Chapter 231 Zoo

“Puppy!” Luo Xun’s voice was stern and worried. When on earth did she run away? And when did she hook up with those two wolves? Doesn’t she know it’s dangerous outside? The last time she met a zombie dog, who was bitten and ran away? Why couldn’t she be alert?!

Luo Xun had the expression of a strict father which the dog unfortunately did not notice while excitedly licking Luo Xun’s face with a body covered in rain and mud.

Luo Xun pushed away from the dog’s head, looked at the two muddy pawprints and ground his teeth – this dog needed to learn a lesson.

At this time the two wolves stood shoulder to shoulder, obediently lying not far away with their large tails wagging and eyes with melancholy. The staring pierced the group’s hearts and they could not help but mutter.

“What’s wrong with them?”

“Do they want to play with Puppy?”

“That’s not good, what if they step on Puppy?”

“Are they hungry? Want us to take them?”

“Don’t joke about that! With their size how can we care for them? Even if we expand the tunnel to let them in, the base does not have any room! And the basement is not large enough either.”

Luo Xun’s mouth twitched as he listened to the crowd’s babbling. He paused after hearing the word hungry and looked between Puppy and the two wolves. Luo Xun looked up and asked, “You came to find us after not being able to eat for a while?”

The two wolves tilted their heads, one right and the other to the left. Their ears were moving but obviously, they did not understand the words. They did not understand what Luo Xun was asking about…

Luo Xun palmed his face. He swore that his head must have been infected with Puppy’s silliness before asking the two wolves that question. The language barrier was such a pain, first with Puppy and the baby and now these two wolves…Wait, why had the baby not started to learn to speak yet?

A few people got together to discuss and decided – try and communicate with the two wolves. If they really needed food, it was not impossible to help them. After all, they were a familiar figure in the area…wait something was wrong?

Luo Xun approached the pair while the ability users remained vigilant in case they two wolves would attack.

But the two wolves seemed more cautious than Luo Xun – when they saw the human approaching, they took a few steps back.

Luo Xun thoughtfully pointed towards the pond and the team followed, distracting the wolves. Sure enough, by the time they were halfway, the wolves got up and tried to keep up.

As it turned out, with the cleverness of man helped counteract the IQ lacking wolves. Anyways, other than the few prey that had been caught by the wolves, the rest were relying on the team’s strength to hunt!

Luo Xun’s team took action, combining water and metal abilities with others. Soon enough, they had hunted five large water birds.

They did not immediately hand over the water birds. First, they dug out the crystal cores and removed the feathers before handing them over.

Although the two wolves were not geniuses, they knew that these prey were gifted by Luo Xun so they did not snatch and instead anxiously waited. Once Luo Xun threw the food over, they picked it up and moved to their resting place under the tree.

Looking at the two figures, Wang Duo, “Do you want to take them?”

Before waiting for an answer, Zhang Yi interrupted, “Can you afford to raise them with the amount of food they eat? When winter comes we can feed you to them but I am afraid it’s not enough to pick their teeth.”

Right? Not even considering the apocalypse, how much would a large dog eat? Wang Duo also remembered his neighbor had raised a golden retriever. Every day he had to buy a large bag of dog food which was only enough for a single day. The family also had other food expenses, how much would it cost with other additions?

Now it was the end of the world, even if the size of mutant animals had grown, it would not help them feed two mutant wolves who were three meters tall!

Xu Mei perked up and smiled at Wang Duo. “Don’t just consider them now with no food, we were outside as well and they must have gotten food before.” She pointed at the wolves. “We met them a few times and except for when they were fleeing the water birds with abilities, did they hunt down regular mutant animals? They are at least smart enough to know to target animals without abilities.”

“That’s true.” Luo Xun also started, thinking while watching the two wolves eating bird meat at the pond edge. “We only saw one of the wolves with an earth ability, perhaps the other has a way to identify which have no ability.

Right? Before those additional mutant birds came, the two wolves were rushing towards a group of regular mutant animals. Maybe they wanted to use the poultry as reserve rations but did not expect to find a group of ability user animals.

In that case, it was possible to help them occasionally, but impossible over the long term. If Luo Xun helped them with food over a period of time, he was afraid that their survival instinct would disappear.

If they were only the size of Puppy, Luo Xun would not mind raising two new members, unfortunately, they were too big and it was not realistic to care for them.

With the arrogant birds in the pond, there were ones that the two wolves had chased but there were ability users mixed in. Even if the wolves wanted to fight they were unable, so they had turned their attention to Luo Xun.

After a busy day of picking up crystal cores and helping their “neighbors” hunt, it was dark by the time the team drove back to base. After stacking the cores into a corner in the storage room, the team rested for a night. Then they went out before the water dried outside to continue picking up cores from the mutant farmland.

Luo Xun wondered, even if the earth was dry, they could also have Song Lingling artificially flood the mutant farmland and continue with their searching. Only it would be hard on her. Now that they found a new method, they had to hurry and take advantage before the water was absorbed away. Otherwise, if the water evaporated and the cores were stuck in the mud, it would be even more difficult to gather them.

For the next two days, after mastering the trick, the team quickly sifted through the surrounding mutant farmland. To everyone’s delight, there were more mutant animals in the nearby area.

After the heavy rain, the nearby pond had become lively. In addition to a lot of flying birds, there were also a lot of mutant animals approaching to drink water.

What made them even more speechless was – there was an eagle high in the sky, hovering over the pond!

Luo Xun was not sure if the eagle was the same one that they had seen on the high-rise. But it was clear that the eagle had designated its hunting ground. In the past two days, those who had gone out to collect cores had seen two areas – the eagle flew down to startle the birds, chased them into the air and grabbed them in its talons before flying away.

The two wolves, who had never been in the wild before the apocalypse and required human assistance, paled in comparison to this scene.

It’s a bug! The scene of hunting was too beautiful and blinded their eyes. Luo Xun had sharper eyes, when the eagle caught prey there was a flash of light. Obviously, the eagle had a lightning ability which would reduce its defenses and maintain freshness. The eagle would have a fresh meal back at its nest.

Luo Xun and the team worked overtime to thoroughly sift through the land. They feelingly stood at the third-floor window and listened to the calls of animals in the distance.

“When do you think they will leave?” He Qiankun whispered to Wu Xin beside him.

“I don’t know, is the feng shui so good that they aren’t going to leave?” Wu Xin was worried as he looked out the window. He still remembered the three-tailed mutant cat they encountered on the road that tried to grab the car. Fortunately, Zhang Yi’s wind power was quick to block. Then another mutant animal appeared and the two animals ignored the convoy and fought instead.

With a source of water nearby, they would inevitably encounter angry mutant animals. Fortunately, their base had been completely built.

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