Chapter 171.5 Zombie Horde?!

There were actually two chapter numbered 171 but to avoid confusing myself, I will keep the order from the site I found.

“What?” Luo Xun and the others were still frozen, looking at Zhang Yi in bewilderment.

Outside base they had encountered a number of zombie waves. They had encountered many zombies when they left base before so there was confusion about the doctor’s pale face.

Zhang Yi pointed in a direction. “I said, I am afraid we are near a zombie tidal wave…I can’t see the end.”

The team’s faces changed as they gulped. Wang Duo trembled, “Um, dear…how far are they?”

“I only have bad news.” Zhang Yi has a grimace on his face. “They seem to be rushing this way…fast since there are speed zombies.”

“To the car!”

Zhang Yi was able to scout far distances, but now he said he could not see the end…Oh my God, they had such poor luck, such a massive zombie horde!

Just as they climbed into the car, everyone felt the ground shake. Luo Xun told them to speed up but found another problem. “Forget about the box in the back!”

The weight of those big boxes was enough to reduce their speed by at least half. Now that there was a bunch of pursuing zombies, how could they escape with these things? Right now, they were even sure that they could escape, when could they pay attention to these things?

“After driving in front, leave the metal boxes.” Luo Xun planned to leave in the snow in front of some houses.

The completely sealed boxes would not get damaged and the zombies would not be able to open them, let along study what was hidden inside. Keeping it here, they had the possibility to come back up pick up things in the future. But if they kept them and reduced their fleeing speed…everyone would just wait to die together.

Two cars in tandem pulled the iron box next to some snow covered buildings. Yan Fei disconnected the iron chain and everyone’s vehicles became faster.

The team struggled back towards the road, but the vibrations had not lessened.

They were thankful that they completely prepared themselves in case of an emergency halfway through. So their car had a lot of supplies, especially batteries.

Since there were at least two people sitting in each sled car, the passengers searched for a weapon to protect themselves. The driver focused on driving and keeping ahead of their pursuers.

At least half of the Otaku squad were ability users, but their powers were not unlimited. They had to reasonable allocate power consumed with ammunition expended.

Each car was filled with food, water, crossbow, arrows, mushrooms, waterguns and other things. Yan Fei had also made some containers to put all the excess metal. It seemed like these metal balls would soon be put to use.

During the first few hours, they felt no sign of zombies except for the vibrations. Everyone tried to think positive – was the zombie horde just passing through? It did not care about these few small fry nearby?

Sadly, Zhang Yi was right – the zombies were charging towards them. Even after they changed direction, the zombies followed them.

Their team only had 10 people altogether, definitely not enough for this group of zombies, why were they being chased?!

As they were guessing if they were as moving as fast as the army then they were in the clear. But at noon – they could see the zombie vanguard!

Speed zombies were running in the front. The team felt chills down their back – there were four wind zombies flying in the sky!

What were they doing chasing them like this? With this amount of firepower, wouldn’t they surround a nearby base or something?

Luo Xun and the others dared not stop the car to dig a pit. This was a horde, but it could not be compared to the smaller scale battles from before. Even if they had gone to the city to fight zombies, they had been able to set up a base, traps to deal with their enemies. If one encountered so many zombies at once, they could not be careless and rush in!

“Prepare the waterguns, crossbows and bombs. Do not use abilities for the wave, pay attention to preserving your strength.” Luo Xun commanded over the walkie-talkie.

“Okay.” Everyone’s hearts were heavy, knowing the future was grim. A crisis was in front of them, but there was no despair, only a burst of survival instinct.

Although their team was neither the strongest or arrogant, but they could at least be regarded as people would not complain and do everything possible in order to live.

Wrong judgements and decisions were learning opportunities, but with a crisis around the corner, people who complained showed they were not ready to survive. They wanted to shirk responsibility and push their fears and problems onto others, to relieve the stress in their hearts. As for how the actual problem was to be solved? That was not something they would think about at the moment.

A few wind zombies with cyan wings flew towards the team. Almost everyone in the Otaku squad could be considered a sharpshooter. When the air strikes started, the people in the back were ready. The first wave of arrows shot out towards the enemies.

The remodeled crossbow arrows exploded upon impact, releasing the mushroom juice and burning a hole into the zombie’s body! More than half of the hit zombies had their arms melted off, others were melted through the middle.

*Plop* A number of the vanguard fell from the sky and onto the ground. The people in the car breathed a small sigh of relief. There was little combat capability without limbs.

Wind zombies attacked several times but failed each time. Even if some dodged the arrows and rushed forward, their ability users were not decorations! Yan Fei, Zhang Yi and Xu Mei’s abilities were very lethal. Just the three of them could scatter zombie parts around.

After there were almost no wind zombies left however the rest of the zombies had caught up the car.

“Yu Xinran, dig a pit!” Luo Xun saw the speed of the zombies was a little faster than their sled cars, which was enough for these tireless monsters to eventually catch up.

Yu Xinran formed pits every once in a while to trap some zombies. Although it was not lethal, but with Zhang Yi and Xu Mei’s cooperation, it was a good obstacle to slow down the chasing zombies.

But it was not a solution, there just too many zombies.

Luo Xun and team had spent the day fleeing, if not for the batteries, their car would have stopped long ago. Everyone had a turn driving, but the people in the back had to deal with zombies while drivers had to focus on the road…They could not continue on like this!

After nightfall, there were screams of terror from the zombies chasing them, which caused nervousness and numbness. Even more chilling was – they could not charge their mobile phones, they were all out of power.

Mobile phones were of little to everyone who left base, except for one thing – it could send a location signal every two hours. Those functions were useless for distress signals, who could wait until base sent a rescue team? Coupled with that teams were unlikely to actually respond, the feature was not usable in the least.

So everyone only brought one phone, but it would have to charged through the car power supply. Luo Xun had a headache – their car adapter was lost on the road! Even more, since the phone had little effect outside of base, no one brought any extras!

So the question was – although Luo Xun could estimate the approximate direction, they were completely unaware of their exact location. It was dark outside, they could not even see the marks they left in the snow before.

“If you are sleepy, lean against me and rest for a while.” Yan Fei suddenly said which soothed Luo Xun’s slightly nervous heart.

He nodded, “I know.” He patted Puppy’s head. “If they catch, yell to everyone.”

Not just Luo Xun, everyone else in the cars were exhausted, but they needed to conserve as much strength as possible and hold on.

Luo Xun took the walkie-talkie and spoke, “We have some distance between us and the zombies, we’ll take a quick rest…”

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 171.5 Zombie Horde?!

  1. I wonder if it would have been possible to build a metal road over the mutant plants, or would that have just trapped themselves? With a limitless horde the plants would have eventually been overtaken. Whatever is organizing the zombies into hordes must definitely not want those supplies entering human hands, but how does its ability work? It couldn’t have been watching that site all the time, unless it is biding time for the next siege or maybe there are more than one of such creature? Lol it’s funny how the Otaku Squad finds trouble despite wanting to live peacefully lives farming at home

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Whatever is controlling them might have identified them as a major obstacle. We don’t even know if the zombies were an accident, retribution, or manmade. We also do know the zombies have changed in this timeline, but not why. Perhaps their change in this timeline has something to do with someone else from the previous timeline?

      I think it’s either an intelligent zombie or a human controlling the enemy.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. @Whimsy or maybe the zombies actually learning to ‘bait’ people? Look at the power resource truck ruin, and the previous team tragedy. It may be have some connections, intelligent zombie or a human with crooked minds want to rule the world.
        They use power supply factory for bait, and bc most of the team that got ruined is from military…. Maybe they learn how to take a hostage? They learn how to interrogate people from military? Hm… who knows~

        And yeah, maybe it’s late for this analysis, but the first Zombie sieges maybe just for testing the waters, for like how many ability users, their weaponry, and strategy. How many people guarding the gate, and the metal wall. Second, now I thought why’s the sudden zombie rats and zombie bird siege, it’s not just bc they want to take people lives right? Nope, ofc, the more ability users hands occupied to handle those rats and birds, the easier those zombies in the front rows. Now that I thought of it, this person behind the curtain seems so agile… this sort of tactical thinking’s superb for a zombie. Or maybe human? thus remind me of Thrive in Catastrophe. Full of thrill~


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    2. Maybe Zhang Yi should be the bait. He has wind ability, so he can fly for a short range, at least when they want to trap the zombie horde within mutant plant range. I think it will work…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If they dug a pit to hide in, they might still freeze to death, even with fire powers. If they had had time to build a fortified position, that could have been useful. I really want to know what set off the zombie tide. Will Luo Xun lure them into the plant fields? And, we still don’t know why Luo Xun rebirthed. Is he part of a bigger mystery?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Instead of digging a pit for zombies, why not dig a pit for an emergency metal bunker. Just make pipes for vetilation. But, only if their supply will last more than the length of the zombie horde. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
    Thanks for the update.


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