Chapter 234 Commodity Exchange

Luo Xun and the others dared not take too many things with them. On the other hand, they grabbed quite a few crystal cores and stuffed them into the car body. Unless someone forcefully disassembled their car or a metal user removed the outer layer, no one would find out what’s inside.

Even if someone wanted to smash the car to see if anything was hidden, they would have to capable of it! Yan Fei was a strong metal user along that even Zhang Yi and Xu Mei’s joint wind and fireball could not damage, let alone others?

This time all the things they prepared were the Otaku squad’s specialties – a variety of fried vegetables and a small amount of fresh, storable fruit. There were also some pots and pans from Yan Fei. the amount of dried vegetables was the largest, but the overall number was not too much.

They drove out of the gate and closed the door before entering the highway. After a moment, the side of the mountain rumbled and they saw two shadows. Luo Xun had black lines on his head.

These days, although they basically stayed at home and did not go out, the two wolves lived near their home. Since their last cooperation, they had constantly called out to Puppy who barked back.

With all that the group held back their worries and rushed to the gate only to see the two wolves with flattering expressions while wagging their tails…

No way around it, too many species of mutant animals were passing by to drink water. Many of them had abilities and the two wolves were no match for them. For their own safety, they were smart enough to enlist foreign aid.

The team followed the two wolves in order to catch a few ducks for them. Luo Xun grabbed the cores and feathers as usual, a perfect cooperation. Once they had not eaten in a while, they would return. Occasionally they would see Luo Xun come out and they would rush out to meet them, just like now.

Luo Xun helplessly turned around to Yan Fei who also had a bitter smile, they could only speak with the team. There were a few goats lounging around eating grass. They were not as tall and less ferocious as the ones they had previously encountered.

Luo Xun’s trap caught two of them. They were skinned and then two sheep legs were placed into the freezer. The rest was handed over to the wolves. Luo Xun pointed in the distance and then towards their secret entrance, “We are going, you watch the house. We will come back in a few days, don’t follow!”

There were so many teams sent out by bases for trading and might not be able to cope with a zombie wave but the wolves had enough power and just enough IQ for it to not be a problem.

Luo Xun felt that although they looked very scary, their intelligence was on par with Puppy so their convoy would be in no danger.

The wolves might not be super smart but at least they happily carried away the food while the people only saw two wagging tails from behind.

Once again someone asked from the radio, “Their tails are wagging so happily, are you sure they aren’t dogs?”

Why should they care if they are wolves or dogs? At least they could help at home – well functionally they were watchdogs.

Luo Xun pushed the thought from his mind and the team drove towards the southwest base.

They thought of the four large bases that had been rapidly established after the apocalypse with only the largest one remaining.

There must be small bases or scattered survivors in the city but no one dared to expose their exact location. It was also unknown whether they were able to receive satellite signals like the Otaku squad. So the commodity exchange should still be between existing bases.

As for Luo Xun’s past life, there was nothing about a commodity exchange…it had to be said that many things had changed. He lived in the base during his past life and the separation of the inner and outer city had not occurred, let alone this kind of thing.

There must have been exchanges between the bases, but only with the military. He occasionally heard about a convoy coming from a particular base but civilian exchanges were very rare. Luo Xun had only heard of some people walking between bases to do business but nothing regarding something of this scale.

It took two days before everyone was able to finally see the tall and majestic city walls of the southwest base. The walls of the outer city base seemed to be a little higher but it could not compare with the exaggerated elevation of the inner-city base.

Outside the base, there was a circle of tall walls east of the moat which was the venue for this commodity exchange.

The team looked for a while and found there were still some teams that had just arrived. The cars were waiting at the gate to pay the fee and set up a stall. At this time the sky was bright, the door opened and people had arrived.

After confirming that there was no danger, Luo Xun also drove over and mixed in the queue for the market.

Not much later it was their turn. The people responsible for registration did not specifically ask their origin, only asked how many cars? Are they coming to buy or sell something?

Luo Xun asked and learned that if there was an intention to set up a stall, they had to register here, pay a portion to them. Buying things also had a fee but cannot park at the designated stall and must instead be parked in a specific lot.

In fact, the entrance fee was not according to the number of people. Those walking in were not charged a fee. Part was stall money and another is the parking fee for shoppers.

The cost was not high and was based on parking spaces, booth size and the number of days stay.

This time Luo Xun’s team was only two cars and occupied two stalls which cost 20 level one crystal cores per day.

They got their number and drove to the designated location to park the car. They learned the other stalls placed their things in front of the car on an earthen table.

The earth stand in front of the booth was made by the earth users of the A-city base. If the sellers needed to, they could expand the table themselves.

Luo Xun discussed with the team and each took out a part since they were buying and selling. Today was the first time here so they wanted to visit the market.

They took out several dried vegetables from the car. Luo Xun also especially took some of Yan Fei’s metal basins as a sample. On the other side of the table, they placed several pieces of fresh fruit, metal pots and straw things everyone made during their free time.

After finishing, Luo Xun took out his mobile and opened it. The phone card was one used in the original base. However, with the GPS positioning, they never used it in their new base. Only now did he give it a try.

It was outside the city and the base signals should not be included here. But who knew when he opened it, it connected! Immediately after, all kinds of text messages appeared!

“What’s the matter?”

The others came together after Luo Xun made a sound.

“There’s a signal here, maybe it’s for the new people who came out shopping.” Luo Xun explained that it was not difficult to place a few towers so close to the base.

The others also rushed to open their own phones to see if there were any messages.

Because the Otaku squad had long applied for dissolution, they did not receive any information about missions. There was a lot of information, notices and some warnings about dangerous areas around the base, publication about new species of mutant plants, study on mutant animals and so on.

Yan Fei opened his own mobile and raised his eyebrow at a few pieces of information. He handed it to Luo Xun.

Luo Xun took it and found a few messages from Captain Guo. The metal users received a task outside of base and asked Yan Fei to go together. After that, there was no movement, he guessed that the people had long left.

In addition, there were several from Yan Fei’s father. Luo Xun saw at first he was asking if his life was good and then turned into complaints about how the son was not returning his messages, finally, it turned into hysterics of irresponsibly abandoning the elderly and then turned into doubt about his death. He did not want to think that his ticket to climbing the base ladder was dead and focused on complaints to stop ignoring him. He did not realize that even if Yan Fei was still alive, he would not take care of his father.

In short, this impetuous content caused Luo Xun to grimace and looked to Yan Fei. “Do you want to block him?”

Yan Fei coldly smiled, “It was off before you were handed it, but I received these messages from before then.” His intention was to just let Luo Xun see Captain’s Guo’s news, only he forgot that there were still messages on the phone that had not been deleted.

As soon as the Otaku squad’s merchandise was put out, it did not take long for someone to come around to their stall. Sun-dried vegetables were relatively common but since the vast majority were mutant plants, the taste…

But Luo Xun’s vegetables were non-mutated plants. In such a place taking it out for everyone to see was very rare in today’s world.

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  1. Awwww~ those wolves _(:3 」∠)_
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    1. I’m 99.9% sure that they hided the information… …. … can’t let them use the mushrooms juice against the soldiers and steal the military property, you know how people are in a crisis. They just think about themselves first and if they can’t use it ten years later then they let someone else have it. 🤣😂🤣😂🤔🤨


    2. I understand with my bad english :*) they know it but for security dont inform to common people. But i think they can use the same sistem of our group , but dont say to the farm about that


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