Chapter 194 Renovation Work

The group happily dug trees and moved them into the car. They had to be extra careful to not damage any flowers, each one was a potential fruit to be eaten!

After carefully loading the fruit trees, Yan Fei changed the car a bit, making a mesh metal to keep the trees upright and not break any branches.

In order to eat delicious fruit as soon as possible, Luo Xun’s brain processed quickly.

Yu Xinran dug pits while the rest unloaded the trees and prepared for planting, but realized that the ground was shaking.

“What’s going on?”

“Something is running!”

“God, it’s not a mutant again is it?”

They had seen some mutant animals from afar on the way over. However due to the distance and the fact that the cars were close together, the animals looked like specks and were not interesting to look at.

Now the sound was getting louder and closer, obviously something was running over!

“On…” Luo Xun watched was the running animal jumped into the orchard.

Before they could see what was going on, another animal of similar size also ran over. The two huge animals rolled around in the wooded area in front of the small group of humans.

“Let’s go…luckily we got all the trees we could…” The team’s mouths twitched looking at the trees that had been crushed like wildflowers by the large dogs.

“Get to the road.” Luo Xun only needed a glance to see that the animals were two or three meters tall and were a definite danger to the smaller trees. Not to mention that mutant animals often had thick skin, so the broken bits of tree would not injure them.

The team hurried into the car, stepped on the throttle and sped away towards their base. Although the two canines noticed the team, they seemed to have no interest in hunting them. Perhaps they were already full or did not want tiny snacks.

Whatever the reason, it would be best not to provoke the two mutant animals. Luo Xun and team drove directly back to base without taking a break or eating lunch. They breathed a sigh of relief when they went into the tunnel and sealed the entrance.

“That was a close call right? Luckily they did not roll onto the highway.” Han Li patted his chest after climbing out of the car.

“They aren’t the two who howled outside last night, were they?” He Qiankun asked nervously.

“Maybe.” Luo Xun was not sure. “We saw two faint shadows last night, the sky was too dark to see anything more.”

“Let’s not talk about the dogs now, we have not eaten lunch yet.” Xu Mei looked down at her watch before saying, “It’s 4:30 PM now.”

All the dry food was taken and the group of people went to the first floor canteen to prepare today’s meal.

The rest of the team sat around the table waiting for dinner while the two ladies were busy in the kitchen.

Luo Xun frowned, “Do you think that we will meet those two when we go out next time?”

The group exchanged looks. “This…”

“Not sure…”

“It is possible. If those two are the same from outside base, maybe they have a den around here.”

“Luo Xun, should we bring some meat and bones when we go out next time? Would it be enough to throw it as bait?”

Luo Xun rolled his eyes, “If they eat once, they would follow every time we go out. When we don’t have any food, would they not eat us instead?”

“…That’s a problem.”

“Wait until next time…”

“Yes, there is so much metal on that bridge, it would a pity to leave it!”

“Alas, it’s a pity about the orchard, who knows how many fruit trees are still standing…”

Fortunately, the two mutant animals only seemed to passing through and playing around. If they actually had a den…where would they have the guts to pass?

It did not take long for Xu Mei to finish preparing the meal. Most of the food had already been processed into rations. They just needed to prepare some soup and heat up the ingredients.

After eating and drinking their fill, the team once again descended into the basement for work.

The fruit trees were planted into metal basins and crammed into any remaining space. The plants from Luo Xun’s terrace would be added as well later on.

At this time, the tunnel was half full of metal. Once Yan Fei recovered his mental strength, he could use it to slowly renovate the whole base.

After about three or four hours, the team carried back supplies. Then they enjoyed a comfortable bath and each returned to their room and slept.

The next day, Yan Fei continued with the previous plan of reinforcing the walls of the buildings with their supply of metal. Although there was a metal protective layer, since they had a limited amount of metal, Yan Fei did not dare refine the metals so the defense was a bit lower.

Zhang Yi and Xu Mei needed several attacks in order to affect the metal shelves. Now Yan Fei had to make them so that a mutant bird could not collapse. If another animal attacked, at least the inside of the house would be protected.

The difficulty was comparable to rebuilding the metal wall at old base. Good because Yan Fei’s power had risen so the metal was tougher but it was more time consuming.

Yan Fei was responsible for rebuilding the walls – this was only the first step. After they would reinforce the tunnel walls again, even the basement walls had to be reinforced with metal.

The two ladies with Li Tie and Han Li were in charge of classifying and sorting the materials brought back.

He Qiankun took Wu Xin to the computers and continued searching the surrounding area for supplies. They needed too many things in both type and amount, so they decided to create a map around their current location marking where they had already hit. Anything they could find would be brought back.

Luo Xun, Yan Fei, Yu Xinran, Puppy along with Zhang Yi and his follower Wang Duo went towards the mutant plants to collect nuclei.

When they came back, they had not taken the time to collect crystals. They would take the opportunity now and see if they could get any level five nuclei.

Everyone was busy with their portion of work. Luo Xun and the others were at the end of the passage and testing what kind of method would get them a larger number of nuclei. For example, having Zhang Yi blow Yu Xinran’s sand, which was much lighter than a core since she would cause a sandstorm trying to do the same.

They also let Puppy use gravity control, the result was that every time Yu Xinran grabbed a nuclei, the dog would cause it to fall down.

After half an hour, eventually they concluded that Yu Xinran working on her own was much more convenient that their nonsense.

“Would all the mutant plants be killed if the nearby soil turned into sand?” Wang Duo suddenly asked Luo Xun.

Luo Xun froze then shook his head. “Nothing, the soil did not lose any nutrients being turned into sand. As long as we have Song Lingling create some rain after we finish it will be fine.”

The team had a variety of convenient abilities, but they were sort of specialized, it would have been easier with an earth of electrical ability user.

“How big! Uncle, it’s a big one again!” Yu Xinran ran over using hands of sand to hold the crystal core. The bright red color was stunning to the eye.

“It’s a fire type, Xu Mei is lucky!” The rabbit’s earth nuclei was still with them, they would wait until the base was more receptive to mutant animal nuclei before trading.

Wang Duo delightedly looked at the fire core the size of his head. Luo Xun’s phone suddenly rang – do not misunderstand, they would not get base information due to confidentiality. They did not use the base mobile phones instead they had grabbed some before.

Now due to Li Tie’s efforts, there was local area network which meant they could use communication software.

Luo Xun picked up the phone and heard a loud voice. “Luo Xun! Guys, get back here! Major discovery!”

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  1. I have a theory about the dogs.
    They are two males. And have smelled a female dog’s pheromones and scent. They both are approaching the team to try and woo her.
    And than when they get close. They start fighting, cause only one can get her.
    And it’s also a good show of strength. They could prove to the female that they are tougher and stronger.

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