Chapter 172 Siege

Luo Xun had not finished when the car suddenly shook violently. Slender black things erupted from the snow like bizarre teeth!

“This…the devil vine!” Luo Xun’s blood froze in his veins.

The night was pitch black, the surroundings murky and they had been desperately fleeing for the whole day. In panic they had also turned a few times and somehow arrived where the devil vines were!

Luo Xun did not know if the place was the test ground from two days ago. Or if there luck was so poor that they crashed into another place with the monstrous vines!

If Luo Xun had time to think, he could infer that they spent around two days to reach the convoy wreckage. But during those two days they rested more than once to stop for food, change diapers or reorient themselves. But when they were being chased by zombies, they went full throttle and it was natural that they crossed the same distance in only a day.

But, they had run into the devil vines! The mutant plant that did not let go of prey once entangled!

Luo Xun and company remembered the death of the huge mutant animal and did not expect to survive…

“Xu Mei! Fire! Song Lingling, try to drain the water from the nearest vine!” He stuck to Yan Fei’s back and shakily said, “Wrap us in a metal ball…”

Yan Fei’s expression was not good. He put up a circle of metal to stop the vines but these things were alive and attacked from all directions.

Xu Mei’s fire could act as a barrier against the plants but would not repel them at all! Although Song Lingling could cause the vines to wither by draining water, she could only deal with one or two at a time!

Devil vines were also directly below the sled, countless plants rose from the ground and grabbed at the moving car…

Luo Xun’s heart sank, compared to these terrifying plants, the zombies behind them seemed so easy to deal with…Were they going to die today? They went outside to avoid threats but encountered an even greater crisis…

He wryly smiled, he was reborn and had gotten things he had never expected: a lover, family, friends a happy and abundant life…But it was earlier than before…was he too greedy? Would it have been possible to live longer if he had stayed in base and forced to bear with the changes?

A small inner voice disagreed – no, even if he was allowed to it again, with the current atmosphere, he would still choose to find another way, rather than stay where was he was and die…

*Snore, snore* A faint voice was mixed in with the other’s screaming. With all other sounds, the dog, the roar of the engine,  and the creaking of the plants and metal those small sounds were barely heard.

*Snore, sniffle*

The entire Otaku squad, were still desperately struggling against the terrifying zombies.

*Snore….Waa, waa!”

The baby’s cries were weak, especially since he was premature and was less than a month old. Luo Xun and Yan Fei knew that this child was well-behaved. Every time he was hungry or soiled himself, there were only a few sounds. Even if he cried, it was only a short while. It was the first time he had cried like this.

However, the cry did not stun only the couple. Puppy was also frozen and even the devil vines were stunned.

Yes, really ‘frozen’, Luo Xun did not know how else to describe why these devil vines suddenly became motionless.

Luo Xun dazedly looked around and found all the vines were stopped, even the ones next to Li Tie’s car!

“Quick, stay close to our car!” The vines were stunned but the zombies were still chasing them!

Luo Xun’s brain burst into action. He did not know the exact situation, but they could not stay here in a daze! Otherwise they would not only have to deal with the devil vines but also zombies that would try and eat them!

Accelerate, accelerate! Rush ahead!

Luo Xun felt like the ground under the car had changed from a slope to flat ground. In a daze, they noticed there were no more vines around and that there was flat open space with some scattered buildings in the middle of the clearing. One building was three storeys high.

Looking behind, the team found that space filled with devil vines. The zombie horde had rushed into the vine’s range following the scent of humans. They were entangled by the vicious vines…

The team were panting in exhaustion as they watched enthusiastic vines rush to meet the zombies. It was really…something.

“…Let’s find a place to rest, otherwise some flying zombies will find us.” Luo Xun felt his mind blank but instinct allowed him to make sensible choices immediately. At night, if a flying zombie dive bombed them, they were still in danger.



“Yes, right…”

Almost everyone’s brain was out of order. When they left the car, all their steps were wobbly and faltering. Today’s experience was really to heart pounding.

Luo Xun and the others took a look around and did not dare go straight into the tallest building. It was dark right now, who knew what sort of things were inside? If there was anything like the devil vines inside…they would have to keep fighting.

They found a small room and carefully examined it before daring to go in. Yan Fei wrapped the room in metal before daring to light a lamp.

The room was only around 20 square meters, very crowded for the group. But it was better than staying outside at the moment.

Set up the heater, started a fire and formed ventilation while watching the situation outside. The team brought out some pots and pans to cook some soup to keep warm. Luo Xun held the small bun and feed him while sitting on a chair with quilts. The group breathed a sigh of relief after the diaper was changed.

“Now my sleeve has a big gash ripped though it.”

“What about it? Look at my pants.”

Fortunately there’s no blood since we wore a lot of clothes because of the weather…”

Once they had calmed down, people had energy to think about other things, such as checking their clothes.

He Qiankun gratefully thanked Yan Fei. “Thanks to Yan Fei’s soft armor, look! My sleeves were grabbed but I don’t have any injuries!”

He pulled down his sleeve and showed the armor. The metal was a bit scratched but it was not broken.

Luo Xun remembered to check himself and Yan Fei. He vaguely remembered his leg getting scratched by something.

“Puppy has an injury!” Yu Xinran exclaimed, her face crumpled as the dog was licking herself.

Puppy’s back had a wound marked with blood, fortunately the injury was not deep.

“Oh no! Disinfect it!” Although he had heard that mutant animals would not turn into zombies, but infection was still possible with open wounds!

The dog’s health seemed okay. She let Song Lingling rinse the wound and bandage it up without issue.

“Brother Luo, just now with the vines…how did we escape?” Li Tie asked after Luo Xun had changed the baby’s diaper.

Luo Xun paused and looked at the sweetly sleeping baby.

“I just seemed to hear the baby cry!”

“Me too…”

“I heard it as well…”

Zhang Yi suddenly pointed at the baby bun and asked. “Could it be his ability, right?”

Luo Xun looked at the baby and then looked at Yan Fei before helplessly shrugging. “I am not sure but those vines did not move after he cried…”

The baby was too young to speak. This was the same situation as when the dog was suspected of having an ability but there was no way to ask…This was really a quandary.

“Yeah…if in the end, his powers are not spiritual…how are we going to leave?” Xu Mei brought up the toughest problem at the moment.

This place was surrounded by zombies, mutant plants. When the zombies were gone, they would not be able to subdue the mutant plants! How were they going to leave and return home?

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  1. I knew it little bun will have power.. If not how he knows he cannot make much noise… And don’t need much food because his power…
    I wonder he created sound wave or something??

    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. My Guess is that the baby has time powers. He helped freeze the time for the vines and if he was the kid LX helped he could have reversed the time for LX too. #needhelppersonality2isontherant

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  3. My theory of Luo Xun been an undetected time traveler ability user doesn’t held. Bur my 2nd theory about the kid he died trying to save been Yan Fei’s 10 years half brother is deepening. I think his ability is manipulating time. Rather than freezing the mutant plants I think what the baby did was froze time. And I also now think that in is first life, the 10 years old Yan Fei’s half brother when seeing his savior was about to dye with that fire ball unwittingly transported his soul back in time in the younger Luo Xun before the apocalypse. I don’t think he knew about his own ability. How Fate.

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