Chapter 41 Dark Stiff

Wait a minute! Now was not the time to judge Yan Fei’s stature! This guy – “Why are you not dressed!?”

This was the culprit of Luo Xun’s reaction!

Yan Fei pretended to be surprised, raised an eyebrow and looked down at his ‘clothes’. “Clothes are upstairs and I am clearly wearing some now.”

How could that be considered clothes!? What was the difference between this and nothing? The towel only served to highlight of the shape of…ah, ah, ah!

“You, you…I’ll get it for you.” Luo Xun would like to shove him upstairs to get some clothes to wear but could not face him at the moment.

He took deep breathes but his eyes unconsciously went to the small white towel around Yan Fei’s waist…he was afraid being delayed for a moment he would turn into a wolf.

Would it be easy for him to live a pure, innocent boy for two lifetimes? In the face of such a fragrance, he dared not bite, he wanted to live! He was going to eat meat! For a while the stew was eaten by himself.

Luo Xun climbed the stairs in grief and indignation but suddenly realized that he had not told Yan Fei that he was gay when he brought him home. If he had stated in advance that they would be forced to live together for a while, it would have become suspicious if he ever wandered around at night.

Right now he felt so much regret, if he had made it clear beforehand he would not have seen this scene today.

Luo Xun shook of the thoughts, sped up his footsteps and rushed into the bedroom – clothes, clothes, a change of clothes!

When Luo Xun came down the stairs, first glance could see the guy leisurely sitting on the sofa like an enticing fruit…Really wanted to say “Could you pay attention to the impact of your appearance” but he had not said anything about same-sex things so he kept his mouth shut.

Two people had to cooperate for a long time and even slept in the same bed for a few days. If he said something now would it be strange? Someone would really not be willing to give up this kind of beauty but Luo Xun worried that it would cause bigger problems if nothing said now.

It was a tough choice and if he lied, would he end up with a circle of countless lies? Although he had simply forgotten to mention it.

He handed Yan Fei the clothes, having long forgotten the kitchen Luo Xun hurriedly ran to the bathroom. “I will also go take a bath.”

Luo Xun unconsciously glanced to the sofa as he entered the door, saw Yan Fei stand up, focused on his waist again…a strong feeling coursed through him…

Slammed the door closed, Luo Xun stooped and leaned against the door. Almost poked his eyes out – he felt if he revealed his homosexuality, he would suffer even more mental torture…wait until after the bath, then go out and say it clearly!

In the middle of his shower, Luo Xun was hit by another wave of attack – the bathroom door was pushed open. Frightened face looked to the door while hands subconsciously covered the lower body turned to the wall.

Yan Fei was silent for a second, feeling like he was peeking at a lady before point out, “The cooker has pressure built up and there is a pot of porridge boiling.”

“Ah!” Luo Xun just remembered about these matters. “The pressure cooker changed to low heat stewing in a few seconds. Also change the heat for the porridge to cook for a quarter of an hour. I’ll come out after.”

Yan Fei nodded but with a supposed genial smile that Luo Xun had mixed feelings about. “Want me to help you wash your back later?”

“No, no you just keep an eye on the kitchen.” Luo Xun felt he would fall to the ground paralyzed if Yan Fei did not leave. Today’s stimulus was too much, more than being outside yesterday facing off against zombies.

After a few moments Luo Xun was out of the bathroom but still weary. He had wanted to take a bath to relax the spirit and body but could not be achieved. Luo Xun glanced at Yan Fei who was now in normal clothing, felt relief and slight regret as he stepped into the kitchen. It was time to eat dinner, getting a full belly was most important.

Meat had been stewed, took out some meat and chopped potatoes, dried eggplant, beans and vermicelli. The rest was left in the pot to eat for tomorrow’s meals.

When there was not a lot of food left, Luo Xun picked some vegetables that the puppy had not damaged, washed, cut and put into the pot. Placed in order to preserve crispness and freshness.

The pastries and porridge were cooked, it had been a long time since Luo Xun could eat delicious home cooked food. To the side Yan Fei smiled at him wolfing down meat, he seemingly used chopsticks leisurely but quickly added food to his bowl.

Next to the table, having regained spirit, the puppy with a wronged face sat near the table bitterly gnawing at Yan Fei. She had been hungry for a long time, once free she ate her fill of dog food. It was clear even without human common sense, with her belly full she would not eat more! But the dishes on the table were very fragrant.

Luo Xun was in a sleepy daze, wanting to sleep after eating his fill. With Yan Fei the two put the leftover food and rice into the kitchen then went upstairs to rest.

Yan Fei deliberately walked behind, turned off the living room lights before ascending the staircase. When he went into the room he saw Luo Xun on the bed, eyes closed and lightly snoring, apparently had already entered dreamland.

The outing had only been two short days of effort, everyone was exhausted. Even Yan Fei who was boosted with abilities was tired, not to mention such ordinary people?

Could not sleep right away, at least Luo Xun would get a full rest. Yan Fei walked to the bedside, gently tucked in Luo Xun who had gotten out from the quilt. He wrapped himself and directly held the other against his chest and turned off the dim lamp.

Luo Xun felt like he was soaking in warm water, as if he had not left the tub on the second floor bathroom. Closed his eyes and enjoyed the temperature of the dream warm water. His body felt relaxed, like he was floating in the clouds, with the wind, slowly moving in whatever direction.

Gradually something appeared in the mist. A shadow of sorts, Luo Xun was not clear what it was but clearly not dangerous. So the dull brain did not produce ideas of escape. So the mist gradually faded away to reveal the appearance of the figure.

It was…Yan Fei. Yan Fei without any clothes…just a baggy towel hanging around the waist. Yan Fei with slightly wet hair hanging in his face.

Luo Xun felt his face redden and his heart began to beat erratically.

No too far in front the guy approached step by step. Luo Xun felt a little scared but at the bottom of his heart did not think of escape until the person was standing in front of him. The blank expression turned into a smile full of hints and ambiguity, Luo Xun involuntarily turned his face away.

Whether his face or the mole at the corner of an eye, there was a kind of inexplicable attraction. He moved his line of sight but also subconsciously swept downwards, followed the curves from the waist covered towel downwards…

A pair of slender hands encircled his own and touched the towel with no fat waist. “Pull it down, pull it down, pull it down…”

This lingering idea circled in his mind, Luo Xun felt as if he was possessed, just wanted to pull it down  and reveal the scenery inside.

The body felt a fierce shock, Luo Xun suddenly opened his eyes and stared blankly. It seemed he could still touch the delicate, moist skin from his dream…wait feel…warm delicate touch?

Rapidly looked to see the person in front of him, Luo Xun shivered again. When did he, he end up sleeping so close to Yan Fei? Whose arm was under his head? Whose body was in front holding him?

Suddenly the other hugged Luo Xun’s waist and touched his hand. Luo Xun’s face turned red and green, green and purple, felt like the same in the dream.

Wait, this was not right! It was not a matter of touch but…Right! Needed to return to his half of the bed. Last night he did not drill into the bosom of the other and secretly put his hands onto other’s clothes or slender waists!

Not waiting for Luo Xun to take action, the person lying on his back suddenly turned to his own side, hand swung horizontally across own chest. There was also some movement across his legs. With such an action, Luo Xun could only think about leaving without waking up Yan Fei.

Lying in bed having intimate contact with a beauty up close, Luo Xun cried without tears. This sudden closeness was simply suffering especially since his third leg was energetic because of a dream, also to his life.

In the pain of struggling Luo Xun did not notice the smile on Yan Fei’s face who deliberately acted as if not sleeping comfortably. Arm moved across, hand adjusted position, held the person in his arms tighter to be more comfortable.

Correspondingly the thigh pressed against the other’s leg as moved, carelessly…rubbed against something?

Yan Fei opened his eyes because his position was lower Luo Xun did not notice the other’s eyes had a deep expression. Yan Fei’s mind was pondering, should he or should he not…pounce? In fact he would think about it in the car, really very practical.

Interrupting Yan Fei was a bad idea, the downstairs doorbell rang, saving Luo Xun. The two paused then their appearance was from just waking up. Seeing Yan Fei had no reaction compared to him, Luo Xun felt some small regret while he hurriedly put on some clothes to cover up his situation.

They hurried downstairs to open the door.

“Oh…you weren’t up yet?” Seeing Luo Xun’s bird nest hair, Li Tie and Han Li felt embarrassed since they excitement woke them up early.

“Ah it’s alright, we are up. Are you ready to start? Wait, we’re coming up.” Luo Xun hurriedly answered.

Outside the other group members were excitedly looking at the things in the corridor, ready with rolled up sleeves.

Yan Fei came in behind Luo Xun, the two people hurriedly washed, changed, ate breakfast then went out to do work. Unexpectedly had no chance to have an in-depth discussion of the morning problems. The two inadvertently pushed it from their minds.

The house needed renovation, this was a very troublesome step, especially since the ones who had to decorate their own houses were all novices. In addition, Luo Xun only had a smattering of theoretical knowledge on the subject.

This was because before the apocalypse Luo Xun did not think he would have the opportunity to renovate a house. So he did not do any relevant research, did not download any related data and so could only infer from previous experiences.

House renovation, first needed to check if there were any problems in the house. The five students of 1601 did not need to do any house construction, only needed to carry out simpler renovation of the apartment.

Yan Fei’s nominal house required major construction – a door on the wall that connected the two rooms. The door would be located in the load-bearing wall, if not for Yan Fei who could reinforce the wall with metal, Luo Xun would be afraid to consider such a vicious reconstruction plan.

After this step it was necessary to package up the pipeline in the first room. Luo Xun in each room guided the decisions, told a few people some steps, selected the corresponding materials and Yan Fei ran to 1603 – tolling!

The metal work was really good, especially when the walls were reinforced with concrete. Luo Xun saw the wall in front of the two people before the area began shaking then a portion of the concrete fell with a quake. The steel inside twisted to form a door frame tightly wrapped to strengthen the wall itself.

“Melted these pieces of steel into the door.” Confirmed that the walls were intact and the walls were as strong as ever, Luo Xun was relieved – he did not want the house to collapse under the renovation of a door.

The new metal door instantly appeared in front of the two people, Luo Xun sighed again that someone’s ability was so strong. This skill even before the apocalypse would be a very lucrative ability! Much more arbitrary than pinching putty!

After wandering around the room twice, the main points to be renovated in the room were cleared and so the two began to renovate.

As well as room 1601, each step was different and many of the steps could be omitted to be handled with metal powers, such as wrapping pipes and building furniture. Due to Yan Fei’s ability to manipulate metals, the more metallic products in the area, the more convenient for him.

Chairs, bed, cabinets were all made of metal and of decent quality. Were also heavy to carry, in general two people simply could not move. On the other hand this was more favorable if a thief broke in and wanted to steal everything. Want to open to cupboard to search but the item does not even have a door. Even if they stomp their feet, they would only hurt themselves.

Luo Xun used wood for the floors – since there was not enough metal collected this time. There was another important reason – in the case of metal floor, stepping on it would make a louder sound than usual? It was safer to use wood flooring.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei divide the metal into two groups, building materials then stuff for the floor. They did not have many tiles, only enough to cover the two washrooms and the kitchens – this was because it was heavy tile, in general businesses would only leave some samples in store and the manufacturer would send the customized products.

But many stores had wooden floor materials, the appearance was similar, could mix and match with two sets for the better!

A good plan, two people first removed the putty from the small bedroom by trying to scrape the wall. They both had not done this kind of work, had no practice. God knew whether the wall would end up okay at the end?

In room 1601, Li Tie and the others were still wrestling with the pipelines. The room rang with non-stop *ping, pong, rang* – thanks to Yan Fei with his metal power they could omit this step. Li Tie and the others did experiments with the extra materials to increase hands-on experience.

Fortunately the five university students had good hands-on ability, except for at the beginning when they broke some things they managed to master the relevant skills.

Seventh day inside the building, during the daily fixed time for operation of the elevator a few malicious people went inside and pressed the 16th floor button. When one of the people pressed the button was stunned to find that the four or five people were from this floor.

The people looked at each other for a few moments, thoughts were directed at the same thing. But fortunately when they inquired about the situation again, since yesterday the group said they hit the wrong floor or there were elevator problems.

Today they would pry back with partners, all those materials would not be kept just in a few houses, wanted to speed up to rob in front of those people!

There were many people in the elevator but some people felt strange, an awkward silence. When the elevator reached all the way up to the 16th floor, eyes filled anticipation watched as the door slip open and then…What was this? Why was it so dark?

Several people paused, before the elevator door closed someone touched ahead – stiff, cold..

The door slowly closed in accordance with established procedures, then descended to a certain level after someone prepared to go downstairs, then continued downwards again.

When the elevator returned to the first floor, the few prying people subconsciously walked out, with two of them hurrying back to the next elevator – perhaps there was a mistake? Or was it just that the door was blocked by something?

Thinking it was so, they wanted to go up and take a look. Waited until another elevator took them from the first floor. At the top, the door was blocked by a dark a slippery thing. It was still there!

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