Chapter 233 Good News

Zhang Yi’s words were like a spell that took hold of them, their expressions twisted and they looked nervous. They were taught as a string, prime to snap at the slightest force.

Yan Fei suddenly opened his mouth to break the silence and coughed. He glanced at Zhang Yi and said, “Don’t forget, ability users are still people and may die when going out on missions. If they did on base due to sickness or an accident, their bodies can be used for research.”

Experimenting on live people and with corpses are two different things. The first…it need not even be said. But the latter was something else, although the use of corpses for research had a lack of respect for the dead, but for the military to contribute even after death was a way to pave the road for future security.

Before the apocalypse, some people were willing to donate their bodies for medical research, not to mention after the end? Even if the authorities had not obtained consent from the deceased, it was better than experimenting with live people.

Sure enough, the team collectively relaxed as they looked at Zhang Yi. As for which of the two possibilities was true? People would rather believe Yan Fei’s guess. But at the same time, they were more reluctant to consider visiting the A-city base.

The reports of crystal cores in the brains of ability users and other related details were too strong. Luo Xun and the rest stopped for a while before continuing to look at other documents. Among them, a letter from the other bases sent to A-city indicated that a convoy would be sent for exchanging goods. But after the news was sent, some spontaneous teams also followed to do business.

Yes, it was about doing business, trading with their produce. But the military deal was internal only, and those who came with were only exchanging material with regular people or with cores.

After the team saw the news they a little excited. Luo Xun clapped and said, “Continue to pay attention to the relevant news, we are planning to visit A-city around the end of August, we have to observe the situation and see if there are opportunities to trade.”

This time, it seemed that the other base was established very close to a cotton production area and brought a lot of textiles which was what the Otaku squad needed. Most of the cloth they had collected previously was now used up. Even the cloth that Luo Xun had amassed before the apocalypse was used and they needed to supplement their supplies. In addition, if there was no danger, they would also take the chance to inquire about information concerning the other bases.

Of course, this was based on if A-city was actually proceeding as planned – setting up a market outside the base and allowing foreign parties to set up stalls while also allowing people to bring out supplies for the transaction. No other way, even if Luo Xun was willing to sell things, they were not willing to enter the A-city base, especially with the current mess.

After receiving the news, Luo Xun and others temporarily relaxed and continued with other news. The information was a mixture of everything, this was mostly because Li Tie and the company did not have enough time to sort. Some pieces of information were important, while others not so much. After a quick look, they ate while studying the new satellite photos.

“In a short period of time, there should be no large-scale zombies waves in the country.” Even the last wave passed this area and went abroad towards Siberia and there were no large movements for the time being.

Luo Xun pointed at several locations. “Only these parts of foreign zombies will be able to enter in a few months but not sure when they will arrive north of our base.”

The local zombie groups had gone abroad and were scattered in Eurasia. But foreign zombies also met up with the local ones. Luo Xun pointed at a large population in the south-west. Although the land was not as large, the number as quickly catching up.

Even more surprising was that the large group of zombies and a few waves had formed country-sized groups in the south east! Once this wave of zombies entered the country, the scape was similar if all the local wandering zombies gathered together!

What Luo Xun was most worried about was – due to population density, perhaps the number of zombies entering the country was much larger than the number inside. He was also wondering whether any survivors in those countries had succeeded in establishing a base?

After all, there were many international messages from the satellite and they had seen exchanges between the United States, Britain and most of Europe but they had not found the origin of the apocalypse, who knew what was going on.

“Since we have a period of time before this wave of zombies, first we build up our base for peace of mind, do a good job with defenses and then we will continue.” Yan Fei patted Luo Xun’s shoulder and pointed at the table of food. “First eat, let’s also collect some crystal core and busy ourselves with work.”

“Yes, eat first!”

The wave of zombies would pass through several other southern bases before entering the country. After Luo Xun went through all the messages, he noted that the positions were ones they had approximately marked. If the zombies entered, those would be the first to clash and there would be more messages and they would tailor their actions in response.

After eating and drinking their fill, the group of people went straight to the basement and start working in the planting room. The others went to the core warehouse and continued the unfinished sorting.

Do not look at the core sorting as troublesome or trivial, their harvest these past few days was really good. Before the team was worried about the rest of the ability users leveling up to level five with the appropriate crystal. Now they did not need to leave to find what everyone needed.

Not only was Xu Mei’s fire element a more common ability, even sand cores for Yu Xinran had been collected. Xu Mei’s level five core was of normal size, Yu Xinran had three small ones from unknown animals.

With Zhang Yi’s previous demonstration, it was easy for Yu Xinran to level up within ten minutes.

The only headache was that the core distributions were not uniform at this time. Wind cores were the smallest number and there were only level four cores mixed among them.

No way, who let level five wind type zombies fly in the sky? Mutant plants on the ground naturally could not take them.

With the other types, although level five cores were really rare, after sorting for so many days, they always found a few. Even if they were small, obviously not from a human zombie. Only the wind ones…the team looked at Zhang Yi with sympathy.

Fortunately, Zhang Yi had already become level five, even if he had fewer cores, it was still enough to use. There were also a lot of neutral cores at home! It was enough for him.

The busy days continued, sorting the crystal cores, harvesting vegetables, growing all kinds of new crops, playing games and playing with the children and dog. Slowly spending their days was extraordinarily comfortable.

While Luo Xun was passing their days, while concerned about the various outside messages, they had a satellite signal receiver at home. Although it could not compare with the computer network before the apocalypse, it was enough for the general messages.

It was said before that teams set off for A-city to exchange goods and several other bases had moved. All said they would send people to A-city for bartering since it was near rich materials.

A-city base was even clearer – before the teams arrived, they would build a new goods market dedicated to trading and the people inside the base would also be allowed to use this chance to buy goods. Those days only a small portion of the entrance fee would be charged. However outsiders were not allowed to enter the base and in accordance with rules for new entrants, would be charged a high admission fee.

With such good news, Luo Xun and the team could not help but take action. As long as the authorities did not inquire who put up stalls, even ordinary people would be there selling things.

With the news, the group was more motivated to dry and harvest vegetables that can be preserved. Not to mention the usual time spent on sorting crystal cores would be changed once the task was all done.

They discussed and took out some cores with type not needed by their team of lower levels. It was the same that they used as previous spending money.

By the time they finally got a message that the first base team had successfully reached A-city, they had already started drying food. After three days, the other teams had arrived. A-city began to allow regular people to enter the market to buy things. The team loaded their things and drove their big trucks. The cars exited the gate and went straight towards the A-city base.

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    1. The baby once used his power when they were still part of the base and they were checking out their new base.That was few chapters ago,can’t remember much.But I think,the baby stopped or controlled (whichever is it,too long to remember) the mutant plant (the one outside their new base,being used as their defense) for them to escape.

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  1. Aaah, Idk somehow I’m starting to worry about them again x’D
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  2. Well, going to the base could be troubling, but I’m still excited to see what happens after they get there. I wonder if they’ll be able to get any news about the people they were working with while building the base walls.

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