Chapter 230 Treasures After Heavy Rain

The team who were once occupied in the game room, finally set aside their game consoles and online games to surround the playroom. The baby was placed on the carpeted floor, resembling a turtle stuck on his back facing the sky. Suddenly he turned over using one of his arms or legs!

After the action was completed, the team cheered and then unscrupulous turned the baby around again…

By the time they had turned the baby back several times and expected him to perform another “stunt”, the small bun unceremoniously lifted his head, spit bubbled and fell asleep.

The baby was tired of being played around by a group of unscrupulous adults so it made sense for him to curl up and fall asleep.

Also the baby’s temper was very good and he never cried. Other children would have long ago burst into tears.

The child was handed over to Yu Xinran while the rest took care of the underground planting rooms. Luo Xun and Yan Fei went to the third floor window in order to check whether if any outlets had been blocked.

There was still some water on the roof but it was much less than the amount on the streets. The pair circled around the roof and then checked that the things on the highest roof had not been spoiled. The cameras placed here were waterproof and the pictures were clear but they had been soaked in water for a long time.

The satellite receiver dish and the few cameras had no problems. After the inspection Luo Xun used his telescope to observe the area and saw that the “pond” had once again expanded and the water birds were leisurely playing. The two wolves were lying next to the trees watching the birds in the pond.

Luo Xun turned his gaze to another nearby farm and checked the road situation. Suddenly he felt something flash. He quickly raised a hand to rub his eyes and then looked over. “Yan Fei, did you something reflective on the ground? I’m not seeing things am I?”

Luo Xun was in doubt so he quickly handed over the telescope to have Yan Fei help identify the object.

Yan Fei looked carefully in the direction that Luo Xun pointed at and said uncertainly, “Like the reflection of a crystal?”

“It seems similar, not like light reflected off water!” Luo Xun jumped and looked with bright eyes. “You think it was washed up from the rain? Or it was blown by the wind during the night?”

“It’s possible.” Yan Fei did not disagree and asked, “Do you want to go and see?”

Although the location was very close to the mutant farmland, if the cores had been washed over by the heavy rain, would it not be easier to collect them?

The two rushed back downstairs to inform the team of the news. The group members who had stayed indoors for several days quickly raised their hands and would take the opportunity to go out. Although their home was very good and their greenhouse would get sunlight, indoors was different from outdoors. It made sense that they would not go far during heavy rainfall.

Outside the water was large so Luo Xun took out their rain shoes from the previous base as well as their improved soft metal armor for protection. Then they drove a car to the gate entrance.

Luo Xun stood in front of the door and turned to Song Lingling standing next to him. “Ready?”

Song Lingling nodded, raised her hand and looked carefully at the entrance in front of her.

Yan Fei slowly opened a gap in the metal plate, sure enough the water rushed out but was controlled by Song Lingling. The rain instantly turned into a wall of water, floating in front of the team.

When the door was completely opened, the water gradually no longer poured in. Song Lingling continued controlling the water wall.

The sky outside was still very clear and blue. The water at the top was warmed by the sun and after the rain it was hotter.

“It’s not cool outside yet.” He Qiankun said as he was the most sensitive to temperature.

“We have air conditioning in our rooms and the other rooms have plants so the temperature is not too high.”

The group of people seemed as if they were out to play. With the muddy ground making it difficult to walk and lush woods in the distance, birds leisurely wandering the ponds, it was a beautiful picture of summer.

Each step made people’s feet sink into the mud. Twice Xu Mei left on her shoes behind so she had to backtrack before continuing forward.

Finally Song Lingling could only move the water aside in order to explore forward. The team complained about the sun not having enough power to dry out the damaged roads. Who would complain about ‘frail’ water users after this sort of thing?

At the mutant farmland, even from a distance they could see that the rain, wind and moving branches had pushed out crystal cores.

The smaller and lighter ones had washed up on the edge of the field due to the weather.

Luo Xun and the team’s eyes lit up. While standing at the field’s edge, Luo Xun came up with an idea and said to Song Lingling, “Try and use your ability and see if you can flush out as much as possible.”

Song Lingling’s ability had risen to level five. Compared to Yu Xinran who had not been able to find a compatible core to level up, her water abilities had a wider and more powerful scope.

Song Lingling nodded and started to push the water against the earthen mounds.

Little by little, Song Lingling frowned and then said, “Leader, I can’t push the heavier things in the water but the smaller ones have no issue.”

Looking at the crystal cores on the shore mixed with a variety of small debris, Luo Xun guessed that Song Lingling’s water ability could only push level three cores and had difficulties with anything higher. He turned to Zhang Yi, “You work together and try.”

A few days ago, Zhang Yi finally used the small level five wind bat core along with some other level four cores to raise a level. With this way, it seemed that as long as there was a level five core as a medium, they could also use lower cores as additional energy. However the possibility of failure was not clear.

Level five wind power could increase the strength of water abilities. Luo Xun and team only needed to make the rounds and the farmland was filtered. This would make it more convenient for Yu Xinran to dig up treasure.

With the combination of wind and water, they cleaned up the area near the mutant plant farmland from edge to edge. The branches swayed in the air but caught nothing.

Yu Xinran happily followed the others and while Song Lingling and Zhang Yi cooperated, she was responsible for grabbing the crystal cores and sweeping them into a bag. The same ones they used last time to hold stones. They were quite sturdy as they survived two years of use during the apocalypse.

The mutant farmland was washed by the sea, the plants were moving with the waves in a rhythmic fashion. It was as if they were at the beach shoreline.

Due to the hard work of the two level five ability users and one level four sand user, within two hours they harvested a dozen bags of crystals and used up their bought bags.

But that was not the end, they came this time with two electric cars filled with various bamboo baskets that they had prepared during their free time. This time it was used as additional storage for the crystal cores they found.

So when the bags were full, they naturally started using the baskets, plus they could not have Yan Fei make metal boxes every time. How much did metal weigh? How much did the baskets weigh? Even if they rotted there were no issues as they could be used as kindling and would not pollute the environment. It would also use scraps and increase their crafting ability.

The group of people filtered around two acres of land and the two cars were full. Everyone enthusiastically drove back, unloaded things and drove out again – while the water was not dry they hastened to clear out a few more pieces of land. They would have a secure store of cores to slowly use as needed.

The group was busy when suddenly they heard the ground shaking. They looked up to see two very familiar wolves running in their direction.

“Be careful! Grab your weapons!” The group’s first reaction was that there must be a bunch of mutant animals behind them since the wolves were speeding towards them!

When they found nothing behind them, the team was surprised to see these two tall mutant wolves. But there was no tension, fear or confusion on the animals’ faces.

The two wolves approached and then stopped while looking at them with their tails swaying left and right.

“Ah! Puppy!” Yu Xinran raised a hand and excitedly pointed at the figure in front of the two wolves – was that not Luo Xun’s dog?!

Where did she come back from?

Wait, that’s not right, when did she ever leave?!

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 230 Treasures After Heavy Rain

  1. And I was just thinking of Puppy at the beginning of the ch lol Bc it’s some time ago they found a core for her to use.
    But hey, will they now finally become friends with the wolves? :3 They would be good gatekeepers, I hope xD

    Thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/

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  2. Really also hoping Puppy has learned to teleport, lol. And I’m glad the wolves have finally come in to beg for more treats—cores, I’m guessing? It’d make sense if that and Puppy’s encouragement is what moved them…

    Thanks for the chapter (/^▽^)/

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  3. Did they grow bambooes? Or were those just scraps LX got at the beginning / middle of the apocalypse? On another note, do they have sugar cane (continuous source of sugar)?

    Puppy finally has some friends (or is it boyfriends? I wonder if they’re gay)?

    Thanks for the chapter!


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