IPMH Chapter 2

If he had suddenly of the house’s situation, Su Xing might have been scared to death. But through his father’s disclosure, he had learned of the rules and circumstances of the house, but in the past, he did not believe it was true.

It was said that the things in the house were free for him to use and the other side would not be affected at all. Unless one was seeking death and picked up things in front of the other inhabitants.

Thinking of that, Su Xing looked at the pair of slippers on his feet and quickly returned them, lest the owner comes back and see a pair of slippers walking around.

Su Xing pulled his suitcase and walked barefoot to open a door. It was the master bedroom so he closed it in disappointment since he could not use it for himself.

Then he opened the door next to the master bedroom. He continued to be disappointed as it was a study.

Next, the gym, a cloakroom…There were no other bedrooms in such a large house.

But the European-style cloakroom was spacious and beautiful, Su Xing could not help but open his suitcase and hang his luggage on it.

Then he took out a set of pajamas and washing tools and floated like a cloud over to find the bathroom.

It was as Su Xing thought, the bathroom of the house was also stunningly luxurious. There was everything one needed to wash up inside.

But Su Xing did not take advantage, he had brought his own and was intending on using them.

At this time he was also worried about leaving traces behind the bath, would it not make the owner suspicious?

While Su Xing was bathing, he recalled his father’s words, this was a unilateral space overlap, so only one side could share everything.

No matter what he did over here, the other would not notice.

Unless he took the initiative to show himself, using resources to leave a message to communicate. But his father said if he did not want to get captured for research, it was best not to do it.

“Using this side’s resources…” Su Xing muttered. “Is it like this?” He pointed his finger at the misty water, but it soon blurred.

Besides, he also remembered his father saying that there was a no-go zone in the house. This exclusion zone was the center of the area’s eye and the only perceptible area there.

After the bath, Su Xing looked at the time, it was 9:30 pm. By now, the owner of the house still had not come back.

Su Xing took out his reading lamp in the living room while turning off all the lights in the house.

For the time being, he dared not invade the bedroom so he had to lie on the sofa. He thought about when the homeowner would come back while reading a paperback he had brought.

Plus running around for a day was really too tiring. Su Xing had only read two pages of the book before he had to fight against closing his eyes and falling asleep.

Who knew how long it took before Su Xing confusedly smelled strong wine and the sound of low coughing.

He was awakened by the sound. He sat up from the sofa and saw a tall figure sitting at his feet. The coughing sound had come from the man.

Su Xing immediately turned on his small lamp and saw the other party lift a watch-covered wrist to cover his mouth while coughing. The other hand was still holding a lit cigarette….

Su Xing’s eyebrows furrowed, after all, he abhorred smoking.

“Cough…” The next second, the man picked up a cup of water and poured himself a mouthful. He continued smoking while alternating with silent sips.

No matter how one looked, it was very decadent.

Su Xing was very puzzled with the man’s appearance. He looked young, only in his early twenties, richly dressed with the aura of a successful person, his physical appearance was also very good. What was wrong with his life to cause him to drink into the night?

Su Xing rubbed his eyes and took out his phone to check the time. It was one o’clock in the morning, quite late.

*Knock, knock*

He knocked on the table twice and found that the other side did not respond. Therefore it showed that any noise he made would not spread.

In other words, if he used things from this side, any noise could be heard. After determining this matter, Su Xing unscrupulously put on shoes, grabbed his light and decided to change places to sleep.

This time it was the bedroom carpet. After all, he guessed that the owner would be staying in the living room for a while.

But before he could lay down, the house owner tumbled inside, drunkenly lying motionless on the ground.

Su Xing was speechless.

How to say, he was a kind-hearted person. His heart was moved seeing that the other party was still wearing socks and shoes with no personal care.

“Fine, just take it as my rent.” After a while, he muttered and made sure that the other person was asleep. He walked over and helped him take off his shoes, socks, trousers, untie his belt and cover with a quilt.

Thinking about it, Su Xing ran back to the bathroom for a hot towel and wiped the homeowner’s face and hands.

After finishing that, he returned with his lamp to the soft and comfortable sofa. The busy Su Xing then slept until dawn.

The next morning, Su Xing woke up to the sound of chirping birds outside the window.

Bird cries? He wondered how there could be birds making noise.

Puzzled, Su Xing checked with sleepy eyes only to find that the window was not closed. He immediately got up to stand beside the window. His first sight was of continuous lush mountain peaks and the second was a river like a jade belt.

Such natural scenery was too beautiful, Su Xing could not help clap his hands and take deep breaths. But….he found that standing inside the house made it unable to breathe the air outside. He could only feel the fresh and cool river breeze by reaching out.

“That’s great…” Su Xing looked at everything in front of him and exclaimed from the bottom of his heart.

Thinking of his father seeing such beautiful scenery when he was young, it was a bittersweet moment.

“Thank you for guiding me back, I think I’ll find myself here….” Su Xing whispered with a smile of anticipation for the future. He went towards the bathroom to wash up.

But…when he looked inside the owner’s bedroom, he found the other still sleeping so there were no obstacles to getting his things done.

Yesterday, he was afraid that there would be nothing at home, so he brought a lot of bread and dried goods.

At this moment, those things were being placed in the house, which was empty except for wine in the refrigerator.

Su Xing took out some bread and milk and used the owner’s microwave to heat them up. The smell of food stimulated the hungry young man. It was a scent only he could smell since the food was prepared on his side. Unless….he used the exclusion zone.

While eating milk with bread, Su Xing thought about the problems related to that zone and what his father said. Things could be passed through that zone, but only fools would expose themselves.

Indeed, using the no-go zone to pass bread and milk was a silly idea. Su Xing comforted himself, he should not worry. The other party could afford to live in such a luxurious suite, how could he lack food and drink.

After spending twenty minutes eating breakfast, Su Xing was refreshed and ready to go.

When he left, he was still uneasy, so he poured a glass of water and left it near the bed. He hoped that the other would not wake up with a headache.

Su Xing locked the second-floor door and went downstairs to see the old furniture. It looked destitute due to no visits for a long time.

But Su Xing did not give up. He was ready to transform the place into a comfortable and livable home. Before that, he would go into town to buy cleaning tools.

When Su Xing walked through the early morning forest, he realized that he really needed a mode of transport, preferably one that could load things.

Soon an hour passed while Su Xing enjoyed the surrounding scenery and breathed in the fresh mountain air.

Su Xing looked at the self-built buildings, almost all had at least two floors. It was evident that the village people’s lives were no longer as hard as before.

He heard that there was a highway nearby ten years ago. Many companies had moved their factories nearby which benefited the villagers who had to live in the area. But as a result, the environment was damaged by pollution. It could be only said that there were advantages and disadvantages.

“Uncle Wang? Are you there?” Su Xing asked in front of the village head’s door while carrying his shoulder bag. He saw Wang Hanxiong’s vehicle was still parked in the yard and breathed a sigh of relief.

Every morning, Wang Hanxiong’s small car would drive to the village shop and pick up passengers to fill any empty seats. A trip could earn dozens of dollars.

Then pull some repeat customers then continue ferrying people back to the village. If there were enough customers, he could make up to three round trips a day.

In the past, these guests were the old and children from the village, almost all of whom were familiar faces. Suddenly among the women and children, there was a new young man of eighteen or nineteen, so everyone looked at him.

Su Xing sat quietly with a mask and did not speak. When he got off the car, he finally asked the driver. “Uncle Wang, do you know where they sell tricycles?”

Wang Hanxiong asked in surprise. “You want to buy a  tricycle? A new one of second-hand?”

Su Xing had not considered these questions and was quiet.

“If you’re buying one second-hand, I will take you to buy one.” Wan Hanxiong saw that the child had a blank expression and waved him to get back on. “A new tricycle sells for about three or four thousand dollars. Uncle will take you to buy one 89% new, the cheapest will be around one thousand, don’t spend wrongly.”

Su Xing saw that this simple uncle was a warm-hearted person. He smiled and nodded. “Okay, thank you, uncle Wang.”

Next, with Wang Hanxiong’s guidance, Su Xing met with boss Li in charge of used vehicles. There were indeed two blue tricycles that almost looked new.

Su Xing followed Wang Hanxiong’s advice and bought the one that looked better. The price was $1500. Although it was a little expensive, it was a lot cheaper than the price of a new one.

After finishing the transaction, Wan Hanxiong suddenly asked, “Little brother, can you drive a tricycle?”

“No.” Su Xing answered as his eyes glowed with a soft light. “But I can learn.”

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  1. Thanks for the translation!

    I’m pretty sure they’re talking about motorized tricycles, like a cargo trike or something similar. I looked it up, and something like this [ http s:// cn. made-in-china. com /gongying/wanfdakcpj-hognDLzkXBWq. html ] costs 3800 Yuan new. So his (used) is even more expensive!

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    1. Your translations are amazing, so glad you picked this one up! I really love ones that don’t immediately jump into the relationships so I think I will really enjoy this one, please keep translating when you can :)!


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