Chapter 248 Harvest Season

The fruit at home was about to ripen and it was gratifying to know that some of the longer-cycle vegetables were beginning to mature. Fortunately, the vegetable and grain harvest periods were not at the same time. They could start now and the farm would get busy. The weather changed between cloudy and sunny every couple of days. The group of people had a headache trying to dry the harvested crops. If not for Song Lingling who could directly drain water in the vegetables, if they could only rely on the sun for drying, who knew how much would actually get done.

Of course, there was a difference in taste between ability dried and sun-dried vegetables. Luo Xun separated the two. If they had the chance they would sell the ones dried by Song Lingling at the exchange market. After the last experience, they would be more careful. These vegetables could also be used for fish and livestock food, so nothing would be wasted.

The weather in September was still sultry. Fortunately the greenhouse and other buildings had cooling equipment. Everyone comfortably nested themselves indoors. After the first wave of vegetable harvest, the team gathered to study the newly received satellite photos. The small bun was on the table mat near Luo Xun moving around.

Yes, Luo Xun and Yan Fei’s “son” was now happily crawling around the table. The baby turned over much later than the average child, but from turning to sitting and crawling, he had rapid progress. He had turned into another creature since crawling and tired himself to sleep.

Yu Xinran took off her shoes and sat on the table to play with him. Of course, for their safety, Yan Fei had previously made metal railing on the edge along with placing a pile of cushions to avoid injury.

“The zombie wave finally left…There aren’t any news from base yet, I don’t know if it has been broken.” The team of people looked at their tablets while discussing.

“If it’s still standing, I expect that there will be news in the next two days. If not, people from other bases will move. The zombie wave is rushing towards…” Luo Xun zoomed in on the map to check, “Here..another base in the south, to the east of the other one.” He looked in surprise. “Are they actually heading for another base in the south?!”

Li Tie looked blankly at Luo Xun. “Seems like it. What’s the matter?”

“….What do zombie waves usually do? One at a time? Generally speaking, don’t they choose a path, go through with the attack and then go away?” Luo Xun summed up his thoughts.

The team exchanged looks, all of which were uncertain. “Maybe…the smell of humans at those two bases is too strong right?”

Luo Xun frowned while Yan Fei placed a hand on his shoulder. “We can look closely at the zombie’s behaviour. See if they only go to the larger bases or if they will target very small bases that are not really known.”

After hearing this, they were all nervous. They looked at each other and Han Li raised his hand. “Yan Fei, how will we see these small bases that the officials don’t know about?”

“If there is a small base, even if the military doesn’t know and can’t be found on a map, the zombies will surround it even if they have to stop for a bit. Of course there is a chance that some bases are too small and would simply get barreled over.”

Yan Fei had a point, if these zombies were only smelling humans and mainly hunting large bases it might be fine. But if these zombies had a designated path to go, it was very likely that they would attack their home base!

Although they were still far away from here, if their lives were threatened, they could not take it lightly!

The golden autumn of September had just passed. In October, the birds had migrated south again from the north, showing a dramatic sight in the sky.

Luo Xun and the others were sitting in the greenhouse, under a grape trellis and lounging in the sun.

This month of time made them exhausted to death. Because there was a zombie wave hanging over their heads like a sword of Damocles, who had the time for entertainment. They also had to deal with the mature crops while strengthening their own base and going out to collect metal.

These days, the team had quickly collected more metal while only eating and resting the minimum.

Fortunately, they had enough lightning rods on base, otherwise, with the amount of metal present, a thunderstorm would blow them all up.

Now, the team had finally stolen a half day’s worth of rest and could finally sit under the lush grapes while sunbathing. They chatted while eating grapes and watching the birds fly by.

Yu Xinran was cheerfully playing with Puppy on the slide. Although there was a play structure in the game room, it was much smaller and shorter so the girl was happier with the current one.

The baby had tired himself out and was sleeping in Luo Xun’s arms. He had a towel in case of drool, but Luo Xun was afraid to move, so he could only let him sleep.

Not too far away, the baby hawks had grown new feathers, but they were obviously smaller than the ones flying past. They also followed Yu Xinran around, although they had learned to run and jump, the flight technique was still not clear to them. They had to stay inside at home as a pet since they could not follow the migratory birds.

There were those two silly dogs not currently on base, who knew where they had wandered. Luo Xun was not worried since they eventually returned in the evening.

“From there to us…there are at least five large bases and they shouldn’t be here before the New Year.” The group leisurely rested while analyzing the zombie wave trends.

The zombie’s speed was much lower than expected. They thought that the group of zombies would probably go to a nearby city but who knew if they would go to all those large and small bases. Since the start, they had been wandering through half of China and had passed through six or seven large bases. Among them, two were destroyed..there might have been more small bases that were destroyed but they could not find definitive evidence so they could only guess.

“They will be delayed at least ten days at each large base, the longest one was nearly twenty days and the shortest was eleven days…” He Qiankun was analyzing while scratching his chin that had grown some stubble. “Adding in travel time, each base would take around a month.” He blinked and looked at Luo Xun. “When are we going to set the traps?”

Luo Xun looked up at the sky. “By the end of this month…”

“So soon?” Everyone was stunned, it would take months before the zombies arrived, why were they setting up things four to five months early?

Luo Xun turned and squinted. “You forget what time it is now?” He pointed upwards.

Li Tie and the others looked up and stared blankly at the flying birds.

Zhang Yi snorted, “It’s October, next month is November.”

Seeing those fools with blank looks, even Yan Fei had to laugh. “Do you remember the weather last November?”

“Last year?” The team thought back…It was snowing heavily! At that time they were still in the city and running around with work everyday…

“Oops! We were so busy that we forgot about it!” The group facepalmed and shook their heads at shirking responsibilities.

“That’s right! It’s only been half a year since we left, how would we have time to think of the past.”

“Right? Remember that? Last year when we had to go to the barracks in the snow.”

The team began to complain while recalling the past. Luo Xun helplessly coughed. “I said – we have to set the traps before the snow. Set them up around and put mushroom juice after the first snow. Just before the zombies arrive we’ll remove the metal lids and unfreeze the liquid.” He frowned, “It’s best to operate remotely but it would be troublesome..”

Mushroom juice can be thawed when heated but if the zombies do not fall in immediately after then it would freeze again! Unless the zombies come after the start of spring next year, that was something they could not control. Although it seemed likely right now.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 248 Harvest Season

  1. Not good. Zombies are evolving too. Is a head zombie leading them? Are they following smell or memorizing base locations they’ve had unsuccessfully attacked before?

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  2. I too feel like the zombies behave strange :’D If it continues like that, our otaku squad and their zoo/farm will be the last humans on earth lol

    Thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! Well, the mystery behind the movement of the zombie hordes has been touched on more than once… I wonder if we’ll ever get a clue before the end of the series, or if they will remain a locust plague type existence? And if they are evolving, what are they evolving towards?

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