Chapter 236 Seeds

“I knew we should have brought more…” Wang Duo could not help but mutter seeing that everything was sold out and people were still asking about the situation.

“Do you want us to do a quick return trip?” Because they were worried about not being able to handle vegetables at home, Luo Xun deliberately controlled the crop yield. They planted a lot of long-term crops that were not yet mature.

Those plants took longer to grow and last longer after harvest.

Zhang Yi walked over with narrowed eyes and poured cold water. “Are you seeking death? Hurrying back to get things, there would obviously be tails. Even if we go back and continue with the stall, we’ll have to deal with a group of people the next time.”

Although the people who came here to put up stalls were from other bases, there were a lot of vehicles together with numerous people. Even if someone wanted to take action, they may not be able to.

But the Otaku squad’s house was not the same. If their cars and pulling goods from outside were found out by others not to mention the A-city base forces, their team would have a target painted on them.

After hearing Zhang Yi’s words, obviously the team calmed down. How could they not when they were thinking of selling things without taking into account their security? If they really went back for more goods to sell, were they not waiting to be robbed?

Luo Xun did not participate in the gossip. He had just finished speaking with people he had previously cooperated with. He asked about the situation at the base before saying goodbye and continuing shopping with Yan Fei.

The market was full of things, more than before they moved out of the A-city base. Strolling through it was even more dazzling. It would be impossible to look through all the stalls in a day. One had to check one by one to carefully distinguish from those that were only publicity or ones selling things.

Luo Xun pulled Yan Fei around for the morning. They only returned with a bamboo basket loaded with many things. They took turns eating some simple food in the car. After wiping their mouths, they exited the car and continued shopping around.

The morning people had left while others were seeing the stalls in the afternoon. The rest were wandering around the market.

Luo Xun roughly counted the remaining goods. “Our sales are quite good.” All the dried vegetables and fruit had been sold. Even many of the metal and straw products as well. If this continued, they would be able to pack and go home when the market closed.

“Luo Xun what are we going to do” Go home or continue?” They were squatting the car’s shadow to avoid being exposed to the sun. The weather was hot and more terrible – the open-air stalls had no air-conditioning! There weren’t even electric fans, even if they had some they dared not bring out their car.

Luo Xun looked the four down and sighed, “Look at the situation.” They actually brought a lot of stuff but the vast majority had been sold. They honestly did not have enough things to insist on selling. It would not be a problem to leave the car in the market and wander around.

But if the car was left outside, they were afraid that there would not be help in the event of an accident.

But thinking again, although there were many things on the market they carefully selected what things to buy. Even if there were two more days, they were afraid it would not be enough…

With the sun above…Luo Xun’s mind felt like it was turning into paste and evaporated by the sun. His brain had been dried to the point of crashing.

Yan Fei could not help but look and rub Luo Xun’s head with a laugh. “Go cool off in the car.” There was still a cooling device in the car. They went to collect goods everywhere and found a small hand-held fans but unfortunately those things mostly used batteries and those were difficult to save. Today’s small fans were USB ones that were accidentally harvested from the computer mall.

Hearing his words, he looked at Luo Xun and remembered those few small fans.

So Luo Xun and He Qiankun climbed into the car, the two hid behind the box loaded with coal while holding the fan to restore energy. Then – Luo Xun silently looked and felt that the heat was as strong as the sun and the small fan had no effect.

The team’s water and wind users were not here. Luo Xun could only use the small fan. After waiting a while, he fell asleep due to the heat.

When Yan Fei came to find him, he saw Luo Xun snoring. He lightly shook to wake him up.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Xun rubbed his eyes and felt his clothes were glued to his body. The electric fan fell to the ground, blowing air upwards.

“They came back and said there was a stall selling seeds.” Don’t look at everyone growing vegetables, they could identify which seeds were relatively healthy and able to germinate. But for professional problems Luo Xun had to identify.

For example, varieties and such.

“What’s the seeds?” Luo Xun perked up while rubbing his eyes and restored his energy.

“I heard it was brought from a base in the south. They seem like cotton seeds.” Yan Fei’s words succeeded in bringing Luo Xun to complete attention. Cotton seeds…that was a good thing! If it was true.

With a little excitement in his heart, Luo Xun hurried out of the car and went to find Xu Mei.

Xu Mei pointed in a direction. “Stall 107, there are several kinds of seeds we have never seen but dare not buy since they are quite expensive.” Seeds were not cheap anywhere on base, not to mention here?

Luo Xun and Yan Fei took some crystal cores and went straight to the stall, waiting for the right moment. There were a few people near the stall and things were in disarray.

After all, no one could be sure what would grow out of a planted seed – especially after the apocalypse.

And how many survivors still alive had worked the fields? Even if something was planted, there was not necessarily the knowledge of the crop and its seeds.

Luo Xun casually approached the stall and bent down to look at the small bags of different seeds.

Color, looked like nothing was wrong. After all he collected information before the end with the corresponding pictures. But he also needed to remember that looks may be deceiving.

Thinking about it, Luo Xun looked at the price tag beside each bag and asked the stall owner. “Can we try the seeds?”

“Try? How are you going to try?” The man choked and asked with an annoyed expression. “Buy or not buy, I don’t have time to wait for you to decide!” Seeds were not like other things, fakes could be seen on the spot. If it was food, Luo Xun would like samples to ensure authenticity. For seeds, it was too difficult to identify good from the bad so the stall had only sold a bit and business was simply too slow.

Luo Xun also did not get angry and smiled while pointing at the small bags in front of him. “I’ll give you a crystal core, give one of each of some seeds.”

The man choked again and stared suspiciously at Luo Xun, did he have a way to check the seeds…was there a plant user in the world? Thinking, he asked, “What will you do?”

“Try it.” Seeds did not have hands or feet, Luo Xun’s method could only distinguish whether the seeds had been cooked or frozen. Unable to think of an answer, the man waved his hand with a dark face. “Go, go, don’t mess around. If you aren’t buying then leave!”

Seeing his attitude, Luo Xun did not have to ask. “No wonder, sure.” Even this apparently uncheap crop seeds were being sold? His stall had a wide variety of seeds, even wheat and rice and other ones needed for daily life.

You know, crop seeds are precious items and many people would rather keep their own seeds than sell. Especially common and high-quality mutant crops.

The man saw Luo Xun taunting him and his face also changed. A few people around him stood him and cracked their fists. It was a power user at least level four.

Only, before they had time to do anything threatening, a few sharp metal knives flew towards their eyes, five centimeters away. If they made a move, their eye was done for…

Cold sweat beaded down the people’s heads. It was too fast! They did not even move and these weapons flew in front of them!

Luo Xun side-eyed the group and turned to Yan Fei with a stomach full of regret. “Let’s go back, I knew this trip would turn out like this.”

As the two men turned away, the metal knives disappeared like they appeared.

“….Those two, who are they?”

“…I don’t know.” Cannot guess at all, they didn’t even see where those knives came from. Like with water and fire abilities…those knives appeared out of thin air. How was that possible? They had never heard of it…

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