Chapter 146 End of Air Strikes

The sky was darkest before dawn, the sun shined on the snow and ice. The people on the wall dealt with the attacking zombie birds while also watching the mix of black and white. Who knew how many bereaved birds were wantonly looking for food. The people were fearful since their walls were of no use against the birds.

Of course, when they looked outside, the walls seemed to still have some use.

There were many shadows in the snow, most of them small but some giant zombies were at the back. Mindlessly throwing the surrounding snow blocks, rocks and zombies over the wall.

Thankfully there were protective barbed metal on top of the wall to block the projectiles. But it was inevitable that some thrown zombies would try and climb the metal thorns.

It was a crisis, the base survivors had to think up a method to deal with the monstrous, giant zombies as soon as possible.

Luo Xun and team were very thankful that Puppy had an ability, although it was not super lethal, it was very useful in the present situation. They lived on the upper floors, as long as Puppy user gravity ability outside, the birds would splash against the ground.

The 16 storey building was at least 30 metres high. A fall from this height would cripple if not kill the zombies.

Unfortunately, since they were so far from the ground, it was not convenient to go out and pick up the cores. Otherwise they would simply let the dog deal with all the zombie birds and then they could go down and pick up the crystals – it would have been so convenient.

But although Puppy was very effective, her mental strength was very limited. After a while her tongue flopped and she looked very tired.

Luo Xun took some level one nuclei and put them in front for her to replenish, but Puppy twisted her head and showed no interest.

The inconvenience of communication barriers made Luo Xun scratch his head. However they could still fight zombies without Puppy’s help. Right after Zhang Yi and Xu Mei cooperated – let them start burning off wings and other attacks!

Screams from downstairs and the neighborhood filled the air. Although it was better than when the zombie birds started attacking, but after a while there would sounds of explosions and collapsing buildings.

The team pressed down the uneasiness in their hearts and stopped themselves from looking away, focusing on the enemies in front of them. One shot after another, although the crossbow recoil was not comparable to large caliber firearms, too much was not bearable. Fortunately Yan Fei only opened two holes for shooting so that everyone could alternate. But sometimes metal zombies destroyed the outermost wall and then they had back up.

When they were outside base in the past, they faced thousands of zombies but they had strong metal cover, well designed traps and could use mushroom juice and petrol. Now they could only rely on the weapons in their hands and cycling through teammates.

The squad ground their teeth and continued fighting. The war continued from early morning into the afternoon…

“I’ll get something to eat.” Luo Xun unwittingly glanced at his phone screen – just some more useless news from base – have people who had been attacked by the birds hide in the underground bunker…Come on, until now they had not even dug a single cellar, where would they hide? It was now past 1:30 pm and they had not eaten since this morning!

“Find someone to go with you.” Yan Fei needed to make sure of their safety outside the rooms. He had to keep an eye on mending the outer metal layers so he could not accompany Luo Xun.

Xu Mei said she would go and Puppy wagged her tail and suddenly came over.

Luo Xun rubber her head and laughed, “I’ll take Puppy with us. We’ll go back home and grab some tomatoes to mix with noodles and make them in the kitchen.”

In the dark hallway, Luo Xun turned on the light while checking around.

The hallway looked as usual in contrast to the chaos outside. However there was fighting and screaming from inside the building. Once the zombie birds broke through a window, it could enter rooms. If someone opened their door to escape, the zombies would of course rush into the hallway.

Luo Xun walked lightly with his dog back to their home. He quickly went up to the second floor to remove some noodles. Then he went back to the kitchen to grab the basket of quail eggs and hurried back.

Before he entered, he heard the something crash into the iron gate on the 15th floor along with yelling.

Luo Xun ducked into the room. It was not that he would not rescue but they had to deal with the zombie birds targeting 1601. They could not spare any firepower of they would get killed due to enemies on all sides.

Li Tie had tomato sauce in their room – stuff Luo Xun had stored fot everyone.

Shredded some onion into the pot, added tomato sauce and let Song Lingling add water. Once the water started boiling, added the quail eggs.

The meal was simple but warm. Everyone took turns eating and manning the windows. Outside the window some zombie birds were once again ground bound due to Puppy.

“Zombie birds in the hallway, don’t know from which floor but I heard some movement from the 14th floor but there should be no problems.”

The crowd exchanged heavy looks.

Zhang Yi asked, “Go over and see?”

“I am afraid the scent of people will attract more to attack the gate.” Luo Xun shook his head.

“Okay, everyone take turns resting while listening for movement in the hallway. If there is a problem, it would be best to be prepared in advance.” Yan Fei suggested, it seemed like the only way.

For nearly an entire day, the densely packed flock of zombies attacked base. Then the battle finally reached its end.

People who survived the apocalypse until now had a strong danger sense even if they had little fighting power. Although the fighting power of the birds was murderous, it was not as much in comparison to some previous enemies.

In particular, they were unluckily living on the top floor so any waves would first land there. Then more powerful, higher level zombies would flock together.

Other people would also have to deal with stronger zombie birds but the lower floors were relatively safer. Someone could hide in places difficult for the birds to enter such as windowless storage rooms or bathrooms with tiny windows. Coupled with some safety measures, there were many people on base who could escape danger.

The backlash zombie siege started early in the morning after almost all the zombie birds had landed. Ability users had cleared the zombies near their homes and the rest of the soldiers fought back with weapons. After clearing the residential areas of military family members, they gradually cleared up the streets and neighborhoods.

At the same time, ability users from New Town also participated in the operation. While teams that did not live there, such as the Otaku squad received the call to help clean but they could not organize an effective counterattack at the moment and could only kill as many nearby zombies as possible. They gave priority to killing the zombies in their neighborhood.

The team had a relatively safe sleep, early the next morning they left Puppy, Yu Xinran and the five students while the remaining five would go together and kill the zombie birds in the hallway.

Although Li Tie and the others had no abilities, they could stay at home with enough weapons. Yu Xinran and Puppy had abilities that would be an effective defense. Each of them carried a mobile phone in order to receive information from the base. The phones had been well-charged overnight and they were ready for action.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Cant help on commenting about the building height tho. The author clearly researched building construction and it was good so far. Having worked in the const industry for 5 years a 16 storey building would be at minimum ~50m or so. but since it was described having a pent house then it should be around 60m t
    in total. hahaha

    never mind my ramblings and just go on with the story eh


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