Chapter 102 Bridge

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Hearing Yan Fei’s confession, Luo Xun’s face reddened and his eyes cleared. “I thought…who would think that you would get jealous over nothing?”

In his last life, he and the other person had only held hands – for example pulling each other into a car when they escaped. Even now he did not know the other party’s name!

But then again…

Luo Xun suddenly turned to Yan Fei. “Speaking of previous relations, in comparison I am positive that you have had many more!” Yan Fei dared to interrogate him about this?!

Yan Fei’s face was unchanged. He gently wrapped a hand around Luo Xun. “How could it be the same? I was worried about a lover from the future, nothing about girlfriends in the past before the end of the world.”

Luo Xun retorted. “Who knows if a former girlfriend will suddenly run over with a child from you. If you end up abandoning me…I…” His words became confusing as his mind did not know what to say.

Yan Fei’s expression was intense, Luo Xun was stunned by his glaring eyes. His previous momentum disappeared as Yan Fei brought him into the bathroom.

“There are no ex-girlfriends, even if someone came over I would not accept them. But to make up for the pain in my heart due to jealousy and to reassure you for the future…I think we should have a thorough, in-depth conversation…”

Stunned, Luo Xun was dragged into the washroom. Puppy had been on the sofa and lost her warm pillow. She turned and saw the two people enter the bathroom, pieces of clothing flew out one at a time…

The puppy was so pitiful, she had been abandoned for two days, and now her masters were playing without her. *Hmph* The heartbroken puppy jumped to the ground and grabbed a slipper near the door before heading back to her cage.

Luo Xun did not show up the next day. Fortunately all the members of the Otaku squad had learned how to care for crops, harvest and so on. Since the captain was bedridden with “serious injury” the two women picked up the slack. Li Tie and the others helped as well and took care of the crops.

After the shower on the first day, Yan Fei found his slippers chewed to bits. He could only walk barefoot to the sofa. Fortunately the puppy had a conscience and never touched Luo Xun’s shoes.

Good thing it was slippers and not something more important. He took his lover, who had no strength up to the second floor bedroom for another round. As for the specific details – because it was too intense and deep, just leave it to one’s imagination…

In short, Luo Xun was unable to walk around until the 30th – the first day he only had enough strength to hit the bed.

When he went to work on the 1st, even Captain Guo subconsciously looked at Luo Xun’s exposed neck covered in red hickies. Luo Xun hated that he could not immediately go home and change into clothing with a high collar!

The couple faced joking eyes, the captain and team did not say anything more and went to work.

They had seen that the relationship between these two was not simple. Cousins? Look at the pair while resting, the atmosphere of a married couple, only a fool would think otherwise. However, it also meant that Yan Fei could not find a wife after the apocalypse even with his eye-catching appearance.

However the people on the team knew that the two people lived together and there had been no gossiping. Occasionally saw the pair hold hands and hug, although there was no kissing but the other actions were deliberate enough. Especially in the base today, the number of men were only increasing.

Therefore, when the team saw someone’s neck with red marks, they felt little surprise. Though in their minds they wondered – with his appearance, Yan Fei was more suited as a bottom. But the proof today was evidence to the contrary, who would have thought.

The workplaces had shifted from the original positions. Reaching level two had significantly increased the efficiency of the metal users. So they finished building the inner fence in the middle of last month and returned to the barracks to make some more equipment. Now they were going to build the overpass.

It would stretch from the inner base barracks to the middle wall and outside the fence. Military vehicles, even tanks and other forms of land transportation could pass through!

This channel was not only built at one door, but also the other three along with some extra. The army could use them to quickly transfer themselves. In the future, there would expansions in order to build a true highway.

Since the “overpass” needed to support the weight of a tank and other heavy vehicles, it would need an enormous load-bearing capacity. Fortunately at level two, the three metal users and Yan Fei could purify metal, so they could work according to the requirements.

Of course, Yan Fei had used the last two days of holiday to purify and reinforce all the metal defensive measures according to Luo Xun’s advice. Of course he did not forget to strengthen the building structure, in case it became too top-heavy…it could become a disaster.

Several of the metal users began to work together and dealt with the pile of metal. Purify the impurities and fuse to make the hardest metal possible. Yan Fei was responsible for making the metal frame according to the design plans.

The distance became longer and longer, apart from him, no one else in the squad was able to do the fine, detailed work. This was not a fence, there was no problem even the walls were not smooth. But if there were issues with the metal frame, the whole bridge might collapse. It would be a serious problem if houses and pedestrians were injured.

Thus, the technical work could only be handed to Yan Fei. *Cough* What a coincidence.

Under Yan Fei’s hands, the metal coiled like a dragon and flew through the air. It formed shapes according to the designs and continued forward.

The scene was a sight, the metal seemed like a living thing instead of an inanimate material.

After a day of hard work, obviously the project was not finished, but parts of the bridge were linked. According to their current speed, it was estimated that it would take half a year to build according to the base requirements.

This was a good think for Yan Fei and the other metal users – job security! If all their work had been done, they would have to hunt down zombies like the other team members.

It was not that they did not want to hunt zombies, but working in a squad versus with soldiers was quite different. When one went out with a squad, even if there was a crisis, they could escape at a critical moment. But if they went out on an army mission, they had to follow superior’s orders.

Although it was their responsibility, but a lot of people were in desperate circumstances because of the zombie rampage, desiring to stay on base was understandable. After all, one had to protect their own home. There was fear that the base and ordinary people would be sacrificed to escape.

After the busy day, the team returned to the barracks. Luo Xun drove directly to the crystal nuclei exchange window.

When they came out, they brought almost half of the unusable level two nuclei to exchange for a first-class nucleus.

Although it was possible to exchange privately, what outside forces could suddenly come up with such a large number of nuclei?

You know, Luo Xun did not want to exchange, dozens or even hundreds of pieces. He had thousands of level-two, unneeded nuclei! This could not be provided by a third party, so they could only exchange with the military.

Fortunately for the couple, since the metal teams got merit from defending the city last month, there were some benefits, such as exchanging nuclei without any in-depth investigation.

Of course, they did not take out all the crystal cores out once, only a portion. The rest would be taken out later to exchange, or to directly buy some goods.

Two thousand or more level two nuclei, some were replaced with others of the same level but a different type, the rest were replaced by first-class nuclei and points. The two men took the bag and moved away.

The military gave an exchange rate of 1:9, not like the market rate of 1:10 or 11/12, but they had a large amount to exchange. How could the market absorb the influx?

With the crystal nuclei and points, they went to another window in order to redeem some solar panels and batteries. The couple also went to the seed window to see recent inventory changes. Since there was nothing new, there was no need to buy. They left the area and took a bus to go home!

The puppy and little Ran greet the two men at the gate.

Yu Xinran had put on a skirt. Recent weather has been warm, though more pleasant when the rain lowered the temperature.

Luo Xun smiled and patted Puppy’s head. In reaction, she leaned back with a happy expression.

Xu Mei took the bag Luo Xun handed over and laughed, “Exchanged?”

“Yes, all exchanged, the ratio was better than expected 1:9.”

Yu Xinran’s sand ability was extremely rare. They had gone out and fought so many zombies, especially level twos but only found two sand nuclei, even less than the number of metal nuclei for Yan Fei.

Originally Luo Xun expected the proportion to reach 1:8, if any less than they would find other parties to trade with, though that was subject to change.

“No wonder there are so many!” Song Lingling grinned at the two men.

“When we came back, we saw people building houses.” The pair had seen materials to erect makeshift shacks.

Now there were some vacant houses in base to be filled, but there were also extremely overbearing people who would drive out others living near them. Although there were people in base responsible for maintaining public order but if one did not have enough for rental…one would have to find their own way. The base only distributed homes to those entering base for the first time.

“Yes, there’s a roof on the seven floor building next door!” Xu Mei put away the nuclei and pointed to the side.

“When we went shopping at noon, we saw someone thrown out of the house and their belongings thrown out the window.” Song Lingling shook her head, the world now followed the rules of the jungle.

Those without power or skill could not have a good life even on base.

Outside the base zombies were running amuck, in base was similar with bullying. It was something everyone had to face. As an ordinary person without an ability, if one could not find a big thigh to hug, the only way to live a better life was to quietly farm, low-key living like Luo Xun had done in his basement.

“I also heard that the basements in the neighborhood had been split up!”

Hearing the words “basement”, Luo Xun’s eyes had a trace of…expectation?

Yes, he was curious about who would live in the basement. It was in the same area, but he had no reason to knock, he could only pay attention while passing by.

The two men brought the puppy home and started preparing supper.

There was good news in Luo Xun’s home, the peppers he had planted before the apocalyse were finally ready to be harvested!

Although since there was fear of mutation, they only ate a little. Luo Xun felt his heart warm while looking at the little green and red peppers.

His home had a lot of dried and pickled peppers, which had been bought before the apocalypse, but he could not resist his fondness for fresh chili peppers.

Luo Xun enjoyed eating spicy food, even during his last life, although that was more because there were too little vegetables and the spicy taste went well with rice. But his tastes had not changed so he could not endure when the peppers could be eaten.

“I’ll cook a dish with green pepper today!” Luo Xun rolled up his sleeves and went to the fridge. He remembered that he had a piece of meat that had been set aside.

Yan Fei smiled as Luo Xun went straight to the freezer. He took out a few bags of crystal from his backpack.

Luo Xun’s green peppers were not fully grown, the vegetable was not big and it would not be spicy. Although there would be no spiciness, being able to eat fresh green pepper was still exciting. In order to celebrate this wonderful day, Luo Xun grabbed some sun dried pepper from a jar, it would add some spicy flavor when thrown in!

Yan Fei silently sat at the table looking between the red and green vegetables and Luo Xun’s shining eyes. He knew that when Luo Xun cooked, he liked to add various kinds of pepper for flavor. Today’s dish of green pepper and chili meat might challenge someone’s taste buds.

Fortunately Yan Fei was not afraid of spice so the dish was no problem. He was used to the hot sauce, pickled peppers, dried chili and other things.

The only issue was…

He swept a glance below Luo Xun’s waist, eating too much spicy food would make kissing uncomfortable. He really wanted to eat so much?

Luo Xun did not receive Yan Fei’s thoughts as he grabbed a few pieces of green pepper with his chopsticks. “How long has it been since I’ve eaten fresh green pepper? Unfortunately not spicy enough, but the other peppers haven’t finished growing and can’t buy any beef…”

Yan Fei smiled and added some food to his bowl before mentioning. “Didn’t exchange too many metal nuclei today. I’ll look around the street after work for more.”

Metal crystal nuclei were not very numerous, although the military had some, this type of nucleus was given to the team. There were not many at the redemption windows.

A few others in the team had also absorbed some level two nuclei – it seemed that the level two nuclei had ten times the amount of energy then a level one crystal but they might not able to solely rely on one or the other. Yan Fei would prefer replacing some and returning home to absorb.

“Okay, look at what’s on the street.” Luo Xun nodded, he had not been out for a long time.

Everyday they went out to do work, with only a few times out for wandering. Of course, after the apocalypse shopping could have various encounters, thieves and pickpockets were more rampant.

Of course, if the thief was found, either the thief was killed or handed over to another party to be dealt with.

Although there was not a lot of noise, especially in public since it was mostly people finding a way to vent. But if one side ran and the other chased into a deserted area…who knew what could happen.

Fortunately Luo Xun and Yan Fei had strength, as long as they were careful they would not encounter any dangerous situations.

After a discussion, the two people ate. Although the house had leafy green vegetables, it had been a long time since the couple had eaten normal food. Even Yan Fei was very satisfied and ate more rice than usual.

As for Luo Xun…anyway Yan Fei went into the kitchen to wash the dishes while Luo Xun leaned on the couch and rubbed his belly.

The puppy ate a piece of green pepper from Luo Xun – it was salty and spicy. It tasted a bit strange but the flavor was fine for a dog that like to eat vegetables. After tasting, Puppy jumped onto the sofa and climbed onto Luo Xun and licked his face.

Alas, Luo Xun had eaten too much, the little puppy had grown into a big dog. That weight…Luo Xun choked and pushed the dog away. Puppy was almost pushed off the sofa completely.

There was some movement in the corridor and faint speech. Luo Xun felt lazy and did not move to open the door. Li Tie and friends saw that no one came and went directly home to eat dinner. They would come knock again at seven or eight o’clock.

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