Chapter 211 Big Purchase

Luo Xun looked around, smiled and touched the little girl’s head. “Let’s rest for a while, we are not in a hurry now.”

As the weather grew hotter, the whole world became lush; full of trees and weeds with the lack of human activity. The plants grew extraordinarily vigorous across the previous fields.

In the distance, many of the old buildings had been covered with creeping green vegetation. There was a sense of fantasy compared to the barren ruins from the past.

But this was reality, the survivors of the apocalypse were now accustomed to the environment. The group got out of the car and looked around. Nearby there were some kinds of flowers and grass growing. The red and yellow flowers were beautiful in bloom.

Yu Xinran drank warm water while holding Song Lingling’s hand. Luo Xun also let the baby bask in the sun. They had only been inside working, this was not good for the child, so they should also stop for a breather.

The group was resting when the ground suddenly started shaking…

“Zombie…zombie wave?!” Wang Duo wildly looked around and was ready to escape back to the car.

The others were nervous, Luo Xun looked at Zhang Yi, who immediately used his power to scout the area.

However before his wind to deliver the information, Luo Xun saw what was happening…

Two huge wolves were chasing a bunch of panicked ducks were making noises. Luo Xun and the others had now seen everything.

Seemed like since the targets were stupid, the wolves had not deliberately driven the ducks towards then. Instead they had been chasing their prey all over the mountain. Whenever they tired, they would pounce and capture one. Finally the wolves grabbed their rations and ran away.

Luo Xun and party stared as the wolves left, leaving a few birds standing blankly in the field.

For a while, the team exchanged looks before Luo Xun spat out, “I also wondered where the two wolves went? It’s time to hunt ducks!” Fine, the phrase was a bit strange.

Wu Xun suddenly asked, “Luo Xun, are those really wolves?”

“What?” Luo Xun was puzzled along with the others.

“I heard that only dogs would wag their tails and not wolves…their tails were moving when they were leaving right?”

“…I didn’t notice.”

“Maybe they were abandoned, but they were raised?”

“Maybe they are really dogs! Otherwise if they were wolves, why didn’t they attack us?”

“Right, and there aren’t many wild wolves!”

“Isn’t the zoo nearby? What if they are from the zoo?”

The group of idle people actually spent half an hour discussing whether the two canines were wolves or dogs. Finally they remembered that they had a lot of work today. After the discussion, they all unanimously decided to let Yu Xinran sit together with Luo Xun on the road.

She could use her power to turn large pieces of rubble into sand. The smaller pieces and potholes could be ignored but it would help the bumpy road. By the end most of the avenue had been turned into sand.

This time Luo Xun and team were going somewhere relatively far from their base. So when they returned to the main road, they would not need to deal with the troublesome road conditions.

It took the convoy more than a day to reach their destination located in the southeast countryside of A City. The surrounding areas were not as damaged since there was a small population as people were embarrassed with the location.

Due to this, Luo Xun came to this place but also because there were some warehouses, gas stations and transportation resources. There were fewer people looking after the warehouses.

Driving near the area, Luo Xun looked into the distance and confirmed the situation become proceeding.

Some of the warehouses had been damaged while others retained a decent appearance. From the satellite photos, Luo Xun could only see roofs and general details. They had to wait to see with their own eyes. For example, there were several warehouses with broken doors that they had not seen before.

“People have been here before.” The group drove and confirmed with a quick look around.

Luo Xun thought for a moment while driving the car in front of a warehouse. “Let’s go to the target and then check the other warehouses.” He was pretty sure that teams had visited before.

After all, this was a location filled with warehouses. The base had issued a variety of missions involving this place so it was not a surprise. As long as they found what they were looking for, he would not ask for more.

After a drive around, Luo Xun stopped at a warehouse with a blasted open gate. It was not surprising to see that the place had been broken into. Yan Fei opened the door for him.

The metal gate creaked open, revealing the dark insides of the warehouse. Almost all the doors had signs of being forced open. Should have been the same group of people, Luo Xun was calm because although they had opened the door, all the things would not have been necessarily taken away.

“There’s stuff! Luo Xun, there are supplies!” Excited sounds came from the car. Luo Xun spoke with Zhang Yi while suppressing any excitement and carelessness. “Zhang Yi first check what is inside.”

They could see boxes stacked outside the warehouse, from the outer packing it looked finished. One only did not know if there were any dead zombies or animals hiding the warehouse.

Zhang Yi’s power surveyed the warehouse. “I don’t feel anything moving.”

Luo Xun calmed his heart, opened the door and let the team carefully enter the warehouse. Nearby, Zhang Yi shot a wind blade and cut open a box, revealing the contents – salt.

This was a salt transport company, there were other things but what needed most was salt.

With the familiar packaging, the team could not help but quietly cheer. After confirming that nothing happened afterwards, the team stepped forward and carefully opened the boxes.

The outer packaging was still intact. Although it was placed outside for so long, since there was little rain and the nearby climate was dry, the boxes had stood the passage of time.

“It should be all right, let’s move!” There was a lot of salt in the warehouse, but it was not completely filled. The people who visited before must have removed some salt of perhaps the warehouse had not been filled. Anyway, the remaining salt was only this pile.

In addition to the common iodized salt, there were other varieties such as coarse and sea salt. But it was still the same brand.

The salt boxes were not light but Luo Xun still pulled them into their cars with help from Yan Fei. They were placed in the large truck as well as the smaller solar cars. The team only left the warehouse after the last box was stored away.

The salt storage seemed to be surrounded by food-related warehouses, there was an odd smell even from a distance – what kind of taste would be left after the shelf life? Some were completely empty – likely in the earlier days when teams went scavenging.

After checking several similar warehouses, Luo Xun finally found something different – an electrical goods warehouse.

“Boss, boss! There is air conditioning! Air conditioning!” He Qiankun cheered from outside the door, as the largest person in the team, he said that the hot weather was not good.

Before, only he would be sweating in these temperatures. He complained about the lack of air conditioning in the new base.

It was not just air conditioning, there were other things such as fridges, televisions, electric fans and so on. This relatively large warehouse was obviously a transport center for a home appliance shopping mall before the end. The things they bought from the mall were basically from here, which led to this place being filled with goods.

Xu Mei even saw certain shelves with giveaway items – the same juicer, hair dryer, small vacuum cleaner and so on.

“Take what we need for now and grab a few more freezers.” The ones at home were second-hand so Luo Xun was eager to get these brand-new appliances.

“We need one air-conditioning unit per room right? Also the basement, can’t only use the exhaust fan and vents. Do you want to find the central air conditioning?”

“Leader, can you bring a juicer back? The fruit at home is ready and can be juiced for everyone to drink!”

“Everyone get what you need first, the rest can be stuffed into the remaining space in the car…”

The group of people were like those with an unlimited credit card at a mall before then end. They were very excited to “purchase” things.

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  3. My aunt works in a animal conservation facility and she said wolves do wag their tails sometimes when they’re excited or in a playful mood including times like when they see the feeders or when they play with their kin.


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