IPMH Chapter 1

Su Xing left the consultation room. He unwittingly looked up at the bright starry sky and felt his eyes start to water.

Fortunately, he had just cried in front of Dr. Fang, so he closed his eyes and held back the tears.

In general, Su Xing was a positive and optimistic person.

Before the death of his only loved one, he was passionate about life.

Until the day his father passed away, he who was once full of energy became like a deflated balloon. His state of being turned worse by the day.

His university course grades were also affected and his heart was like a void.

At first, Su Xing thought that it was too soon and he would soon bounce back. Only to later realize that this inability to face the feelings of life was called depression.

The only difference was that Su Xing knew that he was not well so he actively cooperated with the doctor’s instructions to get better.

To this end, Su Xing deliberately registered on a lot of social platforms and strove to chat with internet friends along with learning and polishing his skills like cooking.


Half a year had already passed.

Su Xing could not find the motivation to persist in this empty city.

Today was his last in-person appointment at the clinic for the doctor’s treatment because he had decided to take a temporary break from school and return to his father’s hometown for a while.

The reason why the mood was more emotional was Su Xing felt uncomfortable thinking about only being able to communicate with the doctor through video or telephone.

“You know, in front of people you know and trust, you slowly develop a feeling of dependence, which leads to relations. As long as the links are deep enough, you won’t feel like there is no meaning in the world.” Dr. Fang tried to give Su Xing a suggestion. “In fact, if you are not against it, you can find someone to love…”

Su Xing could hear that the doctor was not certain so he had mixed feelings.

After all, in today’s society, married couples could divorce within minutes, let alone thinking of love.

If Su Xing really fell in love in order to recover, then the other party broke up, would it not cause twice the harm?

Then Dr. Fang added. “Or find the right environment, that would work as well.”

Everything that Su Xing had tried had been of no use.

Later, he thought about his father’s original house in his hometown, that he had inherited from his father as a legacy.

Speaking of that old house, there was also a fantasy-like story.

When Su Xing was a child, he listened to his father tell that in the 1970s, his grandfather specially asked a feng shui master to read the land but not to seek the convenience of life.

After all, Su Xing was still young so his memory was a bit foggy. The rooms did not require furniture, opening a door leading to another’s home and they could share.

But the contents could only be used inside and not brought out for sale.

Su Xing remembered but also thought that his father was telling tales to fool him as a child, so he did not care.

He wanted to go back to his hometown. Firstly to leave this empty city and secondly, since his father had lived in the town for several years, it was also a memory.

After making this decision, Su Xing quickly went through the school break procedures.

There was also an empty house here, with four rooms and more than 50 square feet. His father had scrimped and saved to buy this home.

If he advertised it for renting, he could charge more than ten thousand dollars a month.

In this way, he also had a source of income in his hometown while also saving a lot of money.

Su Xing calculated this and his eyebrows that had been pinched for days revealed a rare sense of relaxation.

Next was packing up and Su Xing looked forward to it. Everything seemed better than when he had no goal in mind.

In order to return home early, the next morning Su Xing booked a high-speed rail ticket.

On the high-speed rail, he opened a video platform that he had not been on for a while. He found several netizens asking about a cooking video that he had previously recorded.

All that was left was leaving comments.

“…” Su Xing felt a little puzzled because most of the comments were not about the dish and instead were about how his hands looked and how his face must look like.

The introverted and shy Su Xing replied to a few messages that were asking about his current situation.

He then turned on the camera and recorded his masked face. He slowly pulled down the mask and began to speak, his voice clear yet not loud. “It’s six o’clock in Beijing. I have boarded the high-speed train back home, it will arrive in about four hours…..Fortunately, my mood is a little happy today. Though I am worried about if I can have a good time in my hometown on my own. I think…I can, I will get better. Fight.”

Speaking as if dictating a diary entry, Su Xing got his point across.

Following Dr. Fang’s advice, he tried to think less about things so that he could fall asleep.

Because as soon as Su Xing’s mind started wandering, he would panic, feeling lonely having nowhere under heaven or earth to call home.

While feeling lonely, he would also remember times between father and child.

That is to say, no one in the world would know who Su Xing came across those images.

Without noticing, Su Xing started to tear up again.


Su Xing held his backpack and secretly cried for a while. Afterward, he leaned against the chair and dozed for more than an hour. He was woken up by the urge to visit the bathroom.

He got up and went to the bathroom. Then he looked out of the window until he arrived at the station.

It was May, one of the most comfortable months of the year in the southern cities.

Su Xing got off at the north station and made a long-distance bus ride back to the remote country town.

Coupled with the various turns and congestion on the road, by the time he arrived at the village, the sky had started to darken.

Su Xing got out and looked at the completely foreign place. His legs started to feel soft.

The uncle that brought him over asked, “ Where’s your house? Uncle will help you bring your luggage.”

While in the car, the driver pulled Su Xing in conversation and knew that the eye-catching little brother was actually a local and had a house here.

The uncle driver was also a local, his name was Wang Hanxiong. He lived in the small second floor above the village head.

In fact, Su Xing did not have that much luggage, only a backpack, and suitcase. He remembered that his father said that he could not bring people home. He shook his head and pulled his mask, “No thank you uncle, I can walk over.”

At that time, Su Xing did not know that it would take a whole hour for him to walk from the village to his house.

While experiencing the darkness and flares, the mountain winds and the sounds of animals, the twenty-year-old Su Xing lost some heart.

But he was not willing, he worked hard today to arrive, so there was no room to back down?

He steeled his mind and walked through the weedy path using his mobile phone as a flashlight.

In order to give himself some courage, Su Xing awkwardly opened his mouth to sing part of a Yiyong army song.

When he sang it for the fifth time, the paved path finally came to an end.

Fortunately, a good-looking house stood in the dark in front of Su Xing.

There were two floors with a large yard.

Su Xing gasped at the house in front of him. He felt some embarrassment along with a faint sense of achievement in his heart.

He smiled and thought, it was not wrong to change his environment. This was the first battle.

He found a bunch of keys in his backpack to open the copper lock on the yard door. However, he found the door was very heavy so pushing it was a little hard.

After Su Xing’s entrance, he carefully locked the door to prevent any beasts from entering.

Seriously, in these deserted mountains, what person would not be afraid?

Though Su Xing was not afraid of death, he decided without hesitation to set up house.

Excuse me….

He opened the second door, which was unsurprisingly made of dark wood.

Thank goodness there were no harsh odors, just a bit of mold due to the lack of ventilation.

Su Xing swept his phone flashlight and saw some furniture shadows. He did not pay too much attention as he was looking near the wall for a switch.

“Ah.” After feeling around, he began to wonder. “Will there be electricity in the wilderness?”

Sure enough, there were no light switches on the walls.

But Su Xing did not care, he followed what his father said and brought his suitcase to the second floor. He found a door at the entrance to the second floor.

This time, Su Xing took a deep breath and then opened the door with minimal trembling.

First of all, there was no moldy smell, instead the faint taste of air freshener.

Su Xing had some doubts as he edged towards the wall to casually press the switch. A small lamp lit up the mysterious area.

Su Xing was stunned now that he could see everything before coming back to himself.

What did he see?

He saw a stylish and beautifully decorated suite which should only appear in first and second class cities. He could barely believe his eyes.

In order to prove that they were not illusions, Su Xing immediately opened the exquisite shoe cabinet next to him. There were rows of brand-new leather shoes, sports shoes, and others. All were for men without exception.

“…” In a trance, Su Xing lifted a pair of leather shoes and flipped them. The soles had forty-three centimeters written on them, unsuitable for his own feet that were forty centimeters.

But the slippers would fit so he took a pair while leaving his sneakers inside the shoe cabinet.

He closed the door and dragged the suitcase into the luxurious living room. He saw on the sofa with a thoughtful look.

He felt the sofa was very comfortable but the place seemed as if no one had cleaned the place for a couple of years…

Su Xing rubbed his silly face and finally believed what his father had said about those fantasy-like things, it was all true.

There was actually such an incredible space overlap in this world.

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  1. Thanks for the translation!

    Just FYI, the main character’s name is actually Su Xingchen, not Su Xing… maybe the translator decided to rename the character to make it easier to remember?


  2. Thank you for sharing this story with us 🙏❤️🌻
    This sentence seems odd ‘ He saw on the sofa with a thoughtful look.‘


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