Jump #7 – Atelier Arland

Atelier Claire: Alchemist of Jumpchain

Well, here’s the start of jumpchains with infinite CP for choosing perks and gears. Good thing it started with this jump so I can get my hands on a luxury cauldron and garden for materials. Otherwise I would have so much trouble picking with only 1000 points.

Since I chose to follow the scenario I awoke in Alanya and had the introduction with Astrid. She tasked me with changing people’s minds about alchemy. I also agreed to act as a test subject for some of her creations (I hope I do not regret this choice).

With a letter in hand and the knowledge of my goal, I headed to her student Rorona Frixell in the capital of Arland. Upon seeing the letter she asked if I had a pie recipe and nicknamed me Clay-clay (despite it being longer than my actual name).

She handed me a list of potential clients. As an alchemist I would be working alongside her sharpening our skills and such. I recognized most of the names and hoped that I would have enough time to complete everything.

While in town I tracked down (it only took a few hours) Luke and Lily and we formed a party. I am now ready to begin this jump scenario. I have gathering items and basic equipment that should suffice until I make some money.

Like the other alchemists, I wielded a staff, Luke used knuckles and Lily wore a ring to channel her psychic attacks. We went out and got accustomed to fighting and gathered some materials at the same time.

“Hey Claire, I have a favor to ask.”

I stopped stirring my cauldron for a moment. “What is it Luke?”

“Could you make me a pair of knuckles for battle? My old ones are wearing down and the shops don’t have anything interesting.”

“Sure, just let me finish this batch of catalysts. Have anything particular in mind?”

Luke shrugged his shoulders. “Other than having better parameters, nothing really.”

“Okay, give me a few days and it should be finished.” I shooed him away from the atelier.

“This is going to be fun…” I cackled while rubbing my hands together.

It took the rest of the day to search through my recipes and make some modifications. The next day was spent synthesizing the final product. I spoke with Hagel the blacksmith for some tips since he was the one usually making weapons and armor.

“Taadaa, here Luke, your new weapon!”

Luke looked at the item in his hand. “Ooh, awesome, how is it giving off cold air though?”

“I used conduit ice to boost the element damage and for visual effect. The claws are retractable so you can also use them as knuckles too. It will even keep you cool during the summer!” I was really happy with the final result since it also had the usual upgrades to durability and such.

Luke equipped the weapon and marched towards the door. “Let’s go test it out on some monsters. I just accepted a request to hunt some ghosts in the mine.”

“Sure, just let me grab a few bombs and healing items before we go. I have been running low on ores and I am pretty sure another order of items will need them as materials.”

“In that case, I’ll ask Lily is she wants to come along too. The more the merrier.”

A few days later we were eating dinner when Lily asked, “I have a favor to ask.”

I looked up from my plate. “Sure, what is it?”

“I was at the tavern today buying some ingredients when I heard some regulars talking about a ghost in the woods near town. They said that someone heard cackling at night but there were no traces in the area.”

I rubbed my chin, “Might be a monster or something but if you are worried we can check it out tomorrow. You get any other information?”

Lily shook her head. “Only the general location – its a short walk away from the southern gate.”

Unfortunately Luke was unable to come with us as he had another commitment, but he wished us luck.

We searched through the forest but did not find anything amiss. However when the sun began to set a omnious howling mixed with sinister laughter echoed in the air.

“Is that the supposed ghost? I think the sound is coming from this way!” I pointed to the east, we must have missed a part.

We readied our weapons and moved forward – only to find a rock formation with holes.

“You think the howling is just the wind through the gaps? We haven’t found any traces of monsters here.”

“You’re probably right Lily, well at least I gathered some nice materials so this wasn’t a complete waste. Let’s go back and tell Luke about it.”

We turned around and went back to the city.

No one noticed a shadowy figure hidden behind the rocks. “It’s done, now to send it to my test subject.”

We finally made it around halfway through Orthogalaxen, fortunately the path ahead was straightforward with some enemies blocking the way. I made sure to bring as much healing and battle items as possible so we could make good time.

Rorona and her party had to leave earlier since she had a deadline coming up soon. Since we were free, we decided to scout and see if there were any new materials or enemies.

“Is it just me or does this floor look a little different?” Lily looked around.

I tilted my head, “True, we haven’t seen any enemies at all since we arrived.”

“Let’s keep going, maybe there’s treasure at the stairs!” Luke pumped his fist.

The three of us continued forward and reached an open area with the stairs in sight.

“There it is, let’s keep going…:”

Suddenly we heard wingbeats and a large red dragon blocked our way. It roared in challenge and the fight started immediately.

“Where did the dragon come from?! Swords Dance!” Luke shifted into a stance in order to boost his attack.

Lily reached into her bag for some status items and prepared to throw. I prepared my staff for a magic attack after to take advantage of ailments. Too bad the attack did not have any element attached, ice would have been useful. Then again, I did have a bunch of bombs and other attack items in my inventory to use.

Even though we were three against one, the dragon had a roar that hit everyone at once. Lily was mostly on healing and support although she managed to throw some strong spells once in a while. Luke was the physical attacker and I was alternating between throwing items and magic due to the perk from a previous jump increasing the potency of my magic.

Although we would not have run, the option was still barred. It took awhile but eventually the dragon was defeated and we got some great materials as a reward. We went down the stairs so that we could bypass the area if needed the next time before heading back to Arland.

I told Rorona about the dragon and she decided to fight it eventually for alchemy materials. The other members of her group had other reasons but were also interested.

We were making good time on our goals. It has been a while since I made something…maybe I could modify one of the healing potions and make it taste better.

“Claire, there’s a package in the mail!” Lily called out from the entrance.

“Bring it in! I have to finish cooking breakfast!” Strange, I was not expecting anything in the next while. What could it be?

Lily brought the package and placed it on the table. It seemed like a normal box but I recognized the writing on the letter. The package now was much more intimidating.

“Better get this over with.” I muttered and quickly scanned the letter.

Astrid had made an experimental potion and I needed to test the effects. It was supposed to add a buff to speed to be as agile as a cat.

I went into the backyard incase of any potential side effects, the last time my atelier got covered in soot. Lily and Luke were on the side as well.

“Bottoms up.”

At first I felt a slight tingling sensation and did in fact feel faster. “Okay let’s do some tests…”

Then my vision was obscured by a spontaneous cloud of smoke.

“Cough, what the heck was that? Lily? Luke?”

“Uh Claire, you have extra ears.”

I reached up and found two extra appendages that blended with my hair.

“Sigh, better add this to the report that the drinker gains more characteristics than expected. The effect was only supposed to last a few minutes so it should be gone in a few days.”

It took a week for the ears to disappear and during that time there was a new trend of animal themed accessories in the city. They were cute, I had to admit but I was glad when I turned back to normal.

“Okay I have the next couple of days free, time to make the ultimate elixir. Let’s see, I need some nectar and some other ingredients. If I want to make it as potent as possible I’ll need to do some preliminary synthesizing.”

I grabbed some honeycomb, water and herbs to make some honey. Fortunately I had some leftover nectar from when I experimented and made the highest quality product as possible. After I dug through my material storage for items with beneficial effects.

“That’s all the ingredients, now to stir and add mana….and done!”

The final product looked like a light green crystal in a metal holder. I checked the item’s status, it would heal all health, ailments and the KO status. Not sure how the effect would crossover, maybe it could revive the recently deceased?

“Synthesis complete! Luke, Lily! Let’s go hunting, I need to restock ingredients for the next job!”

The ten years were over, since I was successful in my goal, Astrid taught me how to mould elements as promised. It was a neat skill and I could act sort of like a summoner. She would also be available to help out in future jumps but wanted to stay in Arland. It was not a problem my alchemy level should be high enough to be self sufficient in future jumps.

I have all the materials I need to create a variety of items, from attack to healing.

“Had fun? Here’s your next destination….I am looking forward to this.”

I checked the folder that The Benefactor gave me. “I can see why, I am almost certain that the world will somehow implode somehow.”

With a jolly wave, he disappeared from view.

I looked up to the sky. “I only read fanfiction about this universe and everyone knows how reliable that is for determining canon! Doesn’t that world function off teenage drama and angst somehow?”

I should bring someone else this time, actually I’ll give them a choice. From what I remember the next world is not friendly to mundanes, not that it should be a problem…

Next Jump – The Vampire Diaries

Previous Jump – Ranma 1/2

Jump #7 – Atelier Arland
Name: Claire Muriel
Location: Alanya
Initial Age: 14
Gender: Female
Background: Alchemist

Time Management IV: able to multitask, sixth sense for task duration, optimize/balance priorities, keener mind able to spot patterns
Sheer Luck 0: increase % success for crafting and tasks in general, more resistant to all afflictions (increases with natural magic ability)
Synthesis IV: can add 100 CP traits to potions, repetition raises quality (max 2x), can have small related enhanced trait, change appearance of crafted item
Efficiency II: make extra copy (½ original quality), reduce amount of waste in production
Chim Synthesis: create mini-dolls that help collect reagents/daily management (fond of pie)
Flair: ability to fight with bizarre weapons with practice
Identifier I: discern unseen additions, identify value of an item
Gatherer 0: increase amount of resources harvested, increase chance of higher quality items

Trait Perks
Elemental Resistance: moderate level 1 element or split between multiple
Attach Element: imbue element onto item
Improved Parameters: increase base quality and performance
Weight/Endurance (Durability)/Size Shift: increase/decrease trait by 10% of original
Range Manipulation: add/subtract a foot from absolute range
Attack/Defense Absorber: decrease attack or defense upon hit

Synthesis Items
Mixing Cauldron: work desk/research station
Snow Stone: chill effect, ice element
Magic Grass: increase effect of plants in potions
Phlogiston Fluid: increase temperature, fire element
Sea Puddle: resistance to wear/tear, water element
Spirit Pyroxene: conductive to spirit magic
Eternity Flame: never burns out, transfers energy
Rainbow Fragment: uses mystic fire to make Regentium with seven color fire (rare
metal that can absorb, bind, enhance elements)
Core Reactor: stabilizes cauldron
Daisy Chain: series of mini cauldrons to help more complicated reactions

Herb Garden: size of large backyard
Glow Grass: sign of garden health, plants grow without sun
Winding Grass: increase fruiting frequency
Fertilized Field: increase quality and quantity of plants
Forest Spirit: 2 chims with wings that care for garden
Gravistone: arrange floating levels for more plants
Sparkling Pool: constant water supply

Other Items
Infinite Pie: pie tin that always refills with multiple flavors
Hardy Basket: gather and sort alchemy materials
Speed Gloves: increase crafting speed, especially for potions
Traveler’s Shoes: foot travel becomes more bearable
Platine/Hamolium Vein: vein of ore to be mined (placed in housing complex)
Extreme Liquer: book of alcohol recipes (easy way to double potency of a drink)
Infinite Alchemy Complete Vol: collection of alchemy spells/recipes, can identify local reagents

Shopkeeper Cole Dueller (silver coins)
Ruby Prism: transmute rocks into gemstones
Purity Vase: turns liquid into medicine, time varies but best with water
Type-0 Invisible Bag: invisible bag that can become larger if need be? (combine with other bag)
Squirrel Trio: three small squirrels that act as alchemy helpers
Himmelstein: vial of poison (gift for Astrid)

Drawback: Test Subject for Astrid

Scenario: Prodigal Daughter (jump starts from Rorona Time Gate)
I meet Astrid, who knows I am not of this world. She tasks me with changing people’s mind about alchemy. Go to Atelier Rorona who helps out by giving list of clients and requests to receive silver coins and approval. In Year 3 Rorona gets a special assignment to Orthogalaxen which requires defeating an iron giant, red dragon, another dragon and other standard monsters. If successful, Astrid teaches me how mould life from existing elements (shape depends on ingredients) and joins as a companion (has maxed out alchemist perk tree). The silver coins are to be traded with Cole Dueller who has a shop with rare items.

*Bonded: able to know where the other is and can recall to jumper’s position

Luke: Adventurer
Battle II: add element to skills, able to merge skills but weaker effect, increase skill vs strong opponents
Flair: ability to fight with bizarre weapons with practice
Adventure II: can bring up map, great directional skills
Friend Request: wants a piece of equipment (Reward: Bonded, Attach Element)

Lily: Alchemist
On Demand Potion: can make potion on the spot but effect is lessened
Synthesis III, Efficiency 0
Friend Request: Clarify a rumour heard from a tavern (Reward: Bonded, Improve Parameters)

Plan: Follow the scenario requirements by helping Rorona with her big assignment and other clients around the capital in order to receive silver coins and approval. Train alchemy and adventurer levels with companions at the same time. Record recipes for most useful items and commission weapons and armor. Also need to test out Astrid’s creations (sent by mail or something?).



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