Chapter 175 Out of Trouble

Zhang Yi propped a hand against his cheek as Luo Xun spoke about the problem before sneering. “What difficulty? We cover it up the same way as back at base.”

The group looked at him in a daze. Wang Duo spoke, “But…metal covers would be seen…” It was the same problem, it would be a problem is captured on satellite!

Zhang Yi rolled his eyes and mocked his lover. “Has your IQ been eaten by zombies? Just find some green and gray paint to make them blend in with the ruins. Would people pay attention then?”

The group of people who did not think of a solution started – it seemed their IQ might have been eaten by their dog.

Luo Xun stood up with an excited gleam in his eyes. “Good! Then let’s make our decision! We’ll talk about specifics later, get rid of the dead plants first!”

The basement was filled with wrecked local plants. It would be easy to deal with except for the number of weeds. However he was more anxious about the migrating zombies and siege by mutant plants.

They had brought enough food, with Song Lingling they did not have to bring water. As they had sustenance, as long as they waited for the zombies to leave, they should be able to get out and return to base to pack up.

The zombies pursuing them were all dead. Due to their luck, the place they were staying was on the zombie’s route. These creatures had no intelligence while marching, even if the road ahead was covered in thorns, they would continue forward.

Of course, that might be because the zombies passing through their position was only a small part of the zombie army.

Luo Xun and team spent a full two days clearing the layers of withered plants. The third day onward, they tidied up and looked outside with binoculars from the top floor.

“The zombies are not heading towards base, they are moving south east.” Luo Xun carefully observed the horde’s movements using his binoculars.

Yan Fei pointed out with raised eyebrows. “Don’t you think there are foreigners among the zombies?”

“Foreigner?!” Luo Xun was only watching the direction of the zombies and did not pay attention their appearances. Other than crazy mutations, most zombies looked the same. With Yan Fei’s reminder, Luo Xun noticed a number of zombie heads had sparse blonde hair with larger bodies…

“A foreigner zombie…” Luo Xun frowned, “Where did they come from? Cross-border?”

“Most likely, who let them be tireless and only move in one direction? Two years would be enough for them to come over.”

Foreign zombies were not strange since Luo Xun believed that there would be a lot of tourists. Even if zombies could not swim, if they crossed the sea, there might be kangaroo zombies in Australia.

The army of zombies were out of sight for the time being and despite fears that something would happen to their home at base, everyone had to stay here for the time being. Now that they had waited out the zombies, how were they going to leave the area surrounded by mutant plants?

In fact, the method was very simple, they thought of it from their current abode – digging tunnels.

Although they had no earth users there was Yu Xinran. Although they had no professional equipment to reinforce the hole, they had Yan Fei.

They just had to wait a few days to pass, according to Luo Xun’s calculations, they would safely get out.

Although the baby’s ability was able to control the devil vine, he was a baby. Who would expect a child to understand their words and actively control plants? Luo Xun could not communicate with Puppy to let her use her powers, not to mention a young baby?

Luo Xun and the other had not been idle these days. In addition to cleaning up the rooms, they also found a lot of tools and equipment in the buildings.

If the things Luo Xun had gathered before the end were portable home tools and such, the things here were all professional utensils.

Presses, extraction machines and other machines for processing food. There were also things used for harvesting, irrigation and sowing seeds.

Unfortunately, these vehicles were obviously intended for the surrounding farmland, but those were filled with mutant plants unable to be harvested.

During their inspection of the building, some solar panels were placed on the third floor roof. However those panels were only connected to the emergency lights and solar water heaters. In addition they were covered in heavy snow at first. So although some electricity was stored there was little left.

On the fifth day after entering the building, Luo Xun finally saw hope – the number of zombies passing by outside plummeted. They had reached the end of the section.

The team discussed and decided the start digging the tunnel! It was very technical work.

Luo Xun roughly calculated the angle, length and width of the tunnel. Yu Xinran used her powers to dig while Yan Fei used metal to seal the walls and avoid collapsing. It would also prevent underground attacks from plants and earth zombies.

A few members of the team were responsible for moving out the excavated earth. They would mix it with the fertilizer to use as future planting soil.

The tunnel digging took two days and reached a nearby bungalow. In the end, the metal they brought along was not enough. Yan Fei had to use some things from the lab, it was barely enough.

By the time another day had passed, the army of zombies had passed through and the last part of the tunnel was finished. The metal in several houses had been removed and the tunnel had a sturdy door.

The road had been repaired. Although there would certainly be other problems in the future which would require planning and solutions, they had reached the first step!

“Luo Xun, what are we going to do now?” Li Tie and the others excitedly looked at the captain for further action.

Luo Xun touched his chin, “Return to base to bring back the solar panels…” They had to leave the metal box loaded with solar panels when they were chased away by the zombies. Now the items were closer to their position but the situation at base was precarious…

“Those metal boxes are strong, there should be no problem unless a metal zombie came across them. Even if base people pass through, it should hold for a while.” Yan Fei analyzed while Luo Xun felt tangled.

Xu Mei also nodded, “Our food is almost finished, it would be better to go home and replenish, especially the milk fruit is almost gone…”

They came out with a lot of food this time. Adults may be able to endure for a few days, but they had children with them! The milk fruits were almost all eaten, if they did not return soon the baby would starve.

Luo Xun nodded at the group. “Go back first, if there are no problems at base we can come out in a few days.”

The team nodded and all said they had no problems.

The tunnels leading outside were large enough to fit a sled car. Soon the cars were set and speeding back towards base.

Fortunately the sleds could move on flat ground, although it would wear down the metal. But since Yan Fei was there, it would not be a problem.

All the nearby snow was trampled from the zombies a few days ago revealing the ground underneath. The devil vines could no longer use the snow as camouflage so Luo Xun could easily move around the dangerous plants along the way home.

This time, since they were familiar with the road and the snow was melting, it took them less than two days to find the hidden cars.

The team followed the stars all the way back to base and returned quietly to their homes.

In the hallway they opened the door and looked around before breathing a sigh of relief – their apartments were fine.

It was too late to speak, everyone sleepily went to their rooms and went to bed. As for the other things they needed to discuss? That would be done tomorrow, when they had the strength to do so.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter 💕 You know leaving a base is the best option when that base has many regulations except a certainty that your home there will be safe.

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  2. Thank god.
    I was so worried for their base this entire time. Lmao.
    I guess their reputation is a legend now.
    Anyone who enters. Dies.

    I was legit screaming at the author, TIME SKIP! HURRY UP! I GOT NO TIME FOR THIS WAITING CRAP!!
    I would’ve cried if their stuff got taken.

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  3. Ohh nice to see they are going to leave base!

    I think the story has exhausted the options of building at the base, and probably the readers would be getting more bored about what other things they can “improve” upon in base. So a change of environment, plus different challenges really brings back a feeling of freshness.

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  4. Imagine zombie kangaroos… or even worse, MUTATED KANGAROOS! God those would be such horrible beasts… those poor people in Australia😔✋
    Not to mention, ZOMBIE/MUTATED SPIDERS!! Tarantulas!!!! All those snakes… truly a hell… wonder if anyone would even survive there…


  5. But I’m wondering wouldn’t they need more people. They need to find some who are less fortunate and have nothing to lose to bring with them.


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