IPMH Chapter 38

The straightforward man directly called Su Xing. “Sun is really strong, be careful of heat stroke in the mountains.”

Su Xing listened to the concerned voice, looked at the violent sun and spoke honestly. “No worries, the sun was stronger at noon. It’s much better now.”

Yu Feng imagined the scene and the atmosphere worsened, “What did you say?” Go up the mountain to work at noon?

“Yeah…” Su Xing was afraid to speak since he felt the homeowner was a tad fierce.

Yu Feng had a dark expression. “Go back.” Then he thought of something important and asked in a deep voice, “How much have you dug out?”

Su Xing could not help but think that Mr. Feng was really concerned about his working life. “Forty pounds, not as much as I dug out last time.” That was why he wanted to dig for longer.

Yu Feng had no idea what to say, but sounded extremely patient. “Go back, however much you sell those for, I will buy them.”

“Ah?” Su Xing pointedly refused. “If you buy it all, what would the guests do?”

“….” Yu Feng did not understand the market and he still wanted to buy.

“If you want to eat, I’ll leave you a little.” Su Xing smiled, “There is no need to pay me for that.”

In other words, his mystery friend’s business was doing well? Yu Feng opened then closed his mouth, and stopped interfering with his friend trying to live his life.

“Well, I’m heading back. Bye Mr. Feng.” Su Xing whispered.

Yu Feng nodded his head, “Yes, bye.”

Disturbing others while they were making money was not polite, but Yu Feng’s heart started when he heard his mysterious friend say he would return home immediately.

An hour later, Su Xing dragged his tired body home. His hands, feet and shoulders were not in pain, just a little red. Su Xing did not care and just rubbed his shoulders. He felt his adaptability was good. He would be done once he recorded the buyer information.

Then he took some yams and kudzu root and went up to the second floor in order to cook dinner for two people. While cooking dinner, his phone once again rang with another message.

Su Xing thought it was the homeowner sending a message, but started after he wiped his hands. “Mr. Han?”

It was Mr. Han’s number and it hung up after a bit. Since coming back from Beijing, they had not spoken since the initial phone call.

Then Mr. Han texted: [Su Xing, summer vacation is here. Do you want to come visit Beijing and play?]

Su Xing saw the contents of the message and was shocked, summer vacation had arrived? The words evoked his memories of university life. He held onto his cell phone for a while.

Then he carefully replied: [Thank you Mr. Han, but I have no plans to travel during summer vacation.]

Han Muzhen received Su Xing’s reply and was not pushy: [Okay, if you want to come, you can always tell me. I was sad that I was too slow last time.]

After contacting Su Xing a couple times, Han Muzhen more or less knew that this young man was not an ordinary youth as he had imagined. Although he was simple, his defenses were strong.

Impervious to sword or spear, and insoluble with oil or salt. A person simply could not get close. So he took a break from going further and just treated this like catching up with an acquaintance.

Su Xing looked at the words and felt heavy because he was not very good at socializing with others. In particular, Mr. Han was a professional man. On the surface he seemed courteous, but likely did not sincerely socialize with many people. Su Xing did not like that.

In contrast, the homeowner was much better. Although his mouth was not polite, and he often put on an unhappy expression, but he was a good person.

Su Xing thought about the homeowner’s good points and quickly answered Mr. Han: [Hmm, I’m cooking dinner. Let’s talk next time Mr. Han.]

Han Muzhen was speechless looking at this reply seemingly not in the theme of a university student. All he could say was that Su Xing was a special person.

On the side, the pot filled with ribs and yam was bubbling away. Steam contained the scent of meat and wafted towards Su Xing. He showed a mouth-watering expression with bright eyes. After five minutes, it would be time to eat!

At this moment, Yu Feng opened the door to smell an incredibly fragrant scent after getting home late from work to accommodate his friend who had farm work. As the smell entered his lungs, a feeling of warmth soothed Yu Feng’s heart.

He could not say why, but he thought it was nice to have someone cook dinner for him after work. “You…” He opened his mouth then closed it, because he realized he did not know his mystery friend’s name.

The boss’s style had always been simple and rough. He directly took out his phone and called Su Xing. “What’s your name?”

Su Xing’s whole person was shy. “Eh..?”

Yu Feng softened up his tone. “My name is Yu Feng.”

With a short pause, Su Xing could not keep up with Yu Feng’s rhythm and quickly introduced himself. “My name is Su Xing…” Right after Su Xing covered his mouth and wanted to melt into the floor.

“Su what?” Yu Feng did not hear clearly and asked again on the phone.

Su Xing blinked and thought up an alias. “Su Chen!”

A very rural name crisply entered Yu Feng’s ear. He unintentionally comforted his friend. “Your name is cute.” He discontinued that line of thought and asked, “Is dinner ready? It smells great.”

Su Xing spoke, “It’s done and on the table. You can go eat.”

“Okay.” Yu Feng hung up. Then he walked over to see what smelled so delicious.

When Yu Feng saw that it was the yams that his mysterious friend Su Chen had dug from the mountain, he raised his eyebrow and felt a sour feeling in his heart. It felt a bit unpleasant. Yu Feng thought about how silly Su Chen was.

The silly Su Chen’s ears were red and his hands were warm. He coughed and went into the kitchen to gnaw on the meat and bones.

Yu Feng had sharp ears and could hear the sound of bones being thrown into the trash can from inside the kitchen. His muscles tensed and he felt something itching inside his heart. But he was motionless without any thought of peeking. Even if there were, they would be violently shredded!

He did not want to peek in the past because he was afraid of scaring Su Chen away. With that, Su Xing quietly finished his meal and was ready to take a bath and sleep.

His face flushed when he thought about bathing. He had not used hot water for several days and instead used soap and well water. Tonight, he was so tired that he wanted to take a hot bath. Since he wanted to take a warm bath, he had to speak with Yu Feng.

Su Xing texted Yu Feng: [Mr. Feng, I’d like to take a hot bath in your bathroom later. Do you mind? And I’m sorry, I used it before…]

Yu Feng saw the text message, his eyebrow rose and he generously replied: [I don’t mind, feel free to use it.]

Su Xing: [Thank you!]

The two short words really showed Su Xing’s joy. Such an easily satisfied person. Yu Feng read the message and shook his head, but his mouth curled into a smile.

Su Xing, who was allowed to use the homeowner’s bathroom, joyfully went downstairs to grab a wash basin containing his toiletries, toothbrush and so on. He also had a clean pair of pants on his shoulder.

Su Xing hummed songs in the bath. Yu Feng could not hold back and approached the bathroom and listened with a complicated expression. Of course, he could not hear Su Xing’s singing, only the sound of water falling on the floor. It was a sign that someone was actually taking a bath.

This was a strange thing that could not be explained by science. But Yu Feng did not care much. After listening for a while, Yu Feng went back to his study to deal with work.

But after he sat down, some suspicious thoughts appeared in his mind. For example, Su Xing and Su Chen, the two names were almost abnormally similar. Also the first time he called Su Chen, he thought his voice seemed a little similar…like the newbie from the game.

But such a coincidence would be impossible. Yu Feng shook his head and felt his imagination was so wild that he associated random people together.

Su Xing was so tired that evening that he went downstairs to sleep after taking a bath and reading a book. Before going to bed, he sent a message to the homeowner: [I’m going to bed. Mr. Feng if you feel hungry, you can eat the rib soup in the fridge. Good night.]

As soon as he got home from work, Yu Feng responded: [I know, good night.]

Su Xing could imagine Yu Feng’s expression, someone serious about work frowning at the sound of a text message, then replying on his phone. His expression must not be good! But he still sincerely replied good night.

Why did Mr. Feng feel a little cute?

Su Xing thought about it and ran his hands through his hair. Then he pulled up his thin quilt to cover up and avoid mosquito bites in the night.

But Su Xing was unfortunate. When he woke up the next morning to wash his face, he found a big red dot on his cheek. Swollen and bulging like a hill.

Su Xing poked it with his finger. It was painful, itchy and even secreted an unknown substance.

The sad youth sent the homeowner a text message for help: [Mr. Feng, do you have anti-inflammatory ointment? My face has a big mosquito bite.]

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