Walking the Path of a Workaholic in Cliché Novels (QT) Chapter 10

    The lady was stunned for a moment, she thought for a while: “I don’t know much about music, but if you use aroma to describe it: a vague coffee aroma mixed with rum and vanilla cream ice cream. When it slowly fades, the aroma of pine wood roasted by the fire will stand out.”

    “Are you working as a perfumer?” An Yinong couldn’t help but praise, “You not only understand fragrance, but also understand music. The name of this song is Fireplace Time.”

    She generously accepted the compliment: “It sounds very nice, and the name of the song is also very beautiful.”

    Seeing this harmonious scene, the system couldn’t bear it anymore, and floated directly in front of An Yinong. An Yinong lowered his head and started the second song.

    “Go home and tell you.” He responded to the system’s question in his heart.

    The system quieted down: “Then you have to compensate me with one more, no, two spiked potatoes.”

    As soon as the strings of the guitar were plucked, the small street corner became quiet, and even ignorant children were embraced by their grandparents and watching quietly.

    It was a completely different feeling from the previous song. The music was simple and smooth, and the rhythm was brisk, like a refreshing sea breeze, blowing away the lazy atmosphere created by sweets and fragrant flowers.

    The brisk singing was like a flying bird. In the sound, one could ‘smell’ the slight salty taste of the sea water, and one can also ‘see’ the endless sea. They stepped on the soft white sand, left a string of footprints on the sand, jumped up again, and gave birth to wings. They followed the waves and soared freely between the sky and the sea. The listener was immersed in it, mesmerized.

    “Guess what it’s called?”

    An Yinong’s voice awakened the audience around him. It turned out that the song had also ended, but the audience’s mind was still echoing with the free and carefree singing voice just now, and they couldn’t get back to their senses for a long time.

    “If you guess right, or if you don’t know, how about I sing a song for them alone?” 

    “Really? There will be an exclusive song if you don’t know?” 

    The young people sang so beautifully. That voice really drove people’s souls away. If only they could sing a song specially for them… When they thought of that scene, they felt so beautiful.

    “This song is very comfortable to listen to. It’s like the bedtime song my mother used to sing to me. Could it be Dreaming Little Cloud or something?”

    “When I listened to it, I seemed to ‘see’ a clean white sheet, washed and dried on the balcony. The sun on the balcony was just right, but I would rather lie under the quilt and be surrounded by the clean atmosphere…I guess, ‘White Shirts’? Or ‘Clean’?” The young people came up with more literary song titles.

    An Yinong shook his head, skipping all kinds of wrong answers, and turned his head to look at the girl in the red dress in front.

    The woman in the red dress frowned, and pulled out the reminiscent scents from her memory: “Sea salt, pear, refreshing and clean lemon, orange blossom… If it were me, what would I name this perfume?  … …Walking by the sea?”

    “Seaside Holiday.” An Yinong clapped his hands and said with a smile, “The name of the song.”

    The woman showed an expression of disbelief: “Really, really?”

    “Really, so what type of song do you want to listen to?”

    “Seaside Holiday, there is nothing more suitable than this.” The seriousness on the face of the woman in the red dress could no longer be maintained, she smiled beautifully, “Otherwise, you can sing any song, I will guess again.”

    An Yinong sang the third song, it was still a relaxed tune, and the melodious singing voice was carried far away by the wind.

    “Is the song coming from here?” Another pedestrian was attracted and squeezed into the crowd.

    The young man whose sleeve was touched looked back, and then turned his head to listen to the movement in front of him. He was still holding a skewer in his hand, but he didn’t eat any of them. He let it cool down and condensed the fat.

    “How?” An Yinong stopped his hand that was plucking the strings.

    “Warm and cozy, sweeter than the first song, like plum sugar that has melted slightly…” The woman in the red dress still used a lot of fragrances to describe it, even like describing a perfume, divided into top notes, middle notes and base notes.

    “Like a bakery?” she guessed.

    “It’s very close.” An Yinong nodded.

    “Snacks?” She guessed again.

    An Yinong finally smiled: “Our Afternoon Tea is the name of this song.”

    The woman in the red skirt slowly combed her hair to cover up her gaffe. Before today, she always thought this kind of thing was only a legend.

    “My name is Song Wei, and this is my business card. I know some people… If you are interested in releasing an album, maybe I can help a little.” She handed a business card to An Yinong.

    An Yinong took the business card and found that there was only the name, contact number and title on it. She was the department manager of a well-known fashion brand. He’s just here to test the locals’ acceptance of his voice, not to attract a big fish.

    “Your song fits very well with our brand’s perfume.” Song Wei’s words concealed other meanings.

    An Yinong’s eyes were slightly bent, but he didn’t reply immediately.

    “Sing one more song, and I’ll go back.”

    He sang the fourth song, which was different from the previous three songs, like refreshing green plum wine.

    “Smells like first love?” Song Wei guessed.

    “Yes, its name is “Moonlight”.”

    “Moonlight? What does this have to do with first love?” Song Wei was a little puzzled.

    “The moonlight is so beautiful tonight,” An Yinong explained, “If one person says this to another, it means ‘I love you’. It’s a saying in my hometown.” Of course the people here didn’t know about the homonym of his home country.

    After four songs, An Yinong wanted to withdraw, but he didn’t expect that during this period, more and more people would gather and surround him. In the end, even the police patrolling were attracted, thinking it was a fight or something.

    This group of people shouted: “One more song.” Then there was a burst of applause.

    The audience was too enthusiastic, so An Yinong sang another song, this time it was not an original song, but a classic rock song. All the friends at the scene started humming along. They waved their hands, and the glowing mobile phone screens on their hands were like lights, and suddenly there was a concert atmosphere.

    “One more song! Let’s play “The Wandering End of the World”!”

    An Yinong was infected by the atmosphere. He stood up and plucked the guitar with his fingertips. The passionate music burned the air, and his young friends cheered. And then another, and another. More and more pedestrians came over to hear the singing, and the inner and the outer three floors locked him inside.

    “It’s an energetic and enthusiastic city. Everyone sings together. Everyone has a happy smile on their faces. Wow… Although I didn’t see anyone, the singing was very powerful, and the guitar was also played. That’s great!” A foreigner stood outside the crowd, holding up his mobile phone. That’s why I often say that if you want to listen to a song, you must go to the scene. The atmosphere is completely different.” 

    He asked the person next to him in stilted Chinese: “Is this a famous local singer?”

It took a long time for the people who arrived to understand what he was saying: “Oh, it seems to be a singer who just came here for an audition. We often have young singers here.”

   “What? There are often such singers? Oh it’s interesting, you are so lucky to hear this kind of music often, he sings very well.”

    An Yinong sang many songs, and finally, his voice was a little hoarse and he couldn’t sing any more, so he stopped. The audience around him was still enthusiastic.

    “How to get out?” An Yinong hugged the guitar and wanted to walk but couldn’t. From his point of view, it was either a human head or a mobile phone held high.

    “Hey, thank you for your likes, but I really want to go back, everyone should leave. That…uncle policeman!” With sharp eyes, he caught sight of the policeman holding a mobile phone among the crowd.

    Comrade policemen who were secretly rubbed and booed: …

    “Ah, it’s getting late, he has to go back to rest, if he keeps singing and his voice is going to be bad.”

    “Thank you, Uncle Policeman.” An Yinong held the stereo box with one hand, pressed his hat with the other, and left the street corner with a guitar on his back.

    It was not easy for everyone to chase him, so they could only watch him go away. His back was photographed and uploaded to the local forum together with the video recorded on a mobile phone at the scene. He was quickly discovered by guitar lovers and entered the attention of this circle.

    “I found a master of folk guitar, come quickly.”

    The singer was not there, and the crowd slowly dispersed, talking about this new thing as they walked.

    But the woman in the red dress didn’t leave, she stood there for a while. “Xiaoyuan, I have a video for you. Let’s see if it can be used as the exclusive BGM for our new ‘Lazy’ series of perfumes?” The woman in the red dress made a phone call, “By the way, check the copyright of those songs .”

    After waiting for a while, the assistant called. “You said that those songs can be found on the song copyright website, and the composition and lyrics are all under the same code name: Yinong? Okay, I understand.” There was no doubt that those copyrights belong to him.

    Who would have thought that she would find such a treasure when she went out for a walk because she was troubled by the perfume promotion. Those few pieces of music fit together so well that she understood the excitement of ‘High Mountains and Flowing Waters Meet Friends’ in an instant.

    “Maybe this is fate.” If that person was willing, she could use her contacts to find the best arranger, teacher, band, and push him out.

    “That’s right.” Song Wei thought of a person who could help him. Most of the artists who come to perform on the street wanted to enter the entertainment circle, and she happened to know one.

    “A Yu.”

    “Cousin.” A cold male voice came from the other end, and there was the background sound of meat sizzling on the grill.

    “I saw a singer with great potential on the street. I even took a video, do you want to see it?” Song Wei pretended not to care, but actually wanted to give her cousin a chance.

    “No need, the company won’t be open for a long time.”

    “What?” Song Wei was taken aback, she thought of something, “Is it them?…the surname Lu is really deceiving people!”

    The author has something to say:

    Song Wei (preparing to send a video): Brother, I met a bosom friend, come, let me show you his singing.

    Lu Yu (preparing to contact someone): No need.

    Song Wei (interrupting sending): OK.


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