Jump #10 – Disney Princess

“Violet” (2019 Film) Jumperpedia

Violet is a 2019 musical adventure filmed and produced by The Benefactor with minimal input from the Jumper. It is a live adaptation of the Jumper and companion’s time at the start of the jump. It stars Sans, Violet, Kurama, Claire and other characters. The plot follows Violet, a hero in training as she befriends Princess Sans and battles the devious Kurama with the help of Claire.

Before the jump, Benefactor announced that they would be filming and using the material for the Jumper Show. It was released after the jump was completed with mostly positive reviews praising the story and music.


Violet is a hero-in-training living in the Forest Kingdom ruled by the royal family. During the spring festival, the king announced that the princess would soon be engaged. At the same time, Violet met and made friends with a guy named Sans. The latter offered to help Violet with some training but Sans was kidnapped by the enchantress Kurama. Violet set off on a journey to rescue her friend from the clutches of evil. With the blessings of her family and the king, Violet set out towards Kurama’s lair. In order to reach the castle, she had to travel a long distance and bypass the haunted forest.

On the way, Violet meets Claire, a wanderer who offered her help in the quest. At first, she was hesitant, at least until they were attacked by Kurama’s goons. Claire gave some tips to Violet which helped defeat the enemies quickly. Soon after, they entered a cave which was supposed to be a shortcut through the woods. It turned out to be a trap and the exit was blocked. Violet tried to break the blockage but did not succeed so Claire prepared a training method so that the hero could gain power enough to continue on their journey. Meanwhile, Sans wakes up in the dungeon and plans an escape, fortunately a minion shows up with the key hanging from its belt.

The pair finally reach Kurama’s lair, however since the front door is locked and guarded, they obviously need to find another way inside. Through a stroke of good luck, Violet receives a note from a forest bird with a clue. She sneaks into the haunted castle while Claire stands guard outside. A short while later, Violet and Sans reunite but the latter has unsettling news, he (the princess) had only been kidnapped as bait for the true target. With whatever that is, Kurama would be granted great power in order to take over the kingdom.

Violet and Sans arrive at the throne room face to face with Kurama. The villain thanks the hero for helping her out with her plan. She turns and reveals an unconscious Claire lying on an altar. Kurama then begins her villainous monologue explaining all the work that went into this moment. With the power contained within Claire, Kurama will be unstoppable and take over the kingdom and then the world.

The final battle commences between the hero and the villain. The fight settles into a stalemate, which Kurama then turns into a monstrous form to try and turn the tables. At first, Violet is overwhelmed, but Sans wakes up Claire, which stops the energy transfer. The heroes are victorious and Kurama is banished to another dimension (mostly by accident when Claire misdirected the remaining energy).

The trio return to the castle on a flying carpet and there was a huge victory celebration. Everyone lived happily ever after (the supposed engagement was forgotten in the revelries). Surprisingly, Violet only learned that her friend Sans was royalty days after the adventure was over.


Benefactor used top of the line invisible floating cameras to follow and record each of the main characters. They used the recordings to create a cohesive and entertaining summary of the adventure for maximum visual enjoyment. As needed time dilation barriers were created so that characters had time to compose songs, those sections were obviously removed from the final version. However select bloopers were included as a bonus for the first edition.


“The Spring Festival” by Everyone
“Journey” by Violet
“Listen and Learn” by Claire
“Stay Strong” by Sans
“The Plan” by Kurama


A sequel was planned but by the time preparations were ready, the Jumper had accidentally pricked her finger on a spindle and fell asleep. As roles were already set and any changes would disrupt continuity, Benefactor was forced to shelve his efforts. Although when interviewed, he said that he enjoyed the other’s unintentionally comedic efforts at waking her up (it took a few years to think of the obvious fairy tale solution).

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Previous Jump – Alice in Wonderland

Jump #10 – Disney Princess

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Origin: Drop-In
Location: Forest Kingdom (castle, villages, haunted forest with ruined castle)

Sing a little song: Burst into song at any time, no stumbling (combined with other song perks)
Sidekick Song: Improve mood and motivation (effect subtle or obvious)
“I Want” Song: By the end of song, will have direct idea of how to achieve goal
Villain Song: enhance magic by communing with darkness (flamboyant=increased effect)
I’ll make a man out of you: Become the best personal trainer ever
Grit your teeth: Push through problems, can be slowed but not stopped
Faking It: consummate actor
Self Sacrifice: Once per jump, survive if you save someone from something that would kill

Flying Carpet: Seats 4, flies at 50 m/hr with steering tassels

Import to Role: 3 companions will take on the roles of Princess, Hero and Villain with some perks
Princess: Sans
-Sing a little song, “I am” Song, Minion Song, Secret Messenger
Hero: Violet
-Sing a little song, “I Want” Song, Grit Your Teeth
Villain: Kurama
-Sing a little song, Villain Song, Monstrous Transformation

Spindled: Halfway through the jump, will fall into death-like sleep and need kiss to wake up

As The Support, I will help the Hero rescue the Princess from the dastardly plot of the Villain.


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