Chapter 217 Encounters

“What? What’s going on?”

The team of people crowded at the door and looked out the small window. Not long after, a car twisted around the street, the tires screeched as the car slid to a stop towards their direction.

Several zombies were still lying on the roof unnoticed by others on the road and hit on of them directly!

The team felt a chill but also a sigh of relief, the car hit was the one they purposely parked at the edge, a fake car made of pure metal. At most the body was only lightly scratched and dented.

A large zombie stumbled over and used its bare hands to tear into the other car. It grabbed a person from inside and bit down.

The people in the room had not faced such a bloody scene for some time and could not help but gulp. More zombies came from behind the large attacking zombie and screams echoed from inside the car.

It seemed to have heard of smell something, the large zombie stood up and did not care about the snatched prey. Instead it looked at the house where Luo Xun was located.

“It will come over, everyone get ready to fight.” Luo Xun looked at the street, not many zombies followed those cars but each one was a mutation. Its combat effectiveness could not be compared to other zombies.

Although the other team was followed by fifty to sixty zombies and only twenty stayed, each one would not be easy to kill.

At the words, everyone raised their long-range weapons, ready to fight back at any time. As for rushing out to save people…this was the apocalypse, when someone’s vehicle was surrounded by zombies, it was almost impossible to leave anyone alive. Listening to the movements inside, everyone knew that the people inside could not be saved.

It was true, the people had been bitten may have been killed directly. But now the zombies were with prey, how long would they be occupied.

Before Luo Xun launched an attack, the large zombie grabbed the metal car and threw it towards Luo Xun and team!

“Whoah! It’s so powerful!” Li Tie scolded, the large car was so easily thrown.

“No, it’s not a power type, it’s a metal one!” Yan Fei had just spoken when the car started to change mid-air. Countless steel needles emerged and shot at the team!

If those hit, even if they had a metal wall in front of them, there were also small windows. They were afraid that if they were slow they would not survive!

Yan Fei’s reaction was very fast, he used the nearest metal to cover the wall in metal cloth which added thickness to their defenses.

That group of zombies had already killed the living people inside the car. Due to long time cooperation, although their intelligence was not high, they had a certain degree of teamwork.

It seemed that the metal tactic was common, so when the plate was thrown the zombies followed and pounced in order bite into human flesh.

To their surprise, instead of hurting their prey, it became an obstacle to their progress.

The zombies were slow to react, the metal zombie had not lifted the metal fence again. The enemies were showered in bright red juice from head to toe.

At the same time, metal bombs were shot towards the bodies. Two of the largest ones were aimed at the metal zombie, who was unable to escape.

Ten minutes later, there was no outside movement, only a layer of white mist rising and gradually dissipated.

Luo Xun carefully observed a little before calming down. “It’s done, pick up those crystal cores. Yu Xinran make a sandpit and bury the remains with mushroom juice

The girl did not have to take action, even Xu Mei only used a water gun. However Song Lingling and Zhang Yi had done a lot of work with mushroom juice.

Song Lingling’s water ability was now more handy. Zhang Yi could use his wind to increase the flow speed and adjust their direction for a variety of attack patterns. They had a lot of mushroom juice which made the battle even easier.

They would always be growing these at home in the future, even if they had to water mutant plants, they worried about second mutations. It was rare for them to go out and they would not let such a good chance go. They had already filled nearly half the storage space so they did not have to worry about the zombies everyday.

Even better – because of Song Lingling, she controlled the mushroom juice and targeted the zombie’s limbs. Finally she could also recall the liquid back into the box, nothing was wasted.

Yu Xinran brought back some crystal cores back with her sand while burying the rest. Yan Fei took the metal core and said to the team. “This is actually a level five crystal core!”

They recently checked the mutant vines after the zombies came through and also found a level five water crystal core. Thus, Song Lingling greatly enhanced their own strength but they had not seen any other level five core. But once they went out they came across a level five zombie? One that was a metal user?! Was their luck good or not?

All the people squirmed before smiling ironically, “Our luck…”

“So the zombie is bad luck, even without the level five, our mushroom would have not melted it.”

Yes, if they had given the zombie more time to react, the battle would not have ended so easily. But on the other hand, as long as they had a way through should be able to defeat the powerful enemy.

After confirming that there were no other zombies outside, Luo Xun carefully opened the metal door and walked over to the car that had been hit.

There was only half a body in the car. All of them were killed by zombies, or rather torn apart.

Inside the car, they could only slightly check and move the car to the side of the road. They did not bury the bodies inside – not because they did not want to, but because there should be other people in that group. Although there were zombies chasing them, a few cars must have escaped, it would not be good for them to find their companions mysteriously buried.

They returned to the temporary room, Luo Xun looked in the direction of base. “There must have been level five zombies during the siege. If the base has some, we may be able to find someone to buy from.” They were now safe enough but in contrast, lost their way to buy things from people at base.

“Even if we were still at base, those things would definitely be in the hands of the military. We might not be able to buy even if we wanted.” Yan Fei comforted his lover.

True, since the New Year their original method of buying was useless. Second, they could not exchange higher level cores at the exchange window. Instead, they had to find people in the market who needed cores to barter.

Plus it was a mess at base and they probably would have nowhere to sell these things even if they went back. If they were unlucky enough to get trapped with the new base rules regarding work and private property, they might be able to protect their things.

When Luo Xun finished, the team turned to talk about the zombies and the team. Zhang Yi said, “A car drove past missing half the body! I also saw a few bodies lying on the back, I’m afraid the people in the car may not be able to escape.”

“When we were fighting the zombies, I heard a zombie in the distance, maybe that was when the zombies attacked.”

“Boss, where did these zombies come from?”

Luo Xun was helpless at the inquiring eyes, he did not have a thousand eyes and the power of foresight. “Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe where they were going, there was a zombie wave and they were targeted.”

The path they chose, while relatively safe was not danger-free. From the satellite photos they could only see the situation of the streets. Who knew whether there were any zombies hidden in the roadside buildings. Luo Xun could not guarantee that their route was absolutely safe. Especially now since this situation was not guaranteed.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!😊

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    1. Right? Me too. There has got to be nice people like them still alive, that will do what needs to be done but understand loyalty and aren’t intentionally cruel to those undeserving of it. I would like everyone to have someone if they want to. I know that the rest of the tech boys were still hopeful for companions. Besides, baby and Yu Xinran can’t run their base by themselves once the adults get too old.


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