Chapter 178 Street Sweeping Professional

The frame was riddled with marks and scratches, some of the more miserable cars were actually missing chunks…Showed the strength of the whatever had done it. Fortunately the remaining part of the car was not grabbed or the people would not be able to escape.

Luo Xun and the others silently joined the back of the convoy to inquire about information. A few of the people in the front cars got out and were waiting for the vehicle check. They were complaining about something.

Wang Duo, who loved gossip the most, even if his queen had no regard for it. He opened the door and went ahead and stayed outside.

After checking that the members of the car had not been infected with the virus, Luo Xun’s team successfully entered base. They looked around at those temporarily parked at the base gate before returning home.

They locked the car, went upstairs, and made sure there were no eavesdroppers before asking Wang Duo about the gate.

“They were in the city for team tasks or assigned by base to find something. As a result, they were ambushed by zombies…”Wang Duo’s voice lowered, “It wasn’t the first time, there are a lot of places to hide in the snow to attack unsuspecting cars. At first people thought it was a coincidence but when people asked around, almost all the people who went out encountered zombies! A whole team went out and did not return! Now there are rumors that zombies will dig traps and capture them!”

They immediately remembered the zombies hidden in the snow they had encountered before and looked at each other – that was not an exception?

“But when we came and went, we did not meet any more zombies!” Song Lingling suddenly recalled and looked at Luo Xun for answers.

Luo Xun was not a zombie, how could he know exactly why the zombies had disappeared? But before he could say anything, Zhang Yi interrupted, “Maybe they all followed the zombie horde.”

The last time they encountered zombies, according to what they saw, the tracks were indeed near where the other zombies were lurking.

“…It’s possible. I just don’t know why the zombies are moving in large groups.” Luo Xun frowned, the zombies clearly had a certain sense of unity. Whatever it was, it was very bad news for those who needed to fight them for nuclei.

If they went out and rarely found any wandering zombies, there would no nuclei to collect. The only time they encountered zombie was during a wave…they would need wrack their brains for a better way to collect cores.

“Even if we come with ideas, we have no way to prove it for a while. We need to finish moving first.” Since they could not think of a reason, it was more important to take care of their priorities.

Moving was a big project, they filled a full four cars but there were still a lot of things for them to slowly move out…In other words, Luo Xun only found out now just how many things they had collected. There were no problems with stairs with Yan Fei around, otherwise who knew how much effort would be used to move things?

Just as Luo Xun rolled up his sleeves and prepared to pick some things up, his phone rang. He almost forgot, they came back not just to move but also to complete some tasks.

The base seemed to be very enthusiastic about cleaning activities, perhaps they thought the name was too weak sounding? Otakus would only be able to sweep streets which is why they were only sent these sorts of tasks? Or were there no other teams willing to do these lower-leveled jobs?

In short, everyone’s faces towards their month’s tasks were shining.

“Where are we sweeping?”

Luo Xun carefully looked at the information as his brow wrinkled. “Outside the base, one of the main roads before winter arrived.”

While the zombies were trampling a lot of snow and snow under the walls was mostly gone, there was still snow on the roads. In particular, some roads that the zombie horde did not pass through would have to be cleaned out.

Recently the snow was melting, if frozen was even more dangerous. This was likely the case for the street that Luo Xun’s team was ordered to clean up.

The team looked at each other before glancing at the cell phone on the table.

“This place is a long way from base and close to the city, it is likely to meet some zombies.”

“A zombie is not much except when it suddenly drills out from under the ground…”

“It would be nice to explore the road ahead of time, but the distance is a bit far…”

The group of people frowned and looked at each other in discomfort. In fact, they were annoyed with time consuming tasks because they were bent on moving out of base. This unexpected situation would affect their moving efficiency.

“The task is best done during the day, when the sky is bright.” Luo Xun had no strong opinions. Although he would also like to quickly move, clean up and decorate their new home, but since they were not ready to give up their base, it was better to do the task properly and not arouse attention.

Fortunately the task they received was relatively simple. “Missions inside base are limited after all and the base would not issue simple things to teams. Our luck was better but if the base issued us a task to search for things, wouldn’t that be more troublesome?”

The group no longer complained, in truth they knew that the base would be forced to assign tasks or demand specific supplies from the city. They only complained because of other factors, was it not only sweeping snow? They had a wealth of experience from the number of times they had to do this kind of mission!

They packed up the crops at home – these things were everyone’s food sources. Even if they were ready to move they could not ignore these plants. All of them went back home to wash and rest.

The next morning, they packed up things, armed themselves with a variety of items and the team went to the mission hall before leaving base to sweep the streets.

This time they had far more weapons on hand compared to sweeping inside the base. Sure enough, tasks inside and outside base were very different. In case there were zombies, they needed these weapons and ammo to survive.

Before leaving on their task outside base, they double confirmed that they would not have to pay any crystal cores before leaving. If they still had to pay cores for this kind of assignment, they would simply refuse the task!

For the sake of efficiency and since not a lot of people were outside base at the moment, Luo Xun made the decision – use abilities to clear the road. It was really simple, Xu Mei had fire, Song Lingling could control water so the pair could easily clear the snow. The rest of the clutter and rubbish was left for the rest of the team. It was not long before their mission was finished.

A red flame floated above the snow and the melted water was quickly moved to the side. Out of subconscious preservation, they slowed down to avoid the base deliberately giving them a more difficult task.

Because the mission depended on the two ladies and the other had already removed most of the debris, they used their weapons to deal with any hidden zombies. Everyone unanimously decided – most of the income would be divided between the two ladies and a small part for the team’s share.

After half a day, most of the road had been cleared, which also counted any time the team pretended to work with shovels when a car passed through. In fact, the usage of abilities to clear snow did not need to be kept secret, but since they had not used this trick while in base and if the task was completed too fast, future tasks would be harder, so they deliberately delayed.

After the mission, Luo Xun climbed into the two cars – this time they only brought a pair.

“We had good luck and did not run into zombies.” A few people laughed.

“Don’t tempt fate.” Han Li slapped Wu Xin’s head.

“Eh, we are going back anyway, meeting zombies would not be a problem.” Wu Xin made a face, placed his hands behind his head and crossed his legs.

People in the car were laughing and joking while Luo Xun drove back to the gate. They lined up, got inspected and were ready to return. At this time two military vehicles exited and Luo Xun noticed Captain Guo sitting in the passenger seat.

Yan Fei looked over after getting jabbed. Captain Guo also looked over but all three people only tilted their heads in silence before the couple looked forward towards the gate.

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