Chapter 145 Combat Information

Since he developed his metal ability, this was the first time being attacked by metal. In each of his previous battles, he encountered enemies with the same element but they all use haphazard ways to attack. Now was the first time he encountered, an actual higher level opponent…

Yan Fei leapt back but the large piece of metal was unrelenting. Although he tried to stop its movements, he could only weaken the attack.

It was surprising that the opponent was experienced in combat and sensitive to surroundings. It was quick to use the metal outside their room as a defense.

“Damn.” Zhang Yi cursed with a smile staring at the turtle shell in front of him.

He had worked with Yan Fei so he naturally knew how much defense a metal user could make with sufficient materials. As long as there was enough metal and spirit energy, they could constantly pile up metal for protection! It was like a unkillable cockroach, very annoying.

“Zhang Yi, Song Lingling use your abilities to aim from the back. Everyone else clear out the other zombie birds!: Luo Xun saw that the noise had attracted a number of zombie birds. He placed a hand on Yu Xinran’s shoulder. “Make sand walls to block their view.”

Yu Xinran nodded her hand and used to sand to harass the zombie birds hovering in the air.

After confirming that their abilities hit from the back and the metal plate changed positions. Luo Xun was wrapped in metal and it was clear he could hold for a while. Luo Xun crouched down and whispered in Puppy’s ear. “Use your power!”

He was not sure if the dog could understand what he meant but he could only count on tacit understanding. After all, her ability was the same as the duck they hunted previously which had strong crowd control capabilities. It would be great if his words would be listened to.

“Everybody pay attention to the pressure!” Right after Luo Xun’s words, everyone in the area felt gravity strengthen.

The group inside fine since they heard Luo Xun and had previous experience, they crouched to the ground as much as possible although they did not know where the pressure came from. But the birds outside the window were hovering in the sky!

The sudden increase in gravity made almost all the birds free fall towards the ground. The metal bird controlled metal with its claws so it was unable to stop from plummeting straight onto a metal spike made by Yan Fei.

As the bird was slammed, it also lost control and all the metal fell to the ground. The bird fluttered its wings while resembling a bird about to be cooked.

At the same time, Yan Fei took control of the metal with an angry face. There was a mysterious breeze as if Zhang Yi had caused a breeze that caused his coat to wave in the wind.

Yan Fei strode to the window and the metal came alive forming a large net. He raised a hand and wrapped up the zombie birds in the air. *Squeeze* The enemies were crushed by the metal strands.

However, Yan Fei did not stop, metal rose from the ground defying gravity to deal with the zombies. Luo Xun let Yu Xinran ‘help’ by removing the nuclei inside.

Soon all the missing parts of the wall were repaired by Yan Fei, even the wall that Yu Xinran had turned into sand was patched up.

Outside it was darkest before dawn, the room was strangely silent since the battle just ended. Luo Xun sighed in relief, the crystal core in his hand was handed to Yan Fei. “Use this first.” Boost his abilities and then use them to protect their home.

Yan Fei paused, the shiniest thing in the room was Puppy’s glowing eyes but he could see Luo Xun’s silhouette in the light.

He reached over, not to pick up the nucleus but to embrace Luo Xun in his arms.

“I say! There are zombie birds here! Can you show your love later! Someone hand over some nuclei?!” Xu Mei raged from another room.

The group got a shock, *cough* they had been busy with their emergency that they forget that there were other gaps.

Yu Xinran ran over with the dog holding a bag of nuclei for Song Lingling and the others.

Yan Fei breathed a sigh of relief. The threat to his life had sparked into anger then turned into fear. To tell the truth, he was not afraid of dying but was afraid of losing Luo Xun and the good life they had, losing their future.

He took the nucleus and bent down to kiss Luo Xun’s forehead. “I’ll do it right now.”

He was going to boost his strength…he had to leave base to develop battle instincts. Right now they were winning because Luo Xun was in command with proper arrangements.

This was certainly the best result, winning with the smallest loss and thus able to profit the most. But it was evident that the team had a clear lack of combat experience when the reacted to danger alone.

Their combat experience and strength were high compared to the vast majority of people in the base, but this was still not enough.

Yan Fei took the nuclei to a separate room to upgrade. The dead birds had been thrown to the ground by their dog in large quantities. There was little problem for the time being but there was a new wave of zombies where Xu Mei was located. Once again the ‘gravity’ power made them fall to the ground…

“Luo Xun, don’t let Puppy use her powers first! We’re on the 16th floor even if the zombie birds are dead we can’t dig out the cores!” Xu Mei was freaking out, how come those people were not worrying? Luo Xun was clearly absent minded at this moment.

Luo Xun quickly called Puppy back and patted her head while monitoring the situation while watching Yan Fei as well.

It did not take long before Yan Fei’s room opened and Luo Xun stood up to inquire about the situation. However Zhang Yi’s phone suddenly rang and he cursed at the information inside. “Now they tell us to support the wall!”

The base was under attack by zombie birds, they had just dealt with a wave and more had gathered. The military actually sent a message that teams had to arrive at the wall within a specified time as a mandatory task when the matter here had not been resolved!

“Ha?!” The group started. “Does the one who sent the message not have a brain? Are we not under attack by zombie birds? If we go out there will not even be bones left!”

“Don’t worry about that, just take care of the zombie birds outside.” Zhang Yi disdainfully glanced at the phone.

“Yeah, don’t worry.” Mandatory tasks? Who would go out to die for that reason? Maybe the person who posted the news was lacking in brains so he could not see what was going out here? Of course, the one who sent the message had no idea what was going on outside.

The strongest building on base was the barracks. One of the top priorities was the office building but the strongest by far was the ground floor protected by special dirt walls and the underground portion wrapped in metal. Even if there was an earthquake, it would have little effect.

The first time zombies sieged the base all the truly powerful leaders were evacuated and they issued orders to refer to previous times for team placement and timing. All gathered in the conference room to meet and distribute wall tasks.

They were all working in a closed office and when they found out the zombie birds, everyone was busy with the meeting and the staff were left behind. When they received information about the birds, they now had to quickly deal with the new threat…not having easy communication was just too sad!

So, after Luo Xun received the first message, another came five minutes later saying that it was false alarm. They first had to clear away the zombie birds on base…did that need to be said? People had long realized that the zombie birds would not stop. If they only moved after the message, it would have been too late!

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  1. It’s the first time I’m angry 😡😡😡 with Luo Xun and friends…

    Are the military people have brain bird?? …
    Didn’t they have people monitoring.. How could they received news late and make plan after the accident??

    Moreover someone here already begins to fight with bird zombies !!
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    Hello Zombies already attack from the sky!!

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  2. Fyuh~ at least, Yan Fei is alright…
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    1. Well there is plenty of the useless, brainless sort in the real world, so it’s not like the apocalypse would get rid of them by miracle, lol. Especially since they have the survival abilities of cockroaches… & they are just as disgusting…

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