Chapter 176 Hamster Move

Luo Xun and the others slept until noon, the couple only waking in turns to feed the baby some milk fruit. At noon everyone gathered together, faces alight with inexplicable excitement without any fatigue.

Li Tie and friends had glittering eyes as Luo Xun entered. The heat of the looks caused him to sweatdrop.

Xu Mei smiled at the pair. “Did you have a good rest last night?”

Luo Xun nodded, of course they rested. If he had not set an alarm every three hours to feed the baby, he would have slept like a log.

*Cough, cough* Luo Xun looked at the group, “We checked last night, there were no problems with the doors and windows, as well as the roof.”

“No big problem?” The group quickly turned to Yan Fei.

He explained, “There were traces of people on the roof, but only at the entrance, no one moved past the traps we set up.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. “We were lucky, no had came to make trouble.”

“But things will be picking up.” Luo Xun was casual. “The weather is getting warmer and the base has begun releasing tasks. We’ll be busy as usual.”

“March is coming soon, there’s only about one week left in February. Let’s pack up and get ready to leave in a while.”

After hearing these words, the team was excited as they discussed how to renovate the experimental building and planting area.

Zhang Yi suddenly added, “Us leaving is not a problem, but out things cannot be taken all at once. What are we going to do with the things we have planted?”

Luo Xun had planted a lot of food crops at home. Due to the week of neglect, when he checked this morning, many crops had some small growth problems. Crops with longer growth cycles were fine, although a bit messier. But some other vegetables had fallen out of the planting basins.

This was the biggest issue with moving, Luo Xun thought about it. “We cannot move these things for now, it’s best to wait until March or April when the snow outside has melted and the temperatures are higher. These are not the same as other items, can not be squeezed and need gentle care. I think we need to set up a plan and first move the hardier plants. When the planting place is set up, we can carry over the crops in batches.”

“Luo Xun, what about the rest?” Wu Xin quickly raised a hand to ask. Honestly, after living here for nearly two years, everyone had some affection towards the home they had basically built. Who would blame them for being reluctant to move.

“Keep it for now.” Luo Xun spoke to the team. “Even if we have a base outside, we still need a place inside. We won’t leave anything valuable, the rest will be transferred out, but we should leave some in case of emergencies…”

The team pulled out paper and pen to list everything that needed to be taken, what would be left and everyone’s personal property. They started to plan the logistics of their move.

After all, they had exchanged a lot of things from the base. If they completely left the base, although certain aspects would be more free and convenient, other aspects would become more troublesome.

“…The base assigns team missions at the beginning of the month.” Yan Fei pointed this out. “We’d better stay on base for a few days at the beginning, wait to complete the task and make sure there’s nothing else going on.”

Luo Xun mused with a pen against his chin. “Hmmm…we can grow some short term vegetables, calculate planting times to keep up with the harvest…the same for all of our plants.”

“Don’t forget when winter comes and snow falls.” Zhang Yi waved a finger in front of Luo Xun. “There would be two months indoors, even if we go out, there would likely be a blizzard. What would happen then? Of course you can deal with both sides, but what would happen during a long absence?”

“Yeah…that’s a problem.” Luo Xun frowned. “During summer there might be heavy rain. This building does not need to worry but outside is different, we would need to set up drainage.”

He remembered in the past, there were times when there was water splashing against his windows…if the drainage had not been sturdy, he would have drowned in the rain.


The more questions, the more the mind would wander. The Otaku squad together could think of quite a few problems.

“Got it!” He Qiankun suddenly screamed while seated beside the computer.

“Got what?” The group of people gathered around.

He Qiankun took a drink of water and proudly raised his chin. “I looked for half day for the photos sent from the satellite. I directly edited the numerous photos…” He lowered his voice. “I just found the base staff list, there are less than half of the original workers!”

“What’s going on?” Li Tie asked in a hurry.

He Qiankun shook his head. “I don’t know what’s going on, the name of the man I followed who specialized in hacking is gone.”

The team looked at each other and sighed. No matter what caused them to do this, without a hacker, it was very easy to pull the wool over the base – so long as there was no one with hacker skills and actively checked, no one would find what had been changed.

He Qiankun and the others were careful, never deliberately leaving traces to be found. Not like some hackers who left clues behind to prove their existence. Plus, although there were some people in base who were hackers, how many of them could get their hands on a computer? Able to connect to the official server?

They had it easier since they had previously worked with the military, otherwise they would have no clue and not take the initiative to take action.

After the data related to the experimental base were found, saved and deleted from the original, He Qiankun also downloaded related information about building, drainage, wiring and so on. Luo Xun and the others started to tally the things to be taken out.

Yes, it would be the end of February. Luo Xun and company were ready to go immediately and move some things as soon as possible. Taking advantage of the arrival of March before returning to base. After completing the month’s tasks, they would go back and properly organize their new home.

Not caring about physical exhaustion, they spent two days to pack up. They ran to buy a lot of gasoline, placed their things in a completely sealed metal box hidden inside the car. The team left base…

This time, instead of bringing their sled car, they revamped the wheels and drove the car all the way to their destination.

Cars were much faster than their homemade sleds and the heavy snow had melted over the past few days. The zombie migration had also flattened a lot of snow, making it unsuitable for the sleds, so Luo Xun simple chose a larger car.

This time, all four cars were in use and the trunks were stuffed to the brim with their things. The car was warmed in advance and comfortable enough for them to reach halfway before needing a break.

Luo Xun had never done this sort of move before, could be considered a real hoarder. He prioritized what to move now versus later, and where to best place them.

Their goal was to move some food, some of the more valuable stuff had to stay for now.

At the same time, of course there were some seeds unavailable – they could only store a third of them. In case there was no way to go back for a while, even if the seeds were out of order.

While these items were in the car, they also frantically collected metal. More was needed for the underground channel so it would not be destroyed by underground creatures and zombies.

The last time they left, it took two days. When they returned since they were driving over flattened ground, it took under two days to return.

They carefully examined the metal gate, confirmed there were no problems. Even the camouflage was the same. Everyone was relieved as they stopped the car. Yan Fei collected the metal and started to work on the tunnel once again.

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