After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Extra Chapter 113

By the time Jane dealt with Ping Wanshu and Tan Chenxi’s identities, when she returned to the palace, baby Mingyou could already sit up against the little black cat and could speak most of the words from his mouth. So Jane held her face in her hands, listening to baby Mingyou’s efforts to sue the orange cat word by word, pink spots appeared on her cheeks at the cuteness.

“Orange, cat, bad!” Baby Mingyou concluded, puffing up his cheeks and waving his fists.

Jane held her face and smirked: “Okay, okay, the orange cat is bad, sister-in-law beats the orange cat for you.”

Golden Lion: ??? Why was he an orange cat? He was not an orange cat!

Although he was only the size of a palm, Arthur, who was also trying to be Mingyou’s backer, glanced at his brother with narrowed eyes: “Brother, you only refuted the orange cat, and didn’t refute the bad? Brother, is it really okay for you to do this?”

The golden lion quickly defended himself: “I didn’t do anything wrong either!”

The white tiger yawned and said, “You have.”

“You stuffed your lion’s tail into Mingyou’s mouth.”

“You snatched his baby bottle, and if Mingyou didn’t say he liked lions, you wouldn’t give it back to him.”

“You used your ability to float Mingyou in mid-air to frighten him.”

“You treat Mingyou like a ball.”

“There are many more, do you want me to talk about them one by one?” The white tiger sneered. Although he hated bear children too, how could an adult bully a baby? With his temper, why didn’t he get beaten to death by his brother?

Jane couldn’t laugh anymore, she hooked her fingers at the big golden lion: “Honey, come out with me.”

The golden lion covered his ears with his paws and buried his head on the ground. No no no no, he didn’t hear anything.

Jane expressionlessly walked up to the golden lion, grabbed his thick skin, and dragged the golden lion out sideways.

Baby Mingyou puffed hard through his nose, waved his small fists and said, “Beat, him!”

Arthur the cat pretended to be sympathetic, and his voice was super loud: “Brother! I knew why you did it now! Is electrotherapy interesting?!”

The golden lion secretly swore in his heart that he would still dare when Jane was on a business trip! He couldn’t believe that he couldn’t control these two brats!

Zong Qing smiled and watched his nephew and daughter-in-law lovingly bully his nephew, then walked up to the big tiger and knelt down, patted the tiger’s head: “Dabai, are you still feeling well?”

The white tiger roared: “Don’t call me Dabai!”

“Bai, uncle, good, cat!” Baby Mingyou tried to praise the white tiger.

The white tiger growled: “I’m not a cat!”

Zong Qing pinched the white tiger’s round ears: “It’s great, Dabai has become a good elder.”

The white tiger roared: “Don’t praise me like a child!” Although he growled loudly, his tail was raised high, and the tip of his tail was still drawing circles.

Zong Qing smiled so hard that the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes deepened. Baby Mingyou stretched out his short hands vigorously, trying to touch Zong Qing’s face.

Zong Qing lowered his head and approached Baby Mingyou: “What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Baby Mingyou’s warm, chubby hands touched the corners of Zong Qing’s eyes, rubbed them, and rubbed them again.

“He probably saw that you were a little tired, so he massaged you.” Arthur explained for Mingyou, “Although he doesn’t have a complete memory now, in the future, he has a good relationship with you, so he was very close to you.”

Arthur paused, and said: “In order to take care of Uncle Dabai, who had become irritable and withdrawn due to spirit beast paralysis, you became the first batch of local spirit beast masters in the Star Alliance under his apprenticeship.”

Zong Qing smiled and said: “So, Mingyou is still my master. He is amazing.”

Baby Mingyou withdrew his chubby hands, put them on both sides of his body, and tried to puff up his chest: “Wow, bad!”

“Yes, yes, you are the most powerful.” Arthur arched forward, and if his body size was not enough, used his abilities to help Mingyou straighten up.

The big white tiger snorted. This time there was no shouting about the word “paralyzed”.

In the big cat family, apart from the poor golden lion who failed to escape, only the white tiger and Zong Qing still dedicated their careers to work for the Star Alliance, and their status in the Star Alliance was also the highest.

In order to recommend the new spirit animal science, and to allow Arthur to get in touch with government affairs in advance, the emperor and queen discussed with Arthur and told Zong Qing and the white tiger the truth.

Zong Qing was a person with a strong sense of responsibility. Like Jane, he was the “conscience” of the entire big cat family. When he knew his mistakes, even if the “future” of this world had not yet arrived, he fell into pain and self-blame.

Baby Mingyou saw the pain hidden under Zong Qing’s smile. The child’s mind made him not know how to comfort Zong Qing. He could only imitate the little black cat rubbing when he was angry with the big orange cat, doing that for Zong Qing. .

Zong Qing picked up baby Mingyou, and he quickly hugged Zong Qing’s head, rubbing his chubby and soft face against the latter’s rough face. Fine, the beard stubble was a bit painful, don’t worry about it, let’s rub again. He won’t be sad if you rub it. Baby Mingyou regarded himself as a little black cat that could relieve all worries.

“Mingyou is really cute.” Zong Qing finally showed a sincere smile, “It’s great to have you in the future.”

“Well, there will be me and Mingyou in the future, so don’t worry too much, Auntie.” Arthur the cat stretched lazily, “The future is not your fault, and the Star Alliance is not your responsibility alone.”

Zong Qing straightened his waist and said: “I know. But the Star Alliance is also not your responsibility alone.”

Arthur sneered: “I never thought that the Star Alliance was my responsibility alone. I always have comrades by my side.”

The white tiger said angrily: “Stop talking! It’s my responsibility! It’s all my fault!”

As he was talking, he actually burst into tears, and rolled over while crying: “I just can’t accept that I am paralyzed, I just want Zong to accompany me, how do I know that little bastard will turn bad in the future, it’s all my fault!”

Seeing the big white tiger crying, Zong Qing was not surprised, but was very relieved: “He can roll on the ground, it seems that he has recovered well.”

Arthur the cat was proud: “That is right. Although not as good as Mingyou, I still know the basic common sense of spirit beast care. I also have the power of heart. Although I haven’t tried it, in terms of knowledge reserves, I can be regarded as a qualified spirit beast teacher.”

The white tiger howled for a long time, but found that no one paid attention to his crying, so he took out a large towel from the space backpack and wiped his face indiscriminately, then stopped crying.

No one will coax him when you cry, so why cry? This old Zong really didn’t wink, and he didn’t coax him. The white tiger thought angrily. But after knowing what happened in the future, the tiger was indeed regretful, sad and guilty. So although he was upset, he didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Arthur glanced contemptuously at the white tiger. This big cat uncle was willful, irritable, conceited, and had a bad temper. It was all spoiled by Aunt Zong Qing.

“Let’s work hard together. When the Zergs invade in the future, don’t you want to go to the battlefield again?” Zong Qing hugged Mingyou with one hand, and touched the white tiger’s ear with the other.

The big white tiger’s ears moved, and he turned his head: “Yes. I must go to the battlefield.”

“Then listen carefully to Arthur and Mingyou.” Zong Qing smiled softly.

Although Zong Qing was the first marshal of the Star Alliance who was not a spirit beast, and the only iron-blooded soldier who took the protagonist’s template that Arthur admired when he was a child, when he was facing his family, especially the grumpy big white cat. Zong Qing was always as gentle as water.

The white tiger put his head into Zong Qing’s arms, grunting in his throat. So what if there were juniors watching? The big cat doing its own thing just wanted to act like a baby in the arms of his owner, purring. He hasn’t had any time with Zong Qing for several months, and the big white cat urgently needed to supplement.

Baby Mingyou stretched out a chubby hand, squeezed and pulled.

The white tiger suddenly raised his head from Zong Qing’s arms and roared: “Little brat! Don’t pull my ears!”

Baby Mingyou laughed so much that saliva flowed from the corner of his mouth, and he continued to tug.

The white tiger was so angry that the fur on his tail blew up: “I told you to let go! Go grab your little black cat!”

Baby Mingyou sucked his saliva, and said seriously: “It hurts, no.”

The big white tiger was very unhappy. You know it hurts to pull one’s ear? Then why was he pulling his ears!

“Old Zong!” The white tiger begged for help aggrieved.

Zong Qing put baby Mingyou on the big white tiger’s head with a smile: “Come on, grab Dabai’s ears with both hands and ride the tiger.”

Baby Mingyou lay on the white tiger’s head, pinched his ears with two chubby hands, and rubbed the back of the tiger’s head with saliva: “Drive!”

Drive your head! The big white tiger was angry, he was completely angry. Old Zong, how could he do this? How could he treat him as a toy to coax children?

Arthur cat jumped on top of the big white tiger and squatted down, raising a paw: “Uncle Dabai rush!”

These annoying ghosts! Roaring, the big white tiger tried to stand upright, dragging its half-paralyzed body, and moved forward step by step.

Zong Qing accompanied the white tiger for a slow walk at home, the smile lines in the corners of his eyes deepened. Dabai really liked the little black cat and Mingyou. He had not seen his big cat so happy in several years.

Corresponding to the harmonious interior, there were continuous flashes of lightning and thunder in the courtyard, as well as lion screams.

“Look at your virtue! Even a baby is bullied!”

“My wife, I was wrong! I don’t dare anymore!”

“Snatch the baby’s bottle? Huh? Do I need your stutter?!”

“I just robbed, didn’t drink… Ouch, ouch, I was wrong, I was really wrong, I will never rob again!”

“Still scaring the children, your age is already on the dog?!”

“I’m a cat, not a dog. No, I’m not a cat either, I’m a lion…Ahhhhh!”

“Shouldn’t we come to His Highness rescue at this time?” A half-grown gray wolf shivered under the courtyard wall.

The half-sized polar bear covered his eyes with a bear paw, but the paw was so small that it only covered half of the eye.

“Hey! I’m asking you! Shall we run away?” The wolf bit the bear.

The polar bear touched the bitten place, the skin was thick and fleshy, and it didn’t hurt: “Wait a minute, the thunder and lightning have weakened, and the violence will soon be over.”

Wolf: “…” Didn’t this stupid bear seem very familiar? How many times had he peeked at the queen’s violence towards the emperor? He always felt that his evaluation of the stupid bear should be changed. This stupid bear seemed to have a bit of a bad taste.

“Why did you have to come today?” The wolf said, dissatisfied.

The stupid bear was the queen’s younger brother, and he would not be punished if he was caught. He was an outsider watching embarassment, okay?

“Marshal Zong is coming today,” said the white bear.

Wolf: “…Why didn’t you say it earlier.” Wait! Even if he was made into a gray wolf cushion by His Majesty the Emperor, it would be worth the wait!

The polar bear scratched his head: “Isn’t this a surprise for you?”

The gray wolf and white bear sat in a row, bravely witnessing His Majesty the Emperor of the Star Alliance being struck by lightning. A star-chasing boy was fearless!


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