Chapter 179 Blank

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The group in front slowly moved away. Some of the team did not see the captain’s car as they drove into base. Fortunately, their luck held and did not hear any signs of zombies outside.

Although the Otaku squad had completed the task, they were not ready to hand it back in. Instead they leisurely packed at home – the mission was larger than before, was it not reasonable to take longer to finish up?

It was important to know that tasks would be only sent after a team reported results. Usually even if people were at the location they may not know about the mission, especially those often outside the base.

Back home they cleaned and packed things. Since they needed more preparations, Luo Xun told Yan Fei to take advantage of the early morning where no people were around to add bulk to the car to bring more stuff. The team would also gradually fill the car each time they went downstairs. Unless someone had the ability to steal the entire car, their things would be safe at home or in a fortified car.

They mostly packed up things that were easy to organize, some of the other things were very troublesome. Clothes, bottles and cans were loaded. After being busy all day, they discussed the road situation before sweeping streets. Suddenly Yan Fei’s started to ring.

It was an unknown number, Luo Xun’s first thought was the baby’s biological father – the man had not been in touch with them since then. Did he know that the baby was not dead?

He knew that his mind was too worried, his guess would not be true. But Luo Xun could not help but stare at Yan Fei in worry.

Yan Fei picked up the phone, the other side said a few words before Luo Xun was beckoned over.

“Tomorrow? Eleven…all right, we’ll be there tomorrow.” Yan Fei hung up after saying a few words and glanced at Luo Xun. “Captain Guo.”

“Captain Guo?!” He remembered yesterday at the gate, Luo Xun calmed down before frowning. “How are they doing now?”

“I’ll know when I see them tomorrow.” Yan Fei said Captain Guo only said that everyone should meet up after no contact for a while.

“Okay, we’ll be out of base early in the morning and there should be no problem coming back around 11 o’clock.” Luo Xun confirmed the trip, he was also very curious about Captain Guo’s situation. He was not sure whether the captain was a member of the metal team or had he left?

The couple discussed but they would have to wait until tomorrow to meet up. Luo Xun looked at the list of things they decided to move and hated that they could not simply get two trucks. Without larger trucks, it would take two or three round trips for them to move everything.

Sadly using a truck to move was too obvious and their actions would stand out inside and outside the base. Even if they had a way to get a truck, they had to give up for the moment.

The next morning, the team went to check their section, confirm there was no snow or ice, debris brought back and handed the task in at the mission hall. Next they waited for the staff to confirm the completion. It would take two or three days if fast, up to a week for the results and then the rewards would be sent to the corresponding team.

Because it was still early, Luo Xun and the others did not leave immediately instead milling around the hall. Since the base had become more strict, team missions had once again become top priority. The mission hall had restored its former prosperity this month.

There were even people holding up signs for private jobs, which were generally from unknown, small teams.

Since last month, the base had implemented strict team management. The ranks of those who had not completed their mandatory tasks were temporarily abolished.

But at the same time, requirements to leave base had lowered. It had started from ten people, then to five and finally people could leave in groups of three.

Many people were going outside of base, especially those with scattered lives but since there were zombies attacking passerbys hiding in the snow, things were dangerous outside.

So people were idling around the mission hall or shops to exchange information and gossip. It was said that a restaurant was doing business again, but it was different from before the end. It was a small shop and bar for buying water.

No other way, after the apocalypse, some people did not have food to eat, let along drinking wine. But a water ability user had opened the shop to sell water and provide seats for people to sit down and talk. However there were some pricy foods for customer to choose from.

Luo Xun did not have any spare cores to buy water but while wandering around they heard a lot of gossip from the grapevine. He heard that a young, promising general had several wives. A young man had been lured into a mogul’s bed. A beautiful ability team captain was pursued by other bosses…

Luo Xun was very glad that Yan Fei and Zhang Yi were covered with hats, glasses and masks while hearing all the gossip. They dressed in line with the weather, otherwise it would only a few days before they would the subject of rumors.

Luo Xun looked at his watch before whispering to Yan Fei. “It is 10:30, should we go?”

The agreed upon meeting place was nearby, it would take less than 10 minutes so they idled around.

Yan Fei nodded, “Let’s tell them.”

The pair walked over to Zhang Yi and Wang Duo, who were listening with relish to a forty or fifty year old man. “I heard that as soon as this month, the latest next month, the base will pass a same-sex marriage bill!”

Wang Duo was in high spirits, “Really? It was true how many people would get a license?”

The group of people burst into laughter at the response, some idle men whistled and teased him. “Don’t say, this guy is not bad!”

Wang Duo leaned out to say something but was kicked by his Highness.

Luo Xun laughed and shook his head at the scene. “It is a nice thought but not expected.” Even if nearly half of the men on base agreed, the base was unlikely to promote a bill supporting gay-marriage. After the apocalypse, the base was counting on women to have more children!

Although many men would find another man to live with since they could not afford a wife. If there was official support, would more be unwilling to marry? After them end, many women’s conditions were too high, if men did not consider the future generations…the base population would dwindle until nothing!

Anyway, Luo Xun’s past ten years were when ordinary people were almost invisible to women. Most families with daughters would find a way to marry into base families at a young age. Any of those was better than marrying an ordinary person who could not afford to raise a family.

Yan Fei spoke to Zhang Yi about what they were doing, the latter would be in charge of the team for a while. The two people walked away from the hustle and bustle.

They walked along the street to find a pre-end bank building near the location Captain Guo discussed yesterday.

The street was just as busy in Luo Xun’s previous life, perhaps in some ways it was different however it was still familiar. This kind of nostalgia made a inexplicable emotion rise in Luo Xun’s heart.

“Litte Yan, little Luo! Over here.” The two men heard a voice, sure enough it was Captain Guo, who they had not seen for some time. He trotted over to the couple.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 179 Blank

  1. No offense to the author, but that argument against same sex marriage made absolutely no sense whatsoever. There are not enough women for all men on base. How would legitimizing SSm reduce their odds?

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    1. I think the idea is more of a ‘for the greater good’ kinda thing.
      If two men want to be together, they will get together, and even if personally, the base leaders don’t really care about SSM, looking at the continuation of humanity, they can’t show or say that they support it, because on one hand they’ll be saying that men can marry each other, but then turn around and force women to produce the next generation.


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