Chapter 216 Urban Area

The Otaku squad’s new base was located to the southwest of A city. It would take more than a day to reach the southwest base (with the difficult road conditions and collapsed areas to bypass). But if they wanted to reach the northern area that specializes in digital products, they had to cross almost half the city. Although they could take the long way around, how long would it take? It would also be possible that they would meet with other teams on official missions.

Fortunately, Luo Xun paid attention to the zombie wave situation while building the greenhouse There should not be many zombies in the area even after the zombie siege finished.

Although there were zombies in the city, Luo Xun found a relatively clean route. The risk against these zombies was nothing compared to the zombie siege.

After entering the city, they would encounter teams find materials, but those were scattered without military presence. So they did not have to be very worried.

There was another reason why they did not take the long way – the warming weather melted the snow and moistened buildings and the ground. The further away from the city, the more vicariously the plants grew. Like the place Luo Xun’s team lived, relatively quiet places with open space were covered in plants.

Look at the satellite photos showing the jagged outer ring, Luo Xun had some worries. Not all mutant plants were like the devil vine – a completely different color and shape. Some mutant plants were still green, who knew if they were interested in human flesh. They dared not rush through those places.

Although there were still many zombies hidden in the city, with people in base searching for supplies, the roads would definitely better. Even other sections were not as dangerous.

In addition, before this operation, Luo Xun also had Yan Fei improve their weapons and the lethality of their ammunition. Therefore the safety factor was increased for this outing.

Two empty white electric cars and red trucks other than necessary supplies, food and hidden metal inside drove forward.

Luo Xun expected their trip to take longer so they specially set the lights and set up protections for the solar panels and glass. Everything was arranged before leaving through the tunnel and driving towards the northern part of the city.

A city is very big, everyone knew that already before the end. But with today’s difficult road conditions, wandering zombies, mutant animals and transportation. With traffic jams then it could take forever to get anywhere. As for how many days it would take to get there? It all depended on luck and character.

At the beginning of the end, some people were hiding at first but after food ran out they had to leave and finally escape to A city. They were locals but it could take ten days up to a month to walk to base.

Luo Xun and the others were in a better situation. After all, they had a car and satellite images showed safety zones. The car also had a variety of weapons and the most important thing was at least half the team had abilities. They still had to be careful at all times as they had to worry about zombies, mutant animals and people they meet on the road.

The southwest base had recently taken large actions. It seemed that after the zombie wave, the inner and outer walls were completely isolated. Fortunately there did not seem to be a concrete divide but some well-informed people knew the truth.

After the zombie wave receded, the military immediately send vehicles to the former mines to bring back supplies and fuel back.

The higher ups at base prioritized increasing the wall height and strength. Then they started to distinguish between those inside and outside the city.

Only, because of human nature, those in the know would tell their relatives and friends and so on. Gradually the news spread, there was a rumor in base that there was a supply shortage and the military was ready to confiscate private property.

The rest of the idea, that according to work results the supplies would be distributed was ignored. The poor people naturally did not care and happily waited for the change. But the rest were different, who was willing to hand over their things to others? Unless they would get more in the end, than it would be impossible!

Fortunately, immediately after another rumor spread – the matter would only be temporary in the inner and outer parts of the base.

But after three days, the inner base was almost empty. People with few assets slowly trickled out while some unbelievers stayed in their original residences.

On the other hand, the outer city was lively, many people were competing for housing while the upper echelons started work.

Rumors were swirling, teams with ability users were sent out on missions after reaching an agreement.

So while Luo Xun and team drove towards the base, they occasionally encountered some returning convoys.

While out Yan Fei collected spare metal, when there was enough he simply shaped the metal into the shapes of humble jeeps. Even if there were other teams nearby, they would think it real, even the one way glass.

After doing a good job, Yan Fei made the cars move behind them, following Zhang Yi’s car. The latter could use his ability to scout any danger and road conditions. This time, the two were in a small electric car in the front. Yan Fei was next in a large truck, followed by Li Tie. The two women’s small car made up the rear.

If there was enough metal collected to form a few cars, Luo Xun was ready to do as before, compress the material or put it in the back.

Sure enough, their numbers were enough, nearby teams would give them a few glances but not approach. Even if the sun set, they would not take the initiative to come closer.

Since others did not approach, Luo Xun would not take the chance either. When they drove into the city, most of the convoys would disperse and head towards their own targets. The Otaku squad would usually find an open space to temporarily set up a metal wall. But in this urban area filled with buildings, they could only give up. Other than passing the night in their car, they would find an empty house to stay in.

This was because there were relatively few open spaces, definitely not enough space to set up a metal house. If people passed by during the night, there would be trouble.

So the evening of the third day leaving their new base, Luo Xun and team killed off the nearby zombies and found a shop on the roadside.

Locked the car, grabbed their belongings, the team looked around for zombies after entering the empty shop. The shop was empty in all sense of the definition.

This was not far from the southwest base, obviously there were not many zombies, more cautious teams had come to this area so everything of value: shelves, cabinets, doors and windows were all gone.

The whole room was empty, there was nothing, even the wallpaper and floor tiles was gone, not to mention anything else?

After two checks, the team nodded and said, “It’s good, we’ll rest here for tonight.”

Yan Fei did not have to move the two cars of pure metal. He waved a hand and summoned some metal from the area. The whole house was completely sealed aside from ventilation.

The team laid their covers, set a fire and washed their hands. Luo Xun took the baby from his sling and checked his diaper. Yu Xinran brought out a strawberry from the fridge to feed Puppy.

At such a peaceful time, suddenly an engine roared to life along with a honking horn…

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