while, a crowd came together again and many of them looked decidedly unfriendly.

There were troops on base to maintain order but there was no real peace in private. Military personnel were recently involved in large scale operations to help other bases. The rest of the military had been responsible for building the outer wall and houses.

Often the conflict had already passed when the official personnel belatedly arrived on the scene.

What was more, recently the number of zombies outside had increased, many of the smaller groups outside could no longer live in the urban areas looking for resources. When they learned a base had been established came near to the area.

Those outside had followed the rule of the jungle – after wandering around for a month those people did not like the base rules. While the vast majority of people went out to work or collecting resources, they twisted doors, broke locks, things like robbery and extortion happened repeatedly.

Luo Xun found more and more people outside and directed Yan Fei to stay in front and in charge of the car. They also readied their crossbows to shot at a moment’s notice.

When the first wave of malicious people who did not go earn points or go scavenging only scared and robbed others, Yan Fei did not bat an eye and waved his hand. The sound of rumbling, a ring surrounded the four vehicles, spikes floated up and pointed outwards.

Looking at the steel needles floating threateningly those who were close to the car broke out in a flash of cold sweat, legs weakly took a few steps back.

“If you want to go upstairs, please wait a minute.” Yan Fei carelessly put his hands in his pockets while sweeping the crowd with eyes of contempt. “We still have a lot of things to move, if we accidentally lost something…” He trailed off with sharp eyes, people retreated even further.

One person hollowly laughed. “Misunderstanding, misunderstanding. Just passing, just passing.”

Yan Fei also no longer spoke only returned to the wall, letting the steel pieces fall then collecting them back, continue to train his abilities.

Found that these people with an abundant harvest were not soft persimmons, could not handle at all, the onlookers bitterly retreated but still not willing to leave. Secretly inquired if these people lived in the building? Which floor?

Luo Xun and the others ignored the crowd but silently accelerated the speed of handling. To tell the truth, they had a good harvest this time, took nearly an hour for all the moving to finish.

A few people laid on the floor, mouth panting and so on. When some of their physical strength recovered just in time, the elevator had started its last operation round of the day.

Desperately filled the elevator, set aside the other to let occupants of the building use normally. The sky had thoroughly darkened, a cold wind blew outside, they finally put the last batch of things in the elevator.

Lying in the corridor like a tired dog. Not to mention the others, even the strongest Yan Fei had also broken some sweat.

“Want to…make bubble…hot shower…body rancid…” Wang Duo stared blankly lying on a pile of things, cannot see clearly, tongue lolling.

Luo Xun calculated some physical strength, swept a glance at the floor without a single tenant, confirmed that they were not assigned out and let loose a sigh. “No, this evening have to block the elevator door and transform the stairs so that people do not come. It’s okay to leave things in the corridor.”

“Right! Correct!” The group nodded.

As the only main force, Yan Fei silently glanced at Luo Xun, decided to wait until return home to check his interest.

The elevator door was simple, directly cast side with metal so that people who took the elevator they would only see a block…a steel plate stuck there.

The staircase was also simple Yan Fei just had to convert into a slide like in the beauty salon. Then also seal the 16th floor door with metal. Everyone on the floor were acquaintances so there were no problems. Quick decisions meant faster seals.

Luo Xun and the others brought back more stuff this time, a full four cars. The corridor became full so he opened the door of Yan Fei’s apartment to directly put some things away. At this moment the group of people had no strength to pay attention to other things.

Made sure the few doors were closed after they went back to their rooms ready for a good night’s rest, raise spirit for tomorrow.

When Luo Xun opened the door of the home came face to a steel fence he remembered – there were protective measures at home.

Coughed dryly Luo Xun smiled and pointed at the doorway. “This…”

Only Yan Fei could open this up. Now that he thought about it, if someone upset him he did not need much, could retaliate with the metal from the door.

Sealing the door took excessive mental force so Yan Fei opened a slot enough for two people. What about the rest? Wait until tomorrow.

Luo Xun heard harsh sounds of clawing against metal from inside with barking sounds.

“Hey? Puppy?” When he opened the door he had not heard Puppy.

But it was a bit weird to not see her after opening the door. Ran towards the voice near the balcony. Luo Xun was stunned to discover – how had the small box near the dog food get over to the balcony?

Did the puppy push it over while playing around at home? Followed the direction of the box towards the metal fence. Near a planting rack saw a pair of wronged, sobbing dog eyes. It seemed she did not have enough strength the speed of tail wagging was lower than usual.

“…How did you get out of here?” Luo Xun was exasperated, estimated the puppy used the small box to jump behind the iron fence…but what was it doing back here?

Stooped to hold the dog, Yan Fei also followed into the balcony and saw the puppy rubbing against Luo Xun’s chest. When he put her down, she ran over to the basin of dog food crazily eating.

“…Did she see the vegetables and want to eat them?” Yan Fei suddenly discovered what Luo Xun had missed.

Pointed to outside the metal plate. Luo Xun saw – the bottom two layers of vegetables in the PVC pipe all chewed bald.

Stunned to see two rows of little green vegetable remnants and seeing the starving puppy fiercely eating from the bowl of dog food. The corners of Luo Xun’s mouth lifted.

“Could it be she took initiative to jump out and eat vegetables?”

Although dogs were an omnivorous animal, could mostly eat what humans ate, but who had heard of a dog willing to eat vegetables?

So until now Luo Xun only thought that the puppy accidentally pushed the smaller box while playing but regrettably could not make it back after the jump…there were no boxes to step on or enough leverage to make the jump.

The reason for eating the vegetables…probably because there was nothing else to eat?

“Thank goodness I put the mutant plants above or else…”

Did not want to think of him returning home but found the playful puppy had accidentally eaten some mutated plants…oh first thing come back to rescue the dog.

The puppy fiercely nibbled food while internally sobbing, she reviewed her mistake. Hmm, got out but could not get back inside, then got caught by owner…aww dog lost face…

Luo Xun changed clothes, washed hands in bathroom then went into the kitchen to prepare dinner – the two days outside could only eat simple food. Better at home with adequate ingredients.

Yan Fei opened the metal plate in front of the staircase, once again overused his spiritual power, had some slight shaking while walking. He wanted to head up to the second floor to change clothes but brain turned and gave up the idea.

Luo Xun scratched his chin in the kitchen and wondered what to eat tonight? Everyone was tired from moving things in two days, for tomorrow will need more physical strength to renovate, well cannot have too little meat! But he was tired today, need to wat some easily digestible food…

Hurried out of the kitchen, Yan Fei was not in the living room but his coat was left on the sofa. From direction of washroom Luo Xun heard the sound of water, he went to take a bath. Luo Xun picked some ingredients directly from the fridge.

A large chunk of pork – this had been frozen for some time but even frozen food had a shelf life. Anyway eat inventory at home! In the kitchen there were many eggs in the bamboo basket, some boiled, some cooked with pork belly, energy would be full.

Home had potatoes, autumn before the apocalypse, sun dried eggplants and beans were thrown into the bubbling pot. Boiled the porridge, pastry good at home.

He would like to eat rice with stewed meat but today’s physical exertion was a bit excessive, better to have some porridge before bedtime. And the pastries? Well he was afraid the food will go bad again, so hurry up and eat them.

Stewed meat took time, boiled eggplant also needed a lot of time. Stewed meat, cooked the porridge and then cut potatoes. Luo Xun stretched ready to take a bath when he heard Yan Fei come out from the washroom.

Take a bath and eat a hot meal, there was nothing more comfortable during the apocalypse.

Yan Fei opened the door, Luo Xun choked on his saliva. *cough*cough, cough*cough, cough, cough*

“What’s wrong?Choking?” Yan Fei walked from the sofa towards Luo Xun ready to lend a hand…the coughing got worse, simply could not speak.

Yan Fei kindly walked to his side, hand raised to pat back and clear airway. “Careful, how so careless?”

Flushed red up to his ears, Luo Xun could not breathe, luckily managed to squeeze out a few words. “You, you, clothes…put on…too cold…”

Luo Xun covered his face, even if one saw a beauty come from a bath may not necessarily cause a nosebleed. Did not see him pinch his nose to stop the spray of red liquid?

In dead of winter, Yan Fei just washed hair hung with water droplets, he appeared even more handsome. Luo Xun coughed even more, did not dare look at him.

Final reason – he was only wearing a towel around his waist and slippers on his feet! Was he not cold? Did he want to show off his body!?

Well then, his body was really good. Unlike his face that had a sense of delicateness, he had same feeling when Luo Xun had rescued him earlier – toned arms and legs, even his abdomen was not soft, could see the ABS!

Plus legendary ferocity, people could not look straight at him! Hook, line, sinker!

And his skin was not blindingly white but had a health golden glow…   

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