Chapter 212 Returned

Two containers were towed behind a large truck and the four electric cars were full as well. Luo Xun and team had definitely harvested a lot this time.

There was a lot left in the warehouse but all the food-related warehouses were empty. They only found some salt, pickles and other sauces in a warehouse for side dishes and dressings.

The glass bottles were good and edible, but the ones wrapped in plastic had bloated and released a bad smell.

Fortunately, Luo Xun and company grew their own vegetables, raised mutant quail so they were not short on ingredients. As long as they brought back the salt, they would be fine for a decade. It would be enough for them at the new base.

As for sauces and other things…how could these expired products compare to Luo Xun’s cooking? The Otaku squad had no doubt about this. Although they still took these things, it was to sell and exchange at base. Or they would empty the containers and use them for their own food.

After checking around they could not do anymore. They had arrived at their target but the cars were full. For safety they should head back, after all they had found what they needed. The next time they could grab some spare electronics litter all around.

After spending a night in a clearing near the warehouse. The next morning the team journeyed back home but they had bad luck…they encountered some wandering zombies from the wave.

As mentioned before, the shape of the zombies had become more and more inhuman. The one they saw had relatively large change. It was at least several times the size of a regular human, about three meters tall. Its forearms were thicker and longer than the hind legs and even resembled an orangutan.

However as they approached, they realized that the chin was different, and there was no fur. Luo Xun determined that would be a mutant zombie.

“…What’s the difference between the different zombies?” Xu Mei’s voice came from the radio. Luo Xun did not have time to answer before the zombie hammered its chest and rushed over to the car.

Yan Fei quickly erected a steel plate to block. When the two collided, the zombie grabbed and twisted the metal before trying to throw it back towards the car.

“Obviously its power.” Yan Fei was not idle while the the zombie was tearing at the metal like paper. He raised his finger and the metal twisted into a metal thorn targeting the zombie’s jaw.

This mutant zombie was not only incredibly power but also had a thick skin. Yan Fei failed to pierce through the head! The undead roared while rampaging in place. It suddenly grabbed a piece of metal and threw it towards the car!

Fortunately, Yan Fei was a metal user and took control of the metal before it hit. On the other hand, Xu Mei shot a fireball from the window hitting the zombie’s face. There was a trace of Zhang Yi’s wind that pushed the metal thorn into the brain!

Yan Fei regained his ammo and fought back. The zombie tore at the metal again but after getting hit with a synchronized attack, the brain was finally pierced. The zombie was now dead.

Seeing that the zombie was no longer moving, the team breathed a sigh of relief. They looked at each other with eyes filled with gratitude.

Could this zombie be killed? Obviously, was not one at their feet? But easy to fight? Definitely not.

Although they could kill it, it was only because there was only one of them. If they encountered a group, it would take a lot of effort even with the pit digging method. If there was another zombie that could coordinate… After a short breather, Luo Xun took out the crystal core before setting out again.

Unsurprising, the zombie was only a level four power-type zombie, but it was one that had mutated.

This mutant zombie was more difficult to kill with thick skin. How could people survive if one encountered a group of them?

However if the defenses were heavy enough, they could only cause a few depressions at most. Plus if the walls were large enough, they would not get damaged. The wall Yan Fei had made was relatively small. The zombie had a chance to fight back since it could grab the edge, otherwise there would be no issue.

Thinking of this kind of zombie and their base, Luo Xun had a heavy expression while facing Yan Fei. “Before we repair the buildings above ground, we have to build a circle of metal walls around the house. Not just to block the mutant plants, but also mutant zombies.”

Yan Fei understood the seriousness of the problem. “We brought back metal last time, after we finish with the underground building, we can start the wall.” They had to set up the wall before they could set up planting space, otherwise the vines came in, the team could not move easily.

As for how the wall should be designed to avoid getting destroyed by zombies? They would have to wait until they had enough metal to conduct all kinds of experiments.

It took a day and a half to get there and the same amount of time to return. Including the time in the middle for scavenging, it took four days to return to base.

In the fields, Luo Xun found a silly goose that had strayed into the mutant plants. It was not long before the plants were fed. The remaining birds were far away from the farmland, walking on the lush greens. Not far from were two wolves laying around eating, drinking and snoozing in the sun.

The two wolves heard movement on the road and looked over. Seeing the familiar red and white caterpillar things, they seemed to know that it was Luo Xun’s team. They just yawned and continued to sleep.

Luo Xun had no time to pay attention to the two who had turned a blind eye to their convoy. They hastened home and unloaded the cars again.

Of course Yan Fei did the usual on the way back and brought back two metal balls. Before to avoid notice, the metal ball was made to look a car but it costs energy. Controlling a ball was easy, since the southwest base was under siege, with no other people around it was more convenient to have the metal roll back.

The things had been moved from the car and into the storage rooms. Items were sent upstairs as well. Li Tie and some others excitedly said to first set up air conditioning, it would be easy with Yan Fei’s assistance, it was air conditioning! They just had to change the machine and not touch the wall at all.

The group of people were busy in the heat. Of course they did not forget to carefully examine the situation outside. Checked that the metal wall underground had no signs of damage.

Yan Fei did a careful examination to make sure there were no problems at home. On the other hand, He Qiankun checked the satellite feed they had receveniced to check on the zombie wave at the southwest base.

Li Tie pointed at a satellite photo and said to Luo Xun, “It looks like zombies are going to stick around but the walls should be fine, there are no broken areas.”

Luo Xun carefully observed while looking at a few other photos before shaking his head. “This angle is straight down, we can’t see whether there is anything at the wall. There would be definitely zombies that can dig through the ground.” More importantly in the past, did the zombies not appear without warning? Who could say what was going on from outside the southwest base.

But at least from the photos when they were taken, there were no signs of the zombies breaking through the walls.

The southwest base was not the best, but it was Luo Xun’s only exchange platform with regular society. If one of the large bases was destroyed, the number of humans would be greatly reduced again then Luo Xun might not be able to protect their small base. Especially since today’s zombies were getting stronger and more evolved.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter 💕

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  4. Aren’t they still only in the (latter half of the) second year? How the hell did Luo Xun last a full decade?


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