Chapter 249 Digging a Pit

Yan Fei saw that Luo Xun had a headache from heating the mushroom juice in the traps and advised, “We can also dig tunnels, we can discuss the specifics later and should not be too difficult. We have to dig the trap.”

“Yes, we’ll dig traps for the next few days.” Luo Xun thought for a while and raised his spirits. “In a few days, most of the food should be harvested. Afterwards, we will concentrate on the traps.”

The recent weather was getting colder by the day. Since entering September, the temperature outside had dropped with the rain and wind. It was now October, do not look at them basking in the sun, the temperature outside was actually cold.

Migratory birds flew overhead for nearly a week and later the birds in the sky became sparse and scattered. This week, the two silly wolves had rushed back with the bodies of four mutant birds.

Luo Xun opened the bird’s skull, removed the feathers and stored the carcasses. Seeing the different core colors, they were doubtful that the four birds had been caught by these two idiots? Or had they died at the hands of other animals only to be picked up by the two of them?

But since the prey itself was very fresh and the death wounds were indeed teeth marks, perhaps the two had grown up and could hunt their own mutant animals.

While looking suspiciously at the two, Luo Xun processed the birds and froze them. These two would sometimes come back with prey, fur and even strange things they thought were precious. Luo Xun had no choice but to dig out a bedroom for them in the tunnel, which allowed them to store some of these “treasures” and sleep there at night.

Of course, the bedroom was dug up after Luo Xun and team had gathered more metal and added more space to the basement.

Now each basement floor had a few more rooms loaded with things or farming equipment. After all, since the number of members increased, their food consumption would naturally increase.

Within a few days, the first batch of food needed to be harvested. This crop from when they originally left the city base. Although the delay of a few days had affected their growth, it seemed that the yield was still very good.

The next batch of grain was expected to ripen in November, or even December. Fortunately, they had remodeled the base and were not afraid of the coming winter. Their insulation was absolutely on par!

This time, half their produced crop was rice, the other was wheat. In addition to that, there was some high quality mutant rice!

The fragrance of golden wheat filled the planting room and everyone’s mood was very good. These two crops totaled around an acre. They started the special harvester that could automatically collect the crop while also packaging it! How convenient!

You had to know, the previous harvest had to be picked manually! Thinking of the misery from last year working hard to harvest the vegetables, then looking at the high-tech machine helping them now, the situation was great!

Although they did not have to deal with harvesting and packaging, they still had to transport, dry and shell the crop. These things were still time-consuming.

It was October 21 for them to finish grinding, shelling and germination. Once the new seedlings were ready, they also had to replace and fertilize the soil and move the plants.

Early in the morning, after checking the latest satellite photos regarding the surroundings, the team finally went out again. They embarked on a journey to dig traps.

The autumn weather…actually the temperature was very low now, especially when the wind was blowing. The nearby trees, flowers and grass were all withered. The road was covered with golden leaves. As they passed the pond, there were no traces of water birds around and even the number of mutant animals was greatly reduced, leaving only leaves scattered everywhere.

The team only drove one electric car this time and they had planned out the traps before leaving: a large circle in the farmland around their base. Yes, before they collected that much metal!

As long as they had enough time, Yan Fei said that all the surrounding area should be surrounded with traps. But considering their caution towards the other bases, they decided to keep a low profile and only set up a circle.

Although they only drove one car, they were followed around with four pure metal “cars”! These contained all the essential materials in order to build the traps.

At the destination, after checking left and right, Yu Xinran started to dig a pit. Now for the level five ability user, digging pits was now laughably easy. Soon after a six or seven meter wide and three meter deep square pit was finished. Yan Fei quickly used some metal to make a large, tightly sealed box sandwiched against the walls.

After placing the lid, they spread sand on top. The large metal box was ready after adding some water.

This trap was not about causing injuries because they had tested many times – mushroom juice could corrode upon skin contact and it did not matter if there were any wounds. What else would they use it for? Wouldn’t it be nice to go back and fill them with mushroom juice?

Traps started with digging a pit and ended with filling and some water. It only took half an hour and part of a metal car. Luo Xun calculated the efficiency and smiled at the team. “So we only need to make ten or so a day and all the traps will be set up before November.”

“We can still make some more.” Yan Fei mentally calculated the amount of metal they had collected.

“Okay, looking at the situation, we’ll come over every morning and we’ll do as much as we can by the end of November.” After all, the temperature will definitely turn cold and they would no longer go out as often – without the grassy trees on the roadside, their outings would become very visible and they might get noticed by the satellite.

Earlier, Luo Xun found a photo of their group when they were going to a nearby place to collect metal. But since the photo was taken when they were away from home, it was not a large issue.

The team became busy, from this day on the Otaku squad went out every morning and afternoon. In the morning after taking care of their crops, they would usually stay for a couple hours before going back for lunch. After the meal around two in the afternoon, they would return for dinner after three hours.

They often went out but led the two wolves along as well. Puppy accompanied the pair in playing around in the area. The others kept watch while Yu Xinran and Yan Fei were digging pits for traps. From time to time they looked over at the three dogs in the distance.

Most of the traps they placed were concentrated in places where there were no mutant plants. If there were plants around, the traps were placed behind them but not as many of them.

At this point, Luo Xun was worried about another thing – cultivating the devil vines.

In fact, he had this idea from a long time ago. But back then they only had a small amount of resources on had and may not have had enough to eat at home. How would he even think about planting devil vines?

Later, they were busy with more things that were not easy to deal with. They had to be careful and not get too close. In short, until now, after harvesting their own grain did Luo Xun bring up the idea. They had to wait until next spring to actually try. But thinking about it, how would they plant it? Where should it be placed to protect their base without affecting the mutant animals?

Ten days later, they had added a few rows to the south along with traps.

It was just that the traps could only affect the ground zombie forces at best. They had to think of other methods later for those in the sky – especially if they were scented and the enemies rushed their base.

These days, the weather was indeed cold, the temperature at night dropped below zero. The base now finally started installing a complete plumbing system.

Yes, the entire underground portion of base, including the walls were inlaid with water pipes. Enough to maintain a certain temperature for the entire base shielding the plants and animals from the cold.

To be honest, the temperature of their new base was actually much better than their previous one. After all, except for the building where they lived, the rest of the place was all-metal, controlling the temperature was not easy!

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  1. I really wonder how the author will wrap all this up. Hopefully Team Otaku will end up an apocalyptic legend, a mystery base full of untold riches, guarded by demonic plants and poison ❤

    Thanks for the chapter!

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